If you do find it useful and informative, then hit that like button, i really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, then why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell, select all notifications and in doing so kept up to date with Absolutely everything that we do here at cheeky, crypto, right with that said, done that way lets dive right into the technical analysis on xrp and so were just going to start with the daily chart, guys im not going to start with the weekly today and basically, we Are going to take a look at this previous high that we had up here at 100? 1.96? Okay, just up here – and this was actually something that was achieved on the 14th of april, but then obviously going to take a consideration. This double tap at the bottom! Okay, so this is basically the 22nd of june and the 20th of july, okay, and so what we have is a fibonacci retracement tool running from the high and below okay using that allows us to see under the current performance that weve had here, where we are Likely to go right and thats indicating to us 6.68, based on the current performance now, obviously, if the the lawsuit between the between ripple and sec actually gets settled or closes or just comes to an end, it doesnt matter when blues, draw doesnt, really matter right. As long as it comes to a close once, it actually does come to a close um.

We are going to potentially see a whole blurry of fomo activity for xrp, which could push it way above this 6.68 scenario. In fact, it would potentially push it up to this 15.91 area, which would represent a pretty significant return on investment. And so obviously, if the lawsuit doesnt finish anytime soon and we see the end of the ball run, then 6.68 is my expectations and if we do actually start to see that settlement that close, that win, that draw that loss, doesnt really matter, and we will actually Start to see a whole, i guess flurry of new investment into the xrp world and that could basically take us up towards that 15.91 area. So overall, everythings looking pretty good from those kind of perspectives right and but thats, not really. What i wanted to talk about. Im going to be talking about more whats, been going on most recently, not that long term, end of the ball run scenario: okay, and what were looking for really is to see exactly where we are likely to head next right. So we actually have this high. We have this low and we have some volatility in the month of september. We can obviously see that last couple of days, weve also pulled back a little bit and again were finding good support and ill get into that support level in a moment on the lower time frames on this daily. I do want to kind of point out that we have done this a couple of times.

There is a cup and handle okay. This cup and handle is targeting the previous high okay, so above the 786 702 618, and we are targeting 1.96 okay. So basically, this cup and handle would actually take us back to the previous high okay. So you can understand that we would potentially not move up there in a straight line. Wed get some resistance here, push up and then potentially come back down test the 786 before moving on up into new or not all time highs, but new highs are all around for this. Particular ball run right um before we actually start talking about moving up significantly to those higher tiers, right and so everythings. Looking pretty good and pretty interesting from that kind of perspective, that cup and handle pattern is targeting the previous high. Now it isnt the neatest cup and handle, and the cup and handles themselves are only 60 to 70, accurate and but with all that, and knowing all of these things then its important. We understand that theres a potential move here for xrp up to 1.96 and again timings the hardest thing to gauge, but it can happen very very quickly, as indicated over here right. We can see that it was only a space of a week and we had moved significantly to the upside um or it could happen. Nice and slow and steady right have those pull backs as needed and so timings always the hardest thing to gauge.

Anyone whos claiming something is going to happen within a certain time period is either very missing or ill informed or just misguiding everyone, because it is the most difficult part to get right and hardly anyone will ever get the timing on any particular price action right at All so um its important that we kind of give rough kind of timeline, so the expectation of the cup and handle would be um late october, beginning november um and obviously from there. We can then see what usually happens with xrp towards the end of the board, and so once we got into december, we things should really be heating up to these higher levels on the xrp chart: okay, um, so overall, the daily charts, looking pretty good right, weve Got good uh cup and handle forming here and good targets, good support, holding now at one dollar and seven um, and obviously looking to try to target and get above the six one. Eight that comes in at 1.40, the 702 at 1.53 and the 786 coming in. At 1.65 right this yellow box area here this is where the main battle is going to occur and something that we should be very aware of right because, as we push up into this area, theres going to be lots of resistance in here lots of rejection points And the idea here is to push through that 786 and get to the previous high of 196 right so and up here on this uh 14th of april.

