If you dont, believe bitcoin is going to 10 million dollars. A coin you are a loser, direct quote from michael saylor, todays video. We are talking about how bitcoin is facing an imminent breakout, also cardano to 15, and how a central bank cbdc could absolutely destroy your savings. Stay tuned, whats up everybody randall here from crypto love, todays video. We are talking about how bitcoin is going to 10 million dollars, how a breakout is imminent for bitcoin, also for cardano and were gon na. Take a look at how to pick out some of the best altcoins each and every week this past week, picking four of the top ten altcoins now before we get into things, make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter. At the crypto love where every week we give away one of these sweet shirts, now you can see on the screen behind me, sat symbol.com, the new dollar symbol i mean if bitcoin goes to 10 million dollars per bitcoin, a sat will be like a dime, but If it goes to 10 million, why would it stop there or just go to 100 million right eventually, this sat symbol, which is three lines and two lines like that? Well, guess what that could be the new dollar sign, potentially or at the very least, if bitcoin goes to a million dollars, thats a penny right there. So weve got that coming up and were going to be taking a look at bitcoin and cardano and where thats going, but before lets get into some of the news.

Facebook backed dm aims to launch digital currency pilot later this year, thats right carpe, the dm seize. The day makes you wonder if facebook is going to work with day stable coins, but carpe diem. The dm association is aiming to launch a pilot with a single stable coin pegged to the us dollar in 2021. According to a person familiar with the matter, affordably known as libra, the facebook back digital currency pilot, faced strong opposition from regulators and lost several key backers and executives. However, dm has gone through a complete makeover and now, in talks with swifts financial regulators to secure a payment license, it could be happening as soon as this year now, edward snowden, warns of a deflationary fed, controlled cbdc will cause annihilation of your savings, and you say How could that happen? Well, heres, exactly how it would happen if we scroll down here, we could see that if the fed reserve wants to stimulate consumption and investment, it can cut interest rates and make cheap credit available. But if the economy is cratering and the fed has already cut the short term interest rate, it controls to near zero, its options are limited, so basically like where the fed is right. Now, options are limited limited, however, if they had their own fed coin, if cash were replaced with the digital dollar. However, the fed could impose negative interest rate by gradually shrinking the electronic balances in everyones. Digital currency accounts creating an incentive for consumers to spend and for companies to invest so that could potentially be in the works.

Now talking about people accused of violating the secrecy act turns out a u.s nuclear submarine engineer and his wife are charged with passing secrets to a foreign government hidden in peanut butter, sandwiches after being paid 70 thousand dollars in crypto. But they were actually dealing with undercover fbi agents, be very careful navy nuclear engineer. Jonathan tobe and his wife were charged saturday with selling secret information to an unidentified foreign country for roughly a hundred thousand dollars in monero, not stupid. He didnt ask for bitcoin. He asked for monero technically cant be traced, but he was dealing with undercover fbi agents, so that could potentially turn out very, very poorly for this couple here and especially for those children. Sorry tail for them, but lets get into bitcoin, because right now money is moving on bitcoins blockchain near back to near all time highs presently doing 199. 190 000 dollars per second. Compare this with visas, 130 000 dollars per second boom, beat it or 55 000 per. Second, for mastercard boom beat it and guess what that doesnt even include lightning network, where you can instantaneously, send money using twitter across the world instantaneously. Remittances done banks done its over but its just beginning for bitcoin, because if we take a look here, this breakout that were having right now looks very very similar to whats happened previously back in july, where bitcoin broke above. The previous trend line found some support there and then rocketed off.

If we take a look at the bitcoin charts today and guys, i just posted this bitcoin pattern. Just above now, we may see a drop back down to roughly fifty thousand dollars before bitcoin takes off and breaks through every single line of resistance weve had previously from these peaks back here in the beginning of 2021. Well guess what we could potentially have bitcoin rocket through there breaking through by about the end of october, to new all time highs, because this bottom right here in september was very similar to this bottom here in july, both had very strong supply shock both broke out When we saw a break through the rsi trend line and just taking this bar pattern right here and laying it over where we are right now, guess what if bitcoin were to continue, it could reach up to around 57 drop back down to 50, then rock it Up to 63 come back down to 59 and up and up and up before, finding new all time highs, because guys this is the last resistance before bitcoin breaks out to insanely new levels, roughly 10 million dollars per bitcoin or youre a loser, michael saylor direct quote. Now onto cardano for all the fanboys out there, cardano handle almost completed last chance to buy before 15. If we take a look at cardano now, i was off by about a week in predicting the all time high. The all time high was september 4th.

