Whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were gon na, be taking a look at the most likely coin 200 x now before we get into this guys, make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto lover every week. We give away one of these sweet shirts and it should be noted that with these videos, these are not immediate 100x coins. If you wanted immediate 100x, just go, buy some nfts, but these coins here potentially this one here – has the potential to be absolutely enormous and im going to explain exactly why now that being said, this isnt something to go fomo your whole entire portfolio into maybe like One or two percent you put into this and then you just set it and forget it and wait, and in six months a year four years, whatever 800 xs you cash out and you are sitting pretty so todays video were taking a look at the brand new Coin, however, we are using a strategy that we have used over and over and over and over and over again to pick out insane winners. What is that strategy? Well, its called token metrics. Now, if in case you havent heard about it, it is a system that ian balina used to turn 20 000 into over 5 million dollars. In the last bull run, and now you can use it to pick out the best altcoins ever, not only that, but they just updated to tokenmetrics 2.

0, which gives you so much more functionality than was available on tokenmetrics 1.0 and using that functionality were actually going to Pick out the best coin, the most likely coin 200 x, because guys i keep my ear to the grindstone. Most people keep their nose to the grindstone, but i keep my ear there. Okay and ive been listening and a lot of people are talking about. Polygon network is the next i mean we already had solana. We already had avalanche everybodys talking about polygon network, coming up everybodys talking about gaming, going to be absolutely huge, like 260 billion dollars in revenue by 2025., it could potentially explode crypto with all the gaming. That comes in there not only that, but theyre also talking about nfts, so i figured i would use token metrics to find the best polygon project the best gaming project, the best nft project and see if there are any projects that hit all three of those. So lets get into it. Well, first thing: in order to do this: you go to insights, you go to ratings and then you can rate based on the tm grade, and you can do this on a daily, a weekly or a monthly scale, and i prefer the monthly one because it gives Me a more long term perspective, but the tm grade gives you in one number an idea of how good a project is now. First thing lets: take a look at the polygon ecosystem.

Now, if we rate these monthly from tm grade, we have some high ones like ren glitch protocol, gala, ebony umbrella network, happy apy finance, lfim pools finance, so we can see some of the top polygon polygon projects right there. Now we want to cross reference that okay, so we do it with gaming. We have gigi token we have gala, we have elluvium, we have vulcan forged axiomfinity dot moves waxy veracity. Now, as if that wasnt enough were going to triangulate it by cross referencing it with nfts, we have nftb looso centric, swap ecomi antimatter, gala raptokomi sake, well, im sure that you guys can see like i see there is one project that is turning up in all Of these in polygon, in gaming in nfts, and what is that well ill? Tell you in a second, but i just want to say also that big thanks to on chain gaming, because ive been watching some of his videos and before i made the video about elluvium, and this was before alluvium like 3x. He already had videos about elluvium. Well, hes also made lots of videos about this project before im going to recommend it, so i would definitely recommend checking out his channel on chain gaming because he has some awesome stuff there. So the actual project that were going to be talking about today is none other than gala games. Okay, making blockchain games youll actually want to play. So if we take a look right now, just under 10 cents market cap rank 127th, but this one has the potential.

Where it could be a very very like top 20 project, it could very well be the next biggest competitor for axi infinity, if it just did that right now, the market cap of this 737 million dollars axe infinity 7 billion dollars. So if this just matches axe infinity, simple 10x, because this has an insane team – were going to take a look at in a moment. But if we take a look here, we can see the chart right here and granted. Have you gotten back into this? A month ago you would already have 10 extra money but theres a lot more potential, because if we take a look at the daily tm grade, 80 weekly tm grid 80 monthly tm grade 81 and lets take a look a little bit more at the project. So theyre principles fun. First, they believe blockchain games should be invisible to our games. They use simple game, mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether or not they consider ourselves to be blockchain pros. They want to make gaming. The first priority incorporate blockchain afterwards, so people can earn nfts rewards and they dont even know theyre using the blockchain thats the ideal, not only that owned by players. Players get truly owned. What they win in the games. If you earn or win a magical sword in the gala game platform, its yours, which is the coolest thing, thats the dream you play video games for a living. You make money based on what you collect your items and the inherited status is a verifiable asset on the blockchain.

You can trade to another person or play in the game, not only that community rules, they wont develop games in a vacuum. They constantly engage in test assumptions with the discord community. They build alongside vocal community whose input shares the direction each games design takes and is powered by the people. Everything in the gala games network depends on the player owned, node ecosystem thats right. You can own your own gala node. The gala network is supported by users. Just like you who operate galanos in their home computers. They already have more than eight thousand player run nodes powering their ecosystem, not only that, but they have some pretty insane partnerships going on and were going to take a look a little bit more. Not only that, but the team, like i said absolutely insane already: theyve already sold an nft for over three million dollars. They have 1.3 million monthly, active users, 60 team members, 26 000, total nfts sold and, as you can see here on the website, they have a few different games there, town star, they have sin city they have lets see. Here we go spider, tanks, mirandas fortified, a whole bunch of different stuff, echoes of empire. So a bunch of different games, a bunch of drops some top sellers on the nit stores. But one of the reasons that i chose this is, i heard a lot of talk about this game mirandas and then not only that, but just looking at some of the other games like people, love uh tank type games, world of tanks.

I think it is, but also lets go a little bit further. They have partnerships with brave browser, but lets go a little bit further. The team eric shiremire, the ceo of gala games, was the cto of myspace. Not only that, but he co founded zynga games. He was the zynga co founder now in case you guys dont know about zynga. You might remember some of their featured games like farmville, one of the most popular mobile games ever in the history of the universe. Yet he co founded that one, but not only that they also have john oswald. Okay. He used to be the head of product mobile games for ea, but not only that they have michael mccarthy, who was involved in the fable series, but not only that they also have t eliot cannon whos worked on all of these projects. Unreal unreal tournament, star trek, ds9 a whole bunch of other ones, killing floor, doom dungeons, defensive whole bunch of projects here, warhammer, 40, 000., so a whole bunch of different projects that hes worked on there. They have an absolutely killer team and not only that its not just games its, not just nodes but its nfts. You actually create the nfts in games and then you can sell them. They have their own store, but theyre also available on open c as well. So that being said, gala games is something thats available to pretty much everyone, whether youre in the u.

s or outside of the us, its available on both centralized and decentralized exchanges and some very important things worth noting guys. The gaming industry is likely going to be one of the biggest industries out there. Much much bigger than nfts theyre going to incorporate nfts, but nft gaming is the way to go, and gala could potentially be the leader in this industry. Definitely going to be a huge competitor for axi infinity and, like i said, gaming could reach 260 billion dollars by 2025.. So that being said, if we take a look at gala right now, you could see there is a bit of a bull pennant forming or a bullish rectangle, whichever one you want to call this, but this is a continuation pattern. Okay, so based on that, it would be likely that we would continue what it did right here. We would continue that up here, going from where it is about 10 cents to about 20 24 cents thats the potential for gala games in the short term. But i want to remind you guys to think in the long term, because we are headed towards a gaming society, particularly a gaming nft society, particularly the void that gala games fills with the insane team that they have. So that being said, guys all in all that is the next 100 x coin. Thats right, gala games, making blockchain games youll actually want to play.