Welcome to cardano news. If you want to win 200 free ada, see the comment section below and join our giveaway. A famous youtuber by the name of bitboy crypto ben armstrong recently gave his opinion on the trend concerning cardano. The third largest cryptocurrency in todays episode were going to check out what bitboy revealed about cardano the biggest moment in the history of the ada, and this video has something really special in store for you so be sure to watch it till the very end. As we begin the month of october, lets review the chart and see how adas price is doing with a price of two dollars: 31 cents cardano is up three percent over the past 24 hours and has the lowest of two dollars: 20 cents. For the past 24 hours, as alonsos upgrade was announced, the bulls were relatively quiet. Now lets return to the topic at hand. According to armstrong, cardano has a potential to reach eight dollars by the end of octobers altcoins cycle around halloween, the end of which he thinks will occur around the 31st of october. Since institutional interest is already accruing in the blockchain project, both bitboy crypto and crypto jeb shared their reasons for being bullish on cardano, while armstrong considers polka dot and elrond to have a place in the space. The main focus is on ethereum and cardano. Bitboy crypto expressed appreciation for cardano and said the blockchain technology and ethereum are here to stay in his opinion.

Polka dot is an important factor somewhere, but he personally believes that ethereum and cardano are more important. However, for him, polka dot is important, just as elrond and solana are important. He also stated that were looking at two giants here and will likely remain so further. He claims that some institutions are now looking at cardano and that there is probably a reason for it. Since ada has a maximum supply, bitboy crypto indicated that they recognize the long term nature of this investment, as he said, cardanos potential to perform exceptionally well in the long run can be compared to an index fund that all moves together and the entire crypto market can Be seen as one massive index fund, he also mentioned that there is a high correlation between many cryptocurrencies. Thus altcoins will naturally rally when bitcoin rallies and they are currently outperforming bitcoin at the moment. In addition, he explained that one reason he loves cardano is that it has an actual maximum supply of 45 million coins. Unlike ethereum, there is currently no maximum supply on ethereum and, as a result, it is possible for the price of ethereum to fluctuate continuously. This is in contrast to bitcoin and therefore cardano, although both of them make an investment in the coin. The entire process is similar. Additionally, bitboy believes cardano is going to be an exceptional cryptocurrency in the long run, especially since it has come out of the price discovery phase that occurred in quarter four of last year.

In addition to this, he thinks that, based on all the fundamentals, it will go much higher as it has rallied up to two dollars and thirty one cents, also according to him, cardano ada could go between five dollars and fifteen dollars within the next two years. Likewise, he also expects it to rise to more than two dollars or three dollars over the next couple of months. Despite the hype surrounding the launch of the cardano blockchain, it has emerged that the recently integrated smart contracts feature may not actually be a smart contracts feature charles hoskinson, who founded cardano tweeted his disapproval of the term smart contracts, saying the term misrepresented what smart contracts actually Are and these smart contracts went into effect on september 12th. So what do you think of bitboys statement for me all of these things he said are true and could drive cardanos price to an all time high. Please let us know your opinion below the arguments of hoskinson did not end there, as he proposed a new name to describe the newly added feature rather than describing cardanos new feature as a validation feature. The founder describes it as a programmable entity, although hoskinson did not indicate if the program validators performed the same function as smart contracts, we can assume that they do considering alonso as a smart contract upgrade could have been purely a marketing move, said: developer bencort in bancorts Opinion the community mixes up both terms smart contracts and validators, and he also admitted, however, that using terms specific to this feature, such as off chain code or on chain validators, would have been detrimental to marketing and the term smart contracts is not precisely defined.

He concluded it may be for this reason that cardanos native cryptocurrency ada has failed to show a rise after alonso was launched. Although 100 smart contracts were reported to have been deployed on alonso within 24 hours. This may not be the definitive number, then, in a separate statement, the iog ceo pointed out that cardano is not the first to offer decentralized applications, even though it trails ethereum in that area, hoskinson had previously highlighted cross chain decks. Poly networks, 600 million dollar, exploit as an example of the disadvantages of the first to market approach, and for him it is like a pool of cryptocurrency projects. Next to a vast ocean in which no one can be the best further adas price, an altcoin that runs on the cardano blockchain, has experienced a strong upward trend in the past two weeks. Moving up 40 as the cryptocurrency markets have started to recover from the may collapse and, as we all know, throughout this year, cardano is being upgraded and added a number of features, including tokens native assets and smart contracts. What will this mean for the cardano forecast? In addition to this, we also consider fundamental analysis when predicting cardano and investments in cardano are investments in the cardano blockchain. Much like ethereum investments, as noted cardano points itself out as an upgrade on ethereums platform, which allows companies to take advantage of it more easily. And did you know that one of the most appealing features of cardano is its staking mechanisms? Then ada coin holders are the ones who validate transactions on the network, which enables them to earn interest.

As a result, cardano holders with large amounts can form a stake, pool and earn over six percent interest annually, while those with a smaller amount can join an existing stake, pool and earn interest. So by holding cardano investors can generate passive income which they can use to augment their investment portfolios. Also, according to our cardano forecast, the new platform will be adopted by many more companies in the long run. For now, ethereum is the most popular and most marketable blockchain platform, so cardano does face stiff competition in this regard. Moreover, once the upgrade to smart contracts is fully implemented, that can provide the momentum to propel the coin price in the future. How does cardanos price forecast for 2025 and its long term outlook? As you know, cryptocurrencies are going through a period of uncertainty at the moment, but well look at the long term outlook, as shown in our cardano price predictions for 2025.. Since cardano uses a proof of stake algorithm. It is much more energy efficient than bitcoin ethereum and litecoins current algorithms. In a forbes article, it was mentioned that bitcoin represents 0.51 of the worlds total energy use, which is equal to what a small country uses. That is why using cardanos, unique algorithm, the platform makes an effort to be more environmentally friendly, as it uses much less energy. As a result, companies will be more interested in partnering with a socially responsible company which will make the cardano ecosystem more appealing.

The deal is cardano is almost certainly going to win out with this, with the new alonzo upgrade cardano will be able to implement smart contracts and thats a major boost for the cryptocurrency. The benefits of smart contracts are that they eliminate the need for an intermediary, making them versatile in almost any situation when certain transactions are conducted without an intermediary, a cyber attack can be prevented from taking place which makes data safer, thus eliminating the intermediary makes sense. Having said all of that, this coin looks like it has a very bright future. Furthermore, experts believe the coin will reach 10 by 2025, according to their cardano price prediction, in light of the fact that the coin is hovering over two dollars at the moment, this may seem like a big prediction. In addition, with regards to its current price, i would still consider it an affordable investment and recognizing the features and use cases of cardano. I believe it is indeed a worthwhile investment, although please keep in mind that the crypto market is extremely volatile, and thus it is important to consider that this is a high risk investment, therefore, as always, invest cautiously when it comes to crypto. Consequently, bitboy cryptos revelations about the biggest moment in history for cardano as a popular cryptocurrency, youtuber and analyst is a great indication that cardano is poised for great success.