So about an hour ago i posted the update on twitter and about half an hour later. Crypto law also added it to their library. Reading this just added to our document library letter from ripple in opposition to the secs request to extend the expert discovery to january 14th, arguing another two month. Extension would drag the case out needlessly and continue to. Freeze xrp markets in the united states ripple adds. It has already agreed to a december 10 deadline for rebuttal, expert reports and notes that judge therese said in granting john deans amicus status. The discovery in this action has already been extended and the court is not inclined to permit further delay all right. So a couple of fun things about what just happened is it kind of feels, as this is like part and ten of a freaking series or so of the secs? Just stupid attempts and ripple just keeps rebutting it with easy arguments. Saying, for example, hey sec. You said before that we shouldnt extend things specifically when you were talking about why john deedon could not enter as a defendant into the lawsuit uh. The judge agreed with you saying: yeah. Okay lets not extend this entire lawsuit further than he needs to get to, and then later on you say well i mean we want to extend it for another two months, though, what in the world does that mean? You know hypocritical, but, most importantly, just strange. At least thats the way that i get it but, of course, thats the way that you do these things, usually when you literally have no good plan and thats again guys ive seen this so many times before and ive said it so many times before.

This all coincides with the theory. Weve talked about where the sec is literally just trying to dig up as much as they can, because they have nothing or they have little sparks, but they dont have a big fire. At least they dont have the actual wood, basically to get the real fire going. They just have a couple of sparks. Basically, so they have to look through the forest for a little bit to look for some nice pieces of firewood and i guess the judge isnt really budging and that shes not really given the time for the sec. Basically, to go start cutting, i mean they can look a little bit at the wood, but they cant start cutting, which is kind of what they needed to do to actually get the fire started. This is again kind of how i how i look at it. So we can actually look at the document ourselves if we want to were going to do that. Theres. Actually, a little cliff note nugget on the bottom of page three just read: i didnt actually check this out yet im, seeing it right now, so, according to publicly available data from coin market cap, since the filing of this lawsuit, the price of bitcoin has increased from 22.8, 000 to 61.5, 000 and the price of ether has increased from 609 to about three eight, oh so three point eight thousand, which is about five hundred and thirty percent in comparison to ex.

So i guess bitcoins 169 and the xrp price, by contrast, has increased from about 51 cents to about 1.9 equaling, a 110 percent increase most likely. This has kind of got to do with the fact that, of course, the sec is keeping the xrp price down. Theres a theory, and actually, i guess, practice, weve seen for a little while right now, thats again, this is not even theory anymore. This is just facts. The sec hasnt really been doing a good job. In this respect – and all i can say about – it – is man too bad, but eventually itll all turn around. I think, because i think xp is gon na kind of overtake a lot of this lost capital and guys ive been talking to so many bitcoin maximalists is its crazy. A lot of them actually have the same opinion on xp, as i do, which is there definitely is a huge potential in the crypto specifically now because of the lawsuit and ive spoken to some people who say its a security for sure. I very much disagree, but what i think we do agree on with a lot of other people is that xrp has the potential that i think a lot of all cool other outcomes. Dont have its gon na, be the first properly regulated, crypto and people keep saying in the comment section. Oh youve been shouting this for a month shipping this few months. Yes, great things take time and at the end of the day, i dont really know exactly when its gon na end.

But what i do know is that im stacking up like a freaking madman, if somebody saw my wallet right now, that would slap me in the face for being so responsible, but hey thats. The way i go about these things and its because i have such a huge um expectation, basically with my risk, to reward now that he can call me crazy, but i think i like it, i think its worth it. I think its a smart idea. Having said that, if you are a traitor, show me all right: theres, a 50 000 xrp competition going on right. Now you have about a couple of hours to register for it theres about 160 people who have entered so that means about 7.5 000 xp is going to be given away to yall uh, but it can be more. It can definitely be more sign up. You have a couple more hours left. All you need is 250 xrp and about a hundred dollars worth of trades over on bybit. A link is going to be down below so check it out and lets dive right in so again guys the most important part weve already covered, but lets quickly read um the introduction we write on behalf of ripple labs in order, oh sorry, guys in opposition. Let me see if i can actually move my microphone a little bit without me: stopping the recording, because im sitting in my bed in a really interesting setup, uh, but eventually im gon na break my back and by the way, guys actually press the like button.

If youre enjoying these videos and of course, for more update every single day subscribe, we write on behalf of ripple labs in opposition to the secs letter dated october 15th, which seeks a two month. Extension of the court ordered expert discovery deadline, while ripple is prepared to meet the original schedule as an accommodation to the sec. It has agreed to extend the deadline for rebuttal expert reports to november 12th. Accordingly, this dispute concerns only the date by which expert depositions should be completed, which ripple proposes should be december 10th. A december 10 deadline provides four full weeks after the service of our butter reports to complete expert depositions, and this proposal is reasonable and achievable. The respective parties have the resources to complete discovery on that timetable and certain depositions can be scheduled immediately and each of ripples experts are available to be deposed within that time frame as well. The sscs proposed deadline of january 14, by contrast, would needlessly prolong discovery, despite both parties stated intentions to resolve this litigation on an expedited timeline and his courts observation in its october 4th order denying intervention but granting embassy status the discovery. This action has already been extended. The discovery in this action has already been extended and the court is not inclined to permit further delay. In addition, further delay would prejudice ripple and the market for xrp, and the sec has failed to demonstrate good cause to extend the deadline beyond december 10th.

