These are on the table if you just grab these coins in this dip coming up right here. This is the best buying opportunity. Bitcoin is probably about to go a lot deeper than everybody thinks it is everyones going to freak out and run other coins because nobody took profits. Like three days ago, everyone was like, oh its up, like 15 x lets, just like hold and dive in hands. Bros theyre gon na change their minds. Real, quick and youre gon na have the chance to grab all these coins at a nice. Easy price is gon na, give you a very straight shot to a 5 10 x, and if you get into some of these juicy dirty coins, i talk about probably even a 20x by february. If you can go and be smart and buy these in, like five to seven days, im giving you a nice preemptive warning in this video right here, because i dont think its good to buy right when this video drops wait like seven days. Wait for bitcoin to do its thing now. Look i know what youre thinking alex. How do you know this is gon na happen? Look if youre experienced watching this channel a hard doer of the woke that i serve here. You know whats about to happen before you. Even click this video, you make sure to put your pampers premium diapers on, because the amount of excitement youre going to find is not something you want to be wearing your sunday best sundays for, but if youre new here, let me tell you why, its because youre On the presence of the most woke empty house, crypto fat advice guy with a great body who is extremely family friendly, gather your kids around get them in the room right now and extremely pg.

Im, also well known as the fastest orange eating champion in the florida. Tri state area and, as you know, as you can tell by the music thats playing in the background, the theme song from space jam unless i get a copyright infringement, then were going to be playing mariah, carey or something, but by that tune you know that all We do is score. Three pointers here coming to this channel is like watching a guy play on fire in nba jam for five hours straight, and what do i mean by that guys? Big fight red am thick altcoin games. Remember when i talked about moon river last video remember when i talked about solana a few videos ago. Remember when i called a 10x on altura. Remember when i mentioned athena a few videos ago and you got a nice juicy 3x just out of that ho ho yeah thats. What were doing here thats what we do on this channel and i can go through the list of all the ups weve had from the past few videos, because, frankly, its actually pretty cool ive gotten some. Some very lucky calls so far, but im not were just gon na get straight into it, so lets dive into it, as always. Follow me on twitter at css becker, because i dont really talk about small projects im eating into early on this channel, because it does what morphe did last video and goes absolutely insane im not taking profits on that.

You guys are more than welcome to that pump. Is not natural, its a great project but its not natural and were not doing were not doing that again. Okay, so follow me on twitter for a lot more subtle hunts. So anyways guys lets talk about the market right now, so everything is still super up with bitcoin doing its dip right now, i think were about to go a lot lower ill talk about that here in a second but everythings still super up. With the exception of of cardano, which in this bull run managed to do the amazingness, the phenomenalist, the remarkable move of making zero dollars, it was literally like neo in the matrix dodging bullets, it was like nope, nope, nope and just dodging profits left and right. Its very impressive ive never seen a coin that is able to successfully fluff as hard as cardano did. It is literally like a ken doll trying at a playboy mansion orgy, its just its just not gon na happen. That being said, lets lets get back on topic here, all right, so bitcoins, taking a little bit of a slump right now, nobodys gon na agree with me on this thats fine, its a silly thing to do, because everybody knows i call bitcoin 100 right every single Time, if you take away all the times been wrong all the times, i was just joking all the times. I was just playing just tickling your goose, i shoot 100 here, so you should really base your entire financial future around this.

Okay, take your kids college education bank account put it on what im about to say here, i think, were going a lot lower. Why? Because we just havent been punished in a bit. If you look at the last three months, there hasnt been a severe punishment in a while okay, this kind of looks like a severe punishment, but if we look at a severe punishment in bitcoin its more like this, okay, its more like these things right here, we Need to see something a little bit more harsh, i think, were seeing kind of similar to this dip right here were going to bounce back up and then were going to get a proper spanking before we see a huge uptrend in my opinion, now, of course, if Bitcoin doesnt like to play here, were going to lose all of our money, but again cryptos, not about being financially responsible and its not about looking at both ends of the spectrum. Lets just talk about only the opportunity to make big bucks here. What do we want to do here? So, first and foremost, you might be looking at shiba and new look im going to make fun of shiba news holders all all day long because the coin is exclusively made up with whiny skatey boys who live in the grandmothers basement theyre about as beta as beta Can get that being said? They are making a lot of money right now, theyre gon na be able to go and buy their girlfriends boyfriends, a new car, so dont dont hate on them too much theyre.

