This is tony with journey crypto, so i think a common goal for everyone in the crypto space is to get their crypto and nft portfolio up to a million dollar value, and more so in this video were going to talk about exactly that. How i personally did this and how i sped up this process and had a much higher success rate so before we jump into this video. I do appreciate, if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular videos, Music, so with the crypto space. Looking so good, lately everything on a general uptrend. I definitely think all coins are going to start blasting off soon and i do think we are going to see a surge in bitcoin uh retesting, the previous all time high within the next month here so, depending on how things really go. Thats definitely going to be great for the crypto space and i think, as soon as we do start testing previous all time highs thats. When its going to be very obvious that we are going to 100 000 bitcoin, especially with all the mass adoption happening and everything in general, that is coming to cryptocurrency, so many companies working on their own crypto products and services – and this is going to bring so Many more users and its uh very important is accessibility as well, which we are getting more uh at a steady rate.

So i see huge growth potential in both the crypto and nft space going forward, at least for the next year and a half or so, and i do believe, as the metaverse develops and uh more crypto related services and accessibility, uh becomes available, uh, both crypto and The nft space will be rising together, so, of course, we will have peaks and uh. This will be moving in waves, where uh volume dies down there isnt as much hype. We see this in the nft space really bad, where we pretty much see peak volume for just two or three days, and then it crashes back to where it levels out for the next month or so, and then more waves come as theres, big announcements or influencers Getting into these nft projects, so if you want to become a millionaire in the crypto and nft space, one of my top recommendations is to get as integrated into the space as possible and put as much time as possible into researching and understanding the space. You should put at least 100 hours into research and uh watching these cryptocurrencies before you start moving large amounts of money around, especially if youre, a smaller investor and you cant afford to lose that money. So you definitely want to be on twitter for both cryptocurrencies and nfts for crypto projects. This is generally where theyre going to drop their announcements first, so you can make some quick flips. If you do catch this on time, just browsing twitter, you might actually see something pretty big.

This has happened to me multiple times in both crypto and nfts, so also with nfts. I just happened to be browsing twitter. One night uh 2 am on a friday night and i saw people talking about minting board abr club, and that happened to be my best investment of 2021 and possibly my best investment. Ever at this point, so you can catch some pretty crazy stuff. Just browsing twitter uh, so i do recommend that getting on here and getting integrated becoming active in the community following as many uh good accounts as possible uh, you guys can just go to my profile here and uh just check out who im following and there will Be recommendations on twitter and the sidebars and everything follow as many people as you can that do provide good value. So if you guys end up following me on twitter, i do regular crypto and nft giveaways im trying to get one big giveaway going once per week. Here and i do post here more throughout the day and generally, you will find info on crypto and nft projects. Im, looking at before, youll find out here on youtube, so definitely recommend that uh thats definitely one of my best tips and where ive picked up. Some of my best investments is just browsing twitter and following the right accounts and uh being active in the community in general, so i also recommend getting on discord, especially for nfts, just be very careful in discord.

This is where the majority of scams are happening for nfts, so my next major tip here is to have a solid entry and exit strategy. This is extremely important to your long term. Success in the markets, and this will also help you avoid emotional trading. So everyone talks about having an exit strategy, but i think more important than that is the entry strategy, especially if youre a long term trader. So this article on investopedia, simple and effective exit trading strategies, so traders spend hours fine tuning entry strategies but then blow out their accounts taking bad exits uh. In fact, most of us lack effective exit planning, often getting shaken out at the worst possible price. So this will generally happen because uh retail investors uh trade out of emotion. So when theres mass panic in the markets thats when theyre questioning their investment the most and thats when theyre most likely to act on this, because everyone else is and pretty much uh theyre going to be dumping at the bottom there and thats generally, where you want To flip this psychology and be buying there and then be taking profits uh when everyone is being greedy and were on the way up. So, by doing this and staggering your orders, you can definitely be a much more successful trader in the long term, and this is why its one of my top recommendations to trading up to a million dollars. You have to have an effective entry and exit strategy.

So i actually did a full video on this going over. My personal entry and exit strategy offer long term success. You guys head over to my channel its the pinned video here and i do recommend going down uh below and going to my cryptocurrency guides, playlist, which i will link in the top right of this video as well, and i have around 20 or more videos here. Constantly adding new videos for guides that can help you guys get started in the cryptic space and be more successful in the long term, so that brings us to our next tip, which is avoiding emotional investing. This is very important. This going hand in hand with having a good entry and exit strategy will definitely help you be much more successful in the long term, no matter what projects youre actually trading, so investors seem to have a knack for piling into investments at a market top and selling. At the bottoms, because it is not uncommon to get entangled in media hype or fear. So if you are able to actually understand this and flip this psychology, youre generally going to be able to make better decisions, especially if your dollar cost to averaging as well, which is why i do highly recommend going over that video on my channel. That is pinned it goes over how i dollar cost average, while having an entry and exit strategy and actually uh reversing this psychology thats exactly what you want to be doing, no matter what projects youre going into applying.

That will definitely help you have a higher success rate for the long term. So investing based on emotion, greed or fear is the main reason why so many people are buying at market tops and selling at market bottoms. And if you do look at the crypto charts, thats, basically a direct reflection of the general uh emotion of retail investors. So, as things are spiking up and going parabolic, that is extreme fear or greed and as things are tanking into a bear market, that is extreme fear and if you do flip that and youre buying the fear and selling the greed um, while dollar cost averaging. That, generally will make out for a much better portfolio in the long term. So this does this as well: dollar, cost averaging and diversification are two approaches that investors can implement to make consistent decisions that are not driven by emotion. So definitely understand this and apply this. No matter what projects youre looking into so this next tip is pretty obvious, but it makes all the difference in your return on investment and thats being ahead of the herd. I do have multiple videos on these topics. If you do check out that crypto guides playlist, so i do think were very early to the nft space. I did a tweet on this a couple hours ago and i did a very important video on nfts a couple days ago. I do recommend checking that out. Some more great info on there on why were so early to nfts and i do think another huge surge in volume is coming.

So you want to acquire blue chip nfts until the metaverse further develops and becomes mainstream were still very early here, and i definitely think the metaverse is where nfts will be getting their main utility. Imagine if being in virtual reality being able to go to your favorite artists, house or famous actor or something going to their virtual house in the metaverse and being able to see all their verified nfps on display. That is going to be massive for the nft space. So personally i got into the nft space expecting to hold multiple years out before i really saw any huge profits. Of course, we did hit the nft gold rush and were seeing massive return on investment on a lot of nft sets in just a few months period of time, uh, which i definitely think isnt going to last but um like i said. I think this will come in waves and um as we approach mainstream adoption for the metaverse thats, really when some of these blue chip sets are going to be blasting off but, like gary v said, a lot of these sets are not gon na make it theyre. Gon na go to zero or theyre just gon na drop a ton in value, so just be very aware of that and be very careful of what projects you get into. If you dont understand the collectible mindset, then you should definitely stick to cryptocurrency all coins, because theyre much more liquid and you can uh take profit and invest much easier as well.

So if you guys want more guidance in the nft space and to get ahead of the herd, i am launching my own membership nft and a month. This will also give you access to minting future sets that i launch. I have two more sets in the works and im already planning out multiple years of utility for these nfts and im planning a full company, hiring a full staff, and i have huge things that are going to be huge for the entire nft space. Not just my personal nft sets, so i will give you guys more information on those as we get closer to launching uh, just keep in mind theres already scammers out there impersonating this theres fake uh membership, nft sets on openc and ill only announce these. On. My official twitter and youtube account dont believe anything else that you see anywhere else so that pretty much sums it up on all my main tips on how to be successful in the crypto nft space in the long term and grow that crypto portfolio to a million Dollar value or more its definitely possible for any average investor. I did it myself, starting on a very small amount in 2017, just trading my way up and implementing all of these different strategies. My last main tip here is to just enjoy the journey and dont. Let this stress you out too much dont, be checking uh your portfolio value and the crypto prices 20 times a day, if that stresses you out, unless youre actually day trading and its necessary or youre, looking to make an entry or exit in the market and thats Generally, when you want to be watching the prices, you can also set up alerts and just uh set it aside.

So its not stressing you out and use that time to do proper research and uh further your crypto experience, if you dont, actually enjoy what youre doing then its going to be much harder to be successful, especially in a space like this, where it could be very Stressful and everything moves 100 miles per hour and things can change day by day, so thats it for this video. I hope you guys found it useful. If you did, i do appreciate if you guys liked the video comment below. Let me know what you thought about this video if you want to add any tips to this. I appreciate that share this with friends and family. That would also find this useful and help them become better crypto traders. For the long term, everything helps the channel grow and it also helps the crypto space thrive as a whole. The more educated we get as a whole, the better were gon na do uh in the long term as well. As you guys know, the uh cryptocharts are a direct reflection of uh retail investor emotion. So, as we get more educated, then we will do better in the long term.