It is, of course, important to try to reduce day to day societal ills. 6529 is not in favor of crime, but these efforts are double edged swords when they open the door for the edge risk of someone hijacking the whole system. This is an attack factor that, especially in these corona times, weve seen more and more authoritarianism by the government and now were seeing that we are more and more controlled by systems that can be completely hijacked. Its actually. A very scary thing, 6529 is worried that the world is sleepwalking into high centralization systems, with literally nobody pushing the other side of the equation. China is already over the transom and, sadly, usa and eu are headed in the same direction. We see this. We see conversations about programming the future cbdcs so that they can only get spent on certain goods or that you cant buy more than this many dollars of alcohol. Whatever the prescription is from the government, they tell you soon what you can do, where you can eat where you can drink, where you can sleep and what you can think. So what do our jpegs have to do with this a they are decentralized. They are constitutionally protected free speech. They can represent the nuance of the world, which is non fungible, not fungible. They can be used to build decentralized social organization. Now d is where things get very interesting, so here he puts out this map, which i actually think is quite cool, which essentially shows here we are in 2020, and here we have this path to 2030.

. Where we are right now is were moving past collectibles into art and then were going to hit gaming ive been telling you about gaming. Gaming is where nfts go totally mainstream, but then, of course, this is the first mainstream. Consumer product eventually well have more sort of hardcore, serious use cases, obviously brands and culture. But then we get metaverse off chain assets off chain governance, the deed to your house. The ability to vote the possession of very important rights and access those types of things, especially as smarter cities and iot technology, starts to exist all around us. Protecting those assets in the form of a non fungible token makes total sense. I want the thoughts that are expressed by 6529, one of the most prolific nft investors and clearly a thought leader that you must must be following here to understand the gravity, the importance of the nft and how it will affect our society as bitcoin touches 50k again. For the first time in a month, what we see is that the market is preparing for an all out explosion, and we see this one category leading the way, which means that retail fomo is back and better than ever. Strap in october is here and were gon na guide you through the absolute best ways to profit from this movement, and if you love making insane gains from crypto, then all you have to do is smash that, like button and subscribe now before we go into my Strategies here the efficient strategies that im going to employ here.

I want to point out that, on a day when the sec is investigating circle, which is a goldman sachs, backed stable coin issuer, that is actually the issuer of usdc were seeing pumping in the markets. This is as mainstream markets are experiencing, a lack of basic sag were seeing a massive amount of fomo were seeing non correlation in crypto, and that is a beautiful thing to see thats exactly what we came to crypto for a safe haven asset. The question here is: will btc break macro consolidation pattern outlined below, or will we once again get shoved down? What raul is saying is look here. If you see this sort of falling trend line, if we break through it and then retest the support, we would most likely hit a very, very healthy seam of price appreciation. And so what we know for sure is that these things can take some time to play out, but we have multiple sources here, calling for a btc macro flagging structure. Looking like it wants to break out in a bull flag structure here, this is representing a period of extended consolidation. Overall, this flag represents re accumulation. A breakout from this market structure should proceed to new macro uptrend for bitcoin. This is what everyones been calling is that this is printing up towards the end of the year and weve been giving you the keys, not just to wait around and twiddle your thumbs, but literally making multi hundred x gains against eth as eth is going up.

Multi xs, so when u.s dollar value its like hundreds and hundreds of xs, maybe even thousands of xs gains in u.s dollar value that weve been giving. You in nft lands way more alpha than any other channel here on youtube. And when this pattern breaks out in bitcoin and youre sitting on a massive amount of ethereum that youve gotten from making amazing bets in nft land, that is the absolute freedom maker where people can totally change their lives. Today were going to be talking about the single most requested topic that i get asked to discuss here on this channel, which is, of course, how to find the next 100x gem were going to be digging not only in the mainstream crypto markets, but across the nft Markets and im going to be showing you my research habits, my thought process and how i arrive at finding the absolute best possible projects to invest into that might not be readily apparent to the masses. This is how you get ahead and stay ahead is by being the first to the party and being able to hold on to some of the best projects in the entire business. Now, first off, i want to share with you the real alpha. The real alpha is that most people will spend their entire day scrolling through this chart right here. Theyll look for big green numbers and theyll expect that what theyre looking at is a high quality project. If it goes up, it must be good, but what youll come to find out, especially an extremely bullish periods like the one were about to experience, is that these big green numbers are oftentimes ships that have already sailed.