Having a great day. That being said, when a dog coin like this is pumping its usually its, usually a really really bad sign for the market, and so this is one huge, massive red flag for me that were about to have a massive dip. It just shows total disrespect to the market and just a really loosey goosey thing going on in retail. I think its going to trigger a big dip right now, but i just dont like the sign whatsoever. It could actually trigger another top. In my opinion, last time we saw dogecoin and all this nonsense happening. That was a top. If that doesnt happen. Right now were in such a juicy point for all these coins. Like always im going to list a few more conservative, picks and then im going to be listing a few more dont bring that home to thanksgiving picks. If we keep going right here, im seeing solana, flipping, cardano and im, seeing it flipping by nance coin to be possibly the the second biggest smart contract platform underneath ethereum, i think its just going to keep going and, i think, were going to see xrp bounce up. Big time right here as well, xrp is pretty risky, though, because the sec lawsuit, which theyre probably about to win. So if i was a conservative investor right now, i would just go solana dot and if i was a little bit ballsy, i would go xrp dots about to make a massive run.

Salon is about to make a massive run. Xrp is probably going to win their lawsuit and make a massive run. These right here are the best places you want to put your money if youre, very, very, very conservative, in my opinion, cardano. I know i joke about cardona, but lets just have a straight face. Right now, there isnt really anything new or hypey, coming to cardano for a long time, its probably going to go, maybe the 10th spot or maybe drop out of the top 10. im sorry cardano holders. I know you want to read and scream because your wifes not talking to you right now and youre, really sensitive but thats, just probably whats going to happen now. If im looking at coins below this whats, probably about the dip right here is again were seeing about. Avex about the dip and were seeing polygon dipping back a little bit as well, but if we look at polygon, especially right here, it really looks like it wants to run. Okay, its made this uptrend right here its about to probably dip again and were probably gon na, see this huge boom right here. The reason why were gon na see that its again were probably about to see a massive gaming crypto bull run here in the next few months and thats the thats the coins you want to be in, but if youre not into the risk and youre not really Watching your investments super heavily polygon is what a lot of the games are built on.

I dont think its great for games right now, its way too slow, but nobody else knows that, and nobody else invests on things based on what it actually does in crypto. So polygon right here, in my opinion, is going to ride that narrative super well with solana thats. Another reason why i would be investing in solana right now, if i was more conservative avax just has its just a very good layer. One smart contract system and its just the market caps incredibly low right now for where it is avax, could easily be in the top ten, absolutely no problem and with cardano just hemorrhaging money right now, binance coin, just being and a lot of this money from ship Is going to be rolling out to somewhere else? I think avax is just such an easy choice right here and on top of that, the things underneath abax so im, not gon na mention the coin. I mentioned last time a little bit too small, but if youre looking at something like joe underneath abex again great buy. But again, i need to stress what were probably about to see before we get into the more deeper darker coins were probably gon na see bitcoin, in my opinion, go down to 52k and look. I know when i say this kind of stuff people get really mad at me. They say they hate me. They say they dont want to watch the channel anymore, and my response to that is thats completely fine, because if i was popular with people that draw exclusively in purple crown and eat their own boogers and get triggered by basic statements like hey, bitcoin could probably go Down here, because it usually goes down 30 percent thats fine, i dont want to be popular with people, this exclusive tv watching as dora the explorer.

This is not a childrens channel. This is not for sensitive beta males who havent talked to a female in their entire life. This is for people that are here to actually make money. So if thats, you thats completely fine theres plenty of other channels that will tell you its going up only and youre gon na have a one million dollar bitcoin thats. Finally, gon na reverse the absolute losing streak. That is your life. So if thats, you theres plenty of other youtube channels for you to watch, this is not for you. This is for men that have gone on a date in the last five years and have the emotional stability of i dont know at least a 12 year old. So continuing on, we really havent been punished for a bit and were probably gon na see it dip down like 52k. We might not, but eventually were gon na see a big nasty dip coming here. Okay, its just gone up way too fast and thats. Just the trend were gon na see a lot of fear happen when this dip probably happens, and if you look at bitcoin, usually what happens when it takes a dip? Is it dips goes back up a little bit and then it takes the real dip. Okay, so thats, probably what were gon na see right here. So the real play is to wait a couple of days and then start scooping up. These coins watch for a capitulation candle.

We havent seen a capitulation candle on bitcoin in a very long time. Okay, we havent seen a big nasty candle like that and thats. When you can get the juiciest and thats when you can get the juiciest buys of bull runs. It just simply is so were gon na see maybe a capitulation candle down to 52 53k, maybe even 55k, but we want to look for that sharp candle and thats when we want to be buying up these things, so you should be watching these coins. I just mentioned like a hawk now, what im looking at now is you guys know i almost exclusively deal in gaming, kryptos, okay and so were going to see this massive bull run in gaming cryptos, for example, one just last video i mentioned veracity when absolutely nuclear. After we mentioned it mentioned elluvium massive run up mention engine last video huge run up as well mentioned. Altura literally went insane a couple days after that video, as people started, buying into it even more. We called it all the way back down here d race went parabolic, you really should have got on in these coins. Last video. That being said, what were probably going to see here in the next few months is were going to see this gaming bull run im in all the vc groups, im talking all the big brands and whatnot everybodys, just putting stupid amounts of money into games right now. You want to be here when this happens, but again were up on this last bump right here and maybe its not the best time to buy.

