Hope you guys are doing good at the moment. The crypto markets are absolutely pumping in price, and i want to explain some really important reasons why. I think, if youre holding cryptocurrency right now, uh why you potentially can get rich in this space and why? I think the crypto party is just at the beginning. I think its going to be very bullish in the future. I want to give you guys some really important reasons why i think thats going to take place, and i also want to let you guys know about some very important blockchains that i think have huge potential in the space as well, that are set to potentially explode In the future, so if you guys, like learning about making money in the crypto space, make sure to hit the thumbs up, button subscribe to the channel im also on at twitter. So you can follow me over on twitter. So shout out to all my twitter followers. You can join up to the telegram announcement channel for free and if you guys want that extra analysis chat to me in the discord early access to the next 100 x gems, you can join up to the patreon but guys important video. Today, the crypto market is looking extremely hot at the time of making this video, but what i want to talk about is actually the future right now. The present moment looks very good for crypto, but i want to give you guys some really big news.

Some really big understanding about why i think in the future, cryptocurrency is set to explode so very exciting. Video, alright guys – and the first reason i want to talk to you guys about – is uh right now – were seeing some warmth in the u.s politics towards cryptocurrency. Okay, so youre seeing a lot of pro cryptocurrency movements in u.s politics. You know the whole atmosphere is warming up to cryptocurrency, and this is one of the most important things crypto zeus wants to see. You can see behind me in this article senator cynthia, a republican from wyoming revealed she purchased bitcoin worth between fifty thousand dollars and one hundred thousand 000, which is extremely exciting in this space and uh. This is exactly what we want to see, but on top of that you do also have uh other senators. You got pat toomey right here, checking in from pennsylvania, and you know, hes been putting out some really big tweets about china about beijing. You guys know if youve been following this channel, china has banned cryptocurrency its banned, bitcoin and uh. What i wanted to see come out of that uh event was the us warming up to cryptocurrencies warming up to bitcoin and uh. You can see some of these important tweets uh behind me right here, so senator pat toomey has said. Chinas authoritarian crackdown on crypto, including bitcoin, is a big opportunity for the us, its also a reminder of our structural advantage over china.

So what im thinking is going to happen very soon is a lot of the western economies around the world theyre going to become very crypto friendly. I think that is the way the politics are heading. I think this is a great move. Uh, it hasnt been fully solidified just yet, but i think there are some very important signals happening right now in the political space and uh the big crackdown that we thought might happen in the us may not happen. It might actually open up to being more supportive of cryptocurrencies, which is absolutely huge, and this is why i think the crypto party is just getting started. Another very important thing, i think you know if you guys, are listening to this video right now. Uh ive got a statistic behind me: reports say only one in 10, people in the usa are investing in crypto right now. So if you guys are listening to this video right now, youre literally 90, ahead of the pack so youre way ahead of the pack and literally the most important role in cryptocurrency – and i say this uh all the time is uh. If you want to make money in the crypto space – and this goes for a lot of different cryptocurrencies, but just generally one of the ways you make money in the crypto space, if you look at the bottom axis right here, you have to get in early. So if youre getting in early and earlier into the crypto space, the more money you can potentially make so behind me, ive got the bitcoin chart.

But you know this goes for all types of cryptos, but generally the whole statistics of the population is, you know 90 percent of people arent invested in cryptocurrencies uh, which means you know more and more money. Once crypto adoption takes off will come into cryptocurrency. So that is what im thinking in the market right now, so i think, if youre listening to this video right now, youre ahead of the pack and i think theres a huge amount of movement of money coming into the crypto space. Another massive reason i think crypto is headed for a very bright future. Is this one right behind me? So it says institutions buying bitcoin rather than gold, as inflation cranks up jp morgan. Okay, so ive spoken about this cryptocurrency bitcoin as an inflation hedge, i said you know. Institutions would be coming into the crypto space to buy up as an inflation hedge, and we will speak about inflation, but really briefly, if you guys dont, understand whats happening with the us economy or a lot of economies around the world right now, uh, you can see It in this clock behind me, so this is the u.s debt clock and uh. We made another prediction on crypto zeus, i said i said the u.s senate would approve the legislation to raise the government debt ceiling, and this has happened uh. This has been passed. U.S senate approves temporary, lift of debt ceiling averts default, but i want to tell you guys the secret these guys cannot default on their debt, so theyre always going to have to pass the debt ceiling.

I think its extremely unlikely they will ever not pass the debt ceiling, and what does this mean really its the more printing out of money in the economy and that money needs to find a home somewhere that money can go into house prices? That money can go into stock prices, but what youre probably gon na find – and this is why im extremely excited about cryptocurrency – is a lot of the money comes into these other assets. You can see bitcoin at the time making this video its going through the roof. So 55 000, but i think this is only the beginning. So dont be surprised one day if you see bitcoin at 100, 000 bitcoin at a million dollars extremely exciting. But you know when youre printing out money and there is no real debt ceiling. So theyre going to say theres a debt ceiling, but let me tell you that, let me let me give you a crypto zeuss analysis of the situation. There is no ceiling, this thing goes up until the sky and it keeps going past the moon, so the debt moon, uh the debt galaxy. This thing is just gon na keep going up and up and uh. So what were trying to do on crypto zeus? Is you know when youre in this reality of uh, so much money printing? What do you do with your money? How do you diversify and how do you build up wealth in the long run, thats? What crypto zeus is all about, so we love our cryptos, but i also am diversifying to other assets as well, but one of the key takeaways is debt ceiling.