In fact, on literally the day before filing its motion, the sec represented to ripple that expert discovery could be completed by december 22nd and was even willing to move the deadline to december 17th, just one week later from ripples proposed deadline. Yet, despite that concession, more or mere hours before filing the ssc suddenly claims that expert discovery cannot be completed until mid january of 2022, which exactly coincides what ive been telling you all. They just want to stall time. They just want to try stuff. They just want to stall stall stall stall stall as much as possible because they aint got nothing. Is this factual? No, but are all signs pouring pointing towards? It are definitely yes and by the way, guys, a link down below is gon na, be for my five minute, crypto channel. You guys already know i post a lot of stuff on there, but im gon na try post more trading content on here and do a little bit less news, but then just quick trading updates. So if you guys want more technical analysis, definitely go subscribe to there because i honestly believe most people watch it right now, not everybody, but most people will be able to turn lets, say ten thousand dollars into a million or lets say a thousand dollars into a Hundred thousand dollars in the next couple of months, potentially a little bit longer or shorter, depending on how good you are, but its actually not impossible at all uh.

Even this week here guys, people ive met up with, can make so much money trading. It is insane, and these guys are not a joke, not fake. You can literally everybody knows them um and ill, be meeting up with them, shaking all the hands and saying hi its been amazing man to meet all these people around the world, literally the best trader on buy bit now literally ive met, which is amazing and such An honor to me, but that really showed me once again theres so much potential in trading. I should talk more about it. So im a five minute, crypto channel ill talk a lot, a lot, a lot more about trading. So stick to it subscribe to it. The secs request for a two extension of expert discovery should be denied, and the court should order that expert discovery deadline be extended to december 10th, as ripple has proposed, a proposed order is attached in exhibit a, and so the points were just before filing the motion. The sec proposed a december 17th deadline. Ripples proposed deadline of december 10th is reasonable and appropriate. Extending expert discovery to january 2022 will unduly prejudice ripple and continue to freeze xp markets in the united states, and i think thats. Actually, the most important point of all is the fact that for the sec, it doesnt really matter when they resolve things ill, be december, ill, be at january ill, be in march. For everybody who cares right, they will get the end result in the same manner, but the intermediate time doesnt really matter.

I would even say and argue for the sec the longer they wait, the easier because the more regulations will be brought into the space. So the better you know the longer the weight, the better for ripples, vice versa or the. I should actually say the exact opposite, where every single day that they wait, theyre losing business and the sooner they get a conclusion the better, because, even though it might be a negative conclusion, we all know its a possibility. They can start moving on. From that point of forward, and as at this point theyre just in kind of a limbo in the united states right, which is, i would say, the most awful position to be in – and that was actually on that part – an extension of the expert discovery. This is the conclusion scheduling this case beyond december 10th would cause prejudice to rip on xp market. In addition, sc has not met his burden of showing that theres good cause to extend the schedule to january 14th, sscs efforts to unnecessarily and prejudicially delay. Resolution of this case with an extension to january 14th should be a night, and the court can should only extend expert discovery to december 10th. Okay and now the i guess the exhibits here, we cannot see um, i guess maybe oh for the attachment i have to buy it. I have to pay 20 cents and again some people said: oh dusty, you greedy little son of gun.

I want to buy it guys i dont mind spending 20 cents dont, get it wrong its impossible to buy, though as a non lawyer. So we have to wait for some lawyer to buy it and then attach to it, but it could be that john dean, for example, actually added it here to his um content library. We can actually quickly check it out. Maybe he paid the 20 cent for it. Um so theres six pages here, so i guess he did exhibit a is basically ripples. Um rebuttal of saying, hey were fine with a little bit of a delay or with a little bit of an extension, but not too much. Basically, having considered the motion to of the sec to extend the expert rebuttal report deadline to november 12th, to which defended ripple labs, consents and to extend the expert discovery deadline to january 14th, to a drip object and propose an extension december 10th and for good cause Shown its hereby ordered that the current rebuttal deadline will be extended to november 12th, and the current expert discovery deal will be weekend to december 10th, uh its still a um a shift by the way of a month ish, because the deadline right now is supposed to Be november 12th for the expert discovery deadline, its going to be moved to december 10th, which ripple agrees on and now ripple basically proposed this, and so the judge just has to sign it basically or the judge is going to come back on the previous again upper Part of the motion of the sec and basically accept or deny that one, maybe we have to see you know we dont, really know exactly what the judge wants.

It could also be that she wants no delays whatsoever. Well, have to see. I cannot tell you guys up front but im interested in seeing this all play out, as you guys most like already get all right guys, but that was for todays video. Hopefully you all enjoyed it. If you did make sure you press the like button subscribe, make sure you check me out over on twitter guys at ddstbc and also check out the trading competition over on buybit and ill.