So overall, everything on the daily charts. Looking pretty good at this point that were going to come over to the avid i o dashboard just to understand the underlined data and whether or not theres any potential issues so for those who are unfamiliar via io use, artificial intelligence and machine learning. To help us understand the underlying value of cryptocurrencies theres, a link in the description down below its completely free to sign up and youll, be able to get much deeper insight on your cryptocurrencies. So um seriously guys check it out. You wont be disappointed, and so what were going to do is were going to take a look at xrp on the avid io dashboard. We have a b2 rating overall, so its pretty neutral from that kind of perspective, okay, its not in the top tier its not in the worst here, so its looking pretty good as we come down, we actually have what they call power factors. These give us a little bit more clarity on whats actually going on in the background data for um xrp. So we have a fear and greed index that relates to xrp, specifically not the bitcoin one that you generally see all over youtube and but the actual fear and greed index for xrp, as determined by this artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is updated every single day, 24 hours and at the stroke of midnight now here, the sphere and greed index is showing a c3 rating that is indicating extreme fear for xrp, and when we take a look at things like uh bitcoin, for example, it was actually Quite greedy um, you know yesterday, for example, was actually really really greedy, whereas many of these old coins, including srp, were in extreme fear, which is why they were actually tumbling down in prices.

Money was rolling out chasing the green candles on bitcoin, okay. So what were actually seeing now is a c3 rating overall for the fear and greed index on xrp. So we know that theres extreme fear people are willing to sell xrp more than likely than to buy it right so um its important that we acknowledge whats going on there. We have an ami had ratio over here. On the right hand, side, the amihad ratio is your liquidity. This is showing a c2 rating, so like many altcoins in the space right now, they are experiencing liquidity based problems, and what is really unclear is that no exchange has come out and specifically says that theres a problem and then theyre preventing withdrawals or deposits and things Like that um, but ultimately theres a theres, a a good number of old queens that are experiencing a very similar problem that could be centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges. It could also be that theres, a mass selling event going on that. Basically, that is basically really badly affecting that liquidity. Now, not all altcoins are affected, but a serious number are and xrp is included in that, so there are liquidity based problems for xrp and that is going to basically make it more difficult to buy and sell xrp. Now, obviously, if youre in the states, youve got a lot of difficulty anyway, right um, but ultimately i think uh for everybody else in the world. Theres going to be problems with liquidity, buying and selling um, because uh yeah weve just got that that liquidity based problem and so its important that we understand it and obviously the liquidity based problem is also going to compound that fear.

Okay, so its going to be a lot more fear because its harder to buy and sell now as we come on down, we have moving averages up at a2, so the moving averages for xrp are looking very, very good, as in you know, youre in that second Best rating that this platform can give, and so therefore the moving averages are actually working incredibly well. The 10 day, the 50 day 100 day moving averages are looking pretty good for xrp right now, so overall and thats not a concern over on the right hand, side. Just over here we have the profitability, the return on investments up in a1 and which again makes a lot of sense, considering where it was um. You know just a few months ago to where it is today. It has obviously seen a significant bump in its price. Obviously, it has been held back by the lawsuit and the fact that the sec have done major billions of dollars worth of damage to retail investors. You know striking the heart of their motto after all, right um, as i think they really intend to protect retail their investors as they make out, but ultimately, theyve caused billions of dollars worth of damage to v10. Investors invested in xrp, um, obviously, thats damaged the kind of uh, the bull run aspect for xrp, and but that being said, it has still performed well and so well. In fact, it has an a1 rating, which is the best rating that you can get, and this is quite clear when youre buying it at like 17 after jay clayton dropped that lawsuit.

That was a mass selling event. Billions of dollars were lost um from people who were selling. Obviously i was not participating in selling. In fact, i was participating in buying up that fear at those lower prices and, as a result, obviously weve seen pretty significant bumps in our portfolio um, so its important that we acknowledge that yes, its been incredibly profitable, but it could have been better if it were Not for the efforts of um, you know jay clayton and the sec as we come down to the the probably one of the most important metrics to kind of pay attention to the sharp ratio. The sharper ratio is your risk reward ratio. This is showing an a2 rating which is really interesting, its an interesting metric to have side by side with that fear and greed index. So the sharp ratio is actually telling us and indicating to us that we might want to have some exposure to xrp okay. So basically, the rewards outweigh the risks. Okay, the second best rating that the platform can give the rewards outweigh the risks when you have rewards that outweigh the risk and you might want to have exposure to xrp and then you see a fear in greed index at c3. This to me personally is saying, actually theres some fear that is up for sale. You could get a discount on xrp, because the long term, you might want some exposure to it now, im, not a financial advisor chris is not a financial advisor.

