We had a cool entrance onto the yacht, its if you can see it its just like all beautiful. Ladies and amazing, every youtube famous person here on the yacht with us and the partys just getting started, which is going to be cool, were going to jump into the chat to bitcoin. If you want follow me on instagram the link down below you can see all my live video. You can see me posting about stuff and sharing whats happening on the event. Its going to be amazing lets jump into charts for bitcoin, and so this is bitcoin right now were on the hourly and we broke out of this bull flag that i talked about yesterday, hall of the flag were building the flag and were breaking out towards the 63. 000. I would actually go long here on bitcoin with a very tight stop, but after it bounces strongly bitcoin needs to bounce here bounce off with volume. Then here once it starts heading up thats when ill open my long to go to this 63 000. I would open the long like this before i open the long. I would do it using the buy bit exchange because theyre just amazing ill show you some of the trades i have opened on bibit right now. Ive got a long open on by bit 170. In the profits on bitcoin 3 900, a trade – i opened yesterdays down 2.9 around 28, but i think bitcoin is going to go up in the short term.

Ive got trades also open on finance, radium up 100 um bnb up to 35 200 adams, still down 89, but im gon na hold on to adam and add more to my position as long as bitcoin doesnt break its um break in to become if bitcoin here Starts going on a big run, we need to get out of the altcoins, because then its just gon na suck all the liquidity from the market bitcoin here up 3 200, 173 and curve up 12 around 60 dollars and down there. Weve got chris and murr, and everyone just coming on its going to be such an amazing day. Today, yeah weve got chris kyle everyone here on the yacht and da vinci, all jumping on the yacht. With this beautiful theres, many people coming from youtube, its going to be amazing, so were going to jump in back im going to show you how i would open the chart using buy bit so id use the buy bit link um the link down below, which would Be here one second, i would use these links to open the trade. If you want to follow my live trades, you click the join button down there and the best bitcoin in all coin exchange for trading. Is this buy bit link? Now the bonus is three thousand dollars everyone before the bonus was six hundred dollars. The bonus now would be three thousand dollars. If you use my link down below um, i talked with baby and got him were gon na.

Do a three thousand dollar bonus promotion? So if you click that link down below you get three thousand dollars when you deposit bitcoin of bonuses, the bitcoin trading tutorial is also down there. How i teach you how to do it, and this is how i would open the long on bitcoin now remember um in bitcoin, if, if youre, here, trading, bitcoin and youre getting too caught up in the daily movements, if you want to trade using buy bit, you Can make huge gains with small amounts of money and thats the main reason i do it its because with five hundred dollars, i can show you how to make that three thousand dollars, like you saw or that two or the the one thousand dollars, or these just Trades with the four thousand dollars thats my goal for ninety percent of you that have small uh, whoever has only a few hundred dollars or five hundred dollars, thats the best way to leverage long bitcoin on breakouts and make very tight stop process. If you have a lot of capital thats, not the best strategy with a lot of capital, dollar cost averaging buying, bitcoin, ethereum and bnb is the best strategy and buying consistently or leveraging with bitcoin, but using low leverage positions and just holding on to your bitcoin. For the long term, but obviously if youve been trading youve been seeing, the gains were gon na make. So if you have small amounts of capital or or large amounts of capital, the way i would long bitcoin im going to show you now so lets jump into the charts for bitcoin again using this by bit tutorial link down below you, get three thousand dollars of Bonuses and the way i would long bitcoin right now is, i would do it on the bounce and its happening right now, as i make the video everyone look at that, as i make the video weve got the balance the rsi and the stochastic heading up.

So i would actually go long on bitcoin right now. We have. We just need a little bit more volume. The volume is a little bit weak, but on the 15 minutes the volume is climbing, so were getting that bounce. As i as i make this video as i speak so im going to try and get this video out quickly, i would open along here on bitcoin its already bounced. On that support. I would put my stop loss very tight. I would put the stop loss only around 449 and i would put the take profit exactly where it is right now, so its a 4.25 risk to reward ratio. Trade were risking 449 dollars to make 1 900 unleveraged. If you use 10x leverage thats 19 000.. If you use 100x leverage thats 190, 000 and again, i would use very tight. Stop losses in case bitcoin pulls back. Then your stop loss. You only lose um. As we said, you would only lose 449 and the risk to reward ratio is 4.25 thats. How long bitcoin, right now using baby and on the daily well on the four hour, really were looking pretty good on bitcoin were breaking out of this giant bull flag. This is the bull flag and that bull flag is actually bigger than the 60 63 dollars. That will take us. The poll of the flag will take us to around or drawing in the distance of the poll of the flag from the previous breakout, so thats going to take us to around sixty eight thousand dollars for bitcoin um.

Here from the breakout position. 64 700., so thats the main target that were going for for bitcoin and thats how we would leverage long, bitcoin and again, using this buybit link down below you, get up to three thousand dollars of bonuses when you sign up and deposit bitcoin thats how it opened. The trade and so now im going to get back into this by party im going to just show you some of the people that are here weve got amazing. Youtubers chris, everyone thats pretty much an influence in the space, which is amazing, weve got da vinci here and um, just beautiful, beautiful people all here at the event were going to get drunk, go to the pool, have an amazing time and um weve got everyone just Here also jumping into the boat, which is going to be cool. Follow me on instagram to follow whats happening. Thank you all for watching hit the subscribe button. The bell the thumbs up and ill see you all again.