Well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart. Their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below shiba universes believe the one cent dream isnt far away and they could be right. So this is an article published by the international business times earlier yesterday. So i actually think that this article isnt done very, very well, and most of this article is actually um. Just then going over a series of tweets by dell crypto. But there is one thing that i would say is that this sentence here deleting zeros isnt something new to ship, as the coin has successfully managed to remove five zeros from october 2020 to 2021.. Now my version of this article will look a little bit different, so lets have a look at this first fun fact: only four percent of the entire world and just 14 of the united states own crypto. So just keep this number in the back of your head. For now now lets look at some trends: coinbase popularity, ship coinbase are number nine dojo number 13 bonanz top search ship at number, four dojo number 11., now heres the interesting part 24 hour, trade volume doj at 1.5 billion all exchanges, ship 1.7 billion on binance alone, And 5.8 billion on all exchanges, that is about four times as much as what dojis experiencing on all exchanges in a 24 hour period, now theres more quick fact so far, ship has the highest return on interest within the last one week, one month, one year, on Top 100 cryptocurrencies ranking – and you know what guys lets just do another one for good luck.

This is a post by coin gecko, the top 10 trending coins, united states and last week shiba. You know number one bitcoin and number two actually infinity number three now im, not gon na say sheep is going to hit one cent, but if you guys step back a little who would have thought that ship is going to outperform doge almost fourfold on a 24 Hour time period, there is absolutely zero chance that anyone would have said that roughly six months ago now, if there is anything ship, is probably the most likely candidate to achieve this. One cent dream given where it started while its been a hot minute since ive done a match to compute how feasible it is for sheep to hear one cent. Given what ive seen in the last couple weeks. There is definitely a strong, a possibility that this will happen to sheep. At some point, i am of the same sentiment as del crypto here in that i also believe that at some point, shifu has reached the one cent dream now, in addition to dreaming, dell, crypto is also doing something with ship im consulting for a project aiming to Add ship reward and burn mechanics that will pay out and burn ship with every transaction, but looking at the tokenics of the project, im absolutely beside myself regarding the amount of burn a high marker cap. So we have already seen integrated burn mechanics that have been added to sheep and were about to see another one.

This is going to be very exciting because the more burn projects were going to have the quicker it is were able to hit the one cent dream. Now enough about dreams lets talk reality so theres. This recent tweet by watching the guru just in cheap whale moves, 6 trillion tokens to unknown wallet and because i definitely have a lot of time on my hands. I went and tracked this transaction. I dont know if this is called investigative journalism, but i feel like an investigative journalist right now, so this was the original transaction that happened 11 days ago that was sent from this wallet to this wallet. So he also had here a 6.2 trillion ship in this particular wallet, and then it was um sent to this wallet and 6.5 trillion was sent out and this entire account was emptied, balanced, zero and then it was sent out to this wallet and then it was Withdrawal again again, the the account balance is zero and it was sent to this other wallet. Now we have seven what well over seven trillion ship and then it was always through, and now we landed ourselves in this wallet. Now we have a total of 7.8 trillion ship tokens worth 230 million dollars. This is my hunch, but it feels like if we look at the transactions every time theres been one or two transactions over the two to three days. This pers decides to transfer all of his ship holdings to a different account.

I personally believe this is purely for security reasons in the off chance that he does get hacked. This is just my hunch, but i believe im very confident. It is the same person, because every time the ship was transferred out, no ship is left in the original account, but nonetheless, im going to monitor this very closely in the off chance and that this person is throwing people off who are monitoring the wallet and eventually Selling bits and pieces of this uh ship holdings to certain other wallets with time and eventually dwindling its transaction, because thats a sign that somethings about to happen. Now, speaking of things happening, i want to bring to you guys attention leash and heres a bit of insider info, for you guys. Leisure is the only token that can be used to purchase the uh. Shaboshis nft thatll be released in the imminent future and we can be quite confident that people will buy leash for the express purpose of purchasing the shaiboshis nft, which will likely increase the price of leash and, with a far smaller, circulating supply than ship. Leech. Has the potential to behave with far more volatility, shouldnt receive a fraction of the tension that sheep has received recently so were going to have a single event next week. That is going to increase significantly the demand for leash. So i actually expect that theres going to be something happening to leash as well and if she takes off around the same time that leash takes off and it breaks out from this channel ill show you guys that in a bit, but if it breaks out from This particular channel leash has the opportunity to go parabolic as well.

Now before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description, so theres, actually something incredibly interesting happening right now, so im going to bring you guys back to uh. Last week i mentioned last week that there was a triangular pattern that was forming and that could potentially break into a breakout upon the price going to its apex now. Something similar is also happening right now, im going to move my chart up a little bit. This might not seem very clear, but if i was to zoom out just a little bit and adjust the child sizing, this is probably a lot easier to see. We can see an ascending triangle forming right now and right now. This is only based off six candles and most of the time you want to see more candles simply because that more traders can see it. If the signs are more obvious, it has a higher likelihood of a happening simply because it is more recognized by a higher number of people and now lets look at whats happening in the one hour time frame. So if we zoom into the one hour time frame, we can see very evidently in the last video that the price of shiba is consolidating in this particular range. There might actually be a possibility that ship is going to break out from this resistance level and also break away from this ascending triangle pattern to simply go for a run to the local high, but right now that is still pretty early days, because we can still See ship um, consolidating and ranging at this uh 3 2900 level, and at this 2500 level there is obviously no guarantee that ship will behave like you did when we saw the previous pattern.

However, the odds are in the bulls: favor right now ill watch this very closely and ill. Let you guys know what happens as it unfolds, and i think that, given the speed at which the videos are edited and subsequently uploaded to youtube, i think itll be much quicker. If we make certain announcements on our twitter, we havent really used our twitter, but i think well begin to use it a bit more frequently so check us to follow. If you want uh to see updates a bit earlier than they appear on youtube anyway, guys thats. All from me, let me know in the comments what color shirt you guys want to see. Next, i really only have two colors black or white anyway.