All five of these stocks can easily double over the next 12 to 18 months and if you havent hit that, like button hit the like button, i really do appreciate it and it does help the channel out a lot. And if you want to get some free coins, i am giving out free, dogecoins and free bitcoins and we have actually have a shiba inu coin here: thats new one tar edition just write hashtag in the name of that coin. In the comment section down below all right lets, talk about putin who says crypto is here to stay and he does support it, so were getting other communist countries theyre absolutely on board with crypto. This is huge news. This means that were going to get more and more of the world thats going to accept and actually purchase. Cryptocurrencies lets talk about united states now becoming the biggest crypto mining country in the world, everybody that could fled from china and they came to texas in other states. In the united states they went to other countries. This is huge for united states economy and for just anybody that wants some stability in the crypto world. Lets talk about stripe, reentering, yes, stripe is reentering the crypto business and the world after banning it. This is fantastic news. A lot of these businesses are realizing theyre losing billions, if not trillions, of dollars over the next five to ten years by not getting into crypto you dont wan na miss the boat.

Like i said, we are in that infancy stage for crypto right now. If you buy an ethereum coin for three or four thousand dollars, it could be worth a hundred forty thousand dollars over the next five to 10 years. This is when you want to be buying right now. All right lets talk about crypto overtaking the worlds richest company. In the entire world, yes, cryptocurrency is technically now the richest business in the entire planet. This is unbelievable, so well talk about what this means for our investments lets. Also talk about. People that are picking cryptocurrency over gold, in fact were having a huge transition where people are selling off their silver theyre selling off their gold and theyre dumping that money into cryptocurrency, because its gon na give them huge returns versus just a couple of percentages which what Gold and silver has done. This is huge news now, if youre brand new to my channel consider subscribing down below, i do daily updates on the dosh going all the way cryptocurrency and stocks now if youre subscribed and you have that bell notification icon turn on that bell. Notification is going to notify you not just when to buy into certain stocks and cryptos, but i want to sell out of them and keep those gains, and if you want to get two to four free stocks with weibo. That link is in my description for weeble and robinhood, and some free stocks never hurt anybody.

Remember. Free money is always fantastic to pick up now. Those of you that want to get those live alerts. The second i buy or sell in real time. You can do that via patreon, its the very first link in my description. Youll get the live, buying seller to get access to my entire portfolio. You can see. I took 10 000 to 105 000 in just 10 months and you can join that 10. Kid to 100k challenge as well and if youre, if youre interested in purchasing a miner, i also sell miners. That link is in my description, all right lets get into our stocks and kryptos Music. All right, everybody lets take a look at our portfolio really quickly. We got corsair 27 bucks we got in at 26 were up about three percent again. This is going to be a really big winner, long term, if youre a long term investor pick up. Some corsair shares moving on the walgreens that actually crashed this morning on good news. Just remember: when stupid people sell off when the end theres fantastic news, yeah you buy those dips. We bought that dip. We averaged our costs down to 46. Bucks were up almost 10 percent and this is a dividend paying stock, fantastic pickup again this is easily a 60 70 stock and its a dividend paying you know not bad right. Pick up. Some shares coinbase, remember what i said: coinbase under 250 dollar reference price steal of a deal and what were doing buying it under that 250 reference price and were up almost 13 fantastic pickups so far were up almost 26 with sofi.

Remember you got ta, buy those dips and no kia is that six bucks were up almost 50 percent again thats. Why those live, buy and sell alerts using my patreon is so important if you buy in the second, i actually buy it. You can time it perfectly and get that 10 20 percent return literally within a week or two thats, how you keep flipping that money, and you take that 10 kid to 100k and again, if youre interested in joining that 10k to 100k challenge, make sure you click On that link join me on patreon youll get those live buying sellers and i also do portfolio reviews and i sell miners if youre interested in mining again. That is all in my description down below all right: dosh going 23 cents trying to get to a nice little three percent. Here again, we have been consolidating lets. Take a look at the last. You can see weve just kind of not really done a whole lot over the last week or even the last month. We can go from right now, all the way back to september 14, and not a lot has happened. This is why this is probably a good buy to dip opportunity as its staying stagnant. I think its actually one of those sleeping giants as well thats waiting to rally somewhere between 32 to 46 cents and remember january, when we started rocketing upwards. What did i say? Even actually november december of last year, i said, dogecoin has the possibility to get to about 46 cents by the end of 2021.

