Do you have emp? I cant help you from there one im holding the door open, knock the octane. You can rise, the other one was on height, hes, going to be late and they have a pad. So we could pat on our head right here. Did you ever knock me blue, a peeking door hitting the doors off? Are you guessing thirty on two batting bunny bunny bunny? They kossie come to the swamp im on them. I cant really see one for 30. new team beyond them, already im walking up for sure theyre really dirty headquarters. Im gon na im gon na emp to get them off the head start to walk up cody all right. Yeah emptying now broke all the barrels. Ive got scanned the guy on the right. Hes got me up. Im gon na kill the guy in the right here. One thing i guess one of my guests on them drop that drop just jump in, kill him and guess what its true one shot. Hes dead, hes, dead, okay, stop crossing someone i kept on top hey go, go, go, got that he probably crawled all the way down. He probably went all the way down should just take the spot. I see him. I see him im, jumping on him. Bro balco cody get up. We need to shoot, we need to shoot the valk on you guys, yeah yeah yeah. I almost killed one one jumped off. I think the other one jumped off im.

Moving forward. I got ta rebuild our zips hes like he dropped. He dropped, he dropped. Hes gone hes gone all right, theyre theyre on the box. There, nice yeah hes one hp, the raid ill see him. Is there another gun? I need to loot that bloodhound wait. The zone pulled down by the way we were wrong were in here were in there. Okay bro were on the not really we didnt just put on you. Okay, well, theres, no 150. I hit 150 up im gon na empty them. Now go, go, go, go, go! Go go: go, go, go, go, go. We got them both on skin one padding one shot dead. I need to. I need to get an ammo. I need to get ammo watch out back right here. Nice look. I think this is open on the bottom. Okay, you need to bring the electric cells for me. Lets go ahead behind us on the right, yeah just stay, talking im holding the block. I cracked him: 86.. Hey good im holding the blood im gon na im gon na go hang on hang on and no we dont. We dont use our nades theres one team under the building, full three man, one full team on the roof and one team in the building and then theres that ride 86 on them run. Rats tucked here the rat spot is honestly better than ours. So i think we should pat on that kid.

Uh no were good. Brother were doubling dude, the headies are gross yeah, but the zone is literally on us were fine. I know. Okay, i think that spots better now were good were good, but then were gon na. Have to walk in now yeah, but were gon na get flooded from everyone. Here i mean. Can we hold the left side? Is that a thing? Oh just have to hope that no one drops on our head yeah. I think well be okay, leaving my drone right here, oh jones, in a pretty good spot, all right im good to go. I have two barrels left two barrels right. We still need to kill a solo right here. You need all excel. Oh im, good! All right! You guys have got to move right yeah he has to move okay. I do. I do heres a bat. I have four okay. Thank you. I got two now we should look for opportunities on these teams, though. Im bumping three cells – oh my god. Oh, they broke my drone underneath, oh i just got farmed lets, go farm might be one guy might be one guy all right, im batting about it. Drones down for 30. im not going to gas somewhere doesnt blow up im. Looking come on Music dated yeah, send it send it cody, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! I cracked them all! All cracked. Has it theyre on the back down the back side, theyre on the back side, theyre, not inside theyre.

On the back side, yeah im shooting on them im, shooting them im on them im just saying im, singing Laughter. That is the worst thing ive ever seen around im phoenixing bro that was degenerate, gameplay yeah corys, like hes like 16 arent, you both like top straight fans. I think im more than i think, codys more yeah. The tax rate rankers are cody, samcy theres, a team up here. Wait what the way out there you just drop down. Wait, oh god, hes flying thats grappling. What the is that i dont know what that was. What gun did you get in the game? Wait hes down here, hes down here, hes still, our crate. No, no. He probably grabbed his teammates banner hes good. Now yeah he did right, hey! Let me let me look. Let me go for a spot yeah. We could play the truck theres, no thats. Not even i think, theres, i think theres two teams on the right here by the way get the f80 up top you see. The back side of the tank is in right here, yeah, but were safe in here for zone five as well im talking about when it gets smaller, yeah yeah. I know the tank wont be in it. I know, but we can work the left side yeah. The boxes will cover us here from the bunker. Oh, i see what youre saying you may have to play the front of that tank trap said putting my drone up in the air thats four or ten.

The rat the rat is in the middle. The rat is right here: okay, two full teams. Here we should go, kill the rat right now. The two full teams are brawling yeah. No, no! We control this. We control this okay. This is way better. Look here. Okay, they just they broke my drone. They just broke my drone. I almost killed them on the broken. I need to switch to the swing man im, not letting them know that im here for this off angle, right drones, down for 30. im just trying to barrel everything bro this hanger to hanger. Oh, they found our god spot – is here its holding this this spot? Where im at yeah i mean we have the headies on the stairs too yeah. I cracked. The hound then left this team, not one. This team knocked one, so the guy left im crosstalking in there shouldnt hit you. It shouldnt hit you one guy. On the back side of the building hes on the scan, the guys standing on the backside ceiling, you got a full bat off of that low but dead. On me, our team, i cracked him. He hit 100 theres a crypto down there, hes one octanes one on red paper. Give me a crypto. Is one right here: im outta here hes going to pop the bat they got him nice im. Sorry, i literally ran out of ammo at the very end.