If you hold on to it long enough. We have a ship coin. Price prediction for 2021 thatll be just outstanding, so make sure to stick around until the end of the video. Now, what is happening with shiba inu did shitoshi the head of shiba inu just made a huge announcement. What happened with the hack of sushi swap? Does this mean that a decentralized exchange as shiba swap is actually safer? We will find out all this in this video shiba inu price saw a massive uptrend on september 16th, but was soon undone in the next couple of days. As it approached a stable support floor, investors can expect ship to launch here retesting crucial resistance barriers. Shiba inu price breakout can be seen on the horizon. Shiba inu price rose 54 from september 13 to september 17th, but failed to sustain the uptrend. This inability of the buyers led to an eventual retracement to the .654 satoshi units support level. Now ship is bounded off this platform, anticipating a re test of the immediate ceiling at .768 satoshi units. If the buyers manage to slice through this blockade, theres a high chance, shiba inu could attack 0.835 satoshi units. This move would constitute a 20 ascent. In a bullish scenario, the run up could extend to the trading ranges midpoint at .882. Satoshi units shipbuilds have failed to crack this barrier and have been rejected not once but six times over the past 105 days. Therefore, the ceiling will prove to be a formidable resistance barrier.

On the other hand, if shiba inu price fails to muster up the momentum, there is a chance it could head back to re test, the 0.650 satoshi units or 0.625 satoshi unit support barriers. A decisive, close below 0.625 satoshi units is not unlikely and could lead to a re test of the range low at 0.549 satoshi units. However, if shiba inu price closes below 0.549 satoshi units itll create a lower low, invalidating the bullish theses. In that case, ship might head to the april 20th swing high at 420 satoshi units. Now this is just the tip of the iceberg for the shiva swap prediction that were going to see today, you see a major factor that affects the price of shiba. Inu is the competition meaning when exchanges like sushi swap can hold it together without getting hacked shiba swap comes in to save the day. The more people use shiba swab, the more of the price of shiba inu coin rises. But what happened to sushi swap and why did it get hacked joseph dilong chief technology officer of decentralized finance platform sushi swap announced that a hacker compromised the supply chain? Of its token launchpad platform miso according to dlong, the anonymous contractor with the gh handle aristoc3 ejected malicious code into the miso front end replacing the auction wallet address with their own and subsequently acquiring 865 ether, valued at 3 million. This data can be verified via ether scan the hacker exploited.

The single target of the jpegs auto mart token auction, a parity nft project, imitating the value of a 2007 kia sedona on what he called the hardest day of my life. So far, the former senior software engineer at consensus claimed to have gained little support from leading crypto exchanges, ftx and binance in his pursuit of the funds. T long publicly expressed his suspicions of the hackers identity as blockchain and web developer iranos the individual hasnt yet responded to the accusations. Just last month, a white hat security programmer miraculously saved the sushi swap protocol from a potentially disastrous 350 million dollar hack. Again, through its token launchpad platform, miso after discovering a severe vulnerability within the auction contract of the bitdown token sale. Fortunately, the exploit wasnt discovered by loitering hackers and the sale continued without disturbance. Despite this, the event did showcase. As the white hat described the obvious misstep taken by the teams security operation, the d5 platform announced its highly anticipated 720 project update in july this year, revealing the future launch of a new automated market maker called trident designed to become the most capital efficient on the Market now, how can shiba inu profit off of this? Well shitoshi wasted, no time to go on twitter and encourage people to use shibaswap, since this blockchain has proved to be more secure and provide the same service at the same rates as sushi suave. This move was pretty smart because itll make people want to use shiba, swap thus causing more traffic on the coin and increasing the price of shiba inu even further, but does shiba inu stop here? No sir, it doesnt what happens next.

Last thursday september 16th, a major u.s cryptocurrency exchange coinbase announced the listing of the shiba inu token. The move has provoked much excitement in the crypto community. Along with vigorous market action, the price of ship went up from about 6.583 dollars per million tokens to as high as 9.186 dollars in a few hours immediately following the announcement, an increase of almost 40 percent a week and a half later, ships price per million tokens Has retraced down to about 7.378, but still is holding well above the pre listing levels, as the token itself remains. One of the most talked about cryptocurrencies on social media lets. Take a closer look at what has gotten the crypto community so excited in an email sent to all its users. Coinbase announced that shiba, inu or ship will now be available for sending or receiving and trading on, both its basic platform and the advanced coinbase pro ship will be tradable against the us dollar and the tether or usdt stablecoin, notably a separate redacted email was sent out To the exchanges customers based in new york city and the same was posted on coinbase listings detail page confirming that ship will not yet be available for trading in nyc. Okay, now lets backtrack a little bit for those of you who are new to the platform and explain from the beginning. What is shiba inu ship is a member of a large and diverse pack of coins inspired by dogecoin and by extension, its own memetic foundation.

The doge herself, as you might have already guessed doge, is a dog, in particular a sly. Looking representative of the shiba inu breed, whose images are often captioned with whats supposed to be her internal monologue, gems, like such wow much cool written in the comic sense font in different bright colors of all the epigons ship, is by far the most successful. Currently, holding 47th place by market capitalization, created by an unknown developer or group of developers under the pseudonym ryoshi in august 2020, shiba inu positions itself as a community run fully decentralized ecosystem. In order to avoid excessive wealth concentration evident in intentionally scarce cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin ship was designed to be abundant. It launched with a vast total supply of one quadrillion coins. Shiba inu was built on top of ethereums blockchain. Its smart contract functionality enables ships direct integration into the decentralized finance economy, unlike duiscoin, whose relatively inflexible blockchain powered by the script proof of work algorithm makes it quite isolated from the scene where most of the innovation is currently taking place to further prove their lack of Desire to exercise centralized control over the ecosystem, ryoshi had sent half of the total supply of coins to vitalik baterand co, founder of ethereum and one of the most well known incredible personalities in the crypto industry to do it as he sees fit. Butarian didnt disappoint the holders, as he later donated 1 billion dollars worth of ship to the india coveted crypto relief fund, which, ironically, temporarily, crashed the tokens price, bringing the actual value of the donation down to about 400 million dollars.

Beteron then proceeded to permanently remove the rest of his tokens from circulation about 40 of the total supply. As a gesture of support for the project, all these factors have likely contributed to the coins. Successful performance as an asset ships value had multiplied by a factor of several thousand between its launch in august 2020, and the current all time high reached in may 2021., like duiscoin shiba inu, has made some millionaires along the way and like douchecoin, it enjoyed the support From multiple celebrities, these include one from nick carter, a member of the world renowned pop music quintet backstreet boys, who proudly proclaimed that we are the hashtag shibarmi hashtag shiba in may this year, a similar, poorly timed message from a florida and nfl star, antonio brown proclaimed Ship, the next dogecoin, both tweets, went, live right in the beginning of the coins price plummet of about 76 percent. From its all time, high in the span of two weeks celebrity tweets of questionable legality, people own a large amount of a certain asset and tweeting. What could be construed as a manipulative device is frowned upon by the u.s commodity futures trading commission, if one is to believe the lawyer is consulted with by the crypto media outlet. Decrypt are the only type of bizarre support for shibainu and twitter. Coinbase itself was only following: shibainus twitter account for a short while, before reverting to its usual practice following a short list of closely related products.

Ultimately, ships listing on coinbase, currently the second largest crypto exchange in the world by daily trading volume, is a significant milestone and lets not forget the promo being done by satoshi.