You already missed the majority of the game. You get there during the third or fourth quarter by the time. Youre there you know, shot clocks winding down. Buzzer hits someone wins you catch the last second, but then now you got ta deal with getting out of the parking lot, so in crypto. What thats, like is thats like coming during the last impulse wave in the le wave theory, and for those of you that know what ellie wave theories are theres impulse wave one corrective wave, two impulse wave three corrective wave. Four then, the final impulse wave five and then an end of a bull run cycle because there needs to be corrective abc waves on the other side, so shiba inu is in the fourth quarter right now, its about to complete wave number five in the la wave Theory, so when it boils down to it, the brass tacks of it right now that you need to know is what all coins are still in the first and second quarter of the game and which ones are we backing up the boat for so in this video? I want to talk about one unstoppable altcoin that i would actually back up the truck for before she be new. Now, not financial advice, not investing advice, dont, buy anything that we talk about. Just because we talk about it. Do your own research. Obviously, everything were providing. You with is public information, but if you want to join our telegram group where we talk about these unstoppable altcoin picks before we make videos about them, theres over 7000 people in this group ill leave a link in the description below you can check it out right Here in miami florida right now, all these people are backing up the boats right because theyre going sailing to the beaches of the moon.

If you dont live near water, then you got to back up the truck all the way the bank grab the bags pack them and stack them leave no bags left behind, except for d bags. You can go ahead and leave those things behind on the on the shore, because were all going camping on the beaches, the moon. So if youre feeling blessed comment 777, if youre feeling bullish comment, 777 lets run it whats going up bull runners nick here with run and were going to kick this video off with a quick giveaway were giving away a hundred dollars, and all you have to Do is give this video a bruce lee stomparoo right to the like button, subscribe and comment below every single comment that you leave enters you into win and then head on over to to subscribe to our video newsletter right now, because thats, where we announce the Winners every single week now without being said, lets make some money all right. We got a lot to get into today. Welcome back to the channel. We got nearly 200 000 subscribers from all around the world interested in cryptocurrencies and money. We talk about those every single day because, with the cryptocurrency market having a 2.3 trillion dollar industry, this industry is going to grow over 10 trillion dollars very very soon. Bitcoin alone will have 10 trillion dollars of that. Thats no question just because of how many partnerships are being made, how much is happening across the globe for adoption in terms of market share, because pretty soon it turns to a company seeing something like bitcoin as ah you know, no one really wants it.

No one really cares and then they start to see people wanting theyre like well. If we dont adopt it, then our customers are going to leave us for another platform. That does you know thats why paypal is adopted and visas adopted and mastercards adopted at major banks adopting it. You can name the companies in the comments below and you could see the comments. The amount of people that are interested in this industry is insane. So, as a part of the top 10 dogecoin is ranked number 10., so dogecoin is the first meme coin that really started the craze. For you know, shiba inu be next now: shiba inu cracked top 20, with a 10 billion dollar market cap, the rest of the uh meme coins out there there will be a meme coin, craze its already happening right now. So there is another altcoin that we are super bullish on that will take off. But first i want to cover whats taking place with xi being new right now and why were so bullish on this other altcoin because of the team behind uh? She being you and what theyre doing but shes price, soaring ships, price story 300. In nine days past popular blockchain protocols like stellar, lumens and polygon, to become an 11 billion crypto project. That should say something about this industry and ive said it time and time again. You obviously agree: nobody disagrees that cryptocurrency is ruled by community and marketing more than it is by utility and function right now and the run up in price and sheba.

