Previously. Only dreamed of, i believe this market is about to absolutely melt faces with the amount of gains and most likely, the people who will be the most disappointed, are those who sell too early. So today, im going to be walking you through some astronomical growth for both nft and crypto communities and im going to be giving you my breakdown on how i plan to handle this youre, definitely going to want to watch this one front to back so smash that, Like button – and i hope you guys are having a happy and healthy sunday but of course, theres no weekends here in crypto and nft land theres just far too much growth gains and excitement going on right here to leave even for one day so thats. Why im here with you seven days a week and if you guys are getting value out of that smash that, like button, remember to subscribe and put that bell notification on because were upping our output each and every day here, not just here on leo trades, but Across the entire space, so with that said, lets dive in what we see here is a really key and important metric here, which is stagflation, which is, of course, as uh maya zahavi, says anyone remember how many times we were told it was just transitory, yet looming Winter, with soaring energy costs sets up a classic trilemma inflation, employment or growth, and essentially theyre going to have to pick which ones they prioritize, because the reality is that if you want employment or growth, youre going to have to probably sacrifice the need to stave off Inflation that means were going to need to print and, in my opinion, ive predicted this since early 2020 that there will be no end to the printing if only transitory claims that everything costs zero, which is, of course, the least reliable least believable thing ive ever heard Out of any politicians mouth – and this is from someone who grew up fairly liberal, its pretty infuriating – to try to have someone tell you that 3.

5 trillion dollars has no cost but, of course, were staring down the barrel of a reality where 3.5 trillion dollars is starting To actually cost zero little by little, it will happen little by little, but in that process the things that will become invaluable are hard capped assets with utility in the monetary networks of tomorrow and thats. Why were doing precisely what were doing right now, which is pushing forth the revolutions that is bitcoin, ethereum, d5 nfts, blockchain gaming and, of course, so much more, and i wanted to talk before i get into more specifics here about this statement here by dc investor. He says yes, its easier to identify what is already expensive and will be even more valuable and important tomorrow than to accurately determine what is cheap today and what will be more valuable and important tomorrow, except this and find your own alpha now. The reality is that this is something that i have been communicating on this channel for as long as i can remember. Finding the gems finding the low cap lower cap opportunities that arent in the top 200 that arent in the top 100 that arent in the top 20. Those are the ones that are actually going to radically transform your financial future, because when one of them totally figures it out ships, their entire ecosystem and everything starts to take flight and grow in unison. The power of network effect is absolutely something to behold. Now its very hard for most people to do this, but it has become my plight and my obsession to do this and to relay that information as fast as i can to you, and in doing so i know, based on the comments and the feedback ive received From this community that is truly allowing for people to elevate themselves at first through altcoins, then through d5, now through nfts and, of course, soon through blockchain gaming.

This channels, whole mission, is to empower you with the ability to see through the noise and to potentially allocate to the projects that could have this transformational growth. Theres zero doubt that getting into blue chips early is the absolute jedi mind, trick wizardly art of detaching yourself completely from the financial shackles of a nine to five and eventually being able to go full time, crypto, focusing on wealth mastery and simply growing your stack once You reach that place and have had a few wins of things that have gone from real off topic off the radar, uh projects or coins or nfts to becoming mainstream hits. Youll have enough in the tank to start really firing shots in a way that allows for you to manage risk and grow. Of course, this is not financial advice. Im just a guy on the internet, but ive done this so many times and ive helped. So many people do it. I just want to share this information, but you always have to do your own research and figure things out on your own. Finding your own alpha is the way that you can get there even before me again, im just doing my own research here in this industry. Obviously, ive spent almost five years now finding the right people brilliant people in this industry who i can learn from, and i suggest you do the same. If you start here then great but dont, stop with me. Keep enriching yourself outside of this channel its a huge major key that i want to impress upon you, and just like i predicted, nft mania is coming back with a vengeance, and many people feel like a top or a local top of sorts is in the works.

I do believe that there will be local tops, but what were seeing with nft is an entirely new store of value emerging. It does feel a little like 2017 in nft land. There will be a lot a lot of projects that completely miss the mark. I still believe that q4 will be really ripe for gains in nft land. However, as soon as ethereum starts, making its big monster moves again, i have predicted end of october. Then i believe that nfts in ethereum value will most likely start to get some of the air sucked out of the room, if only temporarily you see, nfts have started to become and behave kind of like the lowest cap, altcoins uh in the entire industry, and it Has been a trend that ive seen that after the major market runs, you start to see nft make sort of a late run. We saw this in d5 when d5 had its crash. We saw nft projects explode throughout september. When we saw in february. We saw nft projects explode through march and april. Then we saw the market crash and we saw nft markets explode through june july august. Then we saw a little bit of a movement from ethereum from mainstream markets and now were seeing nfcs explode throughout uh early october late september. So it does feel like theres a little bit of a trade off between altcoins or sort of mainstream crypto. If we can actually coin that term and nfts – and i do believe that theres a narrative that after altcoin season hits throwing a lot of those profits into nfts, would probably allow you to double triple quadruple, maybe even 10x.

