Music. Look at everyone working here; Applause, Music, Applause, all right Applause; it is Applause! Music! Oh, my god, yo yo yo, welcome, welcome, welcome. We have bitcoin at chess break resistance. We have crypto banter that just broke resistance and we are going to hide look at that huh just another one of these back to back yes, and then we can also change Applause, hey its like christmas on christmas, crypto banter. How can i communicate as excited as ive ever seen? Them Applause were coming, guys were coming yo yo, yo whats up whats up whats up better fam, as we start the stream right now we have bitcoin absolutely mooning. We have third point pumping over here. We have krypto banter breaking resistance, guys massive massive massive show. We have finally been waiting for the wedge. Weve been finally waiting for volume to come into the market and now its time. It shows you how patience slowly rewards the market and rewards when youre in the right coins at the right time. Massive show coming up. You do not want to miss this Applause. Applause dart has broken out beautifully of trend. Sheldon is your coin panel uh. It actually is right now, its not so not fully so thats. Why open your coin over there youre gon na? Yes, look at that! Look at it look at it. I hope you guys realize patience right now, right to our new studio, to our new studio, guys.

Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Applause. Music. Oh Music. What a bus today bud this is sheldon. What a bus today, what a really good day, im loving the day today. Do you want to be on tv? Look at that guys! Look where youre catching this certainty, Applause, its just come with a big pullback that looks fantastic, um little red little red little red. He says whats that mountain dew, oh mountain, so clever! You must always be at the bottom of the mountains. Do you want to make money you want to make money? How much money do you want to make Applause? Nine, okay, not money right as were closing off here. But what is your dj? What is on your mind, uh ive got to go and study all these coins ive been too busy with the office today, so i havent actually left. We got some really good entries. I think phantom. I think phantom is amazing, guys you know todays a big celebration. Finally, got the brokers. Remember, i hope you are prepping for these times, but your portfolio should be in the right position: Applause, Music. What a community lets get celebrated lets go, have some tequilas and screw bitboy for buying a lambo before me, Music Applause. We are so happy. I mean this office is look at it. Look at it. Look at it guys have a fantastic day were going to celebrate. Dont miss the next show picture.

Wait till the next show. Hey around the moment. Yeah friday events weve got big guests. Its gon na be a lot of fun. We will see you guys for live in the next, so weve just had a bitcoin pump and i think its because weve moved into the new crypto banter offices. I mean this is the main reason for the pump. No, no jokes, its friday, its banter time weve got four experts on the show. Well, three of them are billionaires and were gon na be talking about what caused this bitcoin pump and the good news is that alts havent started running it, so its gon na be a big show ill see you at 10, oclock est live Music, tick, tock launching Nfts on the theme: okay, cool twitter, nft integration, demo, okay, cool visa doubles down on crypto integration. Visa, okay fred will not ban bitcoin or crypto Applause; okay, ready, one; two: three Applause: okay, Applause, okay, get out of my stream its friday. Its friday bitcoin is pumping thats the mood right in the office thats. The mood everyone is in a great mood. Im sure you guys are all in a good mood because its october and we have had the pump of all pumps, and it does feel like plan bs plan im, starting to think that plan b is when they talk about the whales im. Starting to think that plan b is actually the whales like, i think that he is the whales.

How can someone call it so right so many times to with a jet into old coins, and we can give away a whole lot of prizes because weve got giveaways for this community were going to make this community a whole lot of life, changing honey babies a Whole lot of life changing honeys its friday, its banter, its the big banter to all of you guys in the meetups. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Lets, get this big show on the road. What do you say come and help us give some love okay, brother lets? Do it were gon na give away? Crypto blades were going to give away 10 10 10 crypto lets give away lets give away come on. Lets change some lives here today, morteza safai, you win yourself, 100 of um continuum. Lets give him continue. We get 100 of continuum. Uh ive got my order to here. Jumping up and down the guy who says: sheldons got to kill him its, not tequilas its a its weird. This time come on, come on come on. Alright, we go ive got lao kell a loud killer. You want yourself a hundred dollars of continuum, pre ido. There we go there, we go crypto, banter changed my life go and register crypto ban to check someone go and register crypto banter change, my life dot, crypto. Someone register it at unstoppable domains because you know these these hostilities, these terrorists, these terrorists, theyre gon na, go and register their mains again were gon na have to get on monday were gon na bring you lots of love, crypto knowledge.

We actually might do a stream on the weekend, because these markets are yeah yeah, yeah yeah. The markets are pumping. If the markets are pumping, we do a stream lets. Do it another real one, my brother, my partner in crime, people.