Talk about my trade that im currently taking on bitcoin. That is, of course, already in massive profits as well im going to go over the symmetrical triangle that broke out and right now is reaching its price target and, of course, were going to talk about the four hourly candles that are raining. Creating several bearish divergence along the way up. What is, of course, a major major winding shot for all the bitcoin holders out there so make sure that youre going to stick to the end of the video so youre going to be finding out about what right now is unfolding here in the cryptocurrency market. So dont forget to smash the like button, its only going to take a few seconds of your time and, like you know, the more people liking this content, the more viral cryptocurrency will be going and that will be resulting and, of course, more people yeah getting exposed To crypto, so with that out of the way, let me start off with discussing the bitcoin one, only kendall so like we know it is still weekend and what is extremely dangerous here is that if you are getting a pump in the weekend, then we could be Going for a potential pullback on monday, so if were looking through the market structure right now, you can clearly see were still forming this higher high structure so were forming a higher high after high off the high and thats, of course, a very bullish mark structure as Well, we have been forming this higher low trajectory higher low higher low.

This is, of course, looking very good right now, only a minute short term, but while we are forming this higher high structure, i am seeing the momentum indicators trying to tell us some different things here on the one hourly candle. So what we were forming this higher high over here, we have been still forming this lower high here right now on the rsi and of course rsi is the relative strength index, and it will be telling us on how strong the market, buyers or market sellers are Right now – and it looks to me right now that the market buyers are running out of their steam. Well, the price section is still running up. What is, of course, yeah indicating me right now that we could be going for a potential pullback, but, like we know, bitcoin could be as well invalidated as various divergence. By going for another push up here so lets say: bitcoin is going to go going to go up with another, very massive, green candle. We could be easily see this bearish version getting invalidated, but then let me come back to the moral of the story for the weekend, because we know that, of course, if bitcoin, if bitcoin is going to be closing its a its a friday candle. Here you want to be seeing the monday candle open around the same level, because otherwise were going to create a gap, and usually what we know with gaps is that they are getting filled here.

So the higher bitcoin is going to go in the weekend. The more likely we are going to see a pullback on monday, so please dont, get too excited if bitcoin is going to be pushing up back towards 57 000 us dollars, because either way i do think that the chances are relatively high. The bitcoin could be seeing a massive correction, all the way back down towards the 54 thousand us dollars here on monday. That is at least my prediction, and of course, if bitcoin is raining going to crack and below this level, we could be expecting, of course, a pullback and a push up on monday. So uh the higher were going to go from here on right now, the more bearish i will be coming on the monday. Of course, i do think that we could be still be bullish on the longer term, but right on the aim of the short term. We want to be a little bit more skeptical and we want to be taking it a little bit more slower as well, if were looking towards the trend lines that we are uh right now forming here on the bitcoin price. Actually, you can see over here if bitcoin is right now, of course, forming these highs. You can clearly see over here were getting stopped at every single time, so higher high resistance resistance resistance. This is an important level to pay your attention towards and well while we are seeing, and while we are paying our attention towards this very critical level of one hour resistance, you can clearly see as well that we have been breaking out of our symmetrical triangle, and This symmetrical triangle has been as well reaching its price target here on the top side, so you can see it moved up since, of course, re testing its previous resistance as support, and since then we have been reaching our target of the 55.

8k. What is was, of course, a mess of good trading opportunity, so right now were trying to go once again for another push up here and even though im anticipating, maybe a potential correction on monday, i will be not closing my swing trade position because, yes, i will Be for sure, still anticipate that bitcoin could be reaching these levels around the 60 towards 65 000 use dollars here in the remaining of the month, or maybe in beginning of uh yeah, of course, the next month so make sure to stick for that one. I definitely dont think we are going to go for a short term. Top here, like we as well know, is that there are still a lot of market buyers and that the sellers are relatively low and while were already going to go for another push up here. Like i just told you in the intro, we could be maybe potentially invalidate this bearish divergent structure, so thats going to be, of course, a relatively good thing as well were looking through the one all the candles. We could be potentially see this uh. This diamond pattern scenario where we were looking at earlier yesterday, like we know and like we discussed in the stream here you can see over here. Bitcoin is forming this diamond pattern and, like we know from diamond patterns, those are continuation patterns and you can see if youre going to be measuring the move of such a diamond pattern.

You can clearly see youre going to measure the impulsive move towards the upside youre. Going to place on the lower side here of the diamond pattern and if youre going to be looking to this price target, you could be seeing right now that bitcoin is going to potentially go for this move back towards the 58 000 us dollars, and i personally Think the chances are definitely here that bitcoin could be going up for this push already in the weekend. So keep your eyes out on that one for sure and if were not going to be reaching on the weekend, we could be maybe see the monday very quick correction with a big wig on the lower side and then start moving and moving up once again here. But its at least a price target that we should be anticipating and at least things that we could be, of course right now expect for bitcoin to do, but while we are doing so, i want to be quickly talking about the four hourly candles and, of course, The foreign candles are the most important candles to look at right now here, in my opinion, because what were right now seeing here is a major major warning, show for all the bitcoin holders and bitcoin traders out there, because what you can currently see is that bitcoin Is first of all break out of this magical trying what is, of course not a bad thing at all, because this ones again a continuation of the trend that were currently in here.

But what is very, very important, and what is getting me a little bit worried here is, if were looking to the momentum indicators right on bitcoin, so on the four hourly candles you can see. Bitcoin its price action is still increasing in its value. Its still forming this higher high structure, but while we were forming this higher high structure here on the bitcoin price action, the rsi the money flow is forming a lower high structure. So we are firing basically bearish divergence along the way here on the four hourly candles and, like we know, a bearish divergence is very strong and especially if it is getting formed on the foreign candles. We know that bitcoin can be, of course, ignoring these various virtues. For quite a while here, but i can tell you already, there is going to become a turning point and, of course, im not saying that we are going to go for an absolute plunge back towards the lets say: 45. 000. No, i do will be saying that we could potentially go back for a retest around to 52 000 us dollars, because that will be unhealthy retracement in the current trend that were right now in, and it will be once again allowing us to shake out a lot Of these weekends, so this is the major warning show that i was uh willing to tell you guys about so this was already it for todays update video here. Thank you so much for once again watching do this very quick update.