You knew so far in october pushed the token into the top 20 and the circulating market valuation jumped to 11 billion. Five billion dollars came in in 24 to 48 hours and uh its absolutely wild whats taking place be more valuable than polygon, matic tron xlm. Among many other really really legitimate projects, does that mean that shibuya is legitimate, or does that mean that its just just a meme coin fed its going to grow away and the growth of xibinhs valuation uh helped based on elon musk? He did help it. You know was he posting about floki and floki surged as well too. I mean if you go to uh coin market cap. You type in this is absolutely ridiculous. We type in floki enu 600 million dollar market cap just based on uh elon, musks dog, so think about that. How much do people love animals? I mean 600 million dollars just for a floki uh floki puppy, uh, cryptocurrency and crypto speculators tend to read too much into must tweets. For example, uh the billionaire was uh posting about dogecoin and the price absolutely soared because of that and she being whose source sort by 400 percent was it all based on elon musk? No, it had a lot to do with um institutional people coming in and then retail people following in um just absolutely flooding the price up based on the charts and so the token uh retest is its five month.

High well go to the chart and well show you guys that in a little bit, but it was coming back up to retest it. It wicked pretty hard its consolidating for a little bit, but i believe shibuyu will pass its all time high. Then it will complete wave number five in the elliott wave theory towards the end of this bull run. So you just have to be ready for that, and its gon na have this parabolic blow off top toward the end, but youre catching shiba inu in the fourth quarter, youre catching it towards the end of the bull run. There are other projects that are in you know, quarter one or quarter two of the game and were going to talk about one of them in this video, so whats next for shiba inu, well, its price dropped on october, 9th by more than five percent to reach A fresh intraday low of point: zero: zero, zero, zero, two five, seven five in doing so, the cryptocurrency hinted in forming a uh potential descending triangle pattern, suggesting additional losses coming ahead, but then again in the long term, when in doubt, zoom out in detail descending triangles Are typically bearish patterns uh in the short term that form when price trends lower, while fluctuating between an area defined by two converging trend lines, one falling and then the other and horizontal, such as the one ship is formed in the chart below that you can see Right here and the formation of lower highs, atop the standstill, support line that you can see right here indicates weakening buying sentiment amongst traders in the bowls and, as a result, the price ultimately tends to break below the horizontal trend line.

In doing so, its target shifts to a level at a length equal to the maximum triangle height now. In other words, shims price may go under point: zero, zero, zero, zero one in the coming sessions. If the above mentioned, support level fails to hold so thats, something that is super important to keep watch of the views and expressions here are just opinions, of course, so in the short term could be bearish because of the major surge in the price influx that came In of you know, over a hundred percent five billion dollars in 24 hours, actually eight billion dollars in the past 24 hours recently, but massive amounts of money flowing into this project. There is another project that is actually a lot smaller of a market cap and when you look at shibuya new its in the fourth quarter right now, you know she be new. Fourth quarter of the of the ball game, so you just have to be ready for when it passes its all time high, it will form a final uh fifth impulse wave and that could be beyond anyones wildest expectations, which would be good. But you know at already a 10 billion ish dollar market cap theres not much room left to run compared to other market caps in the millions of dollars and thats. Just a fact, because when you look at a project like kumainu, this explosive altcoin, its below a 20 million dollar market cap, so to do a 10x 10x for kumihinu, that would be only 200 million and 200 million dollars is still only 20 of 1 billion dollars.

Let alone 10 billion dollars that sheba is at right now. So, when youre looking at the meme coin, craze, the total supply is the uh exact same. So, of course, the total supply is huge for a lot of these projects, theyre playing in the psychology which is actually really smart, love it or hate it, its genius, its very intelligent on why that works so well because of the amount of uh zeros behind the Decimal so puma inu. What is kumihinu for those of you that ive never heard of this project before its a community focused d5 cryptocurrency project consisting of kuma breeder puma dex, which is a decentralized exchange and uh nft marketplace and its completely uh community driven. So if you guys want to check it out, feel free to uh, give it a look. The kuma breeder is out the kuma decks. Theyre actually working on is decentralized bam, based perpetual contract trading protocol for meme coins, up to 25 x, long and short leveraged trading, and so a lot of traders. They want leverage to be able to capitalize and maximize their gains while having less money, but at the same time you got to be careful because you can be stupid and you can blow your account if youre trading with leverage and you dont know what youre doing So check out the roadmap, i think the some of the most important thing uh to note about this project. Aside from you know, the incredible gains that are taking place right now are these right here, so the development team that built leash and for those of you that dont know what leash is.

