We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we have a great video jam, packed video lets, bring up crypto bubbles to start off and lets look at a general overview of this market by the end of this video youre gon na know the two reasons that are contributing to my belief that the xrp Case is far from done, even though i have another side of me that thinks that it is already settled and theyre waiting for an announcement were going to cover that were going to cover um this clip from hester pierce talking about how xrp itself might not be A security, well, i think we needed to be reminded of this. Clip weve also got some bank of america connections im going to show you youre definitely going to want to see those were going to talk. Xrp h bar all of it man, all of it lets get into it right here, though, weve got clay. Okay, clay is up. Eighty percent right here i dont know what this ccxx thing is: ive, never seen that in my life, but this is how the markets looking right now, two points: what are we at 2.33 trillion um as you guys, as i said in the video before or yesterday, The market cap of crypto, if you look at the chart, it is forming a cup and handle right, which is usually right before we blast off like in previous cycles.

It forms a cup a handle, we blast off. So just take a look at that and uh consider what one thing i wanted to show you here. This is the three day chart of xrp by the way. If you want to go back and see history in terms of the xrp chart, you got to go to the bitfinex chart. This is a beginner tip, beginner tip for anyone whos on trading view. Um. You got ta go to the bitfinex chart. It has all the price history down to like 2017., but, as you can see, i wanted to remind you of how fast this happened. Okay and before we get into some of the other coins – and some of the other news today, just take a look at how fast this happened right. This is basically like. I can make this look more volatile, and still this is nothing right here. This was like flat lining right, like this, candle is, like um opened at 15. Actually, this is a big handle, but these are like, like this was flat lining and then look its basically straight up straight up right. These are all three days each candle, if youre a beginner at this, but we shot up within lets check it out. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 right 21, 24, and then we could count that 27. So, within 27 days we came from 23 cents to three dollars and and uh 30 cents right here: okay thats how fast it happened, and nothing happened really until december 12th december 12th.

We are out here in october, right, very interesting. Stuff lets check out quant right here, still at 300 right, um ive, seen weatherman, i think doing some predictions on this on, where its going to go, but um man im im already so in profit. On here. Im holding this like a bitcoin maxi, dude ive, told you that a million times um qnt, is the best long term hold on this entire market or one of them, and i will be stacking more qnt. If we go into a severe bear market right, we also got to check out the bitcoin price its doing exactly what i said and not breaking any actually, yes, i am im a little bit wrong, but, as you can see, i said just go back to the Videos when we were on this candle, i said, were just gon na go like this between 53, which this candle went down to 53 and i said 55, but really yesterday we we uh wicked all the way to 56 000 right. I thought we were gon na bounce around in this little uh, this little channel right here, just like we did here. That was my thinking because it looked like the exact same, like stair, step pattern here and by the way this is the four hour. If we look at the daily its a little bit more see, youve got the same thing. Its like its just interesting whats happening with bitcoin right now we need to be tracking it.

Weve got electro neum right, electro neum is gon na. Have an announcement coming up here, just a reminder for anybody who missed this october 14 theres an announcement right so when they give you like pay attention when they give you these announcements right. If we go to the etn chart when they give you, these announcements expect this to probably start building for that announcement right. You got ta its gon na, maybe build for this announcement and you can maybe take profit and its probably gon na dump on the announcement. Ive called this for x, dc and hbar, both of those big announcements that were primed before meaning they told you that its gon na happen this announcement on this date, each one of them they go up and they crash on the announcement date right. So maybe this happens to electroneum um. I really am hoping this announcement is a is a listing like an exchange listing. I i think it is but were gon na see and were gon na see what that does to the price, specifically xdc 12 cents. Xyo is up 20, so if you bought in these lower um like if you bought here or sorry, if you bought like way way back here, youre definitely looking for some profit. I dont know if anybody bought in here youre probably going to be holding out until at least it gets back, um, even right or or just above. Even you can shave off some profit if you wanted to.

But honestly xyo is like just one that im holding for a long time: hedera 37 cents hedera. I guess the main net uh update happened. I believe for this one weve got the daily active addresses. This is on santander right here. The daily active xrp addresses are absolutely spiking right. This looks like a steady, build almost like higher lows right here: higher low higher low higher low its not even worth it to do, chart analysis on daily active addresses, but this is um. Weve had large spikes in the past two weeks. Right, i dont know. Is it looking interesting its looking interesting for xrp? If i look here dude, nothing really happened right. Nothing really happened until december and it started popping off and then, by the time we reached right. The same price it was september of the next year or almost april, youve got a big low right here. February 3. dude q4 is is going to be insane. I cant wait until the live streams that are just like xrp is pumping. You know with the title its going to be amazing. Now big news, white house and the biden administration is weighing wide ranging push for crypto oversight. Im sure you saw this everywhere yesterday, so im not going to go crazy on it. Essentially, they considered putting a crypto czar, a crypto czar, like c z, a r which, why did they have to use that word um, but theres no decision on this.

