My name is toby and im in this beautiful hotel, with these great nfts for sale, one each each im kidding im kidding. Okay, so check this out, ethereum guys if youre, not in ethereum right now, youre crazy. All right so check this out 6 trillion or i think 6.2 trillion dollars in transaction transactions over the last 12 months. Thats huge guys like thats me. I think its a 369 increase of transactions since 2020, so like right now ethereum, is that 18.4 percent um uh dominance right now and you have bitcoin at around 44.3 or something like that. I think that eth is going to radically change that um. That stance in the rankings there, i think its going to be its going to take up much more of the crypto space than what has what it has previously previously done before. Um im really like really bullish on this, because a lot of a lot of the transactions are due to actually the nft space. Now, for instance, i got in or i was trying to get into this nft called mecca verse, and i mean i think i was competing with 150 000 different people for 8 000 different nfts, and you know it started out at 0.2 um. That was the minting. The very first mint was 0.2 eth. It opened at about 5 8. So this is why the whole world, like is going to want to get onto nfts um ive. Just i mean its its a huge bubble uh.

I do expect this bubble to you know blow up even further, and so with that said, youre expect people are experiencing like six to six hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more uh for gas fees for these for these nfts, because theyre literally willing to spend Any amount of money to get their hands on a cheap nft because they know theyre gon na, like 20 x, 30, x or money on a lot of cases, not every case, but a lot of cases and um. You know that that eth, that is being used in those transactions, those transaction fees – theyre being burned. You know like a lot of it, is being burned away and thats goodbye. You know thats thats, taking the supply off of eth and throwing it out. You know, and – and you know with the demand that is incoming right now with for for ethereum its its huge, like ive ive, never seen anything like it actually and eth 2.0 uh. Once that comes out, you know the the burning is going to slow down but um its going to absolutely blow up the entire space. In my opinion, because people are going to be able to forward afford these, these nfts, you know when, when they start up again back in you know in like a year and a half or whatever, i dont expect this, this nft craze to keep going for another Year or whatever, so, who knows how far its going to go but um as of right now, you know youre having a huge influx of users for ethereum and i dont think its stopping.

I think it its obviously not stopping its growing like crazy and the demand is, is is gon na explode, um and the uh. Also, not only the demand is going to explode, but the use cases are going to explode as well and so thats going to create even more demand. On top of that, so just keep that in mind. Youre experiencing an incredible uh decrease of supply of eth like weve, never seen before and more people than ever joining ethereum and buying ethereum, so im so bullish on this, like, i think, youre freaking crazy. If youre not holding neath right now, um im, im big on you guys like this – is my second largest holding other than bitcoin um, and you know its its been quite a journey because you know heidi and ive been holding ethereum since its beginning stages. And you know, weve had to overcome a lot of people saying you know: ether is a scam, its garbage its not going to do anything. This is at 70 cents, and you know i had to take my knowledge base and go all right heidi. Where can? Where am i wrong on this like? What? What am i missing that these people that are telling me its a scam? What am i missing, and you know we came to the conclusion like hey these guys, these people are wrong and these are really smart people in this space and so like. I continually believe that im going to be completely right on this and that ethans about to absolutely explode so thats.

All i have for you today, um yeah its our computer doesnt, actually work too well with the internet here so thats. Why we have to film it from the phone, so excuse the poor quality but anyways. If you want to check out our portfolio check us out on the ct club, the information is down below and uh.