What would be the first thing that you do with it? Would you sell? Would you add it to your crypto stash or what let me know in the comment section down below so to quickly introduce yall. We had a couple of lawsuit updates. Earlier today, uh we have some general crypto news. Shiva has been going really really crazy, but lets quickly start off by looking at the crypto prices, as that is always fun so in terms of market bitcoin early today made a little bit of a rebound going to about 55.3, 000 or so right. Now back a thousand dollars to 54.4 on the 24 hour, its minus 0.5. So really nothing too special and the same thing kind of goes for the majority of the top. All coins went up a little bit today and then right back down a couple of percent, except for solana. If were looking at the top 10 here, which had a really interesting up and down. Today, i mean solana is a little bit of a menace right now. In the market, if you look at the weekly, it just does not follow the rest of these coins, which all have a very, very similar movement, its very interesting to watch now. Obviously, a couple of other coins, like shiba, have also been having a crazy journey here. I mean i dont even know what to tell you about sheba right now. Is it going to all time high? Is it not going there guys it is so freaking confusing right now it is insane.

The coin hit zero point. Whatever 33, then right back down to like 18 and now its right back up to 26., my own personal thought process is: it follows bitcoin bitcoin broke out, everybody got bullish and then people started to diversify into all coins like sheep, because those basically do well uh. When things are bullish, but since bitcoin went down the entire day yesterday, sheba couldnt really survive on its own, and so when people got scared, they sold off and since bitcoin today went back up above 55 000 people got excited again started buying as this bitcoin right Now is going back down again, sheba is also going back down. That is my own justification of all of this. If you agree, you agree if you dont you dont, because we obviously at the end dont really know for sure, then in terms of lawsuit update guys. I think this is rather interesting. We had a couple of things. Um, first of all, lets actually check it back. We got one of the things we needed to get the seventh year of october. We got the ripple defendants response to the secs request for telephoning conference in order to seek a protective order were leaving the sec of any obligation to Music respond to ripples. Defendants request for admission so ripple basically sent a lot of requests over to the sec that they had to answer. You know a lot of questions uh this you said no, we dont want to on a couple of different bases.

Ripple now replied saying you: didnt really give a good basis as to why you shouldnt be answering them its critical that you do so. Please do that thats kind of funny and then the second most important part about the lawsuit was our most recent document which just came out about. I dont know a couple of hours ago. Right now, we streamed it, of course, its a reply to ripple demanding three additional documents be reviewed by the judge, and those three documents were concerning two relating to meetings: the ssc had with law firms to discuss the unprecedented confusion in the market. Regarding the secs view on the status of digital assets under the federal security laws, and the third is an email chain concerning discussions with a third party whom defendants understand received guidance from the sec to analyze his digital asset. Under the framework set forth in director, william heymans june 2014, 2018, sorry guys speech and the judge now basically said you know what ripple thumbs up to you, my friend thumbs up to you, i grant you your wish, and that was very nice. Defendants request is granted, sec shall submit the two dot chemistry, csc meetings and the other document as well lets see here. The lets just read it the two documents related to the sec meetings with law firms and the email chain for an in camera review, along with a submission explaining its privileged assertions for each of those documents.

No later than october 15th and the sec shall file a redacted version of its submission on the public docket defendants response is due no later than october 22nd. So two more documents to look forward to which is rather interesting, uh then lets quickly see in terms of update. Let me quickly actually share with you guys guys check out the bibit competition ive been screaming this for a little while, but still i will scream it again and as often as its necessary right now, we have about 60 people who have entered if we get to A thousand people which is actually not that crazy, all right, theres, going to be 50 000 xrp giving away be part if youre a trader. If you have ever used buyba before check it out, a link is down below enter its worth. It and again guys lets. Try to get this video to a thousand likes as well im, not sure if its possible, but lets at least try if you are enjoying these updates, make sure you smash that like button, because it helps the video out a little bit with the youtube algorithm and Then i guess kind of a funny thing is ive been sharing some stuff over on twitter. Some of you guys liking it. Some of you guys are hating it, but ive been on a on a rampage here with the freaking memes all right when somebody agrees with the sec about the ripple v.

