We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market today in crypto, bitcoin sideways reminder: im giving away 2 000 with the bitcoin end of the month. All you have to do subscribe to the channel like the video leave a comment in the comment box boom free bitcoin lets go bitcoin daily chart, so we talked about this idea yesterday, where essentially bitcoin is at this overhead resistance level. At about 55 500. hasnt been able to break above it, it means theres, a ton of sellers stacked right here. It would be perfectly healthy to get some type of pullback out of bitcoin and a huge buying opportunity. The most important thing is if there is a pullback that the next low be higher than this previous low theres, always the idea, when bitcoins super bullish that this market just takes off and runs away. You know, and so just remember that if you do get a flip of this overhead resistance and access support, i mean potentially you could see a move up to all time highs for bitcoin. This is a bitcoin one hour chart so were looking at this. Essentially, its a double top, there was some bearish divergence broke to the downside earlier and essentially everythings just been going sideways. There was some possible negative news where theyre talking about biden in an executive order concerning cryptocurrencies just more regulation, which we have to count on that at point. Some point its going to happen.

I mean its needed. I just dont know how well the markets going to react to that. However, theyve already stated, sec has already stated that bitcoin is not a security, you know. So if anything, you may see some altcoins some all coin holders move to to to bitcoin and potentially thats a idea for some upside out of bitcoin, where people choose to ride bitcoin instead of hold all coins which are questionable, depending on what the biden administration does In the united states, so with that idea, you do not want to see a break below this level. It would confirm this double top okay, and if that happens, your measured move would be right around in here, 52, 000, 51, 500 and again, if you got a pullback down here to closer to 50 000, this would be a gift right. So rarely do we cheerlead for bitcoin pullbacks, but during super bullish cycles. As far as bitcoin goes like, these are huge buying opportunities. So this is a low volume. Node means theres, not a whole lot of buyers or sellers stacked right here. So youll get a quick move through this area if bitcoin were to pull back, but its all about to happen. Looking for a move out of bitcoin monday over the next 48 to 72 hours, looking for the bitcoin move, thats going to set the tone for the week boom lets go ive got some amazing, shout outs to given my trading group.

This person hes in the group hes not from the united states. English, is not his first language. He started the group with forty thousand dollars and he said he he got. He had his portfolio up to 250 000 and he said when i hit 500 000 im cashing out im quitting im gon na retire right now he didnt cash out now hes got over a million dollars. Amazing, like we have so many people in the group like this, i remember they joined the group. They didnt even know how to trade people. This group is cheap. Everybody that joins they dont know how to trade. They dont know what theyre doing. I can help you. This person im happy to be. Writing you, as im about to hit the two million dollar mark seven digit club, two million dollars. This is huge life changing money, two million bucks, this person shout out to chris brown. He started he had three hundred dollars and he bought ave, which previously was lent. The 300 ran up to a hundred thousand dollars. Imagine that three hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars youve got to be in the right coins. Youve got to hit these multiples. I can help you ill make sure youre in the best most profitable trading setups daily. Remember you go over to their website cryptorev.net, you can pay with cryptocurrency you get 50 off. If you pay for six months or the year, if you pay for the year, you get an additional month for free.

If you do want to pay month to month, you can also pay with a card pays for itself its a no brainer cryptorev.net. If you go down into the description of this video theres a link, take you directly to this website. Remember if you have any questions. Email me crypto, bitcoinchris, gmail.com, now ftm, i gave you guys a setup gave it to you on youtube up 32, a day after the post banging. I talked to you guys about this. I talked to the group about this so many times i mean we started mine way back here were up 477 percent. So far 5x your money and see what happens, see how you feel about your portfolio right. We bought it again at 120 percent upper strong pattern. Super strong, i mean breakout price discovery right here. We are banging 27 gains out of ftm. This thing is its ready to run any type of pullbacks on this, especially if you were to get lucky and get a pullback down to a dollar 85 and a bounce and re test right that would be the best most profitable buy. I gave you x curve a ton of news on this and i said its ready to bang its ready to bang and guess what bang 28 gains in a day in one day, 28 huge. This is file coin fil. This is one of those coins that, when it starts taking off like it just goes completely parabolic i mean you can see what it did right here like it just explodes and look back here.

Look at this run up huge now the commonality here – and i talk about this all the time and you guys that have been watching the channel know this right when the price action breaks and holds above the 200 simple exponential upside is possible right. So this yellow line thats following in this area, thats the 200 simple all right price action is above that definitely a bullish idea. Now go to current price action. You can see it happen here too. Look ive got a kucoin gem pick in just a second like it is just broke above the 200 same idea. Right. So look right here, 200 simple here it is coming right here: price action breaks above it boom all the way up. Here i mean it ran essentially 200 gains after that breakout now, file coin needs to hold needs to hold above the 200 broke above it with volume, has volume right. So if you get a retest, a pullback and retest or if you do get a deeper retest, you know a pullback deeper retrace, then i mean potentially youre still buying that support ideas. Theres, you know exponential upside. For this i mean you could get 50 60 70 gains out of file coin when it gets going dependent on bitcoin. Obviously this is hive. This is todays kucoin gem pick ready to bang. The main net run up is about to happen. Its just broken and held above the 200 temple so now its retesting right, so youve got this falling wedge forming and essentially this is a cup and handle.

This is a super bullish pattern and then youve got news as well, so look cup and handle ready to bang. You could see 50 cents, 56 cents out of hive on kucoin todays gem pick look main net launch launch is going to be october. The 15th theyre working on a zero percent commission d5 ecosystem, which ive mainnet launch its all about to happen. This thing is ready to boom watch.