If you are new to the page, do me a favor and do yourself a favor hit the like subscribe and notification bell, and you know if youve been rolling with me to go ahead and hit that like button, it helps to keep me alive were going to Talk about uh, four stock in particular and then ill mention that coin at the end, that ship coin boy, what a day yesterday was it i mean literally, i made a video and then i had to turn around and make another video right away. So if you only watch the first one watch, the second one, um im not doing that anymore, but anyway lets go into uh some of these stock. Now all these stock that im going to talk about are in char, theyre, all charging stations for evs, electric vehicles and the reason im talking about them now, because a lot of them are in by ranges right now, and i believe that the infrastructure bill is going To cause them to uh have a spike in a run up, okay, and so now. What im mentioning today is to put it on your watch list. I want you to do your own research and remember anything i say is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell a stock. I have to say that in every video i dont want to just uh feed you fish. I want to teach you how to fish.

Okay, i just want to put these on your radar. Okay, so dont just go and buy a bunch of stock. Anything that i discussed dont just run and throw all your money at anything. Any one person says okay. So what im gon na do now is im just gon na go right to it and just knock these out um, and you could literally uh of course, come back and uh put these on your list on your watch list now, even if you think theyre in A range for you to load up, i still would split my money up into three parts or four parts because were not out of the woods yet. I will feel better once the third week of october comes after october 22nd, because traditionally october 22nd for the last 20 years represents the bottom of the market. Okay, its not written in a stone. We have a lot of extra stuff this year, the infrastructure bill and the passing the raising of the debt ceiling. Okay, and that is not settled yet that can has been kicked down. The road lets get right into these stock and then well discuss at the end. All right lets go to the first one uh, the very first one we want to get into is chargepoint im going to briefly go over this one because we went over it yesterday. Now, chargepoint, as you can see, is 1855 and it has been on a downtrend.

As you see, lets do a five day. Lets do a one month right so its been on a steady, steady, downtrend. Now me i like seeing stock like this. I dont like it when its here, i like it when its here, the lower you buy a stock, the less risk involved in the stock. Okay, lets see what tip ranks say about chargepoint now. Tip ranks is a application that actually has wall streets, uh some of wall streets, top analysts in it and they give what they think the stock is going to be worth within the next 12 months. Okay and they all have ratings um, they have a free service, but they also have a service, which i have a link in my bio. If you deposit that link, then uh you can buy in, they got low monthly payments if you want to. But these are one of the tools thats going to help you to make money. Okay, and if you buy it through me, then it does help the page. But if not just listen to me and get it for free here we go so here we go. They say that within the next 12 months they have a price average of 35 right now, its 18 okay. That represents an 88 change. All right so charge point from todays price in the next 12 months, and this is really to me its not even with the infrastructure bill in it right.

You have four people that says a buy one hold and no sales all right. So what i want to tell you is: if 88 is not enough for you, then youre, greedy or youre new. You know in the old days like three years ago, if you were making more than seven percent i annually you were doing okay if youre doing 10. You will be beating out the market if you were making more than 10 all right so to make 88 in 12 months, youre killing it. But on plays like this, these are the type of plays that you have to have patience and the younger you are the more you invest over many years in stocks like this youre going to make way more money. Even then, what youre going to make with those? Even than what youre going to make with amc – and yes, i have them both, but i dont want you guys to just be traders. I want you to be investors, so you could have money to retire on and i dont want to be rich and i dont want you to be rich. I want you to be wealthy. Okay, theres a difference: rich people file for bankruptcy, wealthy people have enough money for their childrens children. Okay lets keep it going. Lets go to plug now interesting enough. This is plug. I bought some plug this morning, uh at 26.77 and im up a little bit on plug. I only added a few shares again lets see what tip ranks say about it.

I i suggest you guys go ahead and get this tip ranks because its going to take all the guess work out, you got seven ratings. Five buys in two holes again no sales right, theyre, saying within the next 12 months 46. That is almost a 72 see here the upside 72 upside for plug, and then what you could do. I have the ultimate plan because it literally will you can go to who said what and it gives their rating see here. This gentleman, mr rates, has a 52 success rate right, and so you can literally go into these wall street analysts and get what they say all right lets just keep it moving. While we got it here, lets go to ev go, which is another uh charging station that i have and i believe, will run up on the infrastructure bill. As you can see here, 7.67 on e v go right now. I think that 766 actually is a buy. I have a buy order in for 766 and i believe it filled lets see what tip ranks say about ev go 1360 again, another 77 upside. Here we go and the average is 13.60. One of these gentlemen think is going to 18. So youre talking a lot of money and you say wow thats, that is for those of us that have been doing this for a long time. We know that if you can make 77, you are killing the game all right, but just think if you could make that every year, youre not going to have a uh, a dogecoin uh uh, a ship coin, every single year and every month, but believe it or Not with all of the stocks out there every month, there are stocks like this and other cryptos that are like this, so i dont want you guys to be mono uh to have tunnel vision, and i want you to be diversified its okay to be an amc.

