Then they wonder why their friend just made an ungodly amount in chiba, while they made three percent or 1.43 on bitcoin. Even though they keep a copy of the white paper on their bedside at night, like a bible – and i see this happen all the time – and it drives me crazy because theyre making one giant mistake and its weird, because its glaringly obvious to everyone except themselves and Its bizarre to see because if they fix just one thing nothing else, it would unlock the ability to get insane gains on smaller altcoins and they could finally get that ultra rare cardano croc theyve been dreaming about and they could flex it to all those sheba holders. On twitter – and you should really watch this video for just five minutes, because i havent seen this talked about anywhere else and anyone can do it once they know it, and if you follow these three strategies correctly like ill show you in this video itll give you An unfair advantage over everyone else in crypto that settles for 1.45 gains on bitcoin on the day and of course, if you want to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe with notifications on these youtubers starting to crack down on crypto content. So you dont want to miss this lets just jump straight into the video. If you look at bitcoin and bitcoin is the biggest factor when pumping all coins. Bitcoin is back up to almost 55 000 and i said my private discord at the start of september.

That september would be a rocky month for bitcoin wed kind of have a period where its kind of selling off and then october would be when its starting to bounce back again. Now that group is closed at the moment and the reason why q4 is going to be bullish and theres a lot of research behind it and well talk about that a bit later in the video. But if you look at the unchained data, if you look at the past cycles, if you look at the media and not really caring too much about it, not kind of slandering it, but also not really hyping it, and then you factor in that retail is not Bit back in a big way into bitcoin all signals, in my view, point that the bull run is not over and in fact, the last leg, the most parabolic leg. A very similar situation to what we saw back in december and january of 2020 is just beginning because were seeing a very, very similar thing play out with this kind of slow climb that we saw back in late 2020 early 2021.. If you remember, inflation, fears were rising, you know, retail burn wounds from you know earlier in the summer had somewhat healed. If you look at sheba pumping, there was kind of the first altcoins that were kind of retail based were starting to pump back then tick. Tockers shilling were kind of getting back in their natural habitat after the 2020 dogecoin pump, and there were a lot of early signs that you could have picked up on that.

The bull market was about to take off in a big way and youre. Looking at a very, very similar situation to what we had back then, and if you look at the wyckoff accumulation – and this is something ive talked about a few times in this channel – i havent talked about in about six weeks, but ive talked about it more than Most people, i love how everyone talked about it once and then they never talked about it again. But basically the point is: is that rich people buy when the price is cheap and then they sell it to tick tockers and the people that they draw in when its expensive and the people who are buying bitcoin for cheap, they werent buying a 50 a 60k Bitcoin before they were buying bitcoin in this kind of range here, eight thousand ten thousand five thousand, because they already had money. They already had capital, they were buying it up cheap and then they were selling it for a 5 6x gain up here. Now, if you bought in like a lot of people watching this video did at 20 30 40k, then you couldnt see anything but the boron continuing past 60k, because you were only up 20, 30, 50 or whatever you were up. But if you got in back here, then there was a lot of selling pressure, because you had that 500 600 gain. That was staring you in the face. The good news is, though, if you stuck around this long, its likely youre going to make it its.

Not certain because you havent made it to the end of this video yet, but its looking good, because the whales and you can check every metric on any platform youd like to verify, bought the dip heavy in this area. Right here in this kind of 30 to 40 k region – and i think theyre still even buying up to 50k, although it is decreasing thats, why you kind of see this pullback, because the buying is not done yet. That being said, now were transitioning into the period where a lot of the low buying in this accumulation period has stopped or is stopping, and this is the time where youre going to see a lot more retail and a lot more people who havent been in bitcoin. For years, or maybe even since this sell off come back in and start buying, it up and more importantly, buying all coins, and if you stuck around this long and you even bought the dip around 30k, then lets say the next leg takes bitcoin to 150k. By february of next year, everyone getting in at 120k will think theyre early theyll be scratching their heads and why its dumping on them at 150 back to 50 but youll, be the dumper, not the dont, be because you accumulated and were up 5x at that point. From 30k, even though they were only up 20 or 30 percent, the position has flipped and youll be up likely way more on all coins, especially if you got in during the summer.

So the question is: what should you do? Well, what im doing is im? Not picking up bitcoin the last buy i had for bitcoin was back in august. It was actually too early. I thought we would have this october pump for bitcoin where bitcoin kind of takes off back in september, but that didnt really materialize. Of course, i did buy all coins during the summer as well, but now its time for all coins, undervalued ones, ones that the tick tocker junkies dont know about yet, and you can find them if you use the best strategy of the next three strategies. Im about to talk about the best one that suits you, because theyre a little bit different, depending on your experience and your personality and your overall things that youre personally good at your strengths and your weaknesses. The first strategy you want to look at is coins. That did well in the last massive run up back in march and april, that have fallen off theyve likely gotten oversold and are now undervalued. One example in my opinion is Everyone was talking about it for months and months and months it had one of the biggest run, ups of all, from like the low 20s or even before that it was all the way down here, a kind of ten five dollars, and then i had to run Up all the way up to 265 at the height whats interesting about it, though, is that its starting to have another pump now right now, you know not, as many people are talking about it as it were back then, which means this is mostly fundamentals driven because, If you remember all the coins back here, that did really really well were ones that, yes, they were hyped up, they had great marketing, but they also had a great story because they had strong fundamentals.

