I think i did so far three update videos for phantom. In the first video i talked about the potential breakout to the upside and the second one. Yesterday i said that, in my view the uptrend isnt finished. Yet, and today we are here with another 12 upside in the last 24 hours, so the question is: does this uptrend continue or not? We want to talk about um, immediate price price targets in this video and were going to take at the look at the um. The chart basically so, where are we now? In my view, guys we are here on the on the daily currently in a um yeah in an overboard territory? You can see that here i did say yesterday. You know that in the last pump that we did, we came up to nearly the 90 level or 88 89 on the rsi. We at the moment im. Sorry at the moment we are at around 80. um, so were not quite there yet and were around 77. Actually so, as i said, i doubt that we get again to this level. This is really high. I mean the last massive pumps. We really got up to 88 yeah, but it is a risky area now normally in this area, when people now start to follow in, if people do that um, i wouldnt do it yeah, and this is no financial advice, but i would never buy into these things Here you know you buy after a breakout or you buy.

If you want to hold it long term and you speculate a bit, you could buy before a breakup but theres more speculation, but normally you wait until after breakout. So doing this now youre in the middle of the breakout or even towards the end of it and were going to take a closer look at that now. Um first thing i want to point out is that we have a potential trend line here, yeah, so there you go thats it just here. Dont know if that is really a um a valid one, but here that we could face some serious resistance. I mean were now above that level of um 220, its pretty much at 220. Yeah um were now above that level, which is good so its, but its an important level to hold just want to point that out um. On the other hand, weve got this nice uptrend here on the downside as well, so weve got a bit of an uptrend here and im sure. Well not that im sure, but it could be that at some point we come back to that line yeah. So this is likely, because you had that pump here away from the trend line you came down, we have another album. Sorry, we have another pump now we could come down once more and that level is, you know, lets just assume we do a similar move, like we did here after the september pump. So then we could come down to a level of around 180 right.

So, just looking at the trend line in itself, so thats an important one, i think we will hold above that um, certainly in a retracement im sure we come down to that level and again its not guaranteed, but its looking likely. Yesterday i talked about um on the daily here you know were in the overbought range, so i expect some more retracement coming soon, but we have a long signal here on the adx and weve got a long signal on the macd. So i dont see a slowing down of them at the moment, so first of all, that is a good sign right, thats, a good sign. We also above all, the moving averages, which is a good sign as well. If we came down to that level, you can see that the 20 day moving average, this blue green line here this would probably provide some support as well. That is exactly at that line now at that diagonal. Um ascending support line, but lets go and take a look at the one hour chart where, where we are, we can currently see – and you know people ask you know when: how long does it go on for so id be a bit careful now i would start To get a bit careful um, because we have here a bearish divergence now on the short term timeframe on the hourly, you can see that while prices are going up, the um we can get down to here on the we see this bearish divergence.

You know the rsi is making lower highs, so the first heads up that the uptrend is slowing down um. We can also see that the macd is reversing here currently, so there might be that retracement now coming that i talked about on the four hour chart here. As well very similar, you know you can just see it a bit more clearly that strong reversal here on the rsi um, and we have a potential reversal coming here on the macd as well. So you know there is a heads up that we see a slowing down of the strong uptrend that we saw um and im not talking about this uptrend here. That is marked by that white line. Im talking about this, nearly parabolic very, very strong push to the upside okay, just talking about that um. So there is potentially a pause coming, potentially a reversal, because you know we are getting into very overheated overbought ranges now that that doesnt mean that it cant continue to the upside. We just need to be aware that um there could be um a slowing down of the trend and potentially a reversal, and there will be a retracement at some point and potentially we will then very similar to what we did back here um in september. We might get a retracement and then might push up once more and then we will see you know, do we make a higher high? Do we make a lower high? So that would be the next heads up.

You know it would be very unusual just to go up and just go down in a straight line. I mean that would be very unusual. You normally do another attempt and then, if you see right, we dont make it another higher high or yes, we make another higher high, but its. You know the barriers have many many difficulties to push the price even higher. So you know guys at some point: there will be profit taking starting and apologies im just coughing a little bit a little bit. Uh got a little cold, i think um, but there you go lets talk about price targets now, so just want to make you aware that be careful. You know with dont just follow in now there will be a retracement coming, which will also be a potential um buying opportunity. You know, depending on how far we retrace – and i certainly will keep you updated. You can actually see that we were moving up now. We are starting to move sideways here: okay, um. I wanted to show you the fibonacci levels and then we can talk about potential price targets of that wave. So we go from that main trend wave here to that first, one to the um 195 level right and then were taking a look at where we are now so very, very interestingly, and it seems to be playing out. So we started down here thats the main uptrend wave right. So you start down here with that major wave and you go to the height of the previous wave.

We moved down all the way down to the 0.5 fibonacci retracement level, so very, very clearly find support here at the 0.5 at 1.05 um. Now we have moved up again found support here again at that fibonacci retracement level, 125, and now we are touching that 1.272 fibonacci extension level. So we came, i think, all the way up to that bounced off that. So that is a very important heads up. We couldnt get through that and we exactly touched it so its a very, very valid fibonacci extension um tool or scheme here yeah. So we came to that level touched it all right. So that is very important. A very important heads up now. Normally these waves, they go to the 1.618. That is what i would expect and its not guaranteed to happen. That is what i would expect that we come to the 1.618 okay, so im not saying it will be um whats, the price that was closing if you bought. When i made my first video on phantom, where i said like watch these levels and if we do, we get a breakout and we did um. Then of course you can you know, maybe you can increase your stop loss. You know pull that with a price now. So if we fall then at least you know you dont um, you you make profit um at the moment. Obviously, we are were finding some resistance here, but looking at um looking at the price, actually i mean i told you that we are slowing down so its just the first heads up that we might see a reversal coming at some point.

So what i would personally do potentially take some of the profit out now you know, depending on when you went in right um, you could take some profit out now and then participate in some potential price increases. I think long term. This crypto will go up anyway. Um, but i also think that we might get to that 1.618 extension level, which is at around three dollars a little bit higher three or five. But i think three dollars will be a psychological mark as well so um yeah its a bit critical and i think – and i would need to look it in the first video. I would need to look it up. I think i talked about that price target here of 245.. I would need to look it up again. Maybe im wrong. I think i highlighted it, but yeah the next one is 3.05. I think that is where we normally would get to um in these waves, because you normally get to the 1.618 fibonacci extension level right. So hopefully you liked that update video. If you did, please smash the like button. If you wanted me to cover phantom in the future as well, please put your um put yeah a note in the comments and subscribe as well.