I need to talk to you about a crypto that is on fire right now. I need to talk to you about a very small cap that i think has a lot of appreciation left in it and could do really well, especially as we get closer to the end of the bull run. Also, i want to talk to you about why you should be very bullish in crypto right now covering some of the big news. Thats kind of happened today, but is a little bit quieter because unless youre really into twitter – or you are looking at whats happening behind the scenes, you might not see it because its not a super flashy headline, so im gon na go through all that. Starting with why you should be really bullish right now, but if you guys dont mind hitting the like button hitting the subscribe button too. I really do appreciate that now, if youre someone that is watching all this – and you say thats great im – so excited for the end of the year, but maybe i dont want to allocate a lot more capital to crypto, because i just want to see what happens Here or you know, maybe i was buying really heavy at 30 000 for bitcoin and now its at 60 ill just wait it out. I understand that, which is why you should go, get yourself an account over on block fi. You can get an interest rate. You dont have to put any more money into crypto, but youre still getting crypto every single month paid into your account, and even if you already have an account over on block five or you have another interest account, you might want to consider getting the bitcoin backed Rewards card that can give you up to three point: five percent back during the first three months and two percent on anything over fifty thousand dollars, and one and a half percent of everything else so definitely check that out both of those links underneath the video.

So we are getting to a very interesting point in the year. Theres still no fomo, as the price goes up, were still not hearing a lot of noise from our friends family. It seems like i think, once we hit all time highs, though, which it looks like were going to hit. Maybe this week we will start hearing that now thats great but thats anecdotal. So what do the numbers tell us? Well, bitcoin, still significantly less noise than earlier. In the year back in either may or even january or even february, right still a lot less noise crypto in general hearing a lot less noise compared to mid may when altcoins were at their top its way down here, like a third of the volume aetherium people Are barely even looking for ethereum, we have shiba inu, which is over here, which got a pump in early october, but its still way less than we heard back here with dogecoin and dogecoin hasnt gotten a pump in months either. So the numbers arent lying theres, not much fomo in the market right now at least coming from outside the market, people that dont already understand crypto now thats one reason to be bullish, right, theres, going to be fomo theres, going to be people that are buying in That have never thought about before, but also all of the fud from earlier this year seems to be going away. Chinas ban on bitcoin all the banks saying that theres going to be extreme drops in bitcoin and how the big investors are dumping bitcoin.

The us is going to crack down on crypto crypto firm tether. Uh was in the news a lot earlier this year, too people thought they could possibly crash the whole cryptocurrency market. They just settled with the cftc for 42.5 million im, not saying that its uh its as good as usdc, or something like that. But it makes me think that hey the tether flood might be behind us a little bit with all that fud behind us theres. A lot of good stuff coming up this just came out here today: interactive brokers, launches crypto trading in u.s, for four tokens now well get to some of the cryptocurrencies here in a second that have a huge potential, but interactive brokers is going to let their investment Advisor start trading, bitcoin ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin. So why those four im not exactly sure bitcoin and ethereum i get but theyre talking about allocating a small percentage of assets. Now they have a lot of money under management, so they have 1.54 million clients with 350 billion in equity. So think about that. That is a huge amount per client. I mean were talking about 250 000 per client and they have 1.54 million clients. I mean thats a huge amount of money each client has. This is not like a robin hood right. These are high quality clients. According to bitcoin archive too, the sec registered investment advisors manage 110 trillion. Now that seems a little bit high to me.

The s. P. 500 or the stock market in general is worth like 100 trillion, but with other assets, maybe theyre, considering that, so they will all have access to interactive brokers. If they want to get in on it so yeah they they control about 350 billion, but they could potentially gain a lot more assets under management. From this now we know that a bitcoin etf is going to start trading here in the next few days. Pro shares, but then also a new etf apparently might be trading soon too. The valkyrie funds etf. So, with more etfs coming to the market, some people are saying: hey, it could crash bitcoin because of manipulation from wall street or it could be a sell, the news type of event or sell the event right now we have to think long term because, yes, there Will be fear, uncertainty and doubt but theres a lot of excitement. I mean from etfs coming spot etfs in the future, the blow off top that happens every single four years. The amount on exchanges going down the need for it going up with all these different banks offering it to their clients theres, so many things to be bullish on just dont, listen to the fear, uncertainty and doubt, if you think, 10, 20 years out 20 years out. Well, probably be 20x from where we are here so thats going to greatly outpace all the index funds its going to greatly outpace most stocks, so just consider it that way.

Now i did talk about one stock recently that ive talked about thats, doing really well and another stock that is burning its its on fire. So what am i talking about? Well, a couple days ago, i did top crypto coins to buy. Now that could make you rich. I talked about wii, u or weiyu, as a lot of people say its a very small cryptocurrency. I talked about that saying: hey theres, a lot of risk in it its still early stages. I went through the project a little bit and it was at 3.8 cents now its up significantly at 0.59, so basically 50 up from a few days ago. So this one to watch when we see more excitement in the space still a small cryptocurrency. So what theyre trying to do is create a multi chain, nft platform, where you can have ada solana, ethereum, buying and selling nfts all in the same place. With that being said, i am working with them, so just full disclosure. I do own some of the crypto. I do work with them and theyre kind of pushing marketing right now, which is one of the reasons that i think word is getting out about them. Theyre setting up big partnerships, they just set one up with the biggest with the biggest dutch youtuber on the platform, with 14 million subscribers theyre pushing for marketing, which is good for some of these small projects. Because if theyre able to do what theyre going to do or what they want to do and theyre able to do it in the next three or four or five months when theres so much excitement thats going to be huge now, this is not sponsored right now Or anything like that, i do have some money in it and i do think it is a way to get some good gains here in the short term, but keep in mind that it is high risk.

So dont put money in here that you arent willing to lose, and then i talked about a crypto thats on fire bnb completed their 17th quarterly bmp burn, so 6′ million usd has been burned. This is not as much as theyve done in the past, but they said that theyre going to change how much they burn. I know the volume for the last quarter has been kind of low for a lot of exchanges, so they might have just made less money. Overall, but still 640 million dollars worth burned. One point: three: three million bmb, its a large amount, theyre gon na keep on burning every single quarter. They arent as flashy as a lot of other cryptocurrencies, but i think its a great blue chip crypto to own binance is huge. They do five to ten x. The volume of every other exchange so definitely put them on your list. You can also stake them and get interest on a trust wallet or you can get staking rewards from trust wallet so right now, i think i get about five dollars a day in bnb, just from staking it on trust wallet and its really easy. Thats from about 12 000 investment in bnb now, of course, always do your own research on all these different cryptos approach at your own risk, i think we are in for a heck of an end of the year. With that being said, i do have cash on the sidelines in case we have any kind of dips, even if theyre, just small dips im talking bitcoin at 57 000 id be picking it up.

Ethereum at 3300, 3400 id be picking it up. But let me know your thoughts on this down below in the comment section. Thank you guys check out the links down below to blockfy.