I have breaking news for you. This is big. The biden administration is looking to do an executive order on crypto. I want to share the details that we have. We dont have the full details, but we have some breadcrumbs and what this could mean. Is it good? Is it bad? I want to break it all down for you, so youre informed on the situation and were going to talk about some other folks in congress and many other things happening with big money and their communication with congress to put out the proper regulations so well break it. All down before we do please go ahead and hit the thumbs up button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by ok coin. Crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade, your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees. Okay coin charges, low fees, you can also stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards. There are, no fees, so be sure to stake your crypto here and also buy sell and trade and theres a great referral program where, if you refer a friend, you guys can split 100 of bitcoin so be sure to sign up link in the description lets. Take a look at the market prices here, not much happening um right now, bitcoin is building support levels.

We obviously have our breakout here on the weekly chart. You see the two giant green candles here: im expecting more upwards movement, but slow and steady right. We dont want to go up too fast because thats, where we find ourselves in these big corrections and it takes longer to work our way back up. So we want some slow, steady growth here. Will we hit points of parabolic moves, of course, but in the initial stages we want to go slow and steady. Go past the old all time high of what was it 63 000 for bitcoin, and then i we could. I would love for it to rock it to 90 000 from there right and go past a hundred thousand of course, but slow and steady patience is the key here and i wanted to share this uh macro level view chart uh from tech, dev whos been doing Some great bitcoin price analysis – and he said posted this before the breakout. Bitcoin has finished the retest and is now in its final impulse same as twice before last two hit the 2.272 log fibonacci cycle extensions 2017, a little more thats, 200k minimum indicators will tell us whether we make it three for three stay tuned. So i think he summarized it well, there the same patterns are playing out. We could head to a 200 000 bitcoin price, but, like you said, will it be three for three well have to wait and see because theres no guarantees when it comes to investing now we can put a high probability percentage, like ive, been on record 85 percent Percent that we move to new all time highs if youre another bull run 15 chance.

It doesnt happen because of a black swan event. Now one item that could be a black swan event is the following news: scoop the white house is considering an executive order on cryptocurrencies that would direct and coordinate agencies across the administration, as cryptos market cap continues to soar. Even if no eo uh white house will lay out admins crypto strategy, so im not sure what e.o stands for um. I guess. Oh excuse me. It means executive order. I should have caught that right away, but white houses initiative on cryptocurrencies will touch on many areas, including financial stability, national security, illicit finance, consumer protection, competition policy, research, innovation, admin is thinking about risk and opportunities of crypto. Now heres uh. What is said in the article and um its not much more information than what we have? You know what i just shared but were hoping to maybe see the details by next week, so theyre looking to bring the different government agencies together here to regulate crypto. Now i know some of you are going to have a knee jerk reaction because of your political affiliation like bite and sucks youre, just not going to be good im, not endorsing biden, and i i agree with you, if you say biden sucks but leaving emotions at The door here lets wait and see what happens um. I am hopeful that uh this could be good, but look it could be bad as well. I think the takeaway here is theyre about to make a big move.

Lets see what it is. Fingers crossed its good but uh if its bad were gon na vote. Every democrat out come come the next election because uh they need to put the us in a position to win this innovation um an emerging asset class battle, guys because we are going up against china in different countries right, but so far with the likes of gary Genser and elizabeth warren weve hit some hurdles and roadblocks right, because these people are are certainly paid and bought by the banking cartel and these banks who dont want to be disrupted. Now, i do believe eventually they will be theres. No stopping this technology because whats interesting about it. It is global. So, even if the united states is like oh, were not gon na allow this, it will continue to grow. It will continue to expand uh because it is borderless its on the blockchain, its 24 7 and all the other great attributes about it. So we shall see guys. Hopefully, this is not something that is engineered by the likes of the annoying and stupid elizabeth warren um and even gary genser. Hopefully it and once again im being hopeful that this puts the sec in their right position, the cftc and so on and so forth. And we get regulatory clarity, but um. We have some folks who weighed in on this, like ryan sulcus of missouri. He said this is not unexpected. Even if the outcome is uncertain scenario, one we get clarity and unifying regulation of centralized crypto services without crippling innovation.

