So i think theres enough, just like people that are behind al goran and hbar, they simply say guys theres, so much money in this ecosystem. The digital asset space is just getting started. Theres going to be many winners, just like theres many companies today that are competing. We need that cooperation and competition that coopetation, so everybody panics and freaks out, like oh, no theyre competing thats a good thing. Otherwise these companies would get lazy and not innovate and guess what i hold xlm and xrp. So if one takes off before the other im even happier, because then i can allocate those profits into the next one whats going on guys kevin cage here with another cryptocurrency update in todays, video were gon na, be diving into the difference between ripple and stellar shared By alex holmes, ceo of moneygram, along with a few other tips and tricks of the xlm xrp price chart along with filecoin yesterday, just reading this flag right here before the golden cross at 71, and today we got that little pop. So, just one day later beautiful, we also know that ripples annual event swell will be occurring again this november and remember some of the key players that were also at ripple swell years ago, such as ben bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve system from 2006 to 2014. lets: kick it off all right feeling great this morning, started off with a good coffee and read a few white papers, and now this is alex home ceo of moneygram.

Now, as we recall, he has been on numerous times with ms julia chatterley on cnn. Talking about how they are a forward thinking, progressive type of company that is utilizing, blockchain technology and yes, they have used xrp in the past. They had a successful partnership. I know that nobodys happy with the lawsuit between ripple and the sec, but this is just part of the game, so lets listen to his opinion right here about one minute, clip edifying: the difference between ripple and stellar, specifically xrp and xlm. The two digital assets shared by digital assets, daily alex homes, clearly simplifies the difference between ripple and stellar, as we often do. Different focus different lanes now thats not to mean that they are not competing in some degree, but i often do say that they are yes, brother and sister, and i do agree, though, that they can be competing, but they can also be cooperating, trying to make blockchain. Just more widely adopted so lets listen up. Why? Why did you feel stellar is a better fit than ripple uh. You know the the the ripple product was very, very different right. We were doing a lot of back end um, you know f4 and exchange trading across border. I think, as weve said, you know many times um, you know the the process uh and the technology works. Uh and weve had a you know great experience, uh with ripple. You know they tend to focus on a lot of the back end pieces.

Theyre, obviously focused uh, quite a bit on cross border. Um funds flow through you know through ripple net um. You know with with the changes and the challenge that the sec put forward. It was very difficult for us to continue in that relationship based on uh, the way that that was structured, and so we both agreed to to move on um. The you know. The partnership here with with stellar is very, very different. Its much more focused on you know the front end consumer uh, the ability to uh tin or operate between you know fiat and and the stable coin, so um a very uh partnership. Um. You know stuller approached us with the idea. We thought it was a great one, you know again, moneygram wants to be very proactive and very progressive, and you know in innovation and pushing forward across blockchain and thinking about how we can bridge between you know the two different worlds so were excited about it, and I think its a great partnership so very cool, happy that he did further explain that and, as we can see, joker king emphasizing ripples back and stuller is front end now. This is just specifically for this partnership. I cant say that that is for every single partnership. As we know, both assets are working on some great utility. Currently, though, moneygram is one of the largest money service businesses msbs in the world. Last time i checked – probably the second largest msb right behind western union so happy to see the adoption of this technology as theyre focused on central bank, digital currency development, and please understand that ripple and stellar.

The stellar foundation theyve been around before ethereum and so something to emphasize stellar and ripple. They launched well before ethereum. Do not sleep on these two laggards they always perform in due time, and these two are my blue chip assets that i do hold. Then, of course xlm, do you remember? In the past, with the narrative, the supply was halved a while back and, of course this was to benefit the stellar foundation. I understand that with the inflation rate, but this definitely makes me a lot more bullish on xlm than i used to be. Something to note, like i often do point out, todays market is over 2.3 trillion dollars for all cryptocurrency. Getting a nice little bounce. Some alts are starting to take off after bitcoin did in fact have a nice run from 41k to 54 000, but now notice in the top 100 assets were going to scroll down to the ranks of market cap in the top 100 assets. Almost all have a 1 billion market cap besides 98 99 and 100.. This happened in the past a few months back, and this was very, very cool to see and if you guys, caught yesterdays video discussing a 200 trillion dollar market cap for cryptocurrency a 100 x from here. We have to understand that this would not just affect bitcoin. Potentially, but this would be flowing into utility based assets. My only concern is the good news were early, the bad news were early, which means theres tremendous upside for people that focus and are learning day in and day out, even when prices are boring in the years ahead, because the opportunity will not be here forever.

