We put projects on your radar that the mainstream media theyll never share this information with you, theyll! Never give you perspective, theyll, never help. You understand why each project is interesting or valuable or why you should have these projects on your radar or why theyre making news we do this, and if you appreciate that smash the like button, you either have to be subscribed to us or somebody like us or You have to be following the market every day yourself and doing your own research on a daily basis to truly get ahead of the curb in cryptocurrency now anyways in todays video. What i want to do is share with you about 11 projects that are some of the best in the space and this isnt just based on my whim. This is based on verifiable evidence, verifiable data or information that you can look at yourself and go huh hes right about that. These projects are interesting. For this reason, so good video today make sure you watch the entire thing lets get started, do not sleep on bitcoin! Ladies and gentlemen, bitcoin is going through a massive supply shock. We continue to show you the data in part, because this is the first cycle where people realize that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not going away, and so many people are preparing accordingly, for instance, never in the history of the bitcoin network has this large of a percentage Of circulating supply, in fact, 85 of bitcoin, have been held for over three months.

Usually people buy it, sell it trade, it people are buying it and holding it like never before supply squeeze underway. Now lets get a little precise with the data. Keep this and estimate it 38 of bitcoin is lost forever. Lets take supply off the market, 92 of supply, hasnt moved in at least 30 days. Interesting 85 of supply, hasnt moved in at least 90 days. This is a little bit different data than what we just read, but it shows a trend that people are buying and holding bitcoin point is, the scarcity of bitcoin cannot be overstated, and for that reason, bitcoin is our top coin. On the list next coin chain link the brilliant thing about chain link being natively blockchain agnostic is that regardless of the on chain environments that dapps are built on or shift to or expand support to like eat, to avalanche like eath to cardano like elrond to cardano. All of this stuff chain link is blockchain agnostic, so it will continue. These projects will continue to have access to the same hyper, reliable and secure source of external resources that they require no matter the blockchain, and they can continue to use chain link and not just for price feeds, not just for data feeds but off chain computation as Well, if you know something about chain link, vrf keepers and in the future, ccip will continue to arrive on more chains with chain link, supporting lower cost blockchains layer.

Twos means chain link. Services can also run more efficiently, meaning more use cases enabled and for this reason, chain link makes our list today. Next coins on our list combination, super farm and then blue chip, metaverse coin sandbox partnership. Super farm is proud to announce a deep partnership with the sandbox game. Holders of super farm nfts will begin to experience 3d metaverse utility and community members will enjoy opportunities to build functionality and earn prizes. So, to be precise about this partnership, superfarm is proudly partnering with the sandbox a community driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets in gaming experiences on the blockchain. In fact, the superfarm ecosystem is excited to announce the acquisition of an extra large estate that the super farm community will soon call home. This contagious plot is a whopping 24 by 24 parcels in size, allowing players to build and explore in a three dimensional virtual space. This collaboration between the sandbox and super farm lays the foundation for a robust player driven economy that spans the metaverse and drives even more utility to super farm nfts. This is huge for super farm related nft projects, which will now have a dedicated home in the sandbox. This partnership will be paired with a ton of community centric initiatives to drive, excitement and engagement with existing and future nft collections. So sandbox, huge coin, huge company super farm, huge project, huge coin partnership together, pretty cool for both speaking of partnerships, which cannot be understated.

Eagled is to become one of the first cross chain assets to collateralize stable coins issued on cardano via the ardana stablecoin hub. So the details are this: we are excited to announce that weve started a long term collaboration with our donna, the stablecoin hub on the cardano blockchain. By the way, this means elrond and cardano make our list. Ardana is building d5 infrastructures for the cardinal blockchain. That will enable the issuance of the crypto backed d, usd stablecoin and decentralized trading on their danaswap dax, automated market maker platform. Our collaboration seeks to make egold one of the first non native assets on cardano that can be used as collateral for dusd minting. This will be made possible by moving e gold tokens between the elrond network and cardano blockchains via a two way bridge that will be developed by ardana in collaboration with elrond. So this is great news for elrond. This is great news for cardano and ardonna. The stablecoin hob on cardano, great news for them, as well speaking of quality dap platforms in the space. The next coin on our list today is solana, theyve, just partnered, with indias version of tick tock in india. They dont have tik tok. It was banned. They have another thing: well, indian tick, tock challenger, its an indian tick, tock competitor, so indian tick tock raises 19 million to launch social token on solana. According to the ceo, he says what axionfinity did for gaming. We want to do for social media.