Its okay to be in the ship in the doge coins, you know its okay, but only have a certain portion of your portfolio in it and not all in it. So were gon na. If youre new hey come on this journey with us and make a lot of long term money, and not just one now, you know just just not: we dont want to be a one hit, wonder: okay, all right! We dont want to be a one trick pony. We want to continue to make money all right, so lets keep it going, heres one that i put on you guys, radar a while back and heres, actually, where i bought it is where i bought it at its 790 is where i bought it at okay, and It i believe that it is an absolute buy at 790., its also a charging station, and it was a spec special purpose. Acquisition, uh, evgo and vulture were both specs okay, but the lockout period is over. So you dont have to worry about that. The only thing you have to worry about in these specs are share dilutions, which, when those happen, i actually buy more lets, see what tip ranks say. Tip ranks has it at 14 again, an almost an 80 upside for the high. They have 18. Okay. So youre talking about a hundred percent over a hundred percent at eighteen dollars, is that right, yeah over 100 at 18, and so tell me: where are you going to go and get those type of returns? Um and some of these ev charging stations will actually blow these numbers out of the water when and if the infrastructure bill gets passed.

Okay, so thats. What i wanted to show you guys there is a lot of great stock and a lot of great positions that we could be in, but we want to stay diversified and just look at the infrastructure bill and it being ready to pass now if they do pass. If they dont pass it, some of these can continue to hold their positions, and some of them could actually go down. So i dont want you to load the boat right now. I just wanted to put these on your radar and you could start dollar cost averaging in right now, like i have done now, lets get to uh the ship, and what im gon na say about that is, is just simply this watch out and be careful for These bull traps, okay, sometimes on weekends. They run up on a friday. Sometimes then people do profit taking and then it comes down over the weekend. So what i would do is not chase the bull okay, the thing about crypto is, they do run up, but they always have cool offs where they come back down and thats, where i look for them all right, so i want you guys to be careful and What i want to say is is this: if you only have that coin, if you only have amc, if you only have doge, then youre not investing youre gambling, okay, so lets go ahead and its okay to have those coins.

I have all right, but i also have my money in less risky stock too, so i im always gon na make money. Ive been doing this over 25 years. Im always gon na make money and im gon na make money off of the herd, and i want you guys to make money too. All right, because were not just going to be locked to charts, were going to do some psychology trading, because when i talk to some of my old buddies and i have old buddies that used to work at the chicago markets, tail exchange on the trading floor um, You know, and some of the other guys thats – oh some of you, older ones, thats been traditionally chain. Uh im sorry traditionally taught how to invest. Sometimes you guys are losing a lot of money, leaving a lot of money on the table, because you know this new movement has really changed the way you invest and make money. So i understand it. I make money on both ends: okay, but were all going to grow and make money together now um. If you really want to think what i think about the ship coin, this weekend, theres a link below to my instagram – i just put one post up. It just shows it at everything: it just shows everything with one tweet. It shows a bottom number and a top number, its just simple, and if you dont want to go over there, just look at the lows of where its been over the last 12 hours and you dont want to chase a bull, get caught in a bull trap And then it comes back down like crypto always does you want to be wise? Okay, so im not telling you not to get it im telling you to be careful on how you get it all right.

You want to get it for the lowest cost, all right for the lowest price. Hey again, if you really want to get into anything that i talked about, you could download the weibo app. I have a link below it does help the page, but you can get all of these stock that i talked about plus. This is what i do. I do my swing trading on the shield bitcoin um in my weibo, app, okay, so deposit a hundred dollars are going to give you up to 2 300 in free stock. Also, i have the coin base uh below and a lot of you guys are downloading the coin base. That is where i also have my shield coin, and i have all of my other crypto there that in that portfolio, im not trading anything, i buy everything exc when it crashes, i buy it extremely low there im holding long for years there, okay and if you Want to beat the banks out and just save money, and you dont want the volatility of the market. Then i suggest block fi, and this is how i use block fi im. I literally have my savings in block fi. I literally have it in stable coin, so it doesnt go down in value, but it doesnt go up in value and im, making eight percent on my money rather than a half a percent in a bank, all right, good people so download all three deposit 100.

In all three and lets be better wiser with our money and lets make sure that every time we go to work, our money is getting up and putting on its work boots in its work hat and its going to work with us. The only difference is we come home alone, but our money comes home with their friends right and you want that room full all right, good people im gon na leave it right there um, you guys, have a safe and blessed weekend. I just wanted to get this out before the market closed. Do me, a favor were about to hit 400 000 um. Do me a favor and share my page. Okay, make sure you hit the like button, keep me out there and were going to continue to make money together.