Those that stuck around from 2017 until now made the most money we stayed researching. We stayed investing, we kept learning each and every day, even when it was hard, even when you lost faith, even when your assets were down 50 in a single day we stuck around and those are the same exact people that ended up profitable, whether thats buying h4. At a penny, or even qnt, when it was at five dollars, i dont sweat the small stuff because its all small stuff, so the top 100 assets, nearly all – have a market cap now of one billion. Once again, this is merely value. That does not mean theres that much liquidity in it, but theres even scam projects in the top 100, even the top 50. Frankly and im not going to point any out im, not here to point fingers. But my point is this: i believe assets and theres a plen theres plenty of other assets that im not naming, but my favorites would be api 3, dag of constellation and casper of casper networking casper labs. In my opinion, they conservatively reach a 1 billion market cap at some point in the future, whether that be a 10x or even just a conservative 4x from todays prices, and this is utility quickly to emphasize this. Before going over some other news, we have xlm reaching the full 61.8 fibonacci retracement filecoin yesterday on the daily, reaching that same position just above the 236 before it took off in the same flag.

That xlm was using so of course, im doing a bunch more analysis. Reading the rsi and smaller time frames just wanted to show you you could time this relatively quickly. Frankly, i dont time it that well sometimes im a week or two off, but just wanted to show you. This was actually yesterday at 71 bucks, and this is today when it got a little push, and i know it went a little higher but just wanted to show you a screenshot right at the 302 fibonacci retracement, so during bowlish cycles. It is relatively easy for me to try to time assets when they do. In fact push i mean it. Doesnt take a genius after we had a massive crash, but just wanted to show you that it does in fact work out from time to time. I, like filecoin, it has billions of dollars every single day flowing through it. I cant budge the price that i tried, and it also is one of the highest funded crypto projects in history. This is backed by a bunch of interesting people, even greg kidd, who actually owns one percent of all xrp, and he is of course one of the first ripple employees background at the federal reserve. Youve heard him discuss xrp when he discovered xrp during a poker game. He said it was like moses parting, this seize and yes, he often does say that extra people chip away at the trillions of dollars most likely 10 trillion dollars in float in the correspondent banking ecosystem.

So yeah, you could say im a little bullish ben bernanke, whether you love him or hate him. I just wanted to share some of the caliber of people. Even you know clinton everybody back in ripple and you know im not happy about that, but i just want to show you how deep it goes. We can see a bunch of news across the board for stellar and ripple, so we have arf and tempo launch new stellar based payments from europe to the philippines. Xrp is live in the philippine corridors right now with the philippine peso. So are they competing to some degree for the cross border market? Absolutely the last time i checked 155 trillion dollars flows across these markets globally. So i think theres enough, just like people that are behind algorand and hbar. They simply say guys theres, so much money in this ecosystem. The digital asset space is just getting started, theres going to be many winners, just like theres many companies today that are competing. We need that cooperation and competition that coopetation, so everybody panics and freaks out, like oh, no theyre competing thats a good thing. Otherwise these companies would get lazy and not innovate and guess what i hold xlm and xrp. So if one takes off before the other im even happier, because then i can allocate those profits into the next one, so i encourage you to check this out. This blog is available on and remember these cbdc protocols, whether its retail or wholesale central bank, digital currencies when its using the network, it is actually using fees and the fees are being paid through xlm.

