Helping you understand where bitcoin might be going now. Bitcoins chart is the most important in crypto, because its the most highly liquid has the most history and is the most accurate at predicting price action for the rest of the industry. If we know which direction bitcoin is going, we probably know which direction price action is going on the whole for the rest of the market. So, with that said, were gon na be bringing on my good friend and bitcoin options: futures trading absolute legend crown from crowns. Crypto cave to start doing daily, ta updates here on the channel. Now we want this segment to be giving you the information that you need. So please leave all of your feedback in the comments section were going to be shaping up this segment over time to make it that morning, cup of coffee with ta. That will totally prepare you for the price action of the day. As you guys know, i like to focus on broad trends. I like to focus on fundamentals i like to focus on narratives and niches, and i think, bringing crown on to focus on the technicals and the trading side will really give you a much more rounded understanding of the way different people approach this industry again, my vision For elio trades is to provide you with all the data you need, whether its trading information fundamentals, predictions technical analysis, even more topical and off the beaten path. Content like mini documentaries and stuff, like that im gon na bring it all to you through this channel.

So please show crown some love smash that, like button make sure to blow him up and follow his personal socials hes got his own app hes been making content for years and years in this industry as well hes a total pro at what he does, and we Are really really happy and lucky to have him here as a guest, a continued installment here on the channel, so please show them some love smash. Those like buttons and lets dive in over to you crown welcome back to elio trades channel im your host crown today with some early morning. Tea leaves reading or some technical announcements. Some people know as well and were going to be doing this as an ongoing series. Here so i do want to uh sort of give a bit of an introduction im, an american citizen living over here in finland, so im going to be recording these in the morning time frame. So that is why they, you know you might see a bit of different price action between the time that i record these and the time that they are posted. So im going to make this, hopefully as relatable as possible to whats happening like the next 24 to 36 hours or so so with that in mind, were gon na, be focusing on uh, short term time frames, which i typically identify as four hour and under medium Term timeframes, thats a 12 hour daily and then, of course, higher term timeframes like your weekly, which is going to apply to essentially like the macro direction in this case.

So with that said, um a little bit about my trading philosophy and my analysis, philosophy, which are two completely separate things by the way. I just need to get that out of the way of course uh, but for myself it its always trend first, so trend trend. First, that is the most important thing that dominates everything else that that we look at here. Then we look at volatility, analysis and, of course, flow slash, momentum of which we probably wont get too deep into on videos like this. I want to make them nice and short and relatable, and of course that means that this is going to be an ongoing conversation. So please do leave some feedback in the comment section below about. You know what you like, what you dont like things, that you know you might want some clarification on all that good stuff, so lets just get right into it right now, so im with the daily, and what do we see right here well, were in an uptrend. Obviously, as bitcoin has taken out its last 48 000 and a half dollar high right here, that was uh, i guess about uh early last week or so, and so we are in upside trending motion looking good actually into well into sunday, of which we do have A weekly closure looming overhead, which is going to supersede everything else, but with that said, what were going to do right now is were going to go into the short term timeframes, and what do we, and what do i essentially identify is that the full hour right Here, of which bitcoins actually suggesting well a move right in front of our very faces, so as far as the short term timeframe ranges go, we do have this 55 850 level right here and then, of course, our base and rising bottoms coming in around 53 uh 750.

now i like to operate off the closures, because im a little bit more on the conservative side when it comes to both my analysis and trading. However, that is a personal preference. You are free to do as you want, obviously, but with that in mind, this obviously being within the context of not short term but a medium term and higher term timeframe uptrend. I am buys towards the upside right here and in this case, what do we see? We do see the full hour is approaching the top side resistance of this 55 850 again any sort of a closure above there. I would be looking for the next move to occur in this case to the upside. So in that case, where would the relevant targets be, if that were to happen, uh intraday here, as we do see, bitcoin currently basing off at the one six one eight uh, fibonacci extension, very, very normal stuff. We corrected down to the one four one. Four very, very healthy right there and if bitcoin were to take the next leg up first things first id be looking somewhere around the two spot extension about fifty eight thousand five hundred and fifty nine thousand bucks. Realistically, though, i do not think that things would stop there very rarely. Do i see that overall and over time i would be looking somewhere around these regions right here, the low 60 000 territory. These targets should be naturally confluent with the volume profile of which we do see the last.

