I am your host ryan mata coin of the day. Hbar can this coin 2x. 5X. 10X, maybe even 100x. I definitely think so. Lets pull this coin up on the charts, just like we do in the live stream lets do a full tokenomic breakdown and lets find out what h bar actually is lets dive in lets. Get it in this video were going to cover the tokenomics behind hbar were going to talk about how much money needs to be invested into hr for it to 2x, 5x 10x. Maybe even 100x were gon na jump over to sites like coin market cap were gon na check out supply, luna crush tracks how popular coins are coin. Market kale lets us know about upcoming events and then were gon na. Do a deep dive into missouri were actually gon na find out what h bar is and how and why im so bullish. On this token, all right lets kick things off with a little bit of hbar news, so hedgerows governing council approves 5 billion in hbar tokens to boost network adoption, 5 billion dollars worth of grants a majority of times. Cryptocurrency companies will award 500 million 250 million. Even a couple million, sometimes but 5 billion – that just shows you how dedicated hbar is to really developing the hvar ecosystem. Now lets dive in and find out what hbar actually is. So what is hbar hbar is billed as the trust layer of the internet.

Hedra hashgraph is a public network that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful decentralized applications. Aka dapps. It is designed to be a fair, more efficient system that eliminates some of the limitations that other blockchain based platforms face. It was funded through the initial coin, offering aka ico in august of 2018.. They first launched access to their mainnet. Just over a year later, in september of 2019., as part of the ico, investors were able to purchase the platforms native utility token hbar at the lowest possible pricing. The hbar token actually has a dual role with inside the hedra public network, first and foremost hbar the fuel that powers hedgerow services, such as smart contracts, file, storage and regular transactions. Second, its used to help secure the network, since hbar users can stake their tokens to assist with maintaining the integrity of the platform. Second, its used to help secure the network, since hbar users can stake their tokens to assist with maintaining the integrity of the platform. Now lets talk about the founders of hbar. Hbar was actually founded by two individuals, dr lehmann bird and mance harmon. Dr lehmann bird is credited as an investor of the hashgrash distributed consensus, algorithmic and currently works as hedras chief scientist prior to founding hedgers hashgraph bird accumulated more than a decade of experience in various computer sciences and security roles. He previously worked as a senior research scientist at the academy center by cyberspace research. He also holds the position and co founder of cto at swirls inc, a platform thats actually designed for building dabs.

On the other hand, manus harmon is hedgers ceo and an experienced technology executive hes. Also, a seasoned entrepreneur harman has around two decades of experience by holding executive roles at paramount films, many of which are in the ict security industry like dr lehmann byrd, mance harman also holds a second position at swirld inc as its co founder and ceo. In addition to the founders, the hedgerow leadership team also comprises of more than a dozen individuals, many of which have had astonishing careers. So what actually makes hbar unique, unlike most other cryptocurrency platforms, hbar isnt, built on top of a controversial blockchain. Instead, it introduces a completely novel type of distributed, ledger technology known as the hashgraph. This technology allows it to improve upon many blockchain based alternatives in many key areas, including speed cost and scalability h. Bar transactions have an average transaction fee of just point: zero, zero, zero one cents and they typically reach finality in under five seconds. Overall hedger hashgraph claims it can handle more than ten thousand transactions per second compared to five to twenty transactions per second, which most popular proof of work blockchains can handle. The platform also offers several major services. These services include a token service that allows users to easily configure and mint both fungible and non fungible tokens on hedra within just a few seconds, and within just a few seconds using just a few lines of code. Number two is a consensus service that acts as a layer of trust for any application or network that actually needs a secure and verifiable log of events.

Number three smart contract tools that lead the developers to build powerful and efficient decentralized applications and number four: a decentralized file storage service with features that include proof of delegation, controlled multiplicity and time based file. Expiry all right so now lets talk about how hbar has been performing in the real world. One of my favorite sites to check out is lunar, crush lunar crush tracks, the popularity of a cryptocurrency and if we take a look throughout this whole week, starting on september 11th, hbar was the 14th most popular cryptocurrency in the world. And if i scroll along this graph, we can see here, there was one minute on the 13th, where it spiked up to 286 and was immediately back down in the top 20 top 50.. On the 16th, which was yesterday, we can see. Hbar actually was the number one most popular cryptocurrency in the world and if we take a look on september 15th at 10 a.m, when h bar hit a price point of 53 cents, h bar was the number one most popular cryptocurrency in the world and did over 34 million dollars in sales between 10 and 11 a.m. That is crazy. Now lets jump over to coin market kale. Think of coin marker kale, like your crypto event, calendar anytime. A coin has any upcoming events. You can see right over here september 30th november, 1st november 23rd, and if dogecoin didnt teach you anything in this bull run, popularity does matter so anytime.