So remember, there is utility in actually driving the price of these tokens up over time. Even crypto eddy highlighting right here announced back on monday, so new stellar based cross border payment solution from europe to the philippines, using a global treasury, integrating usdc us dollar coin of circle, which is a big firm that i believe will go public just like coinbase has Gone public along with a one to one peg, stable coin in u.s dollar, the euro, the japanese yen, the singapore dollar and even the turkish lira, which is another remittance corridor that these groups are absolutely competing for available on the stellar blog just wanted to share this Beautiful infographic, i know you guys have seen all the news of api 3 and im telling you. This is a gem. I know the price hasnt budged yet, but this is exactly how it felt when i was buying qnt at 5 and today, its at 300. Just a few years later, backed by digital currency group, which also owns grayscale, if it ever gets added to that fund. Oh baby, coindesk controls all the news. Media sources we see also emergo and cardano is absolutely mooned. So you tell me, and then pantera the largest cryptocurrency hedge fund or first mover in this entire space years ago and theyre up on their bitcoin fund over 58 000 according to their website, so theyre already smashing their goals. Yes, the price is still sitting there. They are milking this apy and gathering as much api 3 with the weekly auto compounding as much as possible, and that is what i believe up from tracking the wallets.

I think these whales are trying to accumulate as much api three as possible while the prices are low, as we are in this accumulation phase and then boom. Once we start hitting those tier one exchanges, the price is gon na start skyrocketing. Maybe these whales will start dumping and trying to re accumulate. But overall i see much higher highs for this asset because it is one of the assets that i hold. That is yet to even do anything and the average persons only going to buy api 3 or other assets like this after theyve already gone on 10x. Remember theyre already connected to 400 apis, including hsbc, which is one of the largest banks in the world, spoken on the ethereum alliance, youtube channel with a 10 year partnership. This is something that has longevity: they dont care about marketing they care about professionalism and adoption. If you guys, havent seen this news, theyre joining forces with el salvador, just like remember all the hype with bitcoin and el salvador, even making these announcements well, api 3 is involved. Maybe i dont care about trading bitcoin to make money in this space, but im absolutely interested in api 3.. This is shared by the open bank project and this is the bank in el salvador created back in 1935.. We can even see coindesk, which is also owned by digital currency group. That invested into api 3 is sharing this article. El salvadors state owned bank right here taps for crypto startups to boost financial inclusion with bitcoin lets check this out really quick and, as you can see, api three head of banking at api.

Three, who also said the central bank of el salvador and the government officials were part of the exploratory talks. This assets still a baby in my opinion and is a long term hold. This is not financial advice guys, but this is some of the fundamental common sense. Research i do and its using adao, which is a dao, a decentralized autonomous organization, were going to see more and more of these, just like we are seeing in the state of wyoming anyways highly recommend checking out api 3 and they have some great video interviews available. Remember, just like i say, assets are rotating, look on the daily look on any other time frame and you can see that theyre coiling around that p pivot of the fibonacci pivots before they take off. We saw xlm get that push we got file coin lets see extra ps at what a dollar 1.07 today. I believe it easily pushes up to 1.20 in the near future. So time will tell, as we know, vpn shared by real extra p boy accepts ripple. The first true bitcoin competitor – this is a 2013 post. These throwbacks are fun to read highly recommend checking this out. If you do have time – and yes, it gets very, very interesting, and the reason that i share some of this old news is because people dont realize how deep this rabbit hole goes. Theyll share some information or some flood points and its because theyre concerned, because they dont realize what they own, if youre nervous in the space, and you want to panic, sell based off of every scary piece of news, youre not going to make it in crypto.

Ive studied at the point so much i can let things ride, yes, its so important to recoup your initial investment, so youre playing with house money and youre no longer emotionally attached to the market. If youre sad, when the market is red and youre happy when the market is green, you are over invested and i i fear that a lot of people can relate to that and yes ive been there, but you have to find something that works for you, so That your emotional energy is not drained, you should enjoy this. You should not be dreading it and also qnb. This is older news now just a couple days ago, but they partnered with ripple and funny enough qnb, just like shared by leonidas, was at ripple swell event. Their annual event years ago, and now theyre unraveling this whole strategy to take over the mena region: m e n, a the middle east and northern africa area. All thanks to nevin gupta the managing director, and he is an absolute beast. This strategic partner, teaming up with qnb, is going to be very, very exciting notice in turkey. So remember, the turkish lira weve shown the app weve shown the volume that is moving through the turkish lira via xrp and i think its just getting started. This is a big remittance corridor and it is in a very strategic position, and so when you go to xrp, currently at 1.07, pretty low volume right now.

