This is larry jones. Its sunday afternoon, um uh went to church and im just gon na shoot from my truck and uh get it to you guys as soon as possible. Hey, if you are new to this page, do yourself a favor and do me a favor and hit the like subscribe and the notification bell um. We here uh number one. Thank you guys for 400 000 uh subscribers. All right. Im gon na do a live and were gon na celebrate this, like we do every hundred thousand uh i wan na briefly talk about what were looking for to this upcoming week: okay, uh with crypto and with stocks all right. So let me go ahead and knock stocks out out of the way real, quick and then ill get right to crypto right with stocks. Im gon na leave a video here for stocks at the end and im gon na leave a video here for sheba enu at the end, all right so at the end, youre gon na see two videos come up. This one will be for stocks uh, and then this one will be for the ship. Okay lets deal with the stock. This video. I want you to watch after this. Of course, uh um. I brought up some uh stocks in the ev electrification, uh sector, meaning charging stations. Okay. For those of you that dont know the infrastructure bill has not been passed and uh theyre fighting the best time to buy these type of stock is before they get close, and it start to run up and um.

I mentioned four in particular, i mentioned plug uh, which i bought. Some on friday, i mentioned chargepoint, which i bought some more um on thursday chargepoint is to me a buy under 18. Any price under 18 is a buy for charge. Point ticker symbol, chpt, okay and um. I would say that thats, a these are long hold uh, um, uh stocks. Okay in the infrastructure bill, 7.5 billion dollars is slated for charging stations. Uh uh. You know that chargepoint has over 70 percent of the market share in north america right then i mentioned um volta, vlta, ticker symbol, vlta volta. I load it up at 790.. Its still in a buy range right now: 790. 788 uh. I i think 790 is a great buy price for that, because it was a spat they already. The stack already happened. Just like chargepoint was uh. You dont have to worry um about pipe investors. Lockout that is already has taken place. I see more upside for volta than downside. This is just me, so i think that 790 actually 788 is a good buy, so just set it get it and wait. Dont worry about the ups and downs i bought it at 790 before it went all the way up to like 1348, and then it came back down. Okay, i believe its going to make a run when the infrastructure bill gets close to getting passed. I i believe itll start running um. I i believe that volta will easily be a 15 stock um.

Actually it could happen right after the infrastructure build gets passed and then i talked about plug so plug volta charge. Point and evgo evgo evgo was uh, the fourth one that i mentioned so check out this video all right so now lets go to crypto. I think that crypto is still set to pop. I believe this is me. You have to do your own research. Remember anything. I say is not a signal for you to buy, sell or hold a stock. This is just larry talking about what larry is doing. I believe that that steal bitcoin. I believe that you know all of these altcoins, like tezos uh cordano. All of these coins are just going to pop, and i believe that you should stay be diversified in all of your crypto. Just like your stock and dont have all of your eggs in one basket. I know that cordano has been holding its position for a while. It has established a base. I do have a buy in again at two dollars. Remember: im only buying in my weeble to swing all of the uh cordano that i have in my um coinbase. I got on average at a dollar. I think i dollar cost average up. My average buy in is a dollar and 11., so im good im, holding that until the bull run is over now lets talk about the elephant in the room. Lets talk about the ship coin. Okay! Now you guys this coming week, i believe, is going to be very interesting for the shib coin.

Im trying to hold this thing steady. I believe that this coming week is going to be pivotal for the ship coin. I believe its going to establish a base. Its been establishing daily basis and then it moves, i believe, its going to establish a base, but i also believe that we are only in i believe that were only in the second quarter of ship. I think that theres plenty of money to be made not based on the fundamentals of it, uh not based on its market size, market size, which keeps growing but just based on fomo fear of missing out when the big news media gets a hold of it. Just like doge did abc cbs nbc, all of those and then the national change start making a daily conversation, meaning of bloomberg fox business, cnbc yahoo finance. When all of these media outlets start talking about these coins daily, then i believe its going to run up. I believe that were going to knock out another zero and um that im, believing in that is where im going to pay off this truck. Then, if i knock out eve yet another zero, then that is when im gon na pay, my house off and im gon na be debt debt free. So i want you guys to think about. You know um just having a purpose and not just chasing a stock based on where you what you feel its going to get to um, i will tell you a penny is a long way off.

It has to have a market cap thats more than all crypto put together right now, and i do know that theres, you know i know about the burning thats coming the potential of what that could do, but theyre not going to burn as much as you guys Think and the potential of uh robin hood, adding doge, not doge shib to it, which i believe is the biggest catalyst because youre talking about opening it up to 22 million more people and that coinciding with the media coverage, is going to pump this uh coin more. But what i understand about you know these micro coins is from weekends to to monday, to tuesday its where they make their biggest swings, so im going to make a video monday uh about ship. I just want to do it. Its due diligence. Do my due diligence and and do it justice im going to make one and im going to show you uh what im doing uh for those of you that know we made a killing indulge late. We came to the game late in doge and made a kill and made more than people thats been holding it long because we understand, buy the room or sell the news and we catch it on the run up. And then we out the longer you in a stock when you buy it high or crypto, when you buy it high the more risk youre in so i have you know a lot of you know.

I do have shib in my coinbase and im, not selling it. Im going to hold that until at least the end of 2025 thats what im thinking okay, but i am swinging swing trading it in my weibo, because its just um, where i do my swing trading at i – do – have a link for both below deposit both if Youre, not in uh and and uh download them both. It does help the page when you download it from my page, but you also will get free stock if you download the weeble app up to 2300 and they keep giving me the shield they keep giving me free ship coins. So a lot of you guys, i see, are getting free ship by downloading the weibo theyre, giving a free ship, but you can get up to 2 300 and then coinbase is a a crypto wallet and thats. Where i hold my long term positions thats where im diamond handing my uh crypto – and i suggest for you guys to do the same okay, so were gon na, keep it right there remember. I want you to watch these two videos here. Im gon na talk about stocks, because when you get through making these moves on crypto, i want you to make it uh uh. If youre older get in a safer position, if youre younger you have time to be more dangerous, should i say you could take more risk, but when youre older, you need to take your profits and run if you older, you know the song know when to hold Them know when to fold them no one to walk away, know when to run okay, um and so on.

This side ill have um what i talked about, my the one that i talked about ship on a lot of you guys have seen it okay, so thats, where we are check out all my links below um, uh, um and uh, well see you monday thats. Where were gon na be all right? Excuse the glasses. These allergies is kicking my butt and if you got allergies and you live especially in the midwest today, im praying for you, okay, praying for all you guys, praying over your finances and also too. Lastly, i know its a lot of clicking join me on my new page larry jones tv also linked below and just go ahead and subscribe. Two things im doing right now, right now, im giving inspirational speaking over there. But if something should happen to this page, that will be my new page. Okay, love! You guys live love, laugh and learn.