This is usually going to start opening up the skies to give these altcoins a chance to shine and were seeing this with ethereum right now, which is why i think this is such a big deal and dont worry im gon na make a video just about ethereum. If youre curious to know my thoughts about that, so make sure you subscribe, if you havent done so already. But what im seeing right here is potentially an amazing setup for xrp and the reason im looking at this and the reason im so interested in it – is that i think its right now on the verge of a very big breakout and it could turn into some. Quite significant price action, so i want to show you exactly what this looks like by actually drawing a little bit of a box here, just to demonstrate some resistance that ive been seeing that stretches roughly between bear with me roughly between 1.13 and 1.14, and we are Right now, just below that area of resistance, and if we take a look at whats, happened to xrp every time it broke this resistance. It ended up moving up very very nicely. I mean from the bot um sorry from the top of this range about 14 cents were looking at a first breakout up to 1.20, so thats, a very nice increase right there, the second time it rises all the way up to 1.23 and the third time we Find support off this level were actually rising up to 18 cents, so in all three cases where we get real breakouts above this green box right here, xrp actually tends to perform really well, even on this one fake out right here and im going to talk about This with a little bit more precision in just a few minutes, you can see that when xrp rises above this green box, it really wants to pump very nicely, and the thing thats exciting about that to me is that this presents another opportunity to basically trade.

What ethereum has already done uh now? This is again. This is the same thing that i talk about on this channel all the time right, those of you whove been subscribed and who have been hitting up that like button. I love you all so much youre gon na know very well that i talk a lot about how, when bitcoin starts, making big moves to the upside and then finally kind of trades sideways in this case its consolidating and expanding, which youd know. If you watched my previous video so go ahead and check that out, if you missed it, but when bitcoin kind of starts stabilizing in these ways and doing things that you know – and i usually label it as anything, thats boring price action when bitcoin does that we Start to see money flooding into the altcoin market, usually starting with ethereum, and the reason that this is such a big deal is that ethereum is only the first of this chain of dominoes to blow up and after that, its whatever are the major altcoins. There are that have a nice bullish setup so, for example, cardano also looking really nice. You guys would remember as well that ive been saying over these past couple of days that altcoins have been absolutely decimated against bitcoin. Take a look at this cardano really falling off a cliff against bitcoin these past couple of days right this um! This right here is just the beginning of october, and you can see that pretty much since the beginning of october, cardano was trading at 0.

000048 satoshis of bitcoin rather and its actually falling down by 1 000 satoshis, which is a big drop. I mean this is like a 20 drop if my math is correct, so we are looking at these altcoins that have actually lost a lot of strength against bitcoin, potentially now getting ready for nice. Breakouts were actually seeing this on cardano as well. I really want to point this out to you just while im here to to just show you that you know what ive been talking about these past couple of days, where i was telling you guys look now is the time to start really paying attention to these Altcoins, you can see that again that four flights wisdom has come into fruition and these coins are painting some very nice bullish patterns right previously, cardano actually formed a descending triangle which ended up breaking to the downside. This time were forming a bullish, ascending triangle before potentially targeting levels, like you know, 4 000 satoshis and gaining some strength against bitcoin, and this is at a time where bitcoin is actually looking kind of weak. You guys again well know about this. If you watched my previous video, so none of this has taken us by surprise and really what i want to do here is again focus your attention back onto xrp, because this is one of those coins that can really blow up very nicely if it starts to Break these areas of resistance, and of course, if it does that, we can be looking at some really nice profit making potential right here.

Some really nice moves where we can really just catapult to the upside, and these might not look like really really big moves. But we are talking about things that are bigger than 10 20 30 in in terms of price action for xrp against the dollar. And, of course, you know you just slap a little bit of leverage behind that and youre going to be looking at really really nice profits in this market. So to me that is definitely very exciting, and this isnt, the only thing that looks good for xrp. In my opinion, if i start taking some of these indicators that i that you guys know i love to use, you can start to see that actually right now, xrp is battling some resistance right here on the one hour time frame the ichimoku cloud right. So this is one of my favorite indicators in this market or in any market really, and what this is showing us is that theres, some good resistance right here – around 1.14 1.145 um dollars right here, uh – and we have already been rejected by this and, like i Said the one time we broke out, it did nicely rally uh a little bit higher by about one cent, and i know that might not sound like a lot, but that is nearly one percent of price action, so i mean its its better than you know. Just a small little touch like this: its definitely something that you should take note of and whats great about this is that if we manage to break this resistance well, that means we have no more bearish clouds above us right now or right now, that were in A bearish cloud, so we dont really have any resistance above us.

If we manage to clear this area of resistance, which is exactly the same thing that i was telling you at the beginning of the video when i was talking about over here, um, you know with xrps price action where, when it manages to pump above the screen Box, it does move really nicely right when it pumps above the box or when it comes down for support. It tends to move really really nicely and we could be looking at a similar setup right now, because this ichimoku cloud is actually showing us that we dont have resistance above this cloud, which i think is phenomenal. And if we switch this over to the four hour time frame, which is a much longer term timeframe than just the one hour, its actually continuing to paint the same bullish picture for me because its showing us that, if xrp, actually just kind of trades sideways now, Just for the next couple of days i mean were talking about literally the next day and a half not even a couple of days. Xrp is actually going to start to enjoy quite a bit of support by this four hour, ichimoku cloud again indicating that it does have a good amount of support behind it, and this is all basically me making the case right here, where you guys again, whove been Watching regularly whove been subscribed, whove been gaining access to all of this content first and quickly, while this market is popping off youll.