Sec lawsuit thats not allowed, then average xrp holder when we finally moon a couple of you guys were critical of it being dollars, but i think it was kind of funny exit beholders waiting for the secv ripple, lawsuit to end sheba, going to the moon, xrp being Kind of jealous, then, the sec, saving, xrp and xp holders from the juicy gains yeah, how nice of them huh how sweet? How? How good? Now we have when all cryptos go up, except for the coin. You just put all your money into a lot of you guys have felt this one before you youre thinking. You know what im gon na be buying myself, some juicy kryptos and then a lot of crypto go up except the coin that you hold the most. Then the way off between xrp going to the moon and just a quiet, nice life, because obviously, when xp goes to the moon, youll be too busy going from yacht to yacht party. So yeah guys i dont know i i felt like making some memes today and the most trendy one today a lot of you guys like this one. This is what holding xrp since 2017 feels like yeah, i mean you had to be there to know. You had to be there to know all right. A lot of those memes ill be sharing over on my instagram, too ive been trying my best, for example, this one i shared as well.

However, i forgot to watermark it. I was like i wont post it to twitter, then um, a lot of fun memes will be shared over on there, so check it out. My instagram is going to be down below a link for that and then lets move on with the next topic. In terms of alts, a lot of you guys have been asking me this, which ones am i bullish on? How does it work well, im, actually bullish on most odds that follow the same pattern and its actually a lot of them. When i last checked during the live stream, we were checking a couple of different coins and coins like matic ill, basically follow the same course that bitcoin has done, which is theres, a descending try or descending line lets, put it uh descending trend for the entire month Of september again, it started kind of september start and it just ended. Basically, when october came around almost all coins that follow the same pattern, i am bullish on right now and they all basically follow this exact same pattern and the exact same kind of thought process. As just we should have bought in a couple of days ago, october, 2nd and just kind of hold the fruits until now, even for bitcoin, the same thing goes. I still think buying right now is not actually a bad choice, but go along, for example, on matic. Over on bibit, if its even possible im, not even sure if matic is on there, i think so right lets quickly check, or am i mixing things up? No its on there perfect.

I was like it is also not even a crazy idea, purely because the fundamentals have been set in place, and i do see a pretty high future, basically for matic and for a lot of these coins, which have the same sort of setup. Just a very negative september, but then again kind of coming back up now, theyre all kind of similar in the sense that they should have had their big high in may april, basically may of 2021, and then right now had a really really bad september. Even though they had kind of a recovery like that those coins, i think, will kind of re re go back up the the most, not exactly sure how to say that. But you guys get it then binance. I talked about this briefly, but let me quickly come back to the point i think binance making a headquarters somewhere, which again its looking to be ireland, is a huge deal guys because this is so huge for crypto regulation. But, most importantly, it is huge for crypto adoption. If binance gets the scene of approval around the world, so so many doors will open. This would be a huge deal. People dont understand its its really really a lot a lot bigger than people. Imagine then, almost 1 000 signatures to stop gary genslers rogue intimidation tactics, not exactly sure what that is about uh. To be honest with you, what i do kind of think is the investigation thats going on inside the sec.

Should you know make a little bit of a haste, and maybe gary gunters also be checked about his statements, saying its clear. Somebody should really make him clarify properly how its clear, when hester pearce, for example or other members of the sec actually dont, find it. So how could that be that some people inside the sec say: oh, no, its perfectly reasonable and others dont? But ultimately, if hes saying something is clear, it should be for normal market participants and not for sec members. So even then an sec member doesnt think so makes absolutely no sense. To me, governor of the central bank of nigeria says they will launch digital currency in a couple of days. Nigeria stopped banks and financial institutions from dealing or facilitating in transactions in crypto back in february, in preparation of its own crypto and its coming along right. Now, rather quickly so thats pretty cool again, i dont have the official details on it, but this is what i found online billionaire orlando bravos firm plans to invest in blockchain tech companies. After saying he was bullish on bitcoin last week, orlando bravo announced that his company will soon invest in the blockchain industry and very often, i wonder exactly what type of things they will be buying. But apparently here he began by reiterating that his company was a lead investor in the growth equity round of ftx. He then stated that toma bravo would be an important part of the cryptocurrency industry, long term and its just like all these other equity companies guys they want to buy blockchain companies, decentralized, sort of ideas, everything like that because they know theres money inside of it, and I mean its the truth heading over into syria.

