Crypto with that said, done out of the way lets dive down into this daily chart for xrp okay. So we are paired up with tether and we are using binance as our data source. So you can replicate this if you want to uh using trading view now, what were going to do is were just going to talk about briefly this performance, where things are going slightly longer term and then analyze whats been going on today and what we could expect To happen next, so, as you can see, we did reach a pretty good high point up here, um in april, so 14th of april basically reached uh. This high point of. If i just get that right 1.96, then we started to see this pull back to the downside. Well, double tap on this bottom area here: finding good support on 51.5 and we did actually bottom out just below that with a wick and taking us down um to as low as 50.9 okay. So if we take into consideration our current performance right, the high point over here in april and the low point that we had down in june, then we actually put a fibonacci retracement tool on there and were able to predict out some key levels for us and Where we should be anticipating things to go next here, we can obviously see that the very first target the 1.618 comes in at 2.86. The 2.618 comes in at 4.32, the 3.

618 comes in at 5.78 and the full 4.236 extension comes in at 6.68. Now those targets are associated with the current performance, which means that the lawsuit um continues, and we dont see that close by the time the bull run finishes, be that win, lose settle, doesnt really matter. As long as that lawsuit is around, i think the limitation is going to be based on the performance that weve seen so far, and therefore the ballroom should potentially end at around 6.68, which you know for many people is pretty much a good win anyway, and we Should be experiencing significant gains going further forward, so i think if the ball run does uh continue and uh. We actually see the the lawsuit finish come to an end between ripple and the sec, then we do have a fib that runs from previous all time. High and bear market low that takes us up to 15.91, okay, and so that would actually represent about one thousand two hundred and seventy eight percent in gains, so significant gains could be made. If we do see settlement, uh or win law lose draw. You know it. Doesnt really matter, we just need to see the lawsuit completely get closed put to bed, and then everyone can move on with their lives right and um thats. What were waiting for right and obviously theres lots of different details going on out there and im sure many of you guys are already familiar with everything that has been going on with the sec versus ripple um.

But the point of this video guys is to really talk about what we see going on. If we just take a look at the current performance, then 6.68 seems to be that area um that we should be aiming for now. Obviously, the recent pump today takes us from an interesting support level and up towards our 50 retracement zone and im going to get into that in a little bit detail in just a moment, and the other thing we can acknowledge is we are overbought on our daily. Not too much of a problem, we can see that we actually started to lower this down a little bit and again we can be up here for a while anyway. So at some point we will take that momentum out and it doesnt mean that we have to drop the price massively either. We just need to see that momentum drop okay, um, but what were going to do now is actually jump over to the avid io dashboard and were going to analyze the underlying value of this cryptocurrency xrp and, if youre not familiar with theres. A link in the description below check it out completely free sign up and youre, going to be able to get the same level of detail, and it updates every single day, 24 hours right and the artificial intelligence machine learning basically gives you more detail that you can Normally get from a chart and helps you understand if there are problems at a fundamental level and things with liquidity or fear and greed and your profitability, all that kind of good stuff so lets take a look right.

Weve got ripple xrp here, um im, not sure why they called it ripple, xrp its completely separate, but there you go thats neither here nor there xrp um b3 rating, so its pretty neutral, but it is almost falling down into the lower tier right and basically evays Rating system runs from a1 through to d, okay, and so its in that mid range, the b range right, so its okay, not the best and theres a few problems. We should probably acknowledge right. So as we come down, we can take a look at the fear and greed index for xrp is in a rating of d, which means theres extreme fear in the market for x, rp right now, and this could be problematic if we find ourselves coming up against Resistance because therell be heavy selling pressure and not just from jed mccaleb, and so obviously we have to acknowledge that there is of course extreme fear in the space for xrp, but this is pretty much being led because bitcoin is um undecided as to whether its going To go past its 786 area on the charts 57 and a half k for those who are unfamiliar and if it does push past 57 and a half k and get that closed candle up there, then thats actually going to signal in um. You know pretty confident space and i think a lot more retail investors will be more happy to actually invest in cryptocurrency again, i think everyones waiting to see what bitcoin does next before theyre willing to jump in and therefore were adding to this fear thats in the Space right now is bitcoin actually to create in a bull trap, or is it actually going to continue to the upside thats? What were waiting for so its not uh, no, its very actually understandable, to see so much fear in the space for xrp.