Let me actually go back here, really quick and show you this. If we go to uh leash, leash is a project within the shiba inu ecosystem, and it has a 220 million dollar market cap. So the developer that working on leash its also working on kuma enus decks. So i should tell you something so: if its below a 20 million dollar market cap and leash has a 200 million dollar market cap, theres massive room for growth, and if we look right here in the account that started with the liquidity, they put me as dev. One dev building decentralization, leash and kuma right here, another image as well too those killers, the deployer of the contract, address for kumainu, so for leash tokens uh. That should tell you something that is absolutely massive right here: leash deployer used to create the kuma contract, so theres the address right there you can see it leash dev sends 51 ethereum to leash deployer to start allocating tokens for marketing founders, liquidity pool for puma, so 51 ethereum do the math on that of what ethereum is priced at so new cryptogen, decentralized meme that grew into a vibrant ecosystem kuma. It launched a little more than three days ago, of course, created by the developer of leash and ship token. This was posted on twitter, i believe by someone in the community, and 98 of liquidity is locked forever. Now, if we go on ether scan, so one thing you can do is go to e t, h, e r s c, a n dot io and you can type in uh the name of the cryptocurrency and it should pop up or you can enter the contract.

Address theres over seven thousand holders, the holders are up ten percent, so its growing the ecosystem is booming right now, if we go to holders right here, you will see that fifty percent is in a black hole, account its burned forever and most these holders hold less Than one percent, so the price cannot drop by more than fifteen percent uh fifteen percent, seven percent four percent or three percent from one specific contract address in fact that they burned over fifty percent. They actually burned more than chibinu uh has burned and locked away forever. So if you want to check it out go down here, i encourage you plug into their telegram group. The telegram has 12 000 members. 1 ‘6 are online right now and its expanding big time. The twitter, their twitter page, is growing. They got ‘ 000 followers and they posted accidentally burned accidentally up or liquidity lp tokens forever. So when we look at the chart here, this really this wave that took place is impulse wave number one. So its going to consolidate for a little bit. I dont know how long its going to consolidate, for i dont know how much money might flow out of it if the market cap may drop a little bit so for those of you that are watching this project, anything below 20 million dollars in relativity to the End of this bull run is a great deal for a project like this, because when you look at the white paper with the puma dex, a decentralized va mm based perpetual contract trading protocol for leveraged traders with infinite infinite on chain liquidity.

Unlike traditional amms users can trade perpetual future contracts utilizing the constant market maker formula with up to 25 x, long or short, leverage funding rate mechanism is in place to ensure vamm market asset price converges with the underlying asset index price and with kumadex users do not Have to worry about threats of centralized authorities interfering with their use of tokens, as the dex is designed to be market neutral and fully decentralized, so getting closed out of positions early, maybe youre a forex trader, and you deal with that price discovery. Issues become a significant concern in the cryptocurrency industry. For several reasons, one of the major reasons is that buyers of cryptocurrencies across the world have different use cases for the technology. Well, some buyers prefer to use cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Other users of cryptocurrencies choose to use them as an investment. It is no surprise that several types of cryptocurrencies have been linked to precious metals and commodities. In the past, like bitcoin, you know, bitcoin was never intended as a transaction token. It was more intended as a store of value more like digital gold, or you know some digital digital asset that youre storing, so kumadex offers opportunities for price discovery and arbitrage to understand what makes kumadex beat the competition with its approach to price discovery is important to First understand what price discovery really means, this method of determining the spot, price or proper price of an asset, security, product or currency, so to speak, takes into account a variety of tangible and intangible variables, such as supply and demand, investor risk perceptions and the overall economics And geopolitical crime climate now coumadex is designed to achieve price discovery for its users uh, using an advanced technical architecture which takes into account the variety of different market factors that the competition does not consider and all those are going to be listed on their white paper.

