I know ive seen a few comments. Uh people are a little bit concerned with whats, going on with the recent pullback that weve seen with um mtv. So im going to dive into the daily and the hourly charts just to kind of go through what im seeing here when it comes to multivat guys as we get into this video, if you do find it useful and informative hit that like button, i really do Appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky. Crypto, right with that said, done out the way, lets dive right into this daily chart and really take a look at whats going on with multivac okay. So what were going to do is we obviously have got um lets just start off with the you know the basics, so we have got a fibonacci retracement tool running from the high up here of the 13th of april, pulling back down into this really low area. During the 19th of may, weve been bouncing around this buy zone for a little bit. Okay and basically, if you remember, you would be able aware of the videos that weve been doing talking about taking advantage of this particular area when we quickly wick into here, and then we are basically shooting on out so theres a huge opportunity to basically buy up.

Quite a good position at the bottom notice. He had his good surge to the upside right. This really kind of kick started and basically, in august right august, had a good long search to the upside, then well see we entered into september and we started to see a bit of a pullback. Now this pool back here, um again, is in line with a little bit of fear thats in the space right. The markets not quite ready to kind of um get that serious traction and start moving to the to the north side right and basically, what youre seeing here is the fact that its a micro cap coin, its more volatile people, tend generally leave the space uh out Of micro cap coins faster than they do out, things like bitcoin ethereum, usually bitcoin and ethereum, are seen as the safer bets. If you will thats, usually the the terminology that gon na get spoken about um, but for us uh on the channel here. This is just another opportunity and im gon na go into where that opportunity is in this particular video and what our thoughts patterns are longer term when it comes to multivac right so right now. Obviously we do have the key areas of that fibonacci retracement tool right. So taking that high and that low allows to put the fib on based on that performance. That then shows that we do have some interesting areas. I do think we were likely to over achieve on anyway, but 7.

2 is the 4.236 extension right. So 7.2 is the high or based on the current performance. But outside of this, we have had the main net weve had the staking with a little bit of marketing, which i think they are now actually recruiting for a marketing specialist and uh exchange listings uh partnerships and things like that. Thats going to basically see some more adoption and theres already a squeeze on the supply, so all we now need is a demand that demand is going to come in once we start seeing marketing activity and, of course, once we actually start to see some of those New partnerships and things like that and exchange listings occurring thats really going to help push this one significantly to the upside. So i do think we are going to go much higher than 7.2 um, but obviously its hard to say until we actually get across the line. Um, so right now, we can of course see that we are pulling back down into these lower areas, uh back into our key areas on that field right the 786, the 702, the 618 okay and basically these are 12.2 cents, 13.6 and 40 air. So 15 cent. Okay, those are the three areas on the chart that were really bouncing into now. Ultimately, i do think that weve got a lot of progress still still to be made to the upside, but it was still super early for multiback to be see this occurring right now.

I think um, you know we need to start to see bitcoin really take out some its next kind of key areas of 786 at 57.5k. Once we start to see that kind of traction with bitcoin, i think, were going to see a lot more confidence in the space. Now, before i go down to the hourly, and i really go into whats going on with the recent pullback, we are going to jump into the avaya dashboard and on the avay dashboard. What were going to do is were going to take a look at some of the underlying data and what is going on with this underlying value of multivac right so for those who are unfamiliar theres. A link in the description down below to evide.i o sign up its completely free and youre, going to be able to get a lot more insight when it comes to your cryptocurrencies now for multivac. Here we were b2 rating. We have come down a rating in the last 24 hours in line with the pullback that we are seeing right and again. This is the artificial intelligence machine learning that is indicating this completely void of any human interaction right and so right now were actually in a pretty good understanding that things arent going to be volatile for a small period of time. As we come down, though, this is where we get a little bit more of the granular detail and we find out why weve actually slipped down to a b2 rating.

We have an ami had ratio, this is a2 and the ami had ratio is basically your liquidity. Is there a problem with liquidity, or is there um no issues with liquidity whatsoever and in any case here of the arihant ratio, a2 is indicating that there are no problems with liquidity, which means buying and selling. Multiback is actually looking pretty good with no potential issues. We come across to the right hand side here. We have a fear and greed index, thats specific to multivac, not the generalized fear and greed bitcoin index that you see all over the place. This is one that is specific to multiback, and here we can see its a rating of d, the worst rating that you can get. So we know that theres a lot of fear in the space for multivac. A lot of people are concerned over what is going on with mtv and, as a result, im more likely to sell than buy right now. Okay, so we obviously know that theres um, some fear, thats driving the price to the downside right. But this is an opportunity and ill go into why, as we come down to the next level here, we can see a sharp ratio. The sharp ratio is your a2 rating, so second best rating in this platform can give you. What is the sharp ratio? The sharp ratio is a risk reward ratio, basically its indicating to us, with an a2 rating that actually the rewards outweigh the risks.