Amongst many of these other cryptocurrencies as well um, but there are some other things that we also have to acknowledge the amihad ratio. This is a c2 rating, so again very bad, not the best, um and uh. Basically, the amihad ratio is your liquidity, so obviously for xrp not being listed on some exchanges and that obviously has an impact on liquidity and uh. Basically, if there are some decentralized exchanges, theyre also having some issues with liquidity – and this is going to obviously compound the issue when it comes to fear as well. So there are some liquidity based problems for xrp, but this is not just limited to xrp. I want to stress that enough and it is across many different altcoins as well, so there are many altcoins that are experiencing the same level of liquidity based problems. Okay and therefore buying and selling does become a little bit more difficult and um. We have to just acknowledge that now we dont really know the underlying reasoning why these select cryptocurrencies, like cardanos ada xrp, for example, are having such liquidity problems when other assets, such as harmony 1, have no issues whatsoever. When it comes to liquidity, it feels almost like theres something going on in the background that we just are not aware of just yet and but im sure in time everything will become clear, so its important that we acknowledge that buying and selling xrp is quite difficult. Um right now, not only just because exchanges, obviously havent uh havent listed it delisted it, and there is obviously problems also elsewhere in terms of liquidity.

So as we come on down, we can see the moving averages have also been affected by the recent pullbacks that weve seen in september. So again, the self fulfilling prophecy. That september is, of course, a month of uh. You know pullbacks or corrections, and obviously everyone anticipating that setting their bags at the beginning of the month actually causing the pullback and, as a result, the moving averages are obviously affected and therefore we have to obviously acknowledge that as well. Okay, so moving averages. Um are currently a c2 and we are looking to bring that back up now. This is where things get interesting, though guys, because, although there i am, is some fear in group aid issues, so you know extremely fearful right now and we have got liquidity based problems and there are moving average based problems. The profitability is an a1 and again thats. Not difficult to understand, considering it was sub 10 cent not that long ago, and it is well over a dollar now and has been much higher so ultimately to acknowledge this as uh cryptocurrency has performed well, it has right, has performed uh better than some as well. In the space, even though we have seen the lawsuit, get dropped and weve seen, billions of dollars wiped out from retail investors, um courtesy of the sec right, because you know theyre doing a seller job and all that now. The other thing thats really important, not just beyond you know, but beyond just the profitability and the return on investment is the sharp ratio.

The sharp ratio is absolutely critical, metric um to be watching and understanding right. The sharp ratio is your risk reward ratio, and here we have an a2 rating, the second best rating, that this platform is willing to give right um, and this is polar opposite to what you see from a fear and greed index right. We have a sentiment thats. Incredibly fearful we have some liquidity based problems which compounds that fear and but actually down here we have a risk reward ratio. That says the rewards outweigh the risks. Okay, so the rewards, but at holding xrp outweigh the risks of holding xrp well above the 50 day average. This artificial intelligence machine learning is actually saying you might want some exposure to xrp, and that goes completely against the sentiment of the market right now, where its incredibly fearful and if i translate that into simple terms thats by the fear. This is the kind of fear that you buy, because people are willing to sell xrp a discounted rate, and this artificial intelligence is basically saying you might want to reconsider that, because actually, that youve got uh better chances of reward than your risks. Right now, with an a2 rating well above the 50 day, average of that sharp ratio so everythings, looking pretty good from a sharp risk reward ratio perspective from profitability. Point of view peak in value demands nice and steady in their neutral position, and so you really really only have two issues.

This is there is liquidity based problems and theres, an unreasonable amount of fear in the space couple, those two things together and you could actually start to see um some interesting downward trends. That being said, thats the kind of fear, the kind of dip that you want to be buying, at least in my opinion, im, not a financial advisor. Nor is chris its important that you do your own research. This platform is open. You can go ahead and sign up and get into all of this data updates every 24 hours, the artificial intelligence completely um unrelated to any humans, and basically it just runs the algorithms, and it tells you the data as it sees it, its not going to be Um telling you anything other than what the data is suggesting, so this actually gives you a pretty good representation. It has been right more times than i can count as well. So if youre not signed up to provide the, i o link in the description below check it out, you wont be disappointed right. So obviously, now we have good understanding guys that there is fear in the space theres liquidity based problems, but the sharp ratio is saying that the rewards outweigh the risks, so lets jump back into the charts. Now we have a good understanding as to what is going on from a fundamental understanding the data point of view right, the underlying data for um xrp from, so on this daily chart.

