As always, it is nick here back with your daily crypto news and analysis, and today were going to be talking about hedera, hashgraph or h bar. If you will and uh listen guys, it sucks all right. The price action is terrible, am not sugar coating it? I am not biased, even though hbar is my number one holding. I am not going to be biased on it. The price action sucks im just there with you guys trust me. I want to see it as some major high targets myself, but i am not going to you know let the short term price volatility. You know shake me out or anything like that. If anything i might buy more, i will keep you guys updated in the group. Chat, if i do buy more, but overall uh were gon na be talking about it. So if you guys are an hbar holder, definitely hit that like button, also comment down below your personal and goal price targets for hbar. Also, if you guys havent already definitely hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on to never miss a future update, so overall were going to refresh the market. I did update you guys a little bit yesterday in regards to you know, hbars price volatility. I think it was trading at the current price of like around 37 cents or something like that before it dropped down to about 33 and a half cents, not too bad in time in terms of capitalizing.

On that nice little shorting possibility, but overall bitcoin at 46 dominant uh, ranging around here on the seven day, spent up about 17 up 4.40 on the 24 hour. But look at our alt coins right most all coins. Unless its, you know, xrp polka dot and a few other all coins, you know nothing too significant happening in regards to price action right now in terms of the overall market. Now, if we do scroll down here to our lovely friend, hedera hbar, because they did change the name from hedera hashgraph now, but we do see that its down 15 taken a bigger hit than most uh, also down about 0.46 percent on the 24 hour. But we do see phantom ranging here, as we do know, phantom and hbo get compared a lot because uh coin bureau, but nonetheless i dont really care about phantom uh or i dont even care about the you know short term price movement on a lot of these. All coins, including h bar uh, of course i will update you guys when something looks bearish and ive ha. I have been talking to you guys about h bar uh in terms of the bearish price price action lately. So you know this was a little bit expected to drop down to these levels, but i do think that we could see even lower levels retest it. I know a lot of people dont want to hear that, but hey you could capitalize on some buy opportunities.

Im not saying sell your hbar or anything like that, but when we look at the four hour time span check out the level that we retested perfectly. I said on twitter that we could be seeing 33 and a half cents being retested. I also said that we could be seeing a parabolic switch on the bitcoin pair, which were going to be talking about were going to be addressing as well in this video. I think a lot of people think that when i say something you know, they think that its going to happen overnight, no its going to be a long term game here and long term could be weeks to months. It could be, even you know, a little shorter if you will could be days. So when were talking about you know things i dont ever put a time period on things its just the idea that we will get there, because this game shouldnt be the idea of. Let me you know, make a thousand dollars by the end of the day. It should be. Let me make life changing wealth by the end of two years, three years, whatever the case may be, and even if you dont have that much time say for so, you want to make money by the end of the year. Thats perfectly fine. You will make money on hbar by the end of the year. So overall, when were talking about the price action like i said it sucks.

Okay, the price action on the daily is terrible. The price action on the four hour is also terrible. Lets check out the daily lets. Look at this so right now you know a little bit of a scam wick. If you will, i dont even think that we wick this low, but it is what it is uh. Overall, we retested this 33 and a half cent zone perfectly. We retested it bounced off of it gained some strength. I think 33 cents is a fairly strong level to hold, but i think that we could see these levels down here in the green test that we could even see possibly 25 cents being retested depending on if bitcoin does want to drop out in in terms of Price, the reason why im very you know worried in regards to bitcoin right ive been talking to you guys about bitcoin fairly a lot lately and its because of the idea of the volume. So, first off i like to use volume oscillator um, i i i dont know why i said oscillator like that, but i like to use volume oscillator a lot, because when you look at things in regards to the macro time frames – and you look at things in The long term view as well, you know we could see that this nice price volume moving this price action moving up. It needs a lot more volume to actually get there right now the volume kind of sucks.