The high value thick nodes coming in around those same levels as well so do be cognizant of those regions. After that point, uh, essentially bitcoins in a blue sky breakout and well, i have fun times ahead. I do suppose anyways with that in mind. The lower term time frames, namely the four hour, is showing that uh volatility right now is looking for expansion. So, if youre not familiar with volatility as a concept, essentially its the dispersion of returns and what is essentially mean in laymans terms, high volatility means that price action is moving around a lot. Low volatility means that price action is typically, you know in a very tight range in this case. Right here were ranking this into a percentile format. You can see that we are already down at around 11 spot 11 percentile, so were very likely. Looking for a move outside of this range within the next 24 – maybe 36 hours – although i do suspect uh sooner rather than later in this case, as we see momentum offset – is also in combination with this. I want to see an actual break for this region. However, that would look pretty damn good, so with that in mind, just for reference, the last time that we saw volatility around these sort of like low levels was early october, and that was coming out of this base over here before a about a 10 rally. Actually its not always going to be like that, but just you know, you know a bit of an insight as to what we could be looking at and just kind of playing around with numbers im curious to see what would 10 be.

Looking like added to our current base and uh, what do you know? Theres your 59 thousand dollar target, or so so looking good right there. Of course it does. It does come within trading and analysis that there is a non zero probability that anything can happen. Basically, dont care, you know who youre listening to or or what theyve told you at the end of the day. If youve been in this game long enough, you know that anything can and will happen, and if you dont think that it can happen, it will very likely happen. Then its been my experience, which fair enough anyways uh so bitcoin were to break the bottom side of the range 53 750. Yet again, i would be looking for that. Pullback first before, of course, trend continuation here and, in this case, id be looking somewhere down around 52 000 bucks in line with the green 55 exponential damage on the four hour as well, and i suspect that thats also one of our major fibs here too uh. What do you know the one spot? Two, seven two so first things. First obviously, im looking for trend continuation right here, but if bitcoin were to take out the bottom cell range, then first then i would be looking for, of course, that downside move to occur at first very likely give it a chance to bounce there. Maybe a higher low on the daily, which we do not have just yet and by the way that will be necessary at some point but but for right now it is looking good, so the most important thing to be aware of in the next actually 18 hours.

Seven minutes and 27 seconds as the clock ticks onwards and forwards there its actually on the weekly right here, so obviously a weekly time frame. We only get one of these closures well, every seven days, and what are we looking at right here? Well, bitcoins gon na have a chance to do something: uh rather significant, which is closing above the top side, bollinger band right here and whenever i see something like that, especially after a bit of a contraction phase, which i would consider this going from may base to. Where were at right now in late, or i guess uh early october essentially, is that if we do close above it, then i look at this as a new trend in motion and occurring specifically on the weekly, we already have it as far as price action goes. Heres, your heres, your high heres, your low heres, your lower high, that was you know, a time to be a little bit more cautious, a little more bearish. And then what happens? A few weeks later, bitcoin puts in a higher low and then of course, this past week we took out the last lower high. So obviously, by definition, this is a confirmation of uptrend. You want to be super conservative. You know you wait for a closure on that. I dont necessarily think its necessary in this particular um instance, unless a bitcoin were to sell back down before end of day to like 52 000 bucks lets say, but for right now, if bitcoin does close above especially 55 500, i would even go as far as Saying 55 000 bucks again on daily closure, which is also going to be the weekly closure as well.

I would be looking for that move up around the low 60 000 territory very likely a short term pullback right around there. Maybe even bitcoin does put in a bit of a local high right there and then and then goes for its higher low on the daily timeframe, as we spoke about earlier, but ultimately on the weekly. I would consider this trend in motion and very likely to well lead towards new all time highs where those new all time high uh first targets be well in this case right here we have both a pattern target and, of course, a fibonacci target as well. I took this uh. I took this extension from the prior base. The prior accumulation range over the past like basically summer, and you can see that the 1618 is right overhead about 68, 300 or so also in line with this as a cup and handle uh. Measured move as well, you can see you know, im im, really not a big pattern: trader uh! However, you know when you do seek influence like this typically a good sign, and, at the end of the day, what is it essentially telling you essentially telling you that we had a re accumulation result resuming in an uptrend on the weekly rather powerful time frame? Very likely looking for this one to go onwards and upwards and also see some some further targets, perhaps down the line as well, but first things first, you know, got ta get through this day, obviously, and its a long day left to go, which many things can Happen so id still like to see that confirmed, but uh ultimately uh – perhaps this next week or the week after that, looking nice actually so lets go back down over here and go back to this chart actually and lets see.