Remember that ive always been saying that, while bitcoin makes these big moves to the upside, if it starts to stabilize a little bit thats where these alt coins like ethereum, can start popping off and of course, ethereum has already moved up really nicely. If we measure this from, you know the lows to where ethereum is right, now its pumped up by a thousand dollars, which is a big price increase. I mean this is something like a 30 percent increase that ethereum has already seen against the dollar and its gained about five percent against bitcoin, so not nearly as interesting when you compare it to what you could have made if you were holding bitcoin, but it is Still nice to be outperforming bitcoin, because that means that you can earn more bitcoins, and this is exactly where im seeing the opportunities for xrp right here because, like i said, bitcoin pumps first, then it stabilizes, then ethereum and other big cap altcoins, like xrp, will generally Have their time to shine and then the money will you know if the bull market lasts that long, then the market money will start flooding into the coins at the smaller much more speculative investments that you know you can either make 100x on or you can just Lose 99 of your money, and i think that thats kind of the setup that this market could be in right now, given where the ichimoku cloud is and what this is looking like.

So, of course, that to me is a very exciting setup in this market. Right now, thats, not all, though it actually gets better than that. If we actually again zoom back into this one hour time frame, perhaps even dive just a little bit deeper um, you can actually see the same thing that ive been talking about with the si chi moku clutter actually applies to this green box. Let me just make this a little bit more opaque so that you can see this more clearly, and you can see right here that xrp has been finding meaningful resistance around this range. So weve actually got a confluence of various different indicators and tools telling us that we have resistance in the same place and again the reason that thats so significant is. It does mean that when we do manage to get the breakout this, if we do manage to get the breakout because, of course, nothings guaranteed, this can actually explode to quite nice levels. Um. I just want to take a look at where some of the um you know momentum is as well on this chart because i havent actually looked at this lets, zoom back in onto the four hour time frame, and yes, we do have some nice four hour support For it, um xrp right now as well, which is absolutely great um, and the final thing that i want to show you, which i think is, actually you know really what seals the deal here.

For me, just in my opinion is what xrps long term trend looks. Like i mean those of you, whove been following xrp for a while youll know that xrp has massive crazy tendencies to do very, very crazy things, and i think that there is some potential for something like that. Just at the moment as well, i want to change this chart over to the logarithmic chart and show you a very interesting pattern that the whole xrp trend has been in for quite a while, which stretches a little bit like this, for a resistance line and our Support we can find is bear with me while i find the correct level. Uh is stretching from here uh up to about over here, and we can see that right now, xrp is in quite a nice overall um. You know kind of i dont even know what youd call this. Is this a its kind of like a symmetrical triangle? Not quite but uh? Definitely something that comes across that way and the whole idea is that its kind of been consolidating here for much of this year before potentially getting ready for that blow off. So to me this looks very, very exciting, very, very enticing indeed, and of course that is not something which i want to take lightly. So um im really loving what im seeing right here if you are as well make sure to hit up that like button and subscribe im going to give you updates on how this is evolving, it looks very dangerous to trade.

If you zoom in you can start to see why, because xrp has had a meaningful breakout right here i mean this is quite a large breakout. In fact, the breakout is bigger than the candle body itself, yet xrp ended up getting sent back down. So that kind of move right there can really mislead you into thinking that the breakout has initiated. You can enter your long positions here and you would be stopped out or liquidated right, so this would actually be, or you know, youd just be in a lot. So this wouldnt be a very nice position to be in so it does require a good amount of planning and preparation to be able to trade – something like this but thats. What im all about this is all the analysis side of things inside of vip. If i do plan on trading this, which im quite interested in doing, i will be telling vips exactly how i plan on doing that, and i actually already have a plan about it and im going to be sharing that in vip very very shortly. So im not going to be revealing that on this video, but there is one way that ive identified that i can potentially trade this its not 100. You know it might not even happen but um. You know i dont really care. I dont chase these things. If it happens, it happens if not theres a million more theres plenty fish plenty of fish in the sea, obviously so um, you know what im looking at is a potential strategy to trade this without that risk, because xrp is very famous for getting these big breakouts Right its look at this, it has some nice support here, but bam it just falls below the floor and then immediately comes right back up it fakes out a lot, its a very, very normal thing for xrp to do.

Take a look at just how big these wicks can be right, its a very extreme coin in terms of its price action, because of how much is manipulated. But if you know this and you can protect yourself from it, its actually really not that bad. So if you want to be able to see how im going to be doing that in this market, then you can join my fourth list vip group, where i tell you everything about every trade im making from start to finish. I teach you what im doing as well from a to z, absolutely everything all bases covered. You can join and find out how to join by clicking on the first link in the description down below, and there are some instructions around that as well. So i really hope you have enjoyed this one stick around for that ethereum video thats, probably going to be coming up very soon and ill.