I dont really know, but i would expect in about five to seven days, maybe a little bit more. We might see this big dip if we dont im. Sorry, you missed the big grand buying opportunity, im, sorry, but i wouldnt be buying it right now, id be looking for this big dip, and so what am i going to be looking at one? I would just buy and if youre a conservative investor, okay, which im not im a degenerate piece of okay, but if youre conservative investor, i would just buy engine if we see a dip coming up here. All right i was also i would also buy sandbox. Sandbox. Has a much bigger chance or much better chance of being bigger than axe infinity and its like one tenth, the market cap, it simply does the end. Veracity is going to be so important to streaming and games again. The market caps extremely low right here as soon as gaming takes off its going to have a 2 3 billion dollar market cap, its going to be super over evaluated, and then what i want to look at is games that are on an upward trend. Theyre, probably going to go backwards, a bit okay, so altura right here just went insane wait for it, its probably going to drop to like nine eight cents, i would buy a ton of altura. Then, okay, you should have been taking profits right here. Okay, the thing about altcoins and the coins im talking about right here.

The reason why you should focus on those conservative coins i talked about because, if youre, not a person, whos comfortable, hitting the sell button and flipping and trading things youre gon na get caught up in these okay, you need to watch these market caps, but its probably Gon na go back down theyre right here: okay, its gon na get slow again wait for that grab it up d race, same exact thing: all the horses were coming out. Just like i mentioned last video. As the horses came out, powell blew up now its on a downtrend again were probably not going to see this next massive uptrend until horses start racing and whatnot and horses start really trading very highly on open c, which is going to happen here soon. This will probably drop down to maybe 250 or something like that. Scoop it up. Okay, this is this is an easy 300 500 million dollar market cap. As soon as it takes off and becomes a strong competitor to zed run the finia. We called this last video. Okay, all right, we literally called it right here – absolutely exploded. Okay, the video was right here, okay, so no, we didnt pump this one. It went nuts on its own accord. The thing you need to also look at with these games right here is they usually dont. Do too much after the initial launch, and so if you can see stuff like this happening, especially with upcoming idos definio, went under the radar right, i mentioned in one video, everybody kind of ignored it game has, then they actually started replacing their gameplay.

Releasing all the things theyre actually going on, people went nuts, they start investing in it like crazy another one id be looking at right now would be made awards, but its a little high right now. What id be looking for is mater wars to dip down to maybe 10 cents or something like that and mata wars is phenomenal. I think its to do incredibly well, that being said its right after ido, what youre going to see with most games is they go up very similar to alluvium right here? Okay, so lets look at the all time range on alluvium. You cant see it right here, but aluminum went lets, go and remove it right there. All right, eluvian went up and then just did nothing. Okay and then went up. If you go look at any games. This is the pattern they usually follow and so ignore. The initial ideo hype and then grab gains after they go down youre, going to see that a lot d race did the same exact thing: okay d race, for example, went absolutely nuts after ido. You cant see it because everything else looks very small compared to it. If we go look at it, what all right took a massive dive and then started going up and then went up? Okay, thats what you need to be looking for in games, because, usually when games ido, they lose a lot of their momentum, because theres nothing going on theyre, just developing a game.

But the really cool thing about gaming. And i like to mention a few things that are coming up as well is theres, so many new things that are coming and people really dont understand gaming. They just dont, understand all the cool games, theyre coming out and whatnot. So, for example, like big times doing their land sale, phantom galaxy has so much cool stuff coming out, and so many nfts and whatnot dropping that nobodys really looking at and theres. So many titles like, for example, wonder hero which i think is going to pull another to finial here, real soon, theyre, literally just under the radar that you can catch really early theres. Also, a really cool project like banger games, thats coming out, which is going to be like the currency thats going to underline underneath tons of crypto games, because it just makes no sense for them to all have their own currency. You know, and so you really need to be watching this space like a hawk, maybe join neo tokyo. You know the best gaming alpha discord, slash nft group. Ever no literally, we had the highest return on free, mint ever and we create the most valuable nft utility currency to ever exist in crypto, so yeah it is actually pretty cool all right, sorry, just tooting. My horn. I had to mention at least for 10 seconds in this video, so that my dudes is what i think is going on in the market right now.

I took profits last week on things that were way up and im not buying back in quite yet im still holding on to my major coins like moon river ftm, a lot of my major gaming cryptos. That being said, im waiting for a little bit bigger of a dip. I might be looking at 55k. I think that might be the conservative dip, but i wouldnt be shocked if we saw 52k or something like that coming up and then again we could go much lower. This could be a double top. The dog coins are not a good sign. They just simply are not: they usually spell death for the crypto market. From my experience, that being said, if we dont were gon na see this huge parabolic rise going into february next year, so i dont have anything else to say so: im not gon na say anything else. Follow me at css becker the tips on there.