I see a coin thats able to trend and not just trend but actually stay trending for a five day period of time and continue to rank up in the top 50. thats crazy, because theres 2958 altcoins at lunar crush tracks so to be up in that top 50 thats telling you guys something, then i take a look at upcoming events. What upcoming events tell me is that coin is going to get a lot a lot of media attention and as soon as coins start getting media attention, what happens? Fomo new users, people think theyre going to miss out people who watched hbar take off before and didnt have their bags packed on it. This coin is known to explode, and now, when we see them delegating five billion dollars worth of resources to help people develop and grow their ecosystem thats, so smart, so smart by these companies, because they get all that money back. In theory, when that coin starts performing well and theyre, making that one penny that one penny or one one thousandths of a penny but theyre doing that a hundred thousand times a day that all adds up so fast so hbar doing. This is actually a genius play because theyre gon na make so much of that money back theyre, probably gon na make that back a hundred times over, which leads me to believe that theyre going to start attracting a lot of money into this ecosystem. This is one of those coins.

You definitely want to keep on your radar if you didnt have the opportunity to pack your bags given the chance on a dip. If this video wasnt for entertainment purposes, only id probably tell you to pack your bags, but good thing. Im, not a financial advisor, and i cant do that. The next set i like to check out is massari io asari io makes it super easy to do. Research figure out metrics, like tokenomics, were going to do a full breakdown of the tokenomics, but i just want to jump over here. One thing i can easily do is go over here to supply and i can see bam. What is the supply? What is the inflation rate? What is the stock to flow? What is the projected 10 year supply and you can see all these things very very easily? I can see that they have a 26 inflation rate, its just a great website to actually get market data, and another great thing to do. I can see over here instantly what year i can instantly see what was the roi year on year on hbar, because at the rate of monetary expansion, at the rate that the money supply is expanding, is hbar a smarter investment than holding cash in a bank. A cd a stock or a bond in 2019. Obviously the market was extremely bearish. Hbar was just getting started, so in 2019 wasnt, the best investment but 2020 had a 209 roi.

Then we jump into like a one year. You invested in h bar one year ago. Your roi right now is one thousand one hundred and forty eight percent. Three months ago, 120, one month ago, 93 and seven days ago, 36 percent the only time that it wasnt a good idea to invest in h, bars in the last hour or the last 24 hours. Obviously, when the markets coming down like this, its gon na have a hard time, but its coins like hbar. Why would anybody ask me why arent you selling in your crypto man? Why arent you shorting this? Why arent you doing that, because coins right now are at that point where their smart contracts are rolling out, theyre, developing their ecosystems and a coin like h, bar that just went from what like 15 cents or 20 cents, all the way up to 53 cents. The odds of hbar actually going down at 20 cents right now are very slim. I would say that we need to see a complete market meltdown for that to happen its crypto, its not impossible, but given the opportunity, if it does, i already know where hbars coming right back to so its a no brainer, given the chance to buy more h Bar on these dips, with what theyre doing you might see me packing my bags a little bit more hbar, i already got a good 5 000 coins, but now before we pull up hbar in the chart, you guys are looking for a youtuber thats going to shield These coins to the moon and tell you hbar is going to 1000x without actually breaking down the tokenomics youre at the wrong channel.

I always try to keep it real and give you guys my most honest and realistic expectations on where this coin is going to go. So i want to break down the tokenomics and i want to pull it up in the chart and actually show you guys what elliott, wave and fibonacci extension theyre calling for. So when you see where im saying that this coin is going to go, you know that the tokenomics match my predictions or vice versa. So how market cap is actually calculated is supply times price equals market cap so right now, theres 9.6 billion coins into circulation price point of 44 cents per coin, giving us a market cap of 4.25 billion to help. You better understand that. Take a look at a coin like bitcoin 18.75 million price point of 64 500, giving us a market cap of 1.2 trillion. Why was bitcoin able to get up to such a high price point? Scarcity is key guys, the smaller the supply, normally the higher the price of the coin can go, but it also has to depend a lot on market cap, meaning how much money actually needs to be invested into a coin for it to 2x or 5x, for example, When bitcoin was 64 500 and had a market cap of 1.2 trillion dollars for bitcoin to go to 120k, there would need to be another 1.2 trillion dollars invested into that coin. Price time supply equals market cap. So if price goes up, market cap goes up now.