The reason is is that there is a herd mentality in crypto and youre, either following the herd or youre leading the herd and in order to lead the herd, you need to develop a thesis now well talk about how you develop a thesis, and it does take Some time to accomplish this now, obviously, if youre new, it might be a little harder but reviewing the use case and utility is huge. If you can make sense of this – and this is a digestible concept that seems to you – that its both innovative and breakthrough in some way and needs to be tokenized on the blockchain or that the blockchain can add some massive value to the end user to the Industry as a whole, then the use case in utility, especially if its a first mover or an early mover, can be a huge, huge green flag. And finally, the team in combination with the community are the most important things for me. Community strength will get any project through any kind of tough period and into a period of prosperity. The team, if they have the perseverance if they have the ability to communicate the message to the world and build the tribe of believers, there is nothing that can stop. That project, nothing at all a lot of people think that cryptos already really big. They already think that bitcoins already really expensive and they dont understand how tiny it is compared to traditional markets.

Heres a visualization for you of the global stock markets – and here is crypto. Just a small fraction, and what you need to understand is that there is a velocity when new money comes into bitcoin theres, only a certain amount of bitcoin being sold, and so as that new money comes in, it starts buying up the bitcoin in price, as it Does that it tends to send the price up, and we all know about bitcoin theres, a lot of hodlers who take their money off of the exchange, and so essentially, the liquid supply of bitcoin gets smaller and smaller over time. Sending the price per coin way up, and so there is a multiplier effect on bitcoin, as well as all other cryptos, where its estimated that for every one dollar of new capital about 25 to 50 dollars of market cap are created. So if all of this market cap, which i do believe eventually comes into crypto, i believe it all gets tokenized in some way or another. Eventually, what were going to see is all this new capital is actually going to create multiplicative exponential effects. I dont believe that 2 trillion just becomes 93 trillion over time. You dont add them together. I do believe that we will see hundreds of trillions if not quadrillions, in market cap, by the time this tokenization takes effect. In my mind, the model is about 100x. When industries go on to the blockchain weve, seen the growth from brick and mortar to internet from web 1 to web 2 from web 2 to web 3.

thats, why? I have a 10 trillion dollar market value on the gaming industry here in nft and crypto land, because i believe that the 100 billion market 100x to 10 trillion now. I also believe that the entire crypto markets will see unheard of numbers that we couldnt even fathom before, because of the dark magic that is market caps and thats. The only way we really calculate the value of crypto right now so understand that, as this comes into this, i see both of these numbers becoming completely irrelevant thats, how early we are and thats the perspective of the day. The crypto markets are heating up once again, just as predicted here in october, and we have gotten some massive green flags out of the place. You might least expect it. This, as the leverage ratio is getting lower and hodlers are refusing to sell. We have set the stage for a glorious q4 bull run and were gon na, be giving you the absolute best place in the industry were gon na, be starting here with some on chain analysis, because what we know is that, when the big holders, those big wallets, Are refusing to sell thats when we get a supply shock thats? Why weve been talking about on chain throughout this entire bearish period, because when the big holders keep accumulating, despite price fluctuations to the downside, what we see is that smart money is buying when scared moneys selling that usually leads eventually to a supply shock, because once the Prices start moving up and the big holders are refusing to sell into that fomo.

What do we get more demand with less supply and that creates a supply shock where the actual price just starts going up like crazy and for more macro technical analysis. We have here wrecked capital himself, coming in with a bitcoin weekly chart, showing you how we flipped this descending trend line into support. Here were not really. We havent come down and tested it yet, but we can see that we are well above this prior trend line. Here that had been keeping us down since mid march, but once again the road to valhalla is long and winding and is never the case that we will be without the risk of a massive dump thats. What my video, the other day was about, because leverage ratios were reaching unstable territory and once again, were seeing a return to greed in the market, where we had extreme fear before i want you to go back and line up the times in the market where there Has been extreme extreme fear, uncertainty and doubt and line those up with price bottoms on the bitcoin chart, or at least local bottoms. It is very, very consistent that when there is extreme fear that is when you see the best price action occur when everybodys super scared, its just the case. The real reason is probably that the bitcoin whales engineer a lot of this fud, so they can take your coins. I know a lot of people dont, maybe believe that, but thats whats going on.

If you want to get an article published on forbes cnbc, bbc, the rest of them, you can pay for that. You can slip it in. There is a price tag on everything, and so, if you believe that theres, not enough reward in manipulating a trillion dollar market to get a few news articles published about something that may or may not be true in china, then you are drinking the wrong kool aid. Here, because that is super super likely to happen. In fact, it happens all the time, so just know that when all these flood storms hit it gets my eyebrows raised, and i always tend to get very bullish. A lot of people probably thought i was crazy throughout this bearish period, saying that that was what was making me bullish, but now youll understand having been through these cycles, that when the fud hits all at the same time from every direction and the price dumps, those Are usually the moments where you feel like hmm, maybe theres, some big money trying to take advantage of the little guy and what ive seen over the last four and a half years being full time.