This is a video that has the utmost importance as we are going to be trying to ask and answer the question of when you should sell your cryptocurrencies when you should take profits. Now before i start theres, not one answer that fits everybodys situation, theres, not one size that fits all here um, you know everybody has to tailor, make this to themselves. But what were going to try and do in this video is get you guys to think about when potentially it might be a good time for you personally to take profits and were going to do a number of things in this video. One thing that im going to spend a lot of time focusing on is bitcoin and, more importantly, our bitcoin four year cycle. Theory that we have um, because the top of bull markets have literally quite um accurately coincided with the end of the year and the end of the four year bitcoin cycle and were going to talk about this. And this is something i that i personally follow. Um weve been following this and highlighting this for a long time, weve been following this for nearly four years now before we really even understood it and ultimately, im still following this to this day as it has come to fruition, and the four year cycle is essentially Repeated and you guys will know that in 2021 we are in 2017 esque situation and i do believe the bull run is going to come to an end, theres lots of different theories out there in regards to the lengthening cycle.

Theory um. That kind of suggests that the ball runs get longer and top out um at a later date. But what im going to do is im going to tell you what im personally doing and why im doing it, giving you the reasons behind it, and then you guys can maybe come up with your own strategy. Now, in my own personal situation, ive been here for nearly five years um i got into the market in 2017 at the right or wrong time, depending on how you want to look at it and essentially got that baptism of fire in 2018 and had the luxury Of holding throughout a very dull, um uninteresting bear market. So right now, where im at with a lot of my positions, a lot of my bags is very comfortable. Its one reason ive been able to endure the pullbacks that we have in the crypto space. So well, because from where my initial entry was in many of my positions, many of my bags um im doing very very well so right now, in actual fact, wouldnt be a bad time for me to take profits. However, i do believe theres more gains to come and ill certainly be holding the majority of my cryptocurrencies till the end of the year, and even still, i have about 25 of my entire portfolio that im just going to hold in definitely – and i have reasons for Doing this, but i am absolutely going to be taking profits.

Um towards the end of the year were very close. You know were two months essentially two months and about seven days from the end of the year from the year end the start of a new year. Um and and thats why this video is of utmost importance, so lets get into it guys and really. This is this is where were starting were starting with the bitcoin four year cycle theory, and the first thing that i want to highlight is this is on a a normal um sort of scale here, but what i want to do is i want to flip it To a logarithmic scale, and this just kind of works things out in percentages and kind of simplifies things, and you can see that the four year cycle theory is very accurate here and of course, we had a four year cycle: theory starting game, um, 2010 or 2009. Sorry that led up to 2013 – and this was uh of course, the last year within your four year cycle theory, and then you enter another four years. Four year cycle, theory finishing in 2017 and youve done the same thing today, ladies and gentlemen, and if the four year cycle theory continues to play out, why might it continue to play out? Well, we followed it today, very, very accurately. You know. We know that the bitcoin four year cycle theory is centered around the harvening, which is where the um bitcoin supply the bitcoin um inflation rate.

If you will gets halved, um the circulating supply of or the uh mined, bitcoin actually halves, and this causes a supply shock which causes the price to um increase, and this is going to continue. This is something built into bitcoins code and this kind of gives a reason why potentially were going to follow it, and so this is the main reason why im going to be taking profits towards the end of the year. You can see with the turn of 20 um 2018. You enter a bear market after playing out your four years and its the same thing uh with 2013, and there is definitely credence to the bitcoin uh four year cycle theory or the bitcoin cycles lengthening. But its really followed this four year cycle. Theory very accurately – and this is something that you need to pay attention to, because if we do then follow it again, that would mean um. Potentially, if you look at where we sort of topped out in 2013 to the bottom thats an 87 pullback um in 2017, going into 2018, if you look to where we topped out around about 20 000 thats, an 84 pullback, so you dont really want to be Holding that i mean, if we do lets, say we top out. You know very generic basic um 100k and we get an 85 pullback. You know that takes you um down to around about 15 000. um, so youre not really going to want to hold that all coins sell off more significantly um.