I think this is actually one of the most interesting coins weve seen in a very good. While i mean it became the 12th largest crypto going from 24 to 12 in, like a span of like a day or three, i dont know its just going so insanely mental and again, if you want my opinion, i think the coin cant hit all time high. Still uh its gon na depend on bitcoin for sure, but i am not going to tell anybody to buy or sell the coin. What i mean with that is, it might not hit an all time high, it might just dump to the ground its such a big bet, but im holding thats. Basically the point people said yesterday: we were wrong because shiba dumped, you know the the fun fact about these types of coins is. Nobody can predict it accurately if somebodys telling you this or that is going to happen, theyre just thinking rand theyre, just putting up some random opinion. Maybe one guy knew and thats the guy who bought 50 million dollars worth of shiba last week, because that is so freaking peculiar. But for the rest, nobody really seems to know exactly whats going on, because the pump and the dump its just not really justifiable. The way that these margins work its so confusing, so how i have addressed it is again, like i said in the beginning of the video, its following bitcoin along uh, but then with extra margin, extra volatility and its going to keep doing that.

And, theoretically speaking, we can try this out by seeing when bitcoins going to go on another. You know path forward. So if you get some gains, one of these days and sheba goes up with some even crazier gains than the theory holds, if not theory, kind of breaks itself um, and we can act accordingly but, for example, buying if thats the case the first time around again. But yeah i just hold my coins. Ive made a lot of profit already. I can never lose money on this coin anymore. Im just sticking with it im, just hoping something big happens, because why not right? What do we have to lose? Basically, if the coin doesnt do well, i mean, if you really bought shiba, just now its crazy uh, its pretty crazy, because its not a coin thats, fundamentally that amazing, if you ask me its its a coin, that can really beat a lot. I mean its gone to number 12, but its not. You know fundamentally a number one in my book and then what goes up must come down economist steve hank first sees massive bitcoin price drop. Okay join the line i mean crypto whale, for example, was one of the other guys whove been shouting that bitcoin is going to fall for the longest time and the fun fact is one of these days. Theyll be right because one of the days bitcoin is going to crash and its going to be like.

Oh, this guy was so amazing with being right, yada yada, but ultimately its just the inevitable waiting to happen right. Uh jungle ink shirt, for example, this 29 000 bitcoin. It goes up 55 000 bitcoin krypto will just waiting for the you know for basically to get in or something like that, because its funny how krypto will said multiple different times throughout the last couple of weeks that were going to crash hard. Yet weve been going up and up and up and up and up – and he said that all the way since 29 thousand dollars per bitcoin that i think he said were going to see like 10 000, maybe 6 000, maybe 3 000 per bitcoin and thats the Fun part about it. If he keeps shouting that for the longest amount of time, people will forget that he said it before and theyll say: oh, he was correct and he can just keep claiming. Oh you see me being bearish. Was the nice the better choice? I dont know guys i just feel as if people are always trying to be bearish because thats the contrarian opinion, and they get a lot of attention if they actually were quote unquote right, but ultimately those guys are just mostly doing it for for the attention. I believe, because i mean you cant really be that bearish on bitcoin right now, specifically, if you call yourself crypto will makes no sense but yeah, that is me, um, forex, repeat kind of concluded as well to kind of conclude what is going on ill definitely buy.

Xrp still every single day, because i do think we are still poised for some crazy rally right now, we are in a really really important zone. We we have to cross this area at about one dollar, im gon na, say its about one dollar, seven to one dollar, nine, just entire little area that weve been hovering around at for so freaking long weve been sharing that in different analysis, videos throughout the last Week as well, just looking back at it looking back and looking back at it, we know 1.22 is most important once we finally break out of this annoying little yeah area for xrp lets check back in the fibonacci level is also around here at about 1.07 or So and thats, basically, what we are hovering around the entire freaking time: the 0.6 money fibonacci once we break loose with that, though guys 1.22 on multiple different bases, is the most important area to cross and im hoping its still going to happen relatively soon, as bitcoin Picks up back the pace, but let us see and lets enjoy im enjoying every single part of it guys im buying xp, like a madman – and i think, one of these days, gon na wake up and boom the prices exploded. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you press the like button, make sure you subscribe to the channel too and join the competition.