Okay. So these two things – the fear and greed index at rating of d and a sharp ratio in a2 – are polar opposites of each other. They should be aligned if we are seeing fomo activity or fear activity right if its genuine. So what you actually find is this fear thats unwarranted right, because we have good liquidity. We have a good sharp ratio and, as we come down, we have good profitability up at a1 right its. The only two issues that we have are the moving averages that have been affected most recently down at c2 and we have a fear and greed index at a rating of d, so theres unreasonable amount of fear and, if youre actually wise enough to use the avaya Dashboard here, youre actually going to be able to pick up on the fact that the sharp ratio is saying. Actually, you might want to hold mtv and not sell it, whereas the people who are acting emotionally within the space are potentially selling at a discounted rate right and you, knowing this using this platform, youll be able to basically buy that fear right. Certain types of fear that you do buy certain types of fee that you dont buy and so obviously im, not a financial advisor chris is not a financial advisor, so its important that you do your own research and using the avida i o dashboard should be one Of those, in my opinion, link in the description below check it out um, it has been right more times than um than i can count really to be honest with you, so i really do recommend getting this level of insight on your crypto currencies when youre really Analyzing, what to to buy and what not to buy right and so unrelated, um or unnecessary, to have this amount of fear in the space for multi vac.

So we do know that basically theres a lot of fear. Extreme fear for mtv right now, um and, of course knowing knowing that theres, actually a good risk reward ratio. We could take advantage of that. So, as we come back to the chart and we jump down into our hourly lets, expand this up and just uh. Take a look at whats going on here. If i actually get rid of that here, we can see that weve found this down with trend right, weve found the downward trend and weve been tracking. It weve been trying to push our way through. It were trying to find support on our buy zone just here, okay, so for those who are members well know that this is the area that weve been talking about, buying up some mtv and these particular dips, and once we into this area, we have obviously moved On out of here significantly right, so dipping back in just touching on the 786 now today, obviously, we actually pulled down towards our 702, this area just down here. This is a much deeper, buy, okay, a buying zone. Sorry so as the price fell down with that bad sentiment that fear thats in the space brought us right into a pretty good position to be buying up a serious portion of mtv. Now, obviously, my mtv bags are full um, but hopefully any members who were aware of this would basically be buying up that fear, as we were entering just past.

In fact, the 1.4 cent okay, the 1.4 cent here – and we just wait below it before moving on up so were only in here for a couple of hours before we actually moved on up right now, finding resistance just on top of the 786.. I do anticipate that we are likely to pull back a little bit rest on top of our 786 sorry area and then push on past our trend line. Okay thats the objective here, and so we have pushed past the 786 thats just at the bottom here and were coming just at the top of our buy zone. This is a previous area of support that is now forming into a bit of resistance, so do anticipate a small pullback and before potentially breaking this downward trend altogether and moving to the upside, but it is heavily dependent on what bitcoin does okay. So for multivac to be really successful in its next move, we need to see bitcoin basically push past its 786 area of 57 and a half k. If bitcoin becomes volatile, then we should be expecting um, basically a more volatile mtv for a little bit longer. That being said, it doesnt change from the long term prospect of where we think this is going, and this is just another opportunity to continue to buy and build a good position in mtv ahead of what our price expectations are later in the year um. So, overall everythings, looking pretty good from my perspective again, were aware that this is a good buying opportunity down here and again if we were to come down lower to our buy zone at the towards the end here of 1.

3. And a lot of our members will know that that was basically where youre going to be buying up millions of mtv or um. You know looking to basically build up a pretty solid position. Of course you can of course, dollar cost average. All of these little dips that you see but ive been saving uh, this particular area for basically mass buying of a large portion. So if youre gon na make a large purchase, those fractions of a penny can make a serious difference overall, im pretty uh positive on what is going on. Let me just actually go back to mtv there um, with everything thats going on with mtv, and i do anticipate that mtv is going to have a pretty good close of the year, guys im going to leave the video there. Hopefully, you have found it useful and informative if you have hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky.