Also why celsius right now is on a 50 fire sale and we are doing our first nft video going to show you how to find some blue chips at absolutely bargain. Bottom prices stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at bitcoin and why it may have a minor cooldown but eventually well find its feet by december, also celsius on discount and were bargain hunting for nfts. So before we get into it, make sure to like subscribe click, the notification bell also todays video, is sponsored by rubik exchange, so stay tuned till the end for a review. Now, if we take a look, people have been looking at october being the blast off zone for bitcoin. We have these five etfs right here from october 18th till november, first, with between a two to one and a 50 to one chance of getting approved first, but it seems like there may be some delays in these etfs until 2022. According to research, firm cfra regulatory uncertainty could cause yet more delays in the approval of long awaited bitcoin etfs, this crypto asset manager, todd rosenbluth, the senior director of the etf and research uh firm cfra says that while bitcoin futures is likely to be first crypto etf To gain approval, he cautioned that the current clouded regulatory situation could cause further delays right now, theres more than 20 asset backed etfs waiting, and they may have to wait for a long time.

He goes on to say that its possible, in fact, we think its likely that were going to see a delay of bitcoin futures etfs until 2022 until the regulatory environment is more clear now. What does that mean for bitcoin price today? Well, as you can see, bitcoin has broken out of long term downtrend from the top back in april. Also touching a top back here in september, we broke out of there. Last week we actually broke through the first line of resistance right around fifty four thousand dollars. However, it seems like bitcoin found resistance at the next peak right around fifty eight thousand dollars. And if we do something just a little bit interesting, because this peak was very similar to the peak back, oh say in july. And if we just lie that bar pattern. Over where we are right now guess what it pretty much matches up identically, we did the same exact thing. Potentially, the price could come back down resting on what was previous resistance now could come support before bitcoin actually blasts off, headed towards new levels, sometimes around the end of october, but it appears like there is a large pump coming to bitcoin hinting this price metric down. Here the stochastic rsi, the monthly stochastic rsi. If we take a look at it here, it happened and i might just have to move it so its not behind my head, but it happened its just happening right now in september.

It happened before in may and then previously it happened again in 2013. Well, after the first time there was a 27x and then a 7.7 x and then in may there was a 4.5 x. So potentially, where could it go from here? Thats? The question could go up significantly: a lot of people are talking minimum 100 000 up to 200 300, 500 million 1.5 mil. Who knows where the price could potentially go, because i think we see the narrative changing from bitcoin being speculative drug money to actually being digital gold. Finally, it only took four years goodness now. This news for celsius today raised some red flags for me, actually green flags green, like boner candle flags for me, because crypto lending firm celsius raises 400 million dollars now, just last month they had all these states coming against them, for you know whatever that and theyre Still clearly doing lawsuits, because the regulations are completely nobody talks about what the actual regulations are but theyre taking care of it. However, celsius just got funded for another 400 million dollars and its not the 400 million its the credibility that comes with the people who wrote these checks. These checks are from west cap, the case the depot de placement of quebec. So basically, they get a lot of fun funding from canada. Now? What does this mean? Well, this means that now, with the funding theyve got there. The new funding round values celsius over three billion dollars, marking a massive increase from 10 million equity funding last year, which brought their post money valuation to 150 million dollars.

That means that, as of right now, if we take a look at celsius market cap 1.3 billion dollars, what did i just say? New funding values it at over three billion dollars? They have an ever growing customer base. The celsius is literally going to be the world bank in the future. I mean, if you just look at the way things are going. Celsius is going to be the world bank because everybodys holding crypto and you can put it in celsius securely and earn roughly 4 to 10 15. Sometimes 20 interest like when i first put my polygon in there guess what i was getting almost 20 interest on that payback in polygon. So that being said, that being said, uh if you dont use celsius. Yet there is a link down in the description on the pinned comment: uh, but the big news today: tick tock top moments, thats right, tick, tock, nft sales; they have their auction and their auction is being held on immutable x right now, roughly 6.8, each now in Case you havent heard of it immutable x. Well, youve probably had your head buried in the sand, because this is probably going to be one of the most valuable projects out there competing with openc very popular everybody likes it, its basically nfts on layer two. So you dont have to pay ridiculous fees like you do on openc. Did you know that openc has already burned, like some insane amount of ethereum, almost half a million a theory? No, i think thats half a million ethereum have been burned total since eip 1559, but most of that is on nfts.

Nfts are actually going to cause ethereum price to blow up, because the pro the main cause of ethereum being burned is nfts. So immutable x, however, has nfts, but you dont burn as much ethereum as a matter of fact. Experience zero gas fees, trades and carbon neutral. Nfts for marketplace, games and applications without compromise. Now, if we take a look at a mutable x, the blue chip on immutable x right now would be none other than moody crows floor price .68 eth also, probably the next most popular astro, bros 0.18 eth floor price, and you know if you missed crypto punks. If you missed uh doge pound, if you missed what other stuff i dont know all of them, if you missed all of them, guess what now on mutablex you can get some at a discount because youll be the first. These are the first i mean who knows whats going to happen with nfts. I hope one of two things is going to happen for me: making videos about nfts number one going to start making a lot of money in fts or number two. The hype is going to die down around nfcs, either way i win. So that being said, if you want to find some bargain nfts, like bargain bargain bar because, like i said, im a complete noob when it comes to nfts. But if you want to find bargains check out this dudes channel ryan d crypto, he makes some amazing videos ive been watching all his videos recently really good videos about nfts, and he has a very good personality like some of the most popular nft peddlers out.

There are very arrogant, pricks im not going to name games, but they just have very bad personalities. This guy here randy crypto, awesome personality hes there to help the community, and i think that is awesome. So that being said, coming up on thursday, i am doing an ama on coin telegraph, marcus pro who i have a new partnership with, and if you want to come on that ama and ask me any questions, you want just click the link down in the description On the pinned comment, you could become a cointelegraph markers pro member, where you get the news before its actually written and you get the news quakes, which are picking out roughly half of the top performing coins every single week. You could use a platform, and you could also ask me questions now on to the sponsored part of the review rubik exchange, like i said this is sponsored so clearly do your own due diligence before investing uh, but that being said, i think this is a pretty Interesting project, so this is trade. All your crypto in one place. Rubik provides swaps, bridges and cross chain routing features with the lowest gas fees. They have cross chain swaps, so you can swap assets between multiple blockchains in a single swap six blockchains ethereum binance smart chain. Polygon tron x, die and harmony and coming up avalanche, and you can trade 7, 500 plus assets now its roughly around 9 000 assets trade more assets with the lowest gas fees.

They allow you to trade any token on any network, with the best rates and low fees across multiple blockchains theyve won grants with major blockchain platforms such as polygon, strategically partnered and integrated with major platforms and companies like unit swap one ish sushi swap quick, swap pancake. Swap finance polygon day and rubik, so we will show you exactly how to do these swaps yourself. But if we take a look, there are multi chain d5 ecosystem which features cross chain pdp instant swaps and limit orders across multiple blockchains aiming to deliver a complete one. Stop decentralized platform, this one does have the potential where, if they can pull it off, they could be like the one of the top decentralized exchanges competing among the likes of something like uniswap or pancake swap or sushi swap or any of them. You could do it all across any chain using just one platform: thats the thats, i believe their goal. They have custom routing, so you can trade any tokens. The main ability is to calculate gas prices and show the best optimized solution with paying the least amount of gas, instant trades, multi chain support, cross chain swaps, faucets, p2p trades limit orders and a lot of different dex features there. Now this is basically what happens. You have instant trades and pdp trades and you can see in the roadmap theyve already completed a lot of stuff already starting out in early 2021 and continuing to where they are now all the way down here now.

That being said, they last week they successfully integrated pangolin as a dex for avalanche network uh. Four days ago they announced that pango index is now live at Now the users can complete on chain swaps on the avalanche network, so that added a lot more pairs on their platform. Not only that just 14 hours ago they successfully integrated trader joe as a dex for the avalanche network, announcing that trader joe is live at The integration will allow users to find the best rates across their integrated dexes on the avalanche network, and, if you take a look, this is what the exchange looks like. They have swaps, they have bridges, they have cross chain, you can buy directly from here and you can connect your wallet as a matter of fact. Lets take a look at how to complete some of these on your very own. So the first thing youre going to do is connect your wallet and for this were going to use metamask, and then you can see that we have the wallet connected and in this example, what were going to do is exchange well, do bnb for eth, and we Select both of those and as you can see, they have a whole bunch of different coins that you can exchange here, a whole bunch of different chains. You can see all the ones here on binance smart chain and if we take a look, you can also see all the ones available on ethereum, so they have an absolute ton of tokens.

I think right roughly around 9000 tokens right now, but in this example, what were going to do is just exchange point two bnb for each were going to do a swap, we click swap, and then you can confirm the transaction in your wallet and the trade is In progress, you can click here to see the details of your trade, but roughly after about one or two minutes, the trade has gone through and you can see the trade is completed here from binance smart chain to ethereum and thats pretty much it now. I hope you found that instructive for how to use it because guys it doesnt end just there. As a matter of fact, during october a lot of the platforms they have on avalanche avalanche partners, theyre going to be offering full refunds on multi chain swaps on avalanche, select avalanche partner. So you definitely want to stay tuned for that, and not only that, but with this video today the first 200 swaps will be compensated with zero gas fees in brbc by using this promo code right here. Crypto love so make sure if you do use this on your cross chain. Swaps use the promo code, crypto love the first 200 of these. You will get the gas fees completely refunded in brbc, so guys that is all for todays episode for the review of rubik. Like i said very interesting project like i get a lot of projects on the channel this one – i am very very interested in potentially could be competing something along the likes of unit swap pancake, swap something like that.

They already have a completely working platform. So something definitely worth taking a look at. Thank you so much for sponsoring the episode today.