The other thing that we just want to acknowledge before we drop down to another level and really look at the pump that weve been having today is a cup and handle okay, so basically theres a cupboard, handle here and theres a cup and then heres your handle And this basically, then pushes us up to the previous high that we had way over here in april. Okay, and so this cup and handle is about 60 to 70, accurate and its something that, if it does actually complete, all the way through would take us back up to the high point that we were back in april. Okay, that takes us past the 618. The 702, the 786, these three key areas coming in at 1.41.53 and 1.65, respectively, okay, so those areas there are absolutely vital. Those are the areas that were going to be battling through majorly and theres, going to be a lot of resistance in here. You can see that were rejected from that 618 just here and not too long ago at the beginning of september, but also we can see all of this activity where were really really struggling to get past that area once again before we really went into that correction To the downside right, so we know this is not going to be an easy battle, but that cup and handle does look like were going to be pushing past it and id like to think this is going to be october.

But its timing is always the hardest thing to gauge no ones ever going to get that right and id like to think its october could go into november, but i am anticipating some pretty good runs here with xrp in the coming uh. You know days weeks and months: okay, so everythings, looking pretty good um from this daily chart good cup and handle taking us up to the 1.96 zone. Okay, so now lets jump down into our hourly right. So we have a good understanding that um weve got some good traction on the daily. We have some interesting targets that were going after and we obviously were consolidating down here around that one dollar seven cent that was both a resistance and a support line for quite some time, and we started to move up today. Now we are, of course bringing this back down. We obviously came up a little bit towards our 50 area of retracement and obviously from here we are now pulling back in line with our stochastic that was overbought and were trying to now go down into the oversold area right. So now, if we throw that volume in, we can see good volume coming in on the way up. Okay, that is counter to what the artificial intelligence is saying by the way, because and what youd normally see under an extreme fearful situation is a decrease in volume. So weve had a shift in a change right here now what whats causing this i do not know, and i havent had the chance to really dig into xrp, then for the last few days.

So there might be something going on in the background and i need to catch up on um. If there is. Let me know in the comments id be really interested in know whats going on there, and so we have had an increase in volume, which is not what the um underlying data that advise dashboard is saying and but obviously, on the way down. We also seen that sentiment change. The volumes are decreasing whilst were decreasing the price thats exactly what you want to see in order to protect the price before the next step to the upside. So it could be that actually, this artificial intelligence that gets updated at midnight. So just another three hours from now is going to completely change that sentiment from an extremely fearful situation to maybe even a neutral situation or greedy situation. So things can change quite rapidly within the crypto space, but ill be paying attention to device dashboard tomorrow to see exactly what the artificial intelligence thinks is going to happen. Next, taking a look at this right now, i anticipate that we are going to pull back. I think were going to lose some momentum. We have an option here to to kind of find support on 1.12 or maybe just down to this lower area of about 1.10. Okay. That would be a pretty reasonable area to fall back to find support and then move on up, hopefully past our 50 retracement zone, and that comes in at our 1.

23 area. Okay, turning that into support before continuing that growth to the upside overall do expect a little bit of volatility on the smaller time frame. The artificial intelligence obviously does indicate a reasonable amount of fear, so we have to be cautious of that, even though the volumes are not necessarily suggesting so right now, itll be interesting to see what the avaya dashboard comes up with tomorrow, to see whether or not that Sentiment is shifting and changing at a rapid pace and again in line very much so with that sharp ratio, the the uh risk reward ratio is definitely in your favor right now. The exposure and to xrp is something that you might want to. Consider obviously make sure you do your own research and theres, no one thats going to make that decision for you and so make sure you do your own research. I cannot stress that enough, and that being said, though, everythings looking pretty good on that daily right, we are, of course targeting um 1.96 as part of that cup and handle, and everything on that kind of traction seems to be playing out quite nicely. Um im going to leave the video there guys, but hopefully you have found this useful and informative.