If we look at something like ethereum were going to touch on all coins in just a second um, because im going to tell you when, potentially you should be selling your bitcoin um and obviously when you should be selling your altcoins sell off significantly more, i mean Ethereum sold off by 95. This was a curse to many, but a blessing. Somebody like myself that managed to accumulate um ethereum in the lows um and has done very well of it and something like xrp sold off. Similarly, xrp essentially sold up by 96, so you can see that there is this strategy of just holding indefinitely and i think thats. I think you guys know that i believe crypto is a fantastic, long term investment. I see them as a kindred to the stocks that came out the internet, your amazons, your apples, um and theyre kind of i believe that theres an adoption curve that cryptos going to embody and many of these altcoins are going to see similar trajectories. But you cant ignore the fact that we have followed the bitcoin four year cycle theory today, and we know the entire market follows bitcoin. You know when bitcoin sold off – and this is this is potentially a sign that you its time to get out of awkward. If you see bitcoin selling off significantly its time to jump out of your alts, because youre also actually topped out later than bitcoin, but then got dragged its like a ball and chain, you know that or like bitcoin and the ulcer attack bitcoin started to drop and Your coins kind of got um bungeed down with it um, so youve got youve got to bear this in mind.

This is the main reason why im taking profits at the end of the year um. If we look at 2017 bitcoin actually topped out on the 18th of um december, if we look at 2013, it topped out actually around about the 30th of november um, so it tops out typically before the end of the year, altcoins actually top out later. Like i say something like ethereum um, didnt top out until the 14th of january, something like xrp, topped out um around about the third of january and something like cardano, topped out around about the fifth of january, so bitcoin topped out first and then to the bear Market kind of led the way into the bear mark, and then your coins followed. You see the same thing today with the price going up by the way, guys bitcoins, leading that charge and all coins are following um. So if we do indeed follow this, this model um this four year cycle theory, then that would give credence to the fact that we are gon na enter a bear market at the end of the year. The reason im taking profits mainly is because i dont want to have to enjoy another bear market. Certainly if i know that i can take profits and then accumulate at a cheaper price and accumulate more of the asset that im trying to accumulate like so for bitcoin. For example, if it sells off ill be the aim of me selling at the end of the year and its only 75 percent of my entire portfolio that ill be selling um is really to accumulate back in its not to get out of crypto its to buy Back at a cheaper price uh, it sounds very idealistic, sounds very um ifs, but some maybes, you know, theres no guarantee that we are going to follow this.

There are some reasons to doubt that well follow it like the fact that we have institutions involved like the fact that we have entire countries that have used and have now legalized it as a currency. Um very interesting – and this is for another video. What happens to a country like el salvador if we sell off by 85 percent um? That would be extremely bad press for bitcoin and crypto as a whole, and i actually – and i dont really speak about it much i i think cryptocurrencies potentially in the future, could be the cause of the next financial crisis um but thats for a completely another video. I think weve got a long um trajectory to grow. They have to inflate this to a point where they can um crash it with some sort of a magnitude um, but i think you have youre a long way off from that. I think theres still trillions of dollars that have to flow into this market and i still think the next couple of months are going to be fantastic and we are going to end in a 2017 esque manner. You know this is, of course the normal chart. You know it wasnt really until um november, potentially the the 11th of november, where you saw the most parabola out of this boron same thing for 2013. You know you got your november here and then you see that kind of parabola and i think youre going to see the same thing or a similar thing this year guys this cycle 2021 looks very similar to 2013.

um. I kind of wrote 2013 off in regards to a schematic due to the fact that the market just wasnt there. It was very, very small market cap and easily manipulated, very volatile, and i didnt really think that 2021 would replicate it in such a manner that it has um. But we have indeed done that. I mean you can see um. You know this was um 2013 and youve done a similar kind of thing, guys um so yeah, so so the the short answer for this is: if we follow the bitcoin four year cycle through the end of the year or before the end of the year, for Bitcoin and certainly when you start to see bitcoin fall and slump into that bear market, then thats a real testimony, um that youre going into that bear market and that you should start getting out of your coin positions, even though they might top a little bit later. Nobodys going to get this perfectly um thats, why i have 25 percent of my portfolio that im leaving where it is, i have it staked. I have 25 of my cardano its more than 25 about 30 of my card. I know actually 25 percent of my overall portfolio, but about 30 percent of my card is going to stay in my state pool the all in state pool and were just going to leave it there um indefinitely, as i think, as a long term product a long Term investment, its going to do very, very well.