I said it would be september 12th. I was off by about a week, but it could be turning around. We could have a cup and handle pattern going on right now identical to what happened towards the end of 2020.. Now we had a higher top at the one fib we had a cup and then a handle pattern with this little downtrend right here and then once it broke out of there found support on the one day. Ma 50 also had a one day: ma50. One day ma100 bullish cross. Well, all that stuff happened, parabolic rally up to the one and a half fib half a fib higher than the previous one right down there well looks like were having the same thing happening yet again right here we have a cup and handle pattern. We have a one day: ma50, ma100 bullish cross. We have a cup, we have a handle. We have this downtrend. If cardano can break out of there. Potentially, maybe we could see it break up to the next highest fib level, the two fib, which would put it roughly around 15 to 20 cardano, could be absolutely huge for cardano. Now for the rest of the altcoins out, there turns out that coin. Telegraph markets pro has been absolutely crushing it if you havent checked it out. Yet there is a link down in the description and the pinned comment. But if we take a look at the report for the last week because over the last week – and i should say i will actually be doing an ama on thursday for all cointelegraphs marcus pro members, so you definitely want to sign up before thursday.

Because then, you can ask me any questions you want in the ama, but the vortex report for this past week check it out this past week, strong vortex scores carry four of the weeks, top 10 performing assets to double digit gains against the us dollar and bitcoin Thats right, 40 percent of the top gainers were predicted by the vortex score. Axx axs reaches a vortex score of 96 before recording another all time high. Despite a profitable week, the number of high vortex score instances remain modest, suggesting that the bull market does not produce an outsized number of ultra high scores powered by bullish partnership. Announcement, news, quakes xlm, adds 12 in a day and the all season indicator is finally flipped. Now, if we take a look at this, the top gainers of the week, the 10 top gaining coins of the week nfts excluded, but the top 10 coins of the week, four of them, l, axx n a and i c x, all four of them called by The vortex score now, if we take a look, we can actually see right here, the top performers. We have access right here. We have a very high vortex score in the green right here and then the price shoots up not only that, but we have pre pre search very high vortrx score price shoots up, not only that we have icon very high, vortex score price shoots up over and Over and over again, as a matter of fact, over the past week, the time after the score so having a vortex score, and you can see the vortex score right here on the dashboard, it gives you the top scores of the day.

Well, you can see after an 80 percent, roughly a seven point: six three percent returns after an 85 percent, roughly an 8.62 and after a 90, roughly 13.6 percent returns within two days, thats insane for picking out winners, but not only that, because we have news quakes Where, after a news, quake flashes price goes up significantly xlm up 12 percent for the day and thats, not all because if we take a look at news quakes, we can see some of the highest gaining news. Quakes of the past month, we have star atlas up 68 percent. After its news quake, we have a radical up. 51 percent. After its news quake, we have access up 50 percent after news quake, and these news quakes give you the information before the news writers actually get the news to write the article. So you know the news before anybody else so guys. That is a lot of whats going on with vortex. We can see bitcoin versus alts here and a whole bunch of other stuff going on. Like i said on thursday, i will be doing an ama with coin telegraphs, marcus pro available only to cointellers marcus pro members. So, like i said check it out, there is a link down in the description and the pin comment and also guys make sure to check out the top all coins for october, because this is using a strategy that 3xed the market last month and 2xed the market.

The month before that, you can find it by typing crypto love october into youtube, also check out my video for the 100x cryptocurrency that i made yesterday, because this coin could very well. Revolutionize gaming potentially could be huge. The creator of farmville, the cto of myspace, this guy, has been success over and over and over again hes surrounding himself with an insane team. Potentially one of the hugest gaming platforms that we will ever see could knock the socks off of axey infinity so guys, if you enjoyed that make sure to like subscribe click, the notification bell and ill catch.