The first one is what is currently happening to sheep on social media. This is particularly important because what happens on social media usually precedes what happens in terms of the ship pricing, and the second thing were going to look at is what the whales have been up to today. Theres been a lot of changes in the top 1000 ethereum wall holders with regards to what theyre doing with ship. This is going to be quite important because the whales hold a significant amount of ship. If they were to buy or sell, they would have a direct influence on the ship prices. So its important to know what theyre, currently doing and without further ado lets get into that well, be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below so Theres been a lot of buzz around ship ever since the breakout has happened, weve seen exponential exposure and exponential coverage around ship and a lot of things have changed since then. So just a quick recap on where we started a 1 000 investment into ship. A year ago is now worth 217 million dollars now, for those of you who have been around since the inception of ship knows that the first initial branding of ship was that its going to be the doge killer and look at where were currently at now. So, according to this by sheep trend, ship is not more popular than dogecoin.

On coinbase ship popularity, 11 dodge popularity is 13 ship trading volume, 11 does trading volume of 13 ships, 74.4 percent buy to 25.6 percent, sell, whereas dodgers 48.9 buy and 59.1 sell, and needless to say, i think um sheep has already outdone itself in the span of Less than a year we have already numbers that are outright competing or surpassing dogecoin. Now this is a little funny to me, because if this was six months ago and people were writing articles about comparing a doge and shib, this is good. It was going to be an absolutely laughing stock, because no one would think that ship would ever be on the same scale as dogecoin and the rate of growth that we have seen ship, essentially second, to none. Shiba inu took 14 months to hit a market value of 12 billion. You took dogecoin six times as long to reach that milestone six times. That is quick match on top of my head, that is 84 months, and we cant really stop there because, as shannon bray has beautifully put, there are a number of community projects in the ship community as ship goes up, youll get more attention. Uh ship army contact. Your local media and share these successes as they happen, the media can be a force multiplier for our projects. Uh shibuya, you are amazing, so the success of shib and the breakout didnt happen overnight. He has been consistent. Promotion on social media weve been the number one trending uh topic on social media for quite a while, and even then when she was launched, there was already a lot of buzz on social media.

It was a sustained effort by everyone in the ship army that we were able to make it to this point and as rayoshi initially conceptualized shib is a project driven by the community, and what we have done is basically realizing that initial vision. Now, before i move on to the whale stats, this is a pretty interesting tease from satoshi himself for this next ship project. I have to think completely out of the box in fact: recycle the box and just start over this entire industry will follow our lead watch. So shaitushi is cooking up something very very nice and hes teasing about it, and we already know from the past that if shaitoshi is willing to tease about it is actually pretty far along the pipeline in terms of where it currently sits. So we could be seeing something pretty spicy coming from shaitoshi in the coming weeks. Now before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description all right, so this is todays tweet by wellstats. The current top holdings of the top 1000 ethereum wallets is well obviously ship at 15.57 at a whopping 760 million dollars now straight away. I want you guys to pay attention to this, so ship is currently at 15.57, and that is more than a second in the third spot combined.

That is a very big disparity. I dont think ive seen this one before and ive got some pictures that will show um just in a bit as well. So we have this. This is from the fifth of october. Enj is at ten point three one percent matic, seven point one: seven, okay, be a point, seven one percent, so you can see that the disparity between the first and the second is much less than what we saw this week. Uh on ship now, heres also the very interesting part. The amount of ship held by the top one thousand lithium wallets right now is 760 million. Before the breakout happened, ship is only at 252 million dollars, so we have seen in the last five days more than threefold. The position size of the top 1000 ethereum wallet holders before it started. So this is very, very promising to see because most of the ethereum whales have not taken profit or have not left their position. They are currently holding their position because they are expecting the price of ship to go up even further, now even more. Ideally, what we want to see as everyday investors is that once the consolidation of ship happened, we want to see the top 1 000 ethereum whales to add even more to their position, because that will cement their belief and their faith in shiba as approaches going forward. As well, because we dont want this to be a quick pump and dump move um, and everyone goes in for the ride and come out, because what we want instead is.

We want this to be a long, sustained move where we see consistent growth month after month and so far weve definitely seen the first signs of this happening, and obviously, once we see sheep consolidate a bit more, we have to watch and see what the whales are Doing to see, if theyre adding more to their positions ill, keep you guys updated on what the whales are doing in other news as well thats. All from me. Let me know in the comments, if you think i should change a set of glasses as always take care well catch.