So thats, why im hopeful for that scenario? Now he said scenario two, the u.s crypto industry gets stifled and the dems lose every single remaining election this decade. So right, thats, why i said i we will vote the hell out of all of them right um and i think we will ramp up efforts to to to make sure that we get the right regulations in place. So lets hope scenario. One happens, guys, um and once again im trying to be optimistic, because i understand look. My administration and the track record so far is not great right and uh, but i i i hope that the bipartisan support weve been seeing in congress like uh with democrats and republicans that that is at least having an influence. So thats kind of. Why im hopeful right? Because i see members on both sides of the aisle that are making moves and one such gentleman is congressman tom emmer who ive interviewed on the channel before i interviewed him a month ago? Excuse me and heres what he tweeted amazing to join leaders, innovators and trailblazers at the minnesota blockchains smart contracts, event in minneapolis last night. The future of crypto will have a global impact, but its great to see the work thats already happening in our own backyard. So hes doing some grassroots movements here doing some great things shout out to congressman tom emmer be sure to give him a follow, guys, uh great guy, if you havent seen the interview link will be in the description now uh.

This is something ive talked about before, and that is some of the big players. The big money in the crypto market and traditional financial world who are building in crypto are now speaking out and theyre. Remember they have power, they have money, and this is andreessen. Howard a16z right um. They are massive guys and they and if you know who mark andreessen, is going back to the netscape days and the investments they made in tech stocks and and the internet stocks and so forth, they did really well. They are a powerhouse and theyre hearing crypto. They invested in coinbase well theyre, putting out some things here, um, i think in an effort to educate congress and the people in government, so tamika, tiller, tillemann. Excuse me, global head of policy and partner at andreessen howard said want a better internet. Here are some ideas on where to start – and he said great working with miles jennings james uh rathmael and the team at a16z on this important set of web3 policy proposals for the senate banking committee, and here it talks about, of course, consumer protection and inclusion, decentralized, Autonomous organizations or dows and, of course crypto and blockchain, so talking about taxes and so forth, and then he also excuse me in the document here they highlight the infrastructure bill and the stupid tax laws that was snuck in there right so its important – and this is Significant when people of this caliber with this amount of money behind them are speaking up guys so uh, and this is why once again, im optimistic because um uh, you know, although i do feel the crypto industry – needs to lobby harder and put more money behind lobbying.

Because look the big banks are doing it right. They they buy and control. The different politicians on both sides of the aisle um so were seeing that play out with gary genser, elizabeth warren and so forth, uh. Finally, here guys v chain. This is kind of old news, but they, you know, kind of highlighted it and its so significant that i feel we. I need to talk about it because i hold v chain in my portfolio, im bullish on it and they said here in case you missed it. Vechain partnered, with nhuti industry association to accelerate development across and and and who uh an area, grossing 7.1 billion dollars in t trade. The project fits the governments aim to raise competitiveness connecting v chain to 670 enterprises. I believe personally believe that um vechain is going to be one of the winners coming out of this market. Theres going to be a lot of token projects that are going to die right were in the speculation layer right now, where you can make money off of anything right, dosh going shiba inu whatever it is right, uh it some random coin, could be grass coin. Tree coin, you make money off of it because were in the speculation later, but whats going to happen. We saw this with the internet. Companies and stocks. Is that eventually theres going to have to come a utility layer right, youre going to have to get to that point and the speculation money is going to slowly drift away and then were going to come down to utility and a lot of these projects going to Dry up and die, but i think vechain, i honestly think uh xrp, bitcoin, ethereum cardano, just to name a few chain link are going to be winners and those are ones that im invested in, and this is not financial investment advice.

Of course. Of course, you know you never know what could happen. Things can go wrong right, thats. Why? I personally diversify because we dont know what tomorrow holds and and whats ultimately going to win, but we can place our bets based on the facts and the utility, the partnerships, the adoption and so forth. So um. Let me know what you guys think if you hold v chain in your portfolio and if youre bullish on it so guys. What do you think about this news? Uh? I think this is huge im hoping we here next week, im hoping its good news um and, like i said, if its not were gon na vote, the hell out of all these crazy democrats who are uh doing this. But you know, like i said, im hopeful because we do have bipartisan support when it comes to different people in congress, like pushing for crypto regulations were seeing this right. These are facts um, but you know at the same time, these banks are lobbying hard. These these banking cartels, so we shall see guys fingers crossed that things go in the right direction. Now i dont want to leave this video on a note of, like oh, my god, the crypto markets gon na end and its gon na die no its not gon na die um. Will it slow down a lot in the united states? Yes, but the great thing about it is that price doesnt just come from the united states.

It comes globally, so um. I think we will see uh. The price continue to rise, but you know it its gon na be hard to tell whats gon na happen. Maybe in the bear market and into the next bull run, we shall see all right guys leave your thoughts comments below hit the thumbs up.