So the fact that they chose solana its a big deal, this is backed by some major players in the space, including galaxy digital mike novogratz, almeida research salon, capital, kraken, cryptocurrency exchange the token for this india tick tock is going to be called gary token, its pretty New, so its not making our list today, but the underlying blockchain dap platform solana makes our list and speaking of the blue chip in dap platforms. Another coin, going through a supply shock different yet very similar to bitcoin, is ethereum two pieces of news. The value of ethereum held by miners reaches five year record levels, meaning miners are not selling their ethereum. We see this in bitcoin all the time where they believe there are higher prices to come and theyre holding on to ethereum as much as possible, and this is what the data is showing now combine that with the fact that over 402 million worth of ethereum outflowed From centralized exchanges, just yesterday, we are continuing to see ethereum leave exchanges in record numbers. This is great for the price because of everything we talk about all the time. Ethereum makes our list today now in ethereum competitor, slash, interoperator is phantom its been gaining steam lately and then were going to talk about d5 blue chip urine finance both of these coins making our list. The news is that urine finance and phantom rally on multi chain expansion, the d5 blue chip, is launching on the phantom network and were actually continuing to see these projects continue to get interoperable and just all talking to each other.

Urine finance has expanded its vault to the phantom network. The wi fi and phantom token have both reacted positively to the news. Putting in double digit gains. Plans for urine to expand to other chains such as ethereum layered to arbitrarily and layered to polygon, are already in the works, so youre in finance phantom making our list today. Next coin on our list is actually a sponsor of our channel. Its called drops dow drops nfts its your metaverse finance, your nft vaults, where you can use your nfts as collateral. Its really interesting project, backed by some big players, im going to tell you what this project is and what theyre about so drops is a groundbreaking project that unlocks additional value for non fungible tokens. So you have these non fungible tokens. What can you do with them? Well, first of all, they just announced a closure of about a one million dollar round for private investors. We see big names behind this round: au 21, quan stamp pet rock capital block star technologies, a whole host of them. You can see here now theyre going to use this capital for development, marketing operations, expenses and liquidity provisions theyre going to be well funded. I guess lets start at the beginning. What exactly is drops from the same team that created the nft game? Node runners drops is an nft project focused on bringing scalability and utility to nft assets by bringing d5 style properties to nft assets, users will be able to earn yield with and borrow against.

Their nfts drops. Nft is a pioneer in providing loans, vaults, staking and yield farming for nft owners and investors. They aim to allow digital creators to reach large audiences and have their art celebrated by a growing community. Drops offers gasless transactions and a smooth user interface by leveraging the layer 2 platform polygon in cooperation with by commie by economy, allowing equal participation for all so nfts is exploding. You can understand why people want functionality and utility be able to loan out their nfts into all this stuff. You understand the value prop well lets get into it further. What exactly can you do at drops? Well, three main use cases: firstly, borrow against defy and nft tokens reduce the opportunity costs of holding governance or liquidity tokens by supplying them as collateral and earning sizable returns and rewards on short term loans. Number two use your nfts for loans, put your nfts down as collateral and receive instant access to a trustless loan without having to talk to a lender or wait to be approved. Thanks to our permission, list, nft lending pools and then number three turn your idle assets into active yield. Idle assets are lost, opportunities with drops. You can get more from your portfolio by supplying stable coins and governance, tokens to fungible or nft lending pools in exchange for attractive returns and rewards next coins on our list. Actually, meme coins actually only good in a bull market, in my opinion, but first of all dogecoin makes our list today.

People like it, people like it, amc theaters roll out their first phase of dogecoin payments on its platform. They only did this because the ceo asked the community. Do you guys want us to accept doge, and people said yes like hugely. This? Was the tweet announcing it from a day ago you can now buy. This is what you can do at amc theaters. You can buy digital gift cards up to 200 per day with dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies using a bitpay wallet, so you have dogecoin youre, probably trying to sell some realize some profits before the next bear market. Consider buying you know, amc gift cards. Consider it speaking of meme coins with dogecoin doing well were seeing dogecoin copycats doing well. Is anybody trading shiba, inu, im, actually curious? Shiba inu is up 385. In a week it became the 12th largest cryptocurrency bigger than elrond bigger than mina bigger than so many meme coin. Chibi inu continues its meteoric rise soaring by another 50 percent over the day to become the worlds 12th largest cryptocurrency again only fun in a bull market, but because this is a bull market because things are looking bullish. Meme coins continue to gain favor and gain price. Okay, that is it for me today, my friends, let me know what you think of the coins that i picked in the comments below subscribe to the channel.