A dud after such a long wait for eip1559 has brought some good news, but lackluster network performance. Where is vitalik quietly riding the next black album for the diamond, shaped crypto thats been rocking our portfolio all year. Lets get it welcome to bit boy crypto home with a bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all of the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video, we bring you the latest on ethereum and its price potential for q4. This is the ethereum channel and im proud of it, but we dont simp for coins. We also keep it real fact is: ethereum continues its incredible developments in the nft space and beyond, but is hampered by its success. The network is congested and gas remains a thorn in the side for many users, but can ethereum keep time with the band and play a face – melting solo, i think so – and the key to that is going to be layer. 2.. Our old friend polygon just surpassed, ethereum and active addresses and its network isnt slowing down. We have a big bag of polygon and thats. For a reason, anything running close to ethereum is going to be a solid performer, not just a token price, but in usability as well. The data coming out of polyscan shows parabolic growth in active addresses on polygon, going from 100k in june to almost 600k.

As of this week, polygon really is the hot opening act for the headliner. It enjoys all the benefits of ethereum smart contracts, but with a fraction of the fees and more speed. Gaming and nfts have restrung polygons guitars to bring new folks into the blockchain fold. Polygon side of open c seen an increase in trading over 45 x from last month. All of this action, though, hasnt made the price of polygons token matic, move that much as of this recording. You can still grab some matic for a dollar 28, which is a steal. Bitcoins price movement has pulled a lot of the gains away from all coins. Thats normal market behavior, bitcoin moves and all its follow, sometimes within a few hours. Other times weeks after polygon has been in sideways action for a while now so its set to pump along with ethereum in the next month, or so, if you are born to rock out and make gains, make sure to smash that like and subscribe button. That puts you in the most metal squad of all time. The bit squad youll get the latest in crypto education, news and the sickest drum solos on the internet mirror is an ethereum based blogging platform that is fully opened up to anyone who wants to start blogging on the blockchain. While it looks and feels a lot like medium mirror has all the advantages of smart contracts built in including tipping nft, collectibles and auctions, user signatures from ethe wallets and permanent backups via.

Are we the potential for mirror to bring true to journalism, combined with a censorship resistant way for information to be shared? Is everything that i love about crypto? This is only one way that ethereum is going to revolutionize how information is shared across the internet want to hear an ethereum joke. I would tell it to you, but the gases are too high. Music Laughter Applause Applause, foreign ethereum gas has been crazy this year and while that has made djinn life more expensive, its a net positive for the network, doing a quick check on either scan shows who the main guy guzzlers are nfts and games. 13 of all gas is getting used on openc thats amazing. The sad part is its only going to get worse as more blockchain games come online and adoption soars over the next year. This is proving out ethereums utility for years to come so get familiar with layer. 2 solutions, if you want to make token gains in your portfolio or just waiting to get into more blockchain economies next year, is going to be the year for layer 2, so accumulate your cheap ethereum and layer 2 tokens, while you can eat, will continue to get Burned at a faster rate and while im not holding my breath or staking its smart to be looking ahead at layer, 2 ethereum potential games like sandbox, are making the metaverse more accessible to the masses and already have partnerships with large companies, brands and other games.

Like roller coaster, tycoon ethereum has settled a staggering six trillion dollars in transactions. In the past 12 months, 369 increase over 2020. q3 alone 1.5 trillion dollars got settled on the ethereum blockchain thanks garyvee. All this volume is pulling more and more institutional money away from bitcoin and into ethereum. Some top analysts at the nickelback of finance, jp morgan shows that whales interest in bitcoin is waning. Futures contracts are moving more and more into ethereum. It only makes sense because bitcoin is just not going to make the large moves that it used to, but ethereum can and ethereum will its togenomics and fundamentals: ethereum isnt, just digital oil to bitcoins digital gold, its the world computer, imagine owning a piece of http. Instead of stocking google or having a stake in tcp ip instead of instagram yeah, those sites are great, but the entire internet runs on http and tcpip. You cant even compare the two ethereums 10k peak this year is totally in play and who knows, we may could even see that double thats right there still is an extremely bullish path that could see eth going to 20k take advantage any time ethans below 4k. It wont be there for long. Of course, none of this financial advice – just crypto education future for ethereum – is getting an incremental upgrade this month with the altair upgrade on the beacon chain. The beacon chain is the proof of stake chain different from the current eth hash.

Proof of work chain we all know and love altair – is a warm up for staking and is used to warm up the upcoming merge of the chains. The merge is set for early 2022 and will end proof of work, ethereum and begin proof of stake, but chain sharding will come later, how much later, no idea, but i can see ethereums sharding, taking shape sometime in q4 2022 thats. If the current rate of development keeps this pace, while gas will get lowered, when the merge happens, it wont see its real drops until sharding is implemented. So keep that in mind thats why layer 2 is going to be so important. Moving forward, crypto cant cross its fingers, hoping that ethereum is going to hit their milestones because they havent ever but just like any good rock band. They may take the stage an hour after the opener finished, but when they show up, you are guaranteed to rock out thats.