Your money, if you do it right, well, get to that at the end of the episode. We also see even more fundamental news here. We see nfts invading culture with xerox, b1 whos, a big defy turned nft investor, uh caa just signed his nft collection, uh and so theyre gon na market. This collection as characters very interesting stuff. I dont know how i feel about all that uh. We also have nft pop up shop in the british museum here um and they actually include a full onboarding experience for visitors. If you pop in here, you can see nft pop up shop free, frequently asked questions uh. They have introduction technical information, practical information buying and selling. They also have informations on how to download wallets, including formatic, metamask, argent and engine very, very interesting, and if this isnt mainstream crossover, then what is at this point, then what is now i really like these comparisons. This is something ive been doing. A lot on my twitter saying you know. Web 2 is followers. Web 3 is holders. We see just saying that web 2 is rent. Web 3 is owned. I do believe that if you think about facebook, youre renting facebook in exchange for your attention in exchange for um marketing to you as far as characters in a video game, youre actually renting them um in exchange for money, not owning them, whereas the change for web 3 would be ownership of the characters, ownership of the art ownership of the ip ownership of the networks, its very much so a transition of renting and being sort of just a squatter on top of another persons domain to being an owner and a collaborator.

Its very very, very interesting – and i absolutely love this comparison, its something that guides me as i focus on building and innovation here in the space we also have luna coming through with massive massive account growth. We had 9 000 accounts created in one day on october 8th, and you can see this parabolic growth of accounts. Here again, weve tried to tell you about luna time and time again its a very, very strong blue chip project here in crypto land. Now i wanted to hop over here, because this is a super interesting article talking about how china, despite the crackdown on crypto, has started to go crazy for nfts. Now its always been a little bit of a stereotype that asian cultures appreciate more cartoony things, and it was the belief i think that many people thought that nfts would catch on more in asia before they did in the west. Well that wasnt the case, however, now were starting to see the explosion of collecting nfts as a culture taking off in china, and this transition is one of the most crazy ones and most important ones to track were going to go through it because its not exactly What you think and its not necessarily going to pump your eath bags, but it is showing that this is by all means. Ownership of jpegs ownership of art. Ownership of culture is something that is broadly appealing to all humans across the world, especially when theyre scarcity so lets dive in and talk about this.

So the author talks a little bit about the mining ban and then says, of course, that did play out weve. Seen almost all miners leaving china, even though we heard that hashrate is back in china anyway, lets not talk about that, but little did they foresee the power, the staying power of the nft, all of a sudden, their crypto wechat was full of punk fanboys. Eight guardians and loot revolutionaries – let us decrypt the china nft scene, a little and lets start by distinguishing between two types of nfts were seeing in china. Web 2.0 nfts are the jpegs created by chinese internet giant such as alibaba, tencent, uh and the jpegs are relatively cheap. Have no real crypto element exchanged in rmb live on a centralized ledger, not tradable on secondary market, have distinct chinese cultural elements, eg slangs internet phenomena. Now web 3.0 nfts are similar to the crypto nfts. Most people are familiar with these days, but there are some differences. Chinese web 3.0 nrfts contain chinese cultural elements. Example collections, riverman, kung, fu, hero rivermen is derived from the longest painting in china along the river. During the kingming festival considered a national treasure, multi chained, as many of them are launched on bsc gamified pioneered by pop marts blind boxes. Many nfts are not selling jpegs but selling a surprise experience. You dont know what youll get. This is like the gotcha games, and this is very similar to the 10 000 collection pfps that have the reveal thats exactly whats going on right now.

So i disagree with this. The author goes over a bunch of clubs here that exist in nft and china, but the point here is that nfts are evolving in a little bit of a different way in china, but is very much a culture that is contagious and catching on. The point here is that nfts are a global phenomenon and for most people in the world, 99.9 of them theyve never even heard of this. But the people who had are obsessed theyre dumping more and more money into it each and every day and the pace of innovation, growth and excitement around nft is something that will grow. I think faster than anything in crypto before and potentially be one of the fastest revolutions. The internet has ever seen so watch this space. Now i have been preparing you for a micro dip of sorts here on bitcoin and just know. Analysts are seeing the 52k level and the 51k levels, as particular buy zones, though it does not feel as though the dip really wants to dip. That hard were also seeing reports from citibank, saying that clients started with bitcoin and went quote down the rabbit hole. A senior city executive told london conference that the banks, clients are expressing a growing interest in bitcoin and d5 soon theyll be interested in jpegs too. Mark my words and finally, we have the homie loopify, creating the triverse, which is a little game here using nfts, and they just got investment from animoka brands.

Now, as stagflation starts to take over the desire to print print and print, some more will only serve to line the coffers of anyone currently invested in crypto or, in my opinion, the most asymmetric risk portfolio comes from nfts. Again i love ethereum. I consider it the future of blockchain innovation and, of course, the most trusted ledger outside of bitcoin that you can actually build stuff on. So what im looking forward to out of these jpegs is absolutely maximizing. My exposure to ethereum and when you read the tea, leaves caa signing talent, wme, signing talent, citibank the british museum, china continuing to become ravenously excited about nfts blockchain gaming taking off. It is very clear. The next phase for this industry, and the next two to four years to me, is all about video games with nfts. So watch this space as going to be giving you the absolute best projects, those early blue chips as thats. My favorite thing to do is to try to identify them im, not always right, but ive hit some of these early calls out of the park and in doing so, ive been able to enrich so many of my followers, and that is my goal for what i Want to do for you, of course, youre going to have to make your own decisions youre going to have to build your own conclusions. This is just a starting place, but this is my focus is building value for my audience, both literally in the knowledge that im able to give as well as, if you take this as a starting place, and are able to build your own strategies from it.

Hopefully, you can come back to me with an amazing story of success like some of the other watchers of this channel, as always, keep that bell notification on, because im going to be coming at you with some information that is time sensitive in this crazy q4. Face melting pond and youre: definitely not gon na want to wake up seven hours later and see that you missed a massive alpha leak. The bell is good for your health. With that said, im elio trades – you can find me on twitter elio trades link is in the description.