, so in todays, video were going to look at cardano and polkadot to see which of these cryptocurrencies has the best potential leading into this. Second stage of the bull market: welcome back to the channel guys its jason with your hopium free crypto, update, now. Well, warn you there will be some hopium in this video. We do need to spice things up and pump up those emotions. So if you like, the sound of that and you havent already make sure you hit that subscribe button and bell notification, icon click all and then like the video while youre there as well, just a few clicks and you can always unsubscribe later. This is a completely risk free investment lets dive in part of my morning routine, when im looking at my charts is to start with bitcoin and the majors just to see where they are at and then compare those to our cryptocurrencies that were going to look at For todays video, so bitcoin at the moment, is still hovering around 54 000.. The major thing to note here is that it has broken through its high from the seventh, whereas youll notice. Many other cryptos havent made it that far yet so bitcoin is in the stronger position, which just means we have to expect that some of our bitcoin values of these cryptocurrencies will possibly drop further. If bitcoin continues its strength and we want to see, bitcoin continue its strength, because that brings more strength to the rest of the market.

Now, looking at the differences here, weve got polka dot and weve got cardano. If you havent, staked already make sure youre staking your ada with the official tia official channels in staking pool for cadano link is in the description down below ill leave, it there nice and clear. So you can see it as an instructional guide there. So get some passive income on your ada. But what im talking about here is one crypto pumping and then not throwing that money straight back into the same crypto. So this nice little infographic here from secrets of crypto, you have your portfolio altcoin bag. One of these altcoins pumps take profits into bitcoin, then, towards the end of the cycle. You want to take some profits from that into stable coins so that you still have some more cash on the sidelines to reinvest later, not just going straight back into one adult coins on a dip because remember not all dips are created equal. You might see everyone talking about, buy the dip, buy, the dip buy the dip, but not all the dips are equal, and that is what loses people people money in a bull market when we should all be making money. So looking at ada, the 7th of september is back on this bar here, so you can see that it was near the highs and we had a quick flash crash and weve continued down from that point, whereas with bitcoin weve gone past that seventh high.

This is just looking at a chart, and this is how you can tell when something is stronger versus weaker, so ada usd is obviously weaker. If we look at ada btc, this has just been on the way down, but were getting some volume coming on a support level, and this support level has been in place since early january and its pretty consistent on the way up. Even if you were to draw this at these levels, it still went under and then eventually found its way back above, so you could be more strict with it or you could be give it a little bit of room to move, but along the way, this history Of the last nine to ten months, it uh ada btc has bounced off this level pretty well, and we do have some more volume coming in its not as high as i would like, but at this point its reasonably okay, so im not going to be too Concerned if we break down from here, but i would be far more concerned if we broke around the 3300 satoshi level, which would just mean that cardano would be weaker than bitcoin. So as crazy as it sounds, it would be more likely that bitcoin would have bigger gains than ada. This is were not going to get ahead of ourselves. This is just reading the charts. Looking at the weakness first versus the uh, the strength so onto ada ethereum. We use the same theory and we look at the balancing of the strong versus the weak ada versus ethereum.

Where are they sitting compared to each other and were going to do the same thing on polka dot as well? And so you can see with ada eth its also done its climb up from early january. Its pushed its way up now, its finding its level once again and potentially well get a reversal at this point, but remember ethereum is also looking pretty strong. So all this just means is just to keep an eye on which cryptos are strong or weak at certain points in the cycle, because we want to compound the gains on this bull run thats. What we want to do. We want to be selling out of the stuff thats already pumped, putting it back into stuff that is strong and that hasnt pumped and then repeating that cycle there. So at the moment, eth ada eth is looking okay and its still sitting on its major 50 level. As well so this was the the bull run, 50 and thats at around point: zero: zero, zero, six back to ada usd its still looking good at the moment, as weve looked at for many weeks now, the bleed has slowed were just looking at the top to The next level here, which is a the first top out of the high and that has slowed the bleed weve specifically looked at on the channel for this, to break the downtrend and then slowly come back down and its done. It once again broken the downtrend and slowly come back down to test the upper side of the downtrend, so thats a normal natural thing to happen in a market thats looking to consolidate its above its 50, which is a good thing 2.

