Hackers are draining many accounts on coinbase thats, the biggest crypto platform in the us. Now users are taking aim at the companys consumer or, i should say customer service department. They say coinbase is leaving them hanging and hackers walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars, eamonn javers reports in an ongoing cnbc investigation, crypto nightmare. I was kind of like panicked to tell you the truth. Eric and molly richardson say they saved nearly 1.1 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency in a coinbase account, but then in july eric got an alert on his phone. The message said: someone had logged onto their account eric clicked on the text logged in and soon received an email that their two factor, authentication, which verifies security settings, had been changed. He was like in a state of shock, so i tried to help him. I tried to stay calm and i you know, looked up coinbase online, trying to figure out how to get a hold of their customer service. Like thousands of other coinbase customers, the richardsons say they got nowhere when they tried to get immediate help thats, because the company didnt offer any kind of live phone support. Email was the only option and within the 20 minutes that we sent the email somebody had done. 110 different transactions sending out about 21 bitcoin in all the hackers stole some seven hundred thousand dollars of the couples savings theyre, not the only ones as cnbc reported in august.

Cryptocurrency holders across the country have been victimized by hackers who drain their accounts, and then they cant even get anyone on the phone to resolve. The issue. Coinbase said in august that it had finally set up a phone number for customers to call if their account had been taken over, but that doesnt seem to be fixing the problem. Customers told us, the live. Support was useless, a joke and it was only for accounts that are actively locked. So we wanted to see what would happen when the richardsons called coinbases new customer support line im going to call and see if i can get my account finally unlocked, and maybe should i ask if they will give me my money back, a coinbase agent does answer. Well, i got locked out of my account about two months ago and i havent been able to get back in somebody stole 21 bitcoin out of it. The agent tells richardson he actually doesnt have access to his case file instead saying he should respond to a coinbase email. Hed already responded to a coinbase spokesperson says: we recognize the challenges some of our customers have experienced with their coinbase accounts. Improving our customer experience continues to remain a top priority. Eric says, his big regret is not doing more to safeguard his bitcoin ethereum and chain link before the theft which he thinks happened, because that text alert was likely a phishing attack to steal his information one option.

He considered, but didnt follow up on was a hardware device used for cold storage of cryptocurrencies im beating myself up every day, because i have my friends voices in my head. Eric put it on cold storage, and i just didnt nicole decicco, who helps clients secure their cryptocurrency, says: cold storage is virtually hack proof you get a private key, which is like a password to buy and sell crypto, and you store that key offline. When you keep your funds in cold storage, you own those funds, you have access to them, theyre offline away from hackers. Of course, the problem with even that solution is owners can lose their passwords or something can go wrong with the device itself. As far as the richardsons, soon after our interview coinbase restored access to their account, they also received a credit from coinbase, but nowhere near what they lost just 500 worth of bitcoin. It felt like they kicked sand in my face thats. What made me think is there? Even anybody senior at coinbase looking at this coinbase, told the richardsons that it wont refund their savings because the company was not responsible for the hack customers have filed more than 12 000 complaints against the company with government and consumer agencies since 2016.