. Well, i was completely wrong. We skyrocketed all the way to about 75, almost 76 cents. At that point, as soon as i saw a little bit of retracement, i sold all of it off, took my money and then slowly started buying back into it when it crashed to 14 cents. But we again, i still stand by that number, even though we went to 75 cents crashed to 14 and were now back to 24 cents. I still think were gon na end this year, somewhere around 46 cents. So again, thats still doubling your money from the current price. Very impressive and lets take a look at lets. Switch this over to dogecoin. Here lets use binance and again we actually had a buy alert and right now its got a little bit of a sell alert, but this is more of a whole slash buy in my opinion and right now we might have another a little bit of a retracement Or we might actually have a huge rally to 80 000. Just you know if you compare this year to last year, this is exactly when last year started, keep in mind last october. You know even a month before that we started slow lynching. Our way upwards bitcoin went from 8, 000, 9 000 and then eventually just kept going all the way to 65 000. I think history might repeat itself again, so this is why i said in the last 14 videos, as i was starting that countdown that right now were in the beginning phases of that rally and look at bitcoin holding very strong trying to break through this 58.

000 resistance, again huge, buy alert for bitcoin as mutual funds and huge, really rich and institutional investors put money into it. Moving on lets take a look at ethereum again another one thats stuck at that 3800 range, but were gon na get back to about forty. Two hundred dollars and then were gon na, probably not have any resistance till about fifty six hundred dollars again, even though weve been stagnant for the month of september, which is a hundred percent expected the last decade, ive seen every single september just be a loser. One. Two three percent, sometimes more but its just one of those months but remember timing: the market is not what you want to do time in the market is always better than trying to time the market so well be in the market as much as possible. All right. Moving on over here, we do have a buy alert over here, which is pretty amazing and lets switch to ethereum over here lets. Take a look if ethereum is a buyer, which i think you know you should be averaging your cost into it and pretty much. Never selling it all right, so we do have a huge buy alert here for ethereum and again, like i said as long as you hold long term, youre gon na most likely become a millionaire just off of cryptocurrencies alone, all right ripple dollar. 13. Again, this is the bridge between cryptos. You should be buying it cardano again still ive been talking about polka, dot and cardano for quite some time under two dollars and 30 cents steal of a deal, you should be picking up some cardano moving on to binance coin.

I sent that a huge buy alert at 320, which was somewhere right here. If you were buying it, you made a ton of money and again what was i saying i was saying: polka dot is our nice little hidden gem and we were down as low as about lets. Take a look here: 25, so youre, getting close to 40 percent 50 returns on your money lets just all right. Going back to our peak over here we went from 25 to lets divide this up to 42, so were up about 40 percent thats, a ridiculous gain! Very, very nice, all right, shane lick is another one of our sleepers here. This should really i mean lets just go back and take a look. We were as high as about 52 dollars. I think we should be able to end this year at around 55. So more than doubling your money from the current price, another sleeper over here same with polygon, you should be adding polygon to your portfolio. All right, shiba inu over here 2754, a little bit of a pullback, well see what it does. Moving on from shiba inu to putin, saying that crypto is not worthless and has the right to exist and we do have russian support for crypto. What does this mean? I think most other communist countries are gon na, follow in the footsteps of what exactly putin is saying, aside from china clearly and then were gon na have a massive rally coming over the next two or three months, fantastic news.

So united states emerges as the biggest bitcoin miner in the world after china crackdown yeah, china. You did this to yourself. You literally took billions, if not trillions, of dollars from your country, and you gave it to america. Thank you very much and well take it. Well. Take all the miners and we will prosper from it all right, so payment giant stripe says its reentering, the crypto market after they actually banned it and stopped dealing with it. You know what they realized, that they were idiots and they were missing on billions. If not trillions of dollars again, most of these stupid companies and stupid countries that are banning cryptocurrencies are realizing that theyre missing out on a opportunity of a lifetime. We had the same thing will happen with internet a few decades ago, where people said internet was a fad. I kid you not, and they said it was just some transitional thing that was going to go away, not the entire world. Every single satellite dish, every single cell phone computer, even vehicles, everything runs off the internet and in the next decade or so youre going to see blockchain technology being used in every single thing, from businesses to banks, accounting video games, you name it again. Blockchain technology will take over the world just like internet did, and i actually compared the two theyre very comparable. In fact, you can actually run the new version of internet of web using blockchain technology and i think thats exactly whats going to happen now.

