I am jr what another i mean todays another great day it is, i mean were were experiencing, were experiencing greatness in the market. You guys are still early, i mean so much of the world. Hasnt adopted crypto its just its a great time to be in crypto and its not all unicorns and rainbows. I get that, but those hard days that we go through this is what its about we are on the verge of some big moves in the market. All right, full disclosure, what i am showing is a hundred percent speculation, but its enough for me to feel comfortable making this video so for you grouches out there theyre going to be in the comments im already making the statement for you. I have enough for me that makes me feel comfortable to say that were listing on binance. If you disagree with that good for you, man, dont buy vra all right in the description. There is a link to my patreon. You are welcome to join that uh. We were all like minded people and were just trying to get to the next level in crypto and then also theres a link for krypto.com. If you use my link, you get 25 and free bitcoin when you sign up and please dont click on any of the links from the scammers. In the comments, i will never ask you to go to a whatsapp number and hook up with mr davey all right.

Okay, so vra already on a pump like we see this its already on a pump, and you know my opinion. I dont really want to do ta on vra, because when it gets a listing, the current price is going to be extremely insignificant. I still appreciate the people that do the work so scrolling down. Looking here. You know theres people that i that i follow that do do amazing work. You know this guy right here vra100x, i mean hes, pointing out some pretty i mean hes, saying its going to to 912. thats thats, pretty cool, i mean i i would. I would take it um i mean i guess 912 is alright. I was kind of hoping for 10 im. Just kidding 912 would be awesome so anyways this is. I read i retweeted this on my twitter. You can check it out and i think he has some very valid points. This is an amazing chart, so we will see where it goes from here, but what to get to there? What i think it needs is volume, and so, if you do follow my twitter, we have been talking about the vra and vxv all day and im. Sorry that im, just showing you my twitter, but i got ta – show you this stuff so that you see what im talking about all right first off right here here is when we went on kucoin march, 2nd okay in a little over a month, we did 2574.

Am i guaranteeing thats whats going to happen on finance? No, so dont put those words in my mouth but binance. It does 14 times more volume in one day than kucoin does so you know just compare that all right, kucoin does around 2 billion. They do and then binance does around 28 billion all right. So just keep that in mind you get on binance, they did 2 500. This last time am i saying its gon na do twenty five hundred percent? No, so back down all right and then right here! Mr johnny wu, never dm you for money. All right! Look at this wallet right here, okay, weve, been weve, been expecting weve, been saying that this is the weve been saying this for a while. Okay, if youve watched my past videos weve been saying that we look, it looks like binance has a wallet okay, so we know that it is its been verified. Now now this doesnt say that binance says that its listing it – you know this week or this month, but here is the proof. Okay, this is the proof. 421 million vra tokens are in by nans wallet, okay and you can click on the ether scan address and we will go check it out. Ourself theres, the proof right here. It is in this wallet, and that is amazing. Okay, this dedicate before you go and expect it to list tomorrow. We dont know if this is gon na like this.

This could it list tomorrow. Yes, it could list tomorrow, but i think its gon na be a little bit mind. You theyre not gon na announce weeks ahead of time. Youre, never gon na know weeks ahead of time. So please dont think in your mind that you have time. Okay, it might not list for two months: okay, but im telling you when it does its going to be fireworks, youre, always going to have a huge pump that is going to have to come back down and find some level of support. I 100 agree with that statement. I dont think its just going to go up to a moon point and just stop right there and not come down some. It will come down some. Some people are going to take profits, thats part of being in cryptocurrency, but seeing the proof that its going on, they already have the tokens on binance, and then there was another swap today as well. On top of that, this is exciting for me, so i we have been if you want to go back in my past four vra videos. We pointed out these holdings and we said that we thought this was binance. It was my gut feeling. Okay, i didnt have any proof now and i and for me, saying that i got like threat level messages for that. Okay! Well now, heres the proof. So if you want to go look at this look at crypto bob, the builder everybody on board 421 million vra tokens at ferocity.

Tech are in the at binance wallet, okay, so there you go, and we were on this one before that i retweeted so go check. These out, this is an exciting time and heres the more exciting part. This is only one of the two tier one exchanges that were going to get listed on so im excited and then last thing i want to point out for you guys yesterday. This was amazing. Our wallets hit an all time high, so there was nine wallets with 1.5 million worth of vra and it jumped three wallets or almost four. I guess that was four wallets in a matter of a day in 24 hours it jumped four wallets, which is pretty awesome. It was all i guess it was like 30 hours, so i put 48 hours here. So no one could call me out and say that was wrong. I got to be very careful, um and then also wallets with a hundred thousand vra hit a new high. Today of 69 – and i have one more right here – 96 wallets holding 500 000 worth of vxv – that one was great, also so all great information, okay, so pay attention to this stuff. Dont pay attention to the the panic and the chasing the green candles. Okay, im happy that the ship community got a big pump. Dont go chase it if it pumps you want to get you want. You dont want to get in when it pumps you want to get in before it pumps and you want to get in when the whales are accumulating.

So im excited. I will always be a large vra holder and i will always be a large vxv holder. They both have a dear place in my heart, but its not about making emotional decisions. This is about making money as well, and this is going to make me money and it can make you money thats your decision on whether or not you want to buy it. So anyways, if you want to see other videos like this or youre, a vra holder, let me know: vra holders should be feeling good drop. A comment, let me know shout it from the rooftops. Hit me up on twitter, im jr.