They had actual utility for You can actually buy things on amazon and walmart and get a 10 discount when you pay uh using crypto, now its not just about a coin that pumped before and then you simply just buy it and wait for the next pump. That wont happen to all the coins. What you actually need is you need new price catalyst. For example, if you look at, if you look at the roadmap just for october, they have a lot upcoming and thats very, very different to a lot of projects that are essentially had a big run up like this took a lot of profits and then theyre, Essentially, coasting after that, this is what you want to see for a project. You want to see a lot being done in terms of marketing in terms of development in terms of operations, and you also want to see a lot of future plans. So if you look theyre doing the global launch, theyre doing uh marketing on youtube and twitter, and i think that could be big in terms of getting more people using the platform reaching out to younger people through maybe youtube ads or twitter ads. In order to get them to change their purchasing behavior and get a discount when they use crypto because thats what you want to find, you want to find coins that had a solid fundamentals that led to this massive run. Up that continued to build their fundamentals, make them stronger and continued to develop their roadmap, because if it was the roadmap that eventually led to a pump back when the coin was undervalued once the coin is undervalued again, the same thing will happen at some point.

In the future, thats what im thinking when im looking at coins like this, the next thing that im looking at in a big way, is hot niche trend reversals. This is essentially when the wind changes theres, usually massive opportunities to make a killing. If you get the timing right – and this is the thing that a lot of people mess up – they have the general right idea, but they dont know the specifics. That im about to cover lets just take the smart contract industry and the kind of coins related to it as an example. So of course, youve got the big shots. Youve got ethereum youve got cordano, youve got binance, so thats kind of cd5, then youve got xrp. Well, youve got solana, youve got polka dot, so youve got a lot of coins in the top 10, which is again why ive been super bullish on smart contracts. Although its not exactly the toughest pick. These coins are great for balancing out a portfolio on the more safer side of things, youre not going to make insane gains, but youre also not going to go broke. Investing in these well, depending on the time you invest in them, thats also important as well. Youd. Only be buying them at the very peak of the boron. After that you have other coins that are kind of outside the top ten. You have your avalanche. You know you have um polygon, you have uh, you know you have cosmos to a certain degree.

You have these coins that are platforms for other projects to build on top of them. So even if those projects fail, the underlying platform still grows stronger. These projects, you know theyre essentially in the octagon. These are the coins that dont have to win a lot of these projects in the top 10 theyre already super solid projects. A lot of the gains are behind them, even though i still think a lot of those have very, very solid gains to come, but the projects outside the top 10 even inside the top 20, like your polygon, for instance, these are coins. So while they have solid fundamentals, its not you know a guarantee theyre going to do amazing in the bull run, because they dont have the same name recognition. Yet among the general masses in crypto. These ones need a little bit more research, because if you can find the coin like lets, say polygon, for instance, and you can get in at a good price kind of back when it was at a dollar. It had a previous pump up to 260, which i think it can easily hit again. Then you can make it 2.5 x on a coin. Thats medium risk, its not, of course you know as safe as lets say ethereum yet because its not as established and, of course, its a solution for ethereum. So it wont get to that point. But if you look at other coins that are in the previous position, the polygon, then you can find them early and get in before the pump.

Then the next tier of projects lets say are the ones outside the top 40, the top 50.. These are the coins that many people in crypto theyre not even aware that they really exist until they do something crazy. So, for example, you have harmony. So harmony was, you know a 10 cent and now its at 20 cents. So you know it doubled and almost no ones bad or not its down a little bit today, but its still up a lot in the last seven days and i think its only beginning its run. If you find these coins before they have a crazy run, then thats, where you can make the biggest gains and whats really really important. Is you want to master one area of crypto, at least when youre starting off? So, for example, in my last video i said, i showed a clip actually of me talking back in august, where i said that cordano would likely have a 20 to 30 percent sell off after the release of smart contracts. And if you look, it went the reason. I was saying that of course, i explained you know back in august was because that was similar to the sell offs that happened after previous hype. Events for curtano and if you look it went up to around three dollars and it came back down to around two dollars so around a 30 sell off. So you want to look into one area where you can say: okay, i know whats going to happen with all the coins in this industry and i know which ones are pumping right now, which ones arent, because you want to get into the ones that arent, because All solid projects in a certain sector will pump at different times because at the end of the day, its all the same money.

So once the money is in cardano and once people are not taking profits yet, then the money isnt available for polka dot, but once people start taking profits in cardano theyre going to go over to polka dot, which is why you see polka, dot and harmony and A few other coins pumping today that werent pumping at all two months ago and people thought you know, is this dying or whatever, and this is why, in my discord – and you know this is months ago – and you cant join at the moment so im not trying To sell it, but this is why i was talking about how polka dot, how many you know, investors in dot, are frustrated right now, when dot was around 12 or whatever. While you know cardano and solano were pumping that right now, theyre pumping, but at a certain point you know youre going to have smart contract high pass for curdano youre, going to have eip1559 hype pass for ethereum and youre going to have the kind of crazy hype. Just around solana, when it was at like 220 youre gon na have that pass as well. Now the slano pipe is still there, but its not to the same degree right now, youre just starting to see the hype, build up in harmony, build up and poke about, and a lot of that is the profits being taken from those other projects that are now Boosting polka dot and harmony and by the way, just for an example right now, is not the time to be looking too deeply into polka dot, although i still think itll hit 50 in the next month or so or harmony, even though i still think its a Top 40 project and well have a lot of games relative, actually harmony is still pretty early.

You want to be looking at the coin. Thats been beaten down which, in my opinion, is cardano because in a month or two once the back end for cardano smart contracts. Once its integrated user wallet and d5 starts to explode on the network, guess whats going to happen. The same thing thats happening now because of polka dot power chains because of kusama power chains and the hype expected around those when you know theyre finished and obviously its an ongoing process, but thats actually a good thing, because every you know theres a new announcement.