This will continue to get raised in crypto zeuss prediction, so you know this. One has been passed down. The road to december – but i bet you in december uh – you know theyre going to increase it again. So you know they can say a song and dance about the debt ceiling. But its going to keep going up. Thats money is going to find its way into cryptocurrency its going to find its way into the stock market, its going to find its way into the real estate market as well. So the money keeps going up so thats. Another very bullish reason for cryptocurrencies going up in the future and uh wealth going back to the people in the crypto market and its great to see institutions coming for bitcoin rather than gold. So i think personally, the gold price is manipulated, theres, a paper version of gold, a paper price of gold. I think the physical gold is a lot different story, but i dont think you know: cryptozoos are not bullish on gold itself because it does, in my opinion, theres a lot of manipulation in the price. Bitcoin price is a little bit harder to manipulate because its all public, you can see the owners. You can see the addresses and uh thats. Probably why you know institutions are coming to bitcoins, because you know you cant, manipulate it as much as gold. Gold is a lot easier to manipulate than bitcoin. In my opinion, another massive reason i think the cryptocurrency is set to explode is have a look at this innovation behind me.

So we have building. Only fans on blockchain is a huge, untapped opportunity, dfinity founder. So yeah look, i think, youre going to find a lot of centralized services like only fans or any of these other centralized service offerings by other platforms. Uh theyre, going to move to blockchain, so blockchain will open up lots of opportunities for innovation in the space cut. Back on transaction fees, so i think companies like paypal, you know they should be worried right now, because paypal charges a lot of money. So do a lot of banks for international transfers of fees, international transfer of money. They scoop up a lot of money and a lot of the banks in australia. They make money through mortgages, but guys what would happen if you know cryptocurrency was start to. You know, implement that tele technology and to defy mortgage lending, and things like that. So youre going to eliminate the need for a lot of the big banks in my opinion and that money is going to come into crypto again. So crypto is going to start to eat up a lot of the legacy services in the economy. So its massive potential right there and i think another area of the crypto space, which is bound to boom and uh weve, been talking about it on crypto zeus is a d5 and nft. So nfts are absolutely going up and uh. You can see the bank of america, a global giant has revealed its bullish outlook on defy and non fungible tokens and uh.

I think theres a huge amount of opportunity in nfts right now and uh. These guys are starting to realize that you know nfts its similar to like art collection is similar to developing a fashion brand and uh. You know all those fashion companies, gucci dolce gabbana – all the very well established fashion companies, video games theyre all going to start to move into nfc. So this is another reason i think the cryptocurrency market is set to explode and guys lets talk about a few different projects. I think have massive potential in the space now that weve covered some concrete reasons why i think the crypto market will go up but as always guys, not financial advice. You know cryptocurrency is risky, it could potentially go down, but i think the reasons for it to go up are very strong. In my opinion and thats, why crypto zeus, i invest in the crypto space im extremely bullish on my crypto and one of the big blockchains. I want to talk about ive spoken about this one on the channel. A lot is a celina, so this one is building up an absolutely massive ecosystem, very fast lots of transactions per. Second, you can see a lot of projects getting built on solana and uh. What else is on salina nfts lots of games as well, so nft games nfts themselves, theyre all coming onto solana, and that you can also see a lot of projects coming onto solana.

So you know in the crypto space. One way you can make money is sometimes you invest in the big platforms that launch all the other little gems on top of it, so it could be celina. So, in this situation, youve got celina. Youve got a lot of projects coming onto top of salina. I think this one has massive potential in the space so watch out for solana. Another crypto thats kind of cropping up on crypto zeuss radar is phantom, so im hearing a lot of good things about phantom. You know the the price has dipped a little bit uh. This one has some big potential as well, so have a look at the price behind me. This one has really uh started to spike, so ill just watch this one, but i think this is another kind of platform that has a huge amount of potential, and it says right here: phantom is a new dag based smart contract platform that intends to solve the Scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technologies and this one is developing a new protocol, known as the lack assist protocol im, not sure if i pronounced it right, but basically this one is coming in with a new angle, a new innovation, and it basically has some Huge potential in the space so im keeping my eye out on phantom. This one is a relatively new one that is kind of cropping up on peoples radars, but you guys can see the spike right now.

That is pretty epic indeed and another one, i think, is massive and uh. You know people might ignore it. A bit is ethereum, so ethereum has probably the most development of any type of blockchain smart chain. Currently, in the market huge potential, you guys know the open seas, nfts theyre all sitting on top of ethereum its undergoing a big process of going to the next level, and i think ethereum in the space people are predicting twenty thousand dollar ethereum. Thirty thousand dollar ethereum. So i think ethereum is another kind of big giant in the space to watch out. For so i can see this one exploding as the crypto market explodes as well and thats very exciting and uh. Also, i just want to let you guys know what we do on crypto zoo. So on the crypto zeus channel, we are fishing around for our gems, so to speak in the market. So we do. I have a diversified approach when im in crypto same way, link is fishing for fish and the fishing ponds are crypto zeus, im keeping an eye out for lots of different uh, exciting cryptos, so were talking about the high level stuff. At the moment, the big cryptos up, the top of the coin, get go charts you guys know on the channel. We put lots of moon shots on the radar as well, and moonshots are the ones with the small market caps and those ones can do crazy amount of returns.

But i like to uh mix it up between some of the top tier altcoins and also some of the moonshot crypto currencies very exciting times so guys a bit of a different update today, a bit of a you know: bullish outlook from crypto zeus about the crypto Market, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did. Let me know in the comment section below: maybe we can have more of these types of videos in the future and im very uh bullish on im, very excited about phantom solana and also ethereum as well. So if you guys want to see more, you can follow me over on twitter, nearly at 7 000 followers. So shout out to all you guys following me over on twitter and you can join up to the telegram announcement channel and if you guys want help finding your next 100x gem, you can join up to the patreon and get that early access chat to me in The discord – and i hope everyone has a good day.