So i encourage you to read through this whole thing, this team very intelligent guys and the reason why they know what theyre doing is because theyve already done it before. So when you get into a lot of projects, a lot of these projects have never done it before. So you look at a project like uh leash, its done it before you look at a project like shiba. You knew it done it before. You look at the community and when the community communities are smart guys i mean one person is intelligent. Communities can be kind of dumb because its mob mentality, but theyre a community, is driven by each individual collectively together. So when you look at the mob mentality of the meme coin space, it is undeniable its undeniable you cant, deny it anymore. Dogecoin, look at dogecoin, go, go! Look at the market cap! Look at the market cap of flokias half a billion dollars its its stupid. Look at dogecoin 32 billion dollars, its bigger than terra luna, its bigger than uniswap its bigger than avalanche its bigger than chain link, its bigger than litecoin. Many of you remember, litecoin, bigger than polygon, bigger than v chain. I mean some of these projects out here is bigger than its bigger than monero, its bigger than pancake swap bigger than ave bigger than iota quant graph neo kusama. So you cant deny it you can you can run from it, but you cant hide from it.

So when we look at the chart right here, it is just getting started. I mean it was on You know june is when it started up on here. So still brand new guys wave number one is in youre still part of the first quarter. Nothing is too late if we go on unit swap this is this is the most powerful part the fees are so ridiculously low. A lot of these projects when you trade on uniswap uh through the ethereum network, the fees are high on a hundred thousand dollars. When you put in teslas for yourself go to usdc to your favorite cryptocurrency on your swap and look at the fees, most fees are going to be 20, 30 40. So when youre selling a hundred thousand dollars or youre buying a hundred thousand dollars worth im, not telling you to do this im just giving you an example, only this public information, but when you sell or you buy a hundred thousand dollars, if you dont look at The fees for that and youre only moving lets say like a thousand dollars in the project. If i do a thousand dollars a thousand dollars, the fee is 0.631. So if i were to buy a thousand bucks, you get 993 worth if you were to do 10. 000, you have to think bigger, think bigger much sooner so when youre buying a project youre, starting with the end in mind, youre, knowing what the fees are going to charge you when you sell that project, because when you take profits along the road, you got to Know what its going to be like at 100 000 at a million dollars.

You have to see that in most these projects you are going to get wrecked, meaning that if youre going to sell a million dollars worth theyre going to take 80 to 90 of that. So youre only going to make 100 200 000 out of that project, so if youre not taking that into account youre going to get screwed in cryptocurrencies right. So you have to look at this with ten thousand dollars, its less than one percent, with a hundred thousand dollars its less than four percent. You cant find that you cant find that show me a project out there that you can find that in theres. Very, very very few, which is the reason why this project is going to soar. When you compare it to shiba inu, i mean shiba inus had its pumps, chibinujas got its one of its biggest pumps of all time compared to the previous one that took place for its all time, high, so youre getting shibuyanu in the fourth quarter, whereas kumihinu is Right in the first quarter, so its like kind of like half its a little break during the first quarter, its a little free throw session right now. So you have time to hit the concession stands and get back in your seat, because you know what were doing were backing up our truck all the way to the bank boom were breaking the bank down grabbing the bags, packing them and stacking them in the back Of the truck and, like i say, leaving no bags left behind, except for the d bags leave those behind because were all going camping on the beaches of the moon.

Fiat currency is going down in value thats a fact because of inflation, cryptocurrencies and all coins are going up in value, thats the truth and were all going camping on the beaches of the moon. I will see you on the next video if you want to be subscribed to our video newsletter and receive updates about the top altcoins and join our telegram group, while its still free back up the truck to put in your best email address, click the button Youll be instantly subscribed, well, keep you updated every single day and youll learn our number one way to make passive income online with crypto, because first you get passive income. Then you get more crypto and then you achieve the freedom that you want. So i will see you on the next video. I will see you on as always stay bullish, make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it.