Some sexy new ponchos for the year ahead. Some things you just cant unsee, but innovation, never sleeps and meanwhile development on the cardano network continues to grow at an incredible rate, leaving the aida bears nothing to do but go back into the woods and lick their wounds so with cardano smart contracts. Now. Finally, up and running the race to launch the number one decks on the network is truly underway in this video well be taking a look at one of the leading contenders. 8X. A dex and liquidity protocol could raise the bar for devi on one of the most impressive blockchains around lets, get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben everyday. On this channel, i show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money and crypto, be sure to hit that subscribe button in this sponsored video, we take a look at the hottest new decks on cardano 8x, with as many as 15 dexes gearing up To launch on cardano the race isnt, just about being the first one to go, live after all. Cardano is a case in point. Giving up all hopes of first mover advantage in favor of rigorous development. So even more important is launching a product that not only works but offers a fully functional suite of device. Solutions. 8X is a state of the art. Next gen dex and liquidity protocol offering seamless trades within the cardone ecosystem and beyond all in a completely decentralized non custodial way before deciding to build on the cardano blockchain.

The teams vision was a fully optimized cross chain exchange thats, where its at folks cross chain. Interoperability is the name of the game, so guardano entered the smart contracts race or in its case ultra marathon. It became the logical home for a project with its site fixed on the future and so far so good. So what makes adax stand apart? Well, to answer that question you got to consider some of the problems that theyre aiming to solve number one compatibility with ethereum based drc 20s, the de facto industry standard. So far by harnessing iohks cardano ethereum bridge on adax issuers and token holders can migrate their tokens to and from the cardone network, and it couldnt be easier, which is a few simple clicks. Theyre instantly translated into a native token, of the same value that works in the exact same way. Best of all this isnt a one way street its a two way solution, meaning users can move their tokens back to the source by simply burning them. On the network, 8x is also making full benefit of some new and innovative models to address dynamically fluctuating ratios and liquidity, pools, aka liquidity, stress plus, is taking fees to all time. Lows: im talking 0.3 percent thats, a 0.175 for the taker and 0.125 for the maker and a big fat 0 going to the platform theyre all going straight back to the pools now thats, all well and good, but lets face it to compete for top deck status.

In this day and age, having a good personality, isnt enough youve also got to be pretty on the outside a killer combination, kind of like me, i know i know its just the way it is well. Luckily, for 8x, their ui looks as good as any lambo. Just check out their latest demo, video but thats, not all because 8x doesnt just promise a super, and i mean super sleek interface, but also an array of pretty amazing features to boot. For example, users can benefit from invaluable data like tvl, easily, add liquidity to available pools and thanks to eight access partnership with theyve integrated a built in social sentiment, feature providing real time data from social media to show which tokens and pairs are gaining traction or Losing steam i mean if the aim was to become the decks choice on cartano, then this is the unit swap what netflix was to blockbuster the end. Just kidding. Uni is not going anywhere at least 90 times soon, but by comparison is beginning to look like an antique. For example. Thanks to the eu txo model you get with cardano 8x can go way beyond your everyday amm and implement an order book based model which wont affect the price feed since slippage isnt a problem. If the launch can live up to these early glimpses of what we know so far its going to make the interfaces of old look about as clunky as an 80s cell phone, hey look thats peter schiff trying to secretly buy bitcoin anyway, i mentioned they teamed up With social sentiment firm stock guys, but as far as partnerships go thats, just the tip of the iceberg, the 8x team has been striking deals left right and center talking about the likes of cardanos oracle in chief charlie 3 network.

Yes, thats how you pronounce it vi! Finance fundraising platform as well as giro wallet, though, of course integrations with other options like your roy and cards wallet are also included. So what about the team itself? After all, a project is only as good as the people steering the ship. Well, adax has a perfect blend of both super nerds and savvy business types on board, which now include rolling cryptos, founder dave, widman and none other than co founder and crypto og mate; okay, not bad mate. You must get so sick of hearing that its all great news, though, is roll out fast approaches, speaking of which, when can we expect to take adax out for a spin, well, smart contract security. Is the main development focus at this point. They want to make sure the decentralized side of the platform is safe for everyone, thats. Why auditing will be carried out imminently by the folks at bt buck pretty much? The last and final step before the dex goes live. If all thats got you stoked about the potential of defy and cardano, you might be wondering where you can pick up some adax tokens ahead of the game. The initial exchange offering took place back in june on x markets, one of the first exchanges to support cardano native tokens. As of this recording 8x, is priced at 87 cents and is still falling off of its all time. High of over two dollars.

But more listings are expected in the weeks ahead with gem, specialist, kucoin and bitru most likely to be the next keep in mind how well the ethereum dexcoins have done. You can see the potential for that 8x tokens price. In case you havent noticed im pretty hyped about whats coming on cardano, i mean ive been hyped up about it for years, so it feels pretty great to see everything falling into place and even better to see the amount of share innovation coming to the ecosystem. Adax is set to deliver an incredible product, an incredible user experience. If all goes well, heres to hoping a launch later this month could be in the card don knows thats.