This is just a really quick video as ive come across a chart which i really wanted to share. So without saying anything else lets check it out as its kind of spooky and if its correct, then we could be on the precipice of the next big run in crypto check it out. So here it is. This is the chart which i just had to share with you guys and thanks to global macro investor for this. So what exactly are we looking at well, its a dual chart and in blue we have the bitcoin price from 2012 to 2013. So this was the 2013 cycle, and this blue line is how it mapped out over the year, and this is when it went from about under 16, and it had a run. All the way up to about a thousand dollars and overlaid is the current bitcoin price, and this is pretty much where we are right now. So two things and the first is just look at this spooky correlation to the 2013 cycle. This is almost a direct correlation to what happened over seven years ago. They both had this big deep pullback here, and this is where were at right now. So the second and most important thing is that this indicates that were on the precipice of a huge run in the crypto market for the next three months, and this would take the bitcoin price up to in todays value 256 000, which would be a crazy run.

This also pretty much follows what plan b stock to flow model is indicating as well for me, even if we got through the 100k level, that would be a great run and if bitcoin were to do that, then many of the altcoins would grow even faster. So, as you can see, an awesome chart which i just wanted to share with you guys, so as you can see, this is just another indicator that says were going to see an explosive three months in the crypto market. Now, how likely is this to happen? Well, here is how i see where we are right now there are three main outcomes number one: the crypto train is going to keep powering forward and picking up speed and were going to get damn close to the 100k bitcoin by the end of the year. Number two: we get a big break like a bitcoin etf and for those who didnt know the sec decision is next week now. This would be explosive for the market and virtually guarantee 100k bitcoin by christmas and number three, and this is the only thing that could really stop this big bull run. It would be some kind of regulation bomb and if we get some kind of regulatory change which really impacts stable coins or altcoins, then this could lead to a 30 drop. Now i always like to revert back to the stoic philosophy of knowing what is and what isnt in our control.

Now all the things mentioned are simply not in our control. So what is going to happen is going to happen and were just going to have to accept it, whether its good or bad. Now, even the worst case scenario like a regulation drop, does not mean the end of crypto. It just means that well need more patience and crypto will have to rebuild, but in a compliant way. So there you are guys just a quick one.