To be honest with you on bitcoin, i am not too concerned in regards to you know, is bitcoin about to break the all time. High, no im, not concerned on that dont. Get me wrong. I think bitcoin will make a new all time, high im just concerned on the short term basis for bitcoin, for example. If we actually look at the inverted chart and actually look at this so first off, we are seeing some rising price action on bitcoin, but we arent seeing the volume flowing in as much as we should be and honestly on an inverted scale. I would beg to differ that this is going to drop down and re test a solid support, most likely between the 50.5 k to about the 52.7 k. Ive said this multiple times and i will continue to say it because im not too sure on bitcoin. Right now, its actually a little bit confusing, to say the least in regards to whats actually happening throughout the market. Right now we are seeing a lot of people. Bearish were seeing a lot of people bullish, long term, im 100, a bull right by the end of this bull run, im extremely bullish, but short term. We could be seeing a little bit of capitalization on a nice dropping point here, weve seen a massive move up on bitcoin, which ive addressed on my video from yesterday in regards to the price action for an example on this bottom level.

Here to the topping point: now we are ranging at 46 and the higher that we go, the more and more risk involved of a drop now. The problem with that is bitcoin dominance. Bitcoin dominance is extremely high. Now its almost at 46. These are levels we havent seen since august. These are levels that we havent seen since the major drop in price on a lot of all coins. Now, in regards to hbar right, we always talk about hbar in regards to bitcoin, because we look at the hbar bitcoin pair. This looks absolutely horrifying. It looks disgusting to be completely real with you guys, because right now we are retesting. This support zone down here at around you know, 579 sats. Does it look good? No, it does not, but when we invert it all right – and this is why i love looking at the inverted chart – it looks like we are getting to the point where we could be seeing a major bouncing point off of this support zone down here at about 579 sats now this does also allow the price of the hbar usd pair to drop significantly in price as well. The last time that we were at these points, this is going back to the 8th of september. All right, we could actually technically go back to the 7th of september, look at where we were at in price. We were down to 22 cents. That is why i dont think that this point here at around 27 cents is too far off.

I think that we could see some nice wicks down here and it wouldnt be too bad to have a little bit fiat on the side and have a few buy points around this level, because i think that they could possibly get filled and im not saying that. Just because im bearish macro time frames im very bullish on hbar long term im, just telling you guys what im seeing in the market we could be seeing a major retest of the support zone. Bitcoin dominance is fairly high. A lot of people are bullish. A lot of people are screaming bitcoin to 300k 200k. Whatever the case may be, personally speaking, i think bitcoins price action looks fairly weak in regards to the total all coin market cap. You guys always look at the the levels that which we are at. I look at the fibonacci levels shout out to n crypto 30 in the discord incredible individual names nick as well, which is fairly funny to see. But when we look at things, uh hes always been keeping everybody. You know in you know, check in the discord and its great to see, but overall you know when were talking about the 786. We need a close above the 786.. I know that we closed a little bit above it here back on october 7th, but that doesnt matter because look what happened the next day on the four hour span, we arent seeing major price action above that you know level right for an example right that 786, Which is at around the 1.

3 trillion dollar mark right, every single time that we make it up here we end up losing that zone entirely. We are actually trading above the 702 which which is significant, but we need to get above the 786.. We need a strong closing point above that to get to these nice little highs up here at about 1.5 trillion, for example, back on september 6th, when we look at hbar again on september 6th uh, we go all the way back here to that nice little september. 6Th point look at what ended up happening right. We had that nice little bearishness, which, again when you look here. This is the rejection that happened at around the 786.. We reject it fully. We crashed on the altcoin market cap. We actually came down all the way as low as 1.04 trillion dollars. I dont think that we get there just yet, but overall, when were talking about this, this also allowed for it to rally, as we did march forward on in time, as you guys do see on the usd pair. But this also allowed for the bitcoin pair to gain a lot of traction and get to an all time high. And i know that this is kind of weird seeing it because we are inverted. But when were talking about a lot of things and a lot of indicators throughout the market right now, the total crypto market cap for altcoins doesnt, look too strong. It doesnt look con convincing to me same with bitcoins price action.