08, and for it to remain In that bullish side of things, i dont really want to see it break down too much further than about 1.80 and continue to consolidate before we head higher. So we havent broken out of the previous top at 250, which is also the previous all time high thats going to be my next strong signal for ada now taking a look at dot, and you can see pretty clearly that the trend is up. At least the minus sense, the trend is up. The lows are all getting higher theyre, pretty much all higher lows, except for the flash crash we saw on the 7th which just took out the 26th low here and dots price is nearly back to that flash crash high, whereas for ada you can see. This is the flash crash high back here. We havent made it that far thats an important reference point thats why i continue to come back to it and for dot its looking like its in a stronger position, its above its major 50 percent levels, its above its recent rally, 50 levels, so its in the Stronger part of its move and thats why im liking dot as a better investment at this point in time, because weve seen ada go on its huge run, whereas dot, which was supposed to go on this massive run, just hasnt really done too much yet, but that Could mean that its leading up to that point now were definitely seeing.

Some of this volume come in and the lows are getting higher. So if you want to learn more about this and stuff that ive been talking about with the members over in patreon in the investor accelerator, you can find a link to this in the top of the description down below check this out over. There 67 left its going at about 5 to 10 places per day, so probably within a week or two. This will be completely gone for the month of october. So, if youre interested check it out its month by month, there is no locking contracts here so check it out if youre interested to learn more so that was dot usd now we look at dot, eth dot, btc, then dot eth, and this got me a little Concerned as we broke down past the 50, but the following day, we shot straight back above on high volume, so those things are a good signs to me, that is to show that dot btc is finding some strength and will hopefully continue on into the usd the Dot usd so getting the gains in usd as well. You dont just want gains in usd you need it in btc as well, to make sure you are reducing the risk of the cryptos that youre holding so btc is also looking like its coming back now. After that initial scare, back on the sixth dot eth is also oh, its been crushed this year.

Ethan has been the much better play than holding dot, but now dot is finding some lows were getting higher lows. We are getting some volume coming in to these levels where were starting to bounce from, and that is at about .009. So we hold above that thats, looking pretty good for us over there as well, so were starting to get a few of these pieces. Click in to show that dot is the stronger play over ada theres, nothing against the projects, its just a matter of timing. Dot has been absolutely crushed for months on end, but they are also building in the background. So eventually, some of this stuff is going to come out and the news is going to start to flourish and more people get excited by that point. But at the moment the charts looking not too bad for dot. And now we come to the big one and were going to compare dot to eth, oh sorry, dot to ada screwed that one up dot to ada all right, a to usd to dot usd. This is my chart here. We are in a downtrend for ada, so dot is the stronger play at the moment when we compare the two in their prices and also their trend, so weve got lower highs and lower lows. That is a weak sign for ada. Ada has done its massive run against dot. The positive here, though, is it is at the moment holding up on its 50 percent level.

So this is the entire range and its on the 50. So the next thing is to hold that 50, which would mean we could either be equal on in dot and ada in terms of their growth. So both of those will grow together or fall together. But if this breaks down, then dot is going to be growing faster than ada. That doesnt mean that ada will drop. It just means that dot will be growing faster than eta, and, if were looking back to our compound were wanting to compound our gains in a bull run then were going to be looking to the old coins which are going to be pumping more. You know we want our money to work as hard as it can as fast as it can for us and thats stuff that we talk about in the investor accelerator in patreon, which you can find a link to down below top link right. There check it out and on to eth, never forget we need to be taking profits so ethers. Still the big player here. Dot and kadana are the ones that are supposed to be coming along taking the ground from eath because their fees are too high. But that just means that people are using ethereum and it is the chain that is going to be around for a long time to come. Mike novogratz also says: nft, investors should take profits, put them into btc and eth thats, just the safer bet and obviously has billions to play with so youd want to be doing something a little bit safer with that.

But looking at the bullishness, the strong stuff for ethereum mechaverse racks up 60 million in ethereum sales for nfts, we cant see yet so i think theyre coming out very soon, if not already out at the moment, megaverse and ethereum nft series of 888.. I love that number avatars launched on thursday, so a couple of days ago, between the initial mint and secondary sales, the project has already generated 60 million worth of eth in less than a day, so with all of those nfts being created, all of the money piling Into d5 now 210 billion – this was only a hundred billion a couple of months ago and all of the ethereum being burnt and then more ethereum being burnt due to the nft sales going on just means more easy is going to get burnt. This is obviously going to lead to some sort of supply shock in eth as well so dont discount, even though its one of the bigger players – yes weve, been talking about dot and ada in todays video, two of uh, two of my big holdings that i really Like and obviously eth is one of my big ones as well, so make sure you are also taking profits. The point of this is ada. Strong dot is stronger, dont discount, eth dont forget to take profits, thats it for todays video, follow us on instagram and on twitter ill catch. You guys at the next video or in patreon, make sure you hit that like and subscribe before.

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