Its important that you do your own research signing up to revive.io might just be a part of that research, along with everything else digging into the tech, the team, all that kind of good stuff. Now, ultimately, when i look at this data – and i see a sharp ratio – thats saying you might want exposure a fear in greed index saying it is extreme fear and knowing that we are in a middle of a ball run. Looking for some significant uh parabolic runs in the next few months, yeah thats fear im going to be buying up myself. Okay, so and for me, xrp, is actually in a pretty interesting spot. We have got some liquidity based problem that could make it a little bit difficult to buy the fear, but if you can find that liquidity and people are willing to sell their xrp, you could take advantage of that everything else on this underlying data from the avid.io Dashboard is looking incredibly good for xrp, so lets get back into the charts. Lets take this down into that hourly view and actually take a look at whats been going on most recently for xrp right. So here we can see that we had a good surge to the upside okay, pretty much as we were going into uh october in a really strong way so over here we have the first of october. If i actually just bring that down right, we have a good surge to the upside at the beginning of october.

Sideways trade. Okay, push up get rejected from that reject uh from up here at the price point right for you, guys at uh 1.23 pulling down and finding support okay, and basically, we actually went down to the previous support level over here on uh, which is one dollar six. Then weve gone back up weve pushed up again and were trying to find support on one dollar seven, as you can see that were approaching the oversold area on xrp. So it looks like the 1.7 support is likely to hold and we should be looking to now get a good push to the upside. But as i said, there are liquidity based problems, and that is actually going to create a bit of a problem for buying up xrp. We can also see that basically, the sentiment isnt very good. We can see that basically, as the price was actually pushing down, the volumes grew up a little bit and, as the price was pushing up, the volumes dropped down. Overall, we can see that the volumes were decreasing during this whole, decreasing emotion here that actually helped protect. The price the best it could, but until that sentiments kind of works, its work itself out the expectation longer term or at least kind of the medium term should be sideways trading. We should look to find um some good bouncing from our 1.7 kind of maybe taking ourselves up to that 1.20 area, just kind of bouncing around here until everything lines up.

That being said, though, thats kind of the next kind of 24 to 48 hour period its important that we do zoom out when we pay attention to what were talking about earlier. Okay. So, although there is volatility to be expected on those smaller time frames, we can of course expect or at least be aiming towards our cup and handle taking us to 1.96 okay. So, although there is volatility here on the smaller time frame, we should also acknowledge that and the volatility is for short periods and actually the bigger picture is actually looking like its moving up to the upside in a really nice strong way, guys im not going to Go on and on about the kind of smaller time frames for me, really im a long term investor id like to think about where the bull run is going and where it is likely to end these kind of small movements that we see on a day by Day basis are not overly important unless theyre actually taking into consideration some really kid key levels for us right now. The main thing that we want to take away is, of course, focusing in and holding the support level of 1.7. This is an area that weve been playing around with for quite some time, as you can see over here here here and here. This is an area that weve been trying to really hold in a nice strong way. We obviously fell through it.

Most brief, uh briefly and before pushing right the way back up and what were looking for is that good push to the 1.96, but thats not likely to happen until we a get that liquidity issue resolved and, of course, sort the sentiment out in the space. The sentiment will be resolved once bitcoin actually pushes past its 786 area, the 57 and a half thousand dollar area on the charts, and ideally we need a weekly closed candle above that 786.. To do that with bitcoin would basically determine the rest of the bull run and will allow us to continue growing in a really strong way. Bitcoin does target 67 k in the month of october, beginning of november with its cup and handle pattern, and if that does actually come through and get completed, we should be in a pretty good position for all of these altcoins xrp included to continue their ball runs To the upside and talk about new, all time highs in the very near horizon for xrp guys im going to leave the video there if you have found it useful and informative hit that like button, i really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to The channel then do go ahead and subscribe tap.