Lately it does not look convincing to me. I personally want to see a daily close above 58k plus and when im talking about this, i want to see a smash through some resistance right now, if we go back to our current uh levels in regards to the chart right, this is major support going all The way back to march all right – but we also see and and just check this out in regards to a horizontal line im just going to throw it here, real quick just so you guys could see. Look at the resistance points that are here first off. This is a major resistance, but it is also a little bit of resistance where we topped out a little bit back in february before we had this nice crashing point all the way down to 42.9 k, im, not saying that were targeting that at all, but im Just saying right now, at this current level, at this current point, we it wouldnt be too crazy to see a little bit of a capitalization on the market where we do see a nice pullback, maybe re test 50 2.7 k even re test 50.6 k on when Were talking about bitcoin in regards to that, and we talk about, you know hbar, on the usd pair first off. Where does that put us in regards to a pullback that would happen now say for so, we pulled back down to about 50.5 k, thats a roughly 11.

66 percent, now im just going to say right now. This would be absolutely massive for people who want to capitalize on getting into hbar and havent been able to, or they just dont want to, because its too expensive 11.66. We could technically say that we will pull back about 24 and 24 would still give us that nice re test of 26 cents, almost 25 cents, exact, which ive been saying we could see 25 cents. I just think that this is the safer buy point where you could actually get into it. But overall, when were talking about these, these levels thats not too crazy to actually see of a retest. Okay and again, it would make perfect sense with how bullish the market is um. I havent looked at the fear and greed index lately, but i do know that when we look at the fear and greed level, its always been greedy for the last couple days. This actually updates, in one hour and 31 minutes im sure that this is going to probably be an extreme greed or something, but i think, as we do range on throughout the later weeks, or not the later weeks, the later days within this week. I think that we could see that major market capitalization, where you know bitcoin, does drop in price. We see the bitcoin pair just kind of just drop in price as well kind of retest. This major support zone bounce off of that do something where we do see.

Something like this to get back into this major demand zone, which i want to see us back into that 875 to 923 sat level is very significant for us. Okay, now, in regards to the total market cap for our alt coins to really kind of go parabolic, we want to see us back above this major 1.3 trillion level. This is the bullish settlement point. This is the bullish point that we want to see being retested and held. We actually want to see this being. The main focus point right now for all of our altcoins, because this is the key to wealth on our altcoins right now. Bitcoin dominance is extremely high. All right, a lot of focus is on bitcoin right now, as it does continue to range at around 57 000. We could be. You know, i see a lot of people calling for 60k right now again like i said, i think that we see the correction before 60k and i will continue to say that if i am wrong im wrong, we will continue to watch the market, as this does Get validated or invalidated, but when were talking about hbar im, not gon na lie to you guys, im, not gon na, say: hey were gon na go parabolic tomorrow. No, when i said that on twitter, when i said that the bitcoin pair looks like its going to pretty much reverse soon and then the usd pair will go parabolic. I do mean that right.

I think that we will see a reversal most likely down at this point here. The bitcoin pair has been extremely weak. It has been extremely weak since around september 16th we havent had strength in bitcoin uh on the bitcoin pair i mean uh since the 16th, and when we look at the the price action on the usd pair look at the 16th, there has been no strength. It has not been bullish, there hasnt been any good signs of momentum on the usd pair, and that is all because of the bitcoin pair, so im watching this very, very closely im watching bitcoin very very closely. I might throw up some. You know stinky bids down here somewhere around, you know 25 to around you know 28 cents and i wouldnt be too concerned buying that 30 cents all the way down to about 27 cents. If we do get those prices again, i think that that is a solid entry point and when we talk about the long term growth of this asset, i think that these short term price prices, dont really matter and again short term price action right now, a macro Bearish, just to give you guys that insight, because i uploaded a video on xrp yesterday and everybody came at my neck, saying dude, you were just bullish just two days ago. Listen! I am bullish. I am bullish long term. I am just bearish on the macro time frames so with that being said, i hope that clarifies the price action on hbar.

I know guys it sucks, but we just have to be a little bit more patient. I am trusting the process by the end of this month. I think that this market is going to look extremely different, but with that being said, if you guys do want more free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord description below. As always, i hope that you all enjoyed this video if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe and turn notifications on uh to never miss an update, and if you guys do want more content, you guys can definitely check out my website and For all.