Bitcoin price rally sees crypto market overtake the worlds most valuable company thats where crypto is lets. Think lets read through this article here. The cryptocurrency market is now worth more than the worlds most valuable company after bitcoin several leading altcoins all coins just means alternative coins to bitcoin surged on price. On thursday, the global crypto market is now worth 2.4 trillion dollars, overtaking the 2.3 trillion dollar market cap of apple yep crypto has done it and has now become the most valuable asset in the world, overtaking even apple itself, and i think this is just the beginning. We are in that infancy stage for crypto im gon na keep reiterating that now, big short star michael, bury asks for help with shorting cryptocurrencies. Now this guy is a major fool and i dont know what power he has over people, but he gets about 99 things out of a hundred wrong and that one time when he actually is right, everybody says: oh michael berry, he knows what hes saying he knows What hes talking about hes been wrong on tesla hes been wrong on everything lately and for some reason, when people like this, i dont know why, when they get one thing right in the last 10 years. For some reason, people only remember that one thing that they actually got right so very interesting, but i actually do not follow anything. This guy says i actually follow what kathy wood and arkanvest say.

I believe in her and i think, shes right on everything she says, and i absolutely disagree with this guy. I would not follow him at all now report driven by defy north americas crypto volume increased 1 000 year over year. This is the most unbelievable thing. Youve ever heard of one thousand percent year over year now that if that doesnt say the crypto, some serious thing power, i dont know what will now bollywood stars nudge indians to buy bitcoin instead of gold as diwali nearers, again youre gon na see a lot of The world switch to investing into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a long term. Investment versus just buying and purchasing gold – and you know what theres some huge downsides with purchasing gold. Where are you going to keep it whos going to hold it for you? If you have a giant company that purchases that you purchase gold from and they keep it for you, they charge you a fee a holding fee for holding on to your gold. So in the end, you know once you actually sell off that gold theres another fee and then theres a fee for getting that cold shipped to you now, once you get that physical goal, what do you do with that? You got to sell it somewhere. That person is gon na, sell it to you much less than what its worth and theyre gon na charge you a fee and then youre gon na pay another income tax.

On top of that, its a nightmare stick with bitcoin. Now swiss bank cba now lets customers earn yield on crypto holdings. Youre gon na see a lot of countries a lot of banks and businesses following their footsteps. So putin says he accepts cryptos role in making payments fantastic news again we need support like this is all just amazing news. Now credit unions want to get into crypto. What did i say? Did i not say, etfs mutual funds, credit unions, businesses, banks, everybodys, going to get into crypto at some point because they dont want to miss upon trillions and trillions of dollars of money. This is freaking amazing. Now bitcoin bank deputy calls for urgent crypto regulation. Youre gon na see a lot of these banks. Panic, theyre gon na lose money. Theyre gon na lose businesses theyre gon na lose clientele because they really have to do two things: fight, crypto number one or two adapt and accept it and then figure out a way to actually profit from it. The stupid banks that fight cryptocurrencies dont offer their clients crypto theyre gon na lose in the end, the ones that accept it, theyll, let their big large, wealthy clients purchase it. Those are the ones theyre gon na succeed, youre gon na see a huge movement in these banks. Getting crypto experts, analysts, people that study, manage it and figure out a way to actually offer it to their wealthy clients. When this move happens, these are the banks theyre going to benefit the most.

You really dont want to fight something like this. All right lets get into our very own whats, our first stock. Here its going to be lemonade again, fantastic pickup were gon na ride. This bad boy to about a hundred dollars were gon na reevaluate. A hundred dollars see what we want to do and then we might sell it or we might keep it for a little bit longer again, if youre a long term holder either way. This is a fantastic pickup, but if i actually do, selling right now is a buy opportunity and then i will send out a sell alert to anybody that is in patreon charge, point holdings, another one 20 or less absolutely a steal of a deal moving on arc Innovation, etf, this exchange traded fund is a steal of a deal. I will be picking up ark at any price. You can under 119 dollars really good one over here. Moving on to our fourth stock pick of the day we got walgreens boot alliance. I sent out a huge, buy alert at 45 bucks this morning, those of you that were part of my patreon. You got that buy alert and since then were up over 10 already, and this is almost four percent dividend paying stock youd have to be a not to have some wba in your portfolio. Again, you really got ta wan na have a nice low balance at least five ten percent dividend paying stocks, nice huge chunk of growth stocks, and then you wan na have at least ten fifteen percent crypto in that portfolio its how we rebalance for success and growth.

Amazons our last topic of the day. What are we looking for uh, probably four thousand to forty five hundred dollars. We will reevaluate, but when i keep up buying amazon and then around forty five hundred dollars well, reevaluate see what we want to do with it. Maybe dump it and then get some more crypto or something else again if you want to get those live, buy and sellers, if you need your portfolio, crypto or stock portfolio reviewed click on that link. In my description for patreon, you also get access to my private discord of almost 2 000 members. You can talk to me. You can purchase a minor if youre interested in mining and just great community that grows our portfolios and you can join that 10k to 100k challenge. We actually started with 10k were not at 105 000 after 10 months. Now those are some serious gains all right. Thank you for watching ill talk to you.