Did we miss anything on the daily? Yes, we did actually so daily bbwp again. Our volatility indicator over here is getting a little bit above 90 tall right now, so i do suspect that it is relevant to say that uh bitcoins very likely to put in a local high either pretty much exactly where were at right now, uh right around this 55 uh, 500 level or so or if bitcoin does, of course, uh continue onwards and forwards. Here short short term time frames are sort of indicating right now i would be looking for that. Next, you know local high somewhere around the 60 000 territory. You can see um our last major local high was also putting on a very similar, read right here as well, and, of course, our last major lows were putting on also a very, very similar read here too uh, of course, volatility i should say, is direction neutral. Anyways with that in mind, uh, i still do prioritize ranges over um. You know you know over that to begin with, so until bitcoin actually takes out the bottom side of even the short term time frame range. That being the four hour, i dont look at that. As actionable, i just look at it as okay. You know we have something to be aware of right here. Speaking of things to be aware of as the clock ticks onwards and forwards, i would like to bring you over to this here, so were going to look at a little bit of quant statistics and quant data, of which you can pull these up yourself by the Way on uh for free on the crown chain app actually, which is my own app.

You have my own channel and everything as well, um, its just, and a couple things that i want to bring a bit of attention to. That would be one the global open interest, so this essentially relates towards the amount of open contracts that people are essentially trading on leverage and then, of course, our global leverage ratio as well both of these things, i do look at as relevant, however, right now they Are giving a few warning signals, but not necessarily any actionable signals to be fair. So again, please understand you know where were coming at uh from in the greater analysis. These are just you know in the back right now, but uh, but something that i would pay attention to actually because we are getting towards similar level. Leverage ratios that weve seen on prior mega moves in this case uh both the upside and the downside, uh similar times where you know early september, before the ten thousand dollar dump. Of course, before that we had the july uh bear trap um, which resulted in you know, basically a 20 000 move and then of course, uh before that we did see the same sort of levels being put in on april 16th, uh pretty much the all time. High for bitcoin thus far and going onwards and forwards there now were not necessarily at these levels just yet, but at some point i would be looking for that leverage washing to happen and that that very likely is going to be, or at least my my my Main disposition is that thats probably going to be when youre, when youre going to see the daily turn back down, put in a higher low and thats, probably going to be the next major opportunity, in my opinion, put back on my face over here as well.

There we go and well go back in over here, and i suspect that that is going to be good for now. I think that we got. I think that we covered everything relevant for the next 24 to 36 hours here um. Let me just double check. Okay were over here, how our momentum is looking from this angle, yeah more or less the same thing. Okay, so were all were all good in the hood right there as well: okay, beautiful well, in that case, you know nice and easy day here its really a setup for the week to come. Please understand how all the different time frames work with each other and sort of what the resolutions are, and i hope this i hope this was in some way valuable or some way informational and if it wasnt or if it was just you know, let us let Us know some some some some feedback in the comment section below happy to look at that and uh, and you know make this hopefully good for everyone. So with that said, im gon na wish you well im gon na, be signing off now. Take care and uh see you hopefully soon. Well, there you have it. I hope you guys learned something. Remember. Ta is a game of probabilities. No one is going to be right, 100 of the time, as crown says, but understanding the overall direction and what the big professional traders are seeing from this market will help.

You understand the lens through which the wall street bankers, the absolute big hedge fund managers and so on how theyre, seeing the actual metrics behind the charts so were really really excited to have crown here ongoing and i believe you guys will come to really enjoy these Ta segments as well, in fact it may inspire some of you guys to look at trading as a potential way to approach the market. I dont have time for it, but i know other people, like crown who do this professionally, with success day in and day out. So its an interesting way to approach crypto or, i guess really any market in general with that said, im elio trades. I hope you guys enjoyed this smash that, like button remember to follow me and crown on twitter.