Basically, this is an executive order um as part of it as part of an effort to set up a government wide approach to the to the asset class right. So what this would do is any like uh, firm or regulator or department. Whos been unclear and scant. They say on crypto: it will push them to take action right. Theyve done, they havent said whether this is going to be executive, ordered you know, released they havent even said anything right. Bloomberg was adding to this article yesterday, um its pretty interesting now lets lets go to hester pearson lets talk about this ripple lawsuit because im gon na tell you the two reasons that i think we are pretty far away from the outcome, which is depressing to think About, but i also do think we settled last in august, i think we settled and they were, and they are still waiting for the perfect time to really announce it, but thats just a strictly a theory. This is some real news coming out right here: um ripple scores a major win, as the judge finds out if sec lied to court, so essentially whats going on right here. It has a lot to do with the hinman speech on ethereum right theres, a document that could explicitly prove that hinmans speech was not merely a personal opinion. Okay, alarm goes off on my phone, but the secs official i dont know if you heard that sccs official policy right this has been a key in the lawsuit, so theres an email chain that theyre about to analyze the sec, sent an email to a third party Telling them to analyze a digital asset using the hinman speech right.

This is crazy, stuff happening, so um ripples attorneys are placing the sec between two options: right, its official views on digital assets, including hinmans speech, its official views were policy and the defendants response is due. No later than october 2020 or october 22 2021 right very hard for me to pay attention to this lawsuit. It seems like a bunch of, but here is hester pierce and lets just play this little clip of her, and i want you to listen to what she said and then im going to tell you my thoughts on why we could be pretty far away from an Outcome in the lawsuit when we think about a crypto asset, a digital asset as being a security. What were doing is were saying that we think its par its being sold as part of an investment contract um, which means that their promises being made around the sale of that asset. It doesnt mean that the asset itself necessarily has to be a security. It means that it was being sold as a security. Then the question be: it means that it was being sold as a security right. The the asset itself does not need to be deemed a security, which gives me hope that cryptocurrency will stay around it. As in that term, right or crypto or digital assets, now why havent they mentioned this at all in the case, ive never seen anybody talk about this. In regards to the case, why have they not mentioned the the positioning on major exchanges and major coin ranking sites? It always this is the main thing they started with ripple, so somebody could have mistaken this as buying a ripple stock or buying into the ripple company.

They had the logo, they had the name there. It should have been xrp with the xrp logo. From the start, this is a very important thing. I dont know if theyve talked about it, i dont think they have. The way it was presented to the public is a very important thing right. Also, the community, the community is probably a major part in this. Just false promising ten thousand dollars and stuff, you know thats those are promises being made by the community, not ripple about the price of xrp. Now we have this dude saying uh kramer. He says he sold almost all of his bitcoin after chinas crypto crackdown. What are you doing dude? This is one of the dumbest guys ive ever seen in my life for saying that he sold all his bitcoin after chinas chinas crypto crackdown dude. What are you doing? Dude, you should have bought more like just got ta throw that in there. We also have this um im, not really im not going to cover this. This screw the bitcoin people they dont even get the time of day today, and i got no time were talking about bank of america. Here – watch this bank of america october 4. They released a a new report which covers digital assets. Okay, look what they said. They said bitcoin is important, but the digital asset ecosystem is so much more. Our research aims to explore the implications across industries, including finance tech, supply chains, social, media and gaming.

Oh yes, oh yes, digital assets are transforming the way in which markets, businesses and central banks operate. Okay, look at this this little warren buffett, dude, hes, so scared of investing in crypto. Yet he invests hes heavily invested in bank of america right yeah! Guess what bank of america is a ripple net uh user right here, theyre on the um membership network, right there, bank of america and ripple right? So he has hes positioned himself to invest in the bank. Thats, not gon na get left behind. The bank of america is positioning themselves by studying the digital assets to not be left behind thats. What theyre doing with this right. So its super interesting. This report is not out, yet you have to contact them to get a hold of it, so eventually itll be released and well be covering that, of course right. So its interesting warren buffett, dude hes, holding a lot of bank of america stock in berkshire hathaway. They own over 1 billion shares so hes heavy in there. He knows something with bank of america. You know lasting more than 20 chinese crypto companies to leave the country following the local ban um. Clearly, china, in my opinion, is trying to push out bitcoin because they want the digital. You want to be the only thing used or something like this uh thats thats my opinion, but man, the china stuff, is a dime a dozen. It always comes out now.

Thats all weve got for today: thats a market wrap up uh. The biggest news is this bite and stuff hes, always saying stuff and not doing anything, its just a bunch of saying and no action being taken really in terms of his crypto regulation. But that is all weve got appreciate.