As i said it look, it was looking good the other day uh, but it got above the middle there and um. Excuse me. It um, however, has fallen down a little bit its testing the center line there, the green line um, but i also want to note too, i put up a couple trend lines here, and you can obviously note that that we have lower highs going down and uh. You could draw the bottom a few different ways, but i just drew it this way to try to get a lot of touches, and so what we have, then, is a triangle that it its uh tightening into and i think um it could break out at any Time and by breakout i mean fall downward or upward um, but it also could wait uh, maybe a couple days. Maybe the 14th might be a day that it breaks out or it could even go as long as maybe maybe the 18th could go longer, but i doubt it so maybe between the 14th and 18th we might see something going on um and uh. So we could also see it it break out and sort of negate this triangle, but its just something to look at in and consider as a possibility, but we could just be remain in the channel in the keltner channel here for a while longer, i was hoping That it would break out on the 10th or perhaps well anywhere from the 9th to the 11th, so theres still chance that we could see a breakout.

I happen to think that um, the probability is greater for it to be toward the upside. We still have pulse chain, uh launch is, is coming its not here yet and so uh. Those that uh would like the sacrifice. Phase is still going, but the i guess the rates really bad. So the real sacrifice phases has long been since over, but for people that are wanting to double their hex uh, because youll get once it does launch youll get a copy of your hex. So youll double your stack. If you wait till after that to buy then um after the launch, then you wont get the copy on pulse change. So i would think the the the right thing to do not financial advice is to purchase before the snapshot to launch so um and not to mention all the er other erc 20 coins are gon na get copied as well, so its the largest airdrop in history. Its going to be amazing, so im super bullish on on pulse chain and im super bullish on hex as well. I try to look at the charts and see what theyre going to do but long term. My my outlook is very bullish. I wont deny that so were looking good. I would like it to stay above the center line if we can stay above that and approach the yellow, the top, of course thats super bullish and then, of course, shoot for the the a new all time high and maybe a confirmation right around 53 cents.

You know maybe test that area then head on out, so looking really good. Also one more thing i wanted to mention is that uh lets say you dont, like the rates for the sacrifice to get pulse chain right now. Another option not saying this is the best option, but another option which, in my opinion is very good, is if you purchased hex now you would get the copy onto pulse chain and then, if you, if with the idea that you might want to buy pulse as Soon as it launches or when you see a price, that is good for you, so thats another way to still get hex at a very early stage. Keep in mind, i consider crypto to be a long term game, shouldnt, trade back and forth and use leverage and all that stuff, but buying and holding for long periods of time. In my opinion is by far the greatest way to become wealthy through cryptocurrency and hex is outstanding. One of the top coins, if not the top coin in the last couple years, and i believe hex our pulse chain is going to be equally great. So if youre still looking to to get in very, very, very early on pulse change, thats another way to do it, get some hex itll be copied. Then boom you can trade it for pulse, so all right, thats! All i got.