Another key factor youve seen on massari, where they are showing us a 26 inflation rate, because hbar has a supply of 50 billion coins in circulation coins outside of hbar. It is extremely hard for coins to grow when they have these 50 billion dollar supplies. Now i just did an interview with pundy x and the pontex team actually told me why they did their token reduction was because of how their coin was actually performing with on exchange metrics, meaning when there is a lot more coins out in circulation. Its a lot harder for that coin to 2x, 5x or 10x because of the supply theres, always such a massive amount of coins actually on the exchange, its harder for it makes it a lot harder with liquidity and supply issues for these coins to continue to grow And not just continue to grow to stabilize the coins become a lot more volatile when they have these massive supplies so thats. Why pundi did their token reduction now? Do we think hbars going to do a token reduction? I dont know i dont think so. There are certain coins that coins, the cardano that are like no were never going to burn. Any tokens were never going to reduce our supply thats stupid. Why would we ever do that? So i assume h bar probably is on that same. You know same playing field, but you never know if they did and they released all these coins into circulation.

Today we would see the price immediately dropped from 42 cents, all the way down to roughly seven and a half cents give or take – and obviously i made this a little bit ago. So that was when the coin was actually 38 cents, so from 38 it would drop to seven and a half if its 42 or 44 an hour, so im gon na drop to like eight or nine. But when we take a look at the tokenomics and same thing over here, i did these tokenomics when h bar was 38 cents. So when hbar was 38 cents, it had a mark cap of 3.75 billion for that coin to 2x and go to 76 cents. The market cap would need to go to 7.6 billion for bitcoin to 10x and be three dollars and 38 cents. The market cap only needs to be 70. only needs to be 37 billion dollars. If this coin did something like cardano or any of these other coins. Solana, we just saw solana break 50 billion. I mean if this coin got up to right. Roughly, where dogecoins market cap was this bull run, we would see hbar with a price point of six dollars and seventy six cents, and i make a lot of these videos and it doesnt matter. If i own a ton of hbar, i dont own, a tony h bar id, be telling you guys the same thing you guys know. I make a ton of these videos when i dont own any of the coins, as well h bar just happens to be one of the coins that i own, but as far as all the coins, i do i do these.

So often we can see this coin. Just rushing it for this coin, to go up to 76 billion dollars for this going to have a 76 billion dollar market thats real – and this is one of the better coins as far as like how much money needs to be invested in that coin, for it To 2x, and do i actually believe that hbar can do that absolutely its already up to five billion almost so i cant, i dont, understand why we couldnt go up to 25 billion into a 5x, if not 10x, so very possible, but for hbar to actually 100x The market cap would need to be 375 billion. Do i think its going to do that? Not this year? Do i think its possible absolutely and just take a look at this market structure. People asked what was the entry point for hbar. I literally tried it out right there, 44 to 36 cents. Those are my retrace targets for hbar and im going to stick by that. I think 36 cents will be the floor, no matter how far or how bad the market comes down. Unless bitcoin has a complete meltdown, i think that youre looking at hbar at its perfect retrace level right at the 0.382. Now, if i jump onto like a eight hour time frame, which i actually like charting on a little bit better, we talk about market structure check out this coin, how it performed not only did it perform extremely well compared to the volatility when bitcoin actually dumped, which Makes me a lot more bullish on hbar now, knowing that, if i would have got into hbar, for example, at 22 cents, when it went up to 35 cents, it only came back down to 22.

, so we already saw it go up to 58 cents. So we know we can h bar can go back up to 58 cents and its down to about 42 cents. I would assume he got backed up to 58, since he happened to buy in, and the market would have dumped pretty hard. Most likely would see it find support roughly at 42 cents. That makes me very bullish on hbar now seeing how hbar is at 44 cents right now we could say the same thing if we got in at 44 cents and it dumped down right now and most likely find support around 29. But at the very least, i think it would be 22. 22, considering its much higher than it was at 34 when it only crashed to 22. and with these scholarships and everything that theyre giving out, i think hbars going to the moon. So if i chart this out with elliott wave and market structure im looking for a price target buy, so we talk about price predictions. My price predictions for hbar for december of 2021 will be 83 cents, i think by sometime in december, probably around december 15th. We should see hbar hit a price target of about 83 cents, give or take youre looking for a retrace cool off period from between december 17th and january 1st, give or take somewhere in that time frame and, i think, were going to see h bar take off And do that parabolic run up where i think a price target of 1.

25 is very, very realistic, thats, roughly a 3x from its current price point right now and thats a wrap h bar squad shout out to the hbar family. If your team would ever like to come out of the interview im reaching out to a bunch of different cryptocurrencies, i would love to have your founders or any of your engineers onto the team to do an interview id like to do a deep dive into actually. What hbar is and how that technology works, and i would love to learn more about your cryptocurrency. So if you guys are ever interested in coming out of the channel, please reach out and special shout out to everybody that goes out of their way to hit that, like button hit that subscribe button, i cant. Thank you guys enough. You guys mean the world to me. I appreciate each and every one of you guys and if youre looking to learn more about trading crypto definitely come join us. We go live every monday through friday, from 9 a.m to 11 a.m. Eastern standard time definitely check out.