These upcoming projects will reduce the token supply of sheep. Hence will increase the price of shiba inu when are developers coming with these? What price can be expected from such massive burn projects? Is it possible for shiba inu to hit one cent? These questions will be answered today. We will also reveal the proofs of such upcoming projects that assure a massive burn before moving further lets grow. Shiba inu fam by hitting that, like button, also were giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter. All you need to do is like this video subscribe and comment. Your favorite crypto coin. In the comment section down below so without further ado lets dive into the topic. Every shiba inu holder is waiting for sheed to hit one cent or cut few zeros out of its price. But the fact is that hitting one cent with one quadrillion token supply of sheep is impossible even whole worlds. Economy cannot help shiba inu to hit one cent. Does this mean that sheb will never hit one cent? No, it is difficult, but not impossible. What if we reduce the token supply and burn massive tokens? Well, in that way, it is possible to cut few zeros out of its price or even hit one cent. The process of removing tokens out of the circulating supply by sending tokens to a dead wallet address is known as the burning process developers of the shiba inu ecosystem are aware of these massive supply problems and introduced many burn projects to date.

Recently, we got an update from shaitoshi the lead developer of shiba inu about another massive burn project. The hint of this upcoming project is shared on twitter by a sheep army member. This was a discord screenshot from shaitoshi kusama in the screenshots. We can see that nfts are all set and under the testing phase we can expect them on shiba swap anytime in coming days and when one sheeb army member asked him about next project. Shaitashi replied that it is something related to shiboshis perspective and gaming related to be specific, it will be a nft game, something like axi infinity. He also shared that his concepts are coming in this last quarter of 2021 and in the next coming year. But currently he is working on a project related to burn sheep tokens specifically to reduce the token supply, so in short, shiba inu developers are all set to release their own most awaited nft shoboshis. These nfts will also help shiba inu to cut some supply out to boost the effective price of sheep tokens. Earlier this month he revealed that token burn is confirmed and every shebholder can support this. With the release of these 10 000 nfts shibo shes as the nfts are purchased, each buyer of these nft has the ability to change the name of the nft by burning sheep. Through this burning process, we see one of many burn mechanisms that are in the near future, for she, if you dont know what burning token means and how it can help to raise shiba inu token price, well, burning a token means pushing the token out of its Circulating supply, this can be done by sending tokens to some dead and unaccessible addresses.

This will lock the tokens so that no one can trade exchange or use these tokens token burning is the common practice done by token developers to maintain the supply and to stabilize the token price, how tokenburn can help shiba inu to raise its price. As we all know, price depends on supply and demand. If we decrease the supply, demand will increase, and so the price burning tokens or removing them from circulating supply will create coin or token scarcity, which will further help shiba inu to gain price hike. Blank moving further, we have another listing update coming from bitpanda cryptocurrency exchange. Bitpanda officially announced the listing of shiba inu on its platform. Such listings helped shiba inu to get more recognition and price boost. Further. The official twitter handle of shiba inu thanked bitpanda and asked them to consider the leash and bone tokens from shiba inu ecosystem. It is interesting to note that, on their blog post mentioned that doge is not enough now and recognized the potential of shiba inu and yual shiv army shiba inu is getting so much hype lately on social media that it became the most searched and trending cryptocurrency on Various platforms – it is not only the hype sheep is relying on shiba inu is killing the dogecoin far behind it is not just a saying stats prove the potential of shiba inu shiba inu has safe placed its rank in the top 10 gainers of the week. According to the crypto ranks, shiba inu ranked number three with the whooping gain of 236 percent, with an overall market cap of 13.

2 billion dollars. According to another stats shared by a sheba army, member shiba inu can be seen surpassing dogecoin in every aspect. According to this, shiba inu is ranking number nine on coinbase and number four on finance surpassing number 13 and 19 ranks of dogecoin even 24 hour trading volume of shiba inu is 5.8 billion dollars, which are almost six times that of dogecoins 1.5 billion dollars. These stats are also attracting major celebrities and crypto enthusiasts to invest millions in shiba inu and to become part of the sheep army. Recently soulja boy draco joined the sheba community and confirmed this with his tweet. This has been followed by david goksteens tweet, in which he acknowledged the potential of sheba e new coin. He shared his thoughts and retweeted a shiba inu holders return where he invested one thousand dollars into sheba a year ago and is now worth of 217 million dollars and whether you like it or not, she would have made you this amount and you could have done Whatever you wanted with it, put it into bitcoin or ethereum isnt, this a great return. How much you guys are holding now do share that in the comment section below in the profit you are on now further. We got something coming from nexus aurora, where they are planning to send shiba inu token to mars, which has been confirmed by shebs, lead developer. Shaitoshi kusama he added yes, this is true, hoping we will go to mars, shout out to the nexus aurora team in shibay new art.

Again, we are sheba army. The moon was too close. If this happens, which seems very likely sheba e new price will definitely fly to new heights, so lets quickly check how the shiba inu coin is performing today, sheba e new coin price is almost stable with a gain of three percent in the last 24 hours. We can see a little bit of price correction yesterday, but the price recovered soon and is showing profits now. Currently, one shiba inu coin is worth 264 satoshi units with a 24 hours trading volume of 3 billion 700 million dollars. The total market cap of shiba inu. Today is approximate 10 billion with this we have come to the end of the video. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed it, please give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the channel. Let us know in the comments your views on the shiba inu token and make sure to turn on the post notifications to get notified every time we post a new video before ending this, kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch This video, it might have changed to a whole new value. The information provided in this video does not constitute investment, advice, financial advice, trading, advice or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the content as such. The content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do, conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.