I want you to look at this. Try. This is the turkish lira. You can look at the tsar. The south african rand – i also dont, know why. The other day i was talking about small caps like couple hundred million dollar market cap, i accidentally called them micro caps. So my bad sometimes doing these videos wont take uncut. I uh often ramble a bit so remember: qnb, initially piloting ripples, global financial network ripple nets based out of turkey, ranked as the most valuable bank brand in the middle east and africa. Just a reminder, the regional headquarters of ripple is actually in dubai. Now remember, this is a fintech hub, a financial technology hub with hundreds, i believe they said like 2 000 fis are based in this location and i think thats a great position, obviously to strategically network, and i know a lot of us say it is like winning The lottery in slow motion and nevin gupta of ripple is an absolute beast. I love his videos, his interviews, if you guys, can catch any of those shared by bank xrp leonidas. All these great xrp researchers highly recommend it. I always learn something also. We have shared by this gentleman, so fascinating story from travis waldron, so facebook has monopolized communications globally to the point where mondays brief outage, remember, facebook and instagram were down even whatsapp. Their outage actually brought some countries to a halt. This is emphasizing the issue of centralized systems with no backup, no redundancy.

No, that cannot happen in the future of data communication storage, especially finance. So if anything, this is edifying. The importance of decentralized systems and technology cough cough dlt, hbar, algo xrp. Anything in between this is the future, also rob art. So even if you only make one hundred thousand dollars this cycle, you can turn that into two to five million dollars in the next cycle. If you sell in time and stay disciplined, he is highlighting based off of what weve seen in the markets will go parabolic. We have those blow off the top moments and then weve seen often times the market does a 50, sometimes a 90 crash. So the point is, if you do and you are taking profits as you stagger your profits out which its never easy to take profit. I get that because youre never going to sell the absolute top, sometimes youll sell the market keeps going up and then youre upset that you sold too early thats part of the game just be happy that you took profit and then, whether its months later or years Later, when the market does in fact crash buying an asset 90 down after a crash that will retrace is like free money, easier said than done, but this is solely to conceptualize. What is possible? Your life can turn around a lot faster than you think. All right also to highlight wrath economic, a phenomenal page. I highly recommend, following this guy a phenomenal researcher in the x repeat: community, so workplace partner, nium has been working with ripple partner transfer, go doubling the scale of money, transfer transactions, expanding to four corridors in asia and growing tapped into the us dollar, and also the Cad gateways and helping them oversee and manage their treasury notice.

That ripple also did the same thing with moneygram regarding their treasury. So very interesting use case as we have neam in a short span of time. Neon has become a trusted partner, its industry, expertise and willingness to go. The extra mile empowered us to grasp an opportunity director of banking and infrastructure at transfer go in a quick google search. You guys can go to right to ripple insights. You can see the gentleman over at neom talking about ripple the benefits how fast they can roll out ripple net and start integrating theyve been founded in 2014 saving 98 savings on domestic transfer rates for customers very powerful stuff. Oh and a common theme throughout asia. The philippines, a very key remittance corridor, where theres a lot of fees and issues so theres, friction and, of course, stellar ripple, theyre tackling that even on ems website, payout to 100 countries and 60 plus currencies. So a perfect multi currency, partner, 65 plus countries right there in real time, delivery, 24, 7 payment processing, fx funding seems like the perfect customer for both stellar and ripple and last but not least, im beyond excited for the itrust capital. Mobile application. Theyre also going to be lowering their monthly fees. I have a crypto roth ira. With this platform i know james rule xrp put his entire 401k with coca cola and xrp, essentially at the bottom. I wish i was that lucky, but beyond powerful and theyre, adding a bunch of assets in the united states.

If you are trading crypto like myself, its 30 40 in taxes that sucks, but with these platforms, it is zero percent with a roth ira, so meaning when xrp when xlm, when any other asset takes off and of course that is what we speculate. I will be paying zero percent in taxes by leveraging platforms like this that are available. We did a great interview with daniel martin over at i trust capital, just the other day discussing the spark airdrop and of course i can see the balance of spark ill be getting in. My itrust capital account and we have one month free with promo code, kevin cage. Remember in every video description. All services i actively use, including the faqs, are available.