Coins like polkadot were gon na, be locking them up in the crowd loans for two years um, but there are a lot of cryptos a lot of the meme coins. A lot of the coins that i asked myself would i be comfortable just putting my money into this and leaving it for five years ill and if the answer is no ill, 100 be getting out at the end of the year, but coins that i think have Real staying power, we are keeping a portion of my portfolio in indefinitely as ill be very happy with um the profits that ive took from the uh portion that im selling um so yeah, so that that thats. The answer. But i mean if youve just recently got into this market. It depends if you dont, want to risk trying to time the market and time in the crypto space is so dangerous guys. I mean seriously um theres no guarantee youre going to enter a bear market at the end of this year, uh into 2022. But historically, if you look at the bitcoin four year cycle theory, we have done, and i think just the fact that everybody is looking at this just the fact that everybody is using this as when to sell, is going to cause that sell off that people are Anticipating so its something to bear in mind its a subject matter of the utmost importance. You know you guys know that im a permabull on crypto that doesnt mean that i dont think the market moves the way markets move.

You know they have ups. They have downs. Um, but one thing that cryptos shown us is on a logarithmic chart: the only way is up and you could have bought bitcoin at really any price point um today and youd be in the profits, and i think thats going to be a trend that continues for Crypto in the long term, if you average it out, but i think ultimately you are going to have those dips so thats. The main answer, 75 of my portfolio will be getting sold at the end of the year towards the end of the year. Bitcoin ill be taking profits on earlier. I do have some bitcoin that im just going to let ride, but i am going to take some profits out of bitcoin um and then hopefully buy back in at a cheaper price. I mean that sounds like i say great. If i can do that, if we follow the four year cycle theory, but then just as a safety blanket yes ive, taken profits ill then have um that little bit on just to ride in case we we happen to not follow the four year cycle. There are reasons why we potentially might not um the lengthening cycle. Theory. The super cycle theory, you know: do we ditch this kind of four year cycle theory and kind of go on a an amazon or a tesla esque um growth chart or growth growth, uh path, uh, due to the fact that we have institutions and and all the Things that i mentioned previously so thats really the video that i have for you something thats absolutely worth bearing in mind.

Um and remember, you know if you see bitcoin start to tank at the end of the year. If you see bitcoin, you know we go up to 100k and you see bitcoin start to really tank um and you know kind of do a similar thing to what it did over here and your all coins are still going up. Guess what, ladies and gentlemen, its time to get out, because all coins topped out later than bitcoin but ultimately got dragged? I mean with ethereum. It was the 15th of january um, the 15th of january. If we take a look at the bitcoin chart, lets get it off log. This was the fifth of january, so this kind of top is where cardano and everything kind of bottomed out and then of course, bitcoin got slammed and the entire market went with it um. So thats really the video that i have for you guys. You know that thats what were expecting. We are expecting to follow a similar uh four year cycle um or we are expecting to follow this kind of four year. Road map um, but ultimately theres no guarantee you guys need to make your own decisions if youre happy to hold for five years with four years. If lets say you want to hold until the next four year cycle theory, i dont think thats necessarily a bad decision, but for me, as somebody whos, very involved with these markets, who watches them daily, it makes sense for me to kind of time my exits and Entries and thats the whole point of being a good investor.

You buy a cheap price and you sell it at a higher price and getting out is often more important than getting in, and people need to remember that they need to remember to take profits um, but, like i say i have a lot. Certainly, when i talk about card, i know 30 of my card owner is staying part indefinitely ill be holding that for 5, 10 15 years and im only selling my crypto currencies at the end of the year, because i believe, potentially we are going to enter a Bear market um and ultimately, what i really want to do is is accumulate more a cheaper price, its not to sell and move to. Something else is to sell and actually buy back um. So we dont have to follow it. There are going to be some signs. Um that we may not follow it, you know if potentially we get, we could play the bitcoin four year cycle theory. You know we go up to 100k and then we kind of come down and enter a mini kind of four year cycle. Theory um. We just dont know with 100 accuracy how um how its going to play out, but one thing that i dont want to be like. I was in 2017 or 2018 hes, the guy that has to watch his portfolio sell by 85 um and my altcoins do. Even worse or my bitcoin sell up about 85 of my altcoins do even worse, so thats really all i have for you in this video just some stuff to get your uh the ideas flowing in your head.

You know get you thinking about getting out before we potentially do enter a bear market um. If we enter a bear market, you know, like i say, cryptos, then im going to be keeping it definitely ill, be locking all my polka dot up pretty much um in the crowd loans, because i want to get in on the products to come out of polkadot Um so yeah thats, really all i have for you in this video, ladies and gentlemen, im going to love and leave you on that note. If you enjoyed the content like, i was appreciated.