So this will give you an opportunity to win every week and when you buy in this pre sale, you will get your tokens right away and you can even stake your pre sale tokens to earn even more tokens. So if you guys like winning, then this crypto might be for you, so lets go check them out and this is lovepot and the website is and ill have that in the video description below and its a no loss jackpot by love pot. And you will make good crypto earnings safely and securely on the main, decentralized exchange platform by sticking in pool farms and jackpot. So, as you guys can see, on the left hand side, they have a whole system built out and i will have a link to the pre sale. But if you go to the main website, you can click right here where it says: pre, sale, live and itll. Take you to this pre sale webpage and all you have to do is connect your trust, wallet or metamask, and you can participate on this amazing pre sale because, like i said guys, every week you could win big and you have four jackpots every month and it Says that you can win up to 100k jackpot every week and its called no loss jackpot, because if you guys dont win, you guys will automatically be giving back your tokens and how cool is that so its a win, win situation and also guys? Their token is very limited supply and they have a very unique concept that will leave every meme coin and nft way behind.

So, as you guys can see on the bottom right here, it says: youll be listed on pancake, swap on october, the 27th, and you have about 16 days to participate in this pre sale and the minimum that you can buy is 0.0 bnb or for tokens, and The maximum is 5bnb of tokens and a pre sale price is 4 cents a token, and when it lists on pancake swap it will be five cents a token. So that is about a 25 gain as soon as it lists on pancake swap and the team behind love pod expects this can reach one dollar later on. So, as you guys can imagine if it goes from five cents to one dollar thats. Definitely a lot of potential, so all you guys really have to do after you, uh connected your metamask or trust wallet is to enter the amount of bnb that you want to buy and right here they have the token address, so you can copy and paste this Token address right and you can paste it as a custom address into your trust wallet into your metamask after you buy your tokens and then you see that you already own the token. So you get the tokens right away and the minimum that you can buy right here, as you see, is 0.5 and itll. Tell you exactly how much love tokens you get and then simply hit buy and the maximum that you can buy is 5bnb worth so its as simple as that to buy their tokens and heres a contract address on the bottom once again, and you would just add The contract address so that way you can see that you have the tokens right away, so you only have about 16 days to participate in the pre sale and you can click right here and itll.

Take you to the telegram – and here is the telegram channel, as you guys can see, they have almost 300 people online right now and love. Pot.Finance is a decentralized zero loss, jackpot farm pool stake and earning platform. So if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask the admins and feel free to say that jim krypto sent you and also like. I said theyll have information on telegram with the latest updates and you can also go to twitter, in which you can find more information on how love pod can be the next 100 x coin and its a no loss jackpot and therell be four jackpots per month And if you dont win, you get your tokens back and how amazing is that and we have other influencers making videos on them already and they have been featured on market watch and you can check out this amazing article and here it is our market watch by Net smart chain, new project product launch its called, and it tells you how everything works and their staking platform and, of course, their media contacts. And this is our market watch and they also have an order here by tech rate and heres. The tech rate audit right here and tech rate is one of my favorite auditing companies, and this audit is for love pot token on the buy next marching, and that is a cool thing. Beyond a buy net smart chain is that itll be low fees when you buy on pancake, swap if youre buying this pre sale, its definitely the best possible price, and it goes over everything and all of the source code and then on the bottom.

It provides a list of issues it checks for such as compile errors, vulnerabilities and so on. It looks like everything is passed, past and passed and then of course guys we have the love pot white paper that you guys can definitely look at when you guys have some more time, but we will be covering most of this stuff in the white paper today. But feel free to look at the white paper when you guys have some more time, so you guys can click on the left hand, menu on any of the items and most of these items on left hand side its not going to be live yet until they Officially launch on pancake swap, but everything is right there, as you guys can see and right here is the pre sale link once again – and i will have all of this in the information and when you guys expand on the information tab right here. You can see the tech rate audit, the poop coins and, of course, the bs scan. If you guys look at the bs scan data, the total supply is only 100 million and the total number of holders that already purchase tokens in this pre sale is a little bit over 1 thousand, and here you can look at all of the sales that they Have done as you guys can see a lot of people purchasing their tokens and they have already 1 000 people. So, as you guys can imagine this pre sale for love pod.

That finance is very popular and another very important concept, and the second biggest thing that has never happened in the crypto world is that you can stake your own tokens even in the pre sale after buying it in a pre sale, and you guys can earn more Tokens before it goes live, and how amazing is that and lets go back to the white paper, real quick and it talks about these thinking periods and how everything works for staking and farming that you guys can look more into. But if you guys have any questions about sticky and farming, you can definitely ask in their telegram, but it allows you to get more of the love tokens as simple as that and another good thing is the team tokens will be locked for 24 months. So you guys dont have to worry about that as far as rogue pools or any pumps and dumps, so the initial supply of only 100 million. They expect it to go up very fast and they can reach one dollar very soon and i will have all the links to the pre sale and how to buy in the video description below. But the contract does have an anti well feature and they have a buyback option and also from the platform you guys saw that they can have nfts and gaming, and so much more. So i hope you guys enjoy this video on the love, pod, finance and the amazing pre sale that you guys can participate in and you guys will get your tokens right away and you can stake your tokens to earn even more tokens and it will officially launch On october 27th, at a much higher price on pancake swap so once again guys, if you have any questions, join the telegram channel and ask the questions to the admin to the team, follow them on twitter for the latest updates.

So if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you guys smash the like button and comment, love pot to the moon and with all my videos youre just for entertainment purposes, im, not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. So make sure you guys do your own research and this was a sponsored video but opinions from my own.