I have a nasty cold and it put me down hard, but crypto doesnt, sleep and vra is on the move and the things that we want to happen. Havent even happened. Yet it is doing this all on its own, with the amazing supporters and followers and holders it has. I am very impressed with vra and there is so much to come if youre, a vra holder, please watch this video and if you have thoughts of getting vra now is the time to make the decision. This is not financial advice, as you can see at the bottom of this video, i am showing you what i am doing with my portfolio. I am still picking up vra and ive made it very well known, im not going to stop until 15, maybe even 18 cents, because i think i know where it is going now have i enjoyed this pump. Of course ive enjoyed this pump. This is awesome. I hope it gets to at least 15 cents before it launches on binance and other tier one exchanges, but obviously i dont have a crystal ball if it launches where its at right now it is what it is, and itll still do just fine. Now real quick. The channel sponsor is anola dot io. I used them for a bit before i ever mentioned them thats on this channel. I now have seven thousand dollars in this account, which i get paid sixty dollars every day that i withdraw to another exchange.

Its like. I mean its its like getting just a daily paycheck, but the crazy thing is is, if you put in more money – and i know their rates are going to eventually go down. If you use my link, you can lock, in your rate, for at least the next six months, but if you put in fifty thousand dollars, you get six hundred 684 dollars every day, ive made over 20 withdrawals with this. I havent had any issues and they also have aside from usdt. They also have a btc and xrp plus ada pool that you can invest in as well. I am not in those, but i have some people that have gone into them and theyre getting very good rates as well and getting a daily income now. Why am i so certain on vra going much higher than where its at right? Now? If you look at the top exchange that its on that is kucoin kucoin is its top exchange nothings wrong with kucoin, i love kucoin, but its 2.9 billion dollars in 24 hour volume. Look at the three exchanges on top of it: its not on 4 billion 5.6 billion and 26 billion dollars in volume. So you add those up together and say lets say: thats, roughly 36 billion dollars more in capable volume on exchanges. It can go on for me. That is huge, no exchanges arent everything. Yes, the company has to have good tech. A good following and vra has its the its the whole package.

Okay, they have the great following. They have the great tech they have. I mean they have the pov to protect nfts to protect ad fraud. They also have the esports platform and theyve announced a partnership with the esports platform, which that was big news. Then also they said that twitter said that its going to be using something to verify nfts on twitter, vra immediately retweeted it and said you know, hey. We wed basically love to be a part of this and not saying that it is working with twitter, but they definitely hinted at that. But in the past 24 hours there has been more bullish news coming out about vra on twitter, its its its insane and its. Not even on these exchanges, yet like the big things weve been looking for this year, is the two tier one exchanges, the big partnerships and the coin burn those things havent even happened and were already you know, pumping up a good bit when those things happen. I dont, even i think, the price that you see on the chart right now is going to be very insignificant in comparison to where its headed, but i challenge you to just go type in vra with the dollar symbol on twitter and just check it out. I mean it was: it was trending on google news that never happens for a lower crypto. Google is not friendly to crypto. This never happens its literally heres the proof right here, its literally trending on google news and it had a 188 million dollars in volume.

Uh vra coffee man at vra coin is a great page to follow for vra related news. He always has the stuff right there on the spot, um, but 188 million dollars in volume. You got to understand what these exchanges up here are looking for. They want a coin with volume, so the announcement when, when vra does go on these other exchanges, its not going to be a small announcement, its going to be huge – and i imagine when the announcement happens before it even goes on the exchange youre going to have A bit of a pump that youll be excited, but, in my opinion, thats not going to be anything in comparison to where you know its 30 days later, that its gon na do. Because i want you guys to remember that when vra got on kucoin, which was right here, you know it went up. You know almost three thousand percent lets say three thousand percent in 36 days, so dont expect it to happen immediately. Okay, dont dont win lambo it. The second it goes on a new exchange, but there is so much bullish stuff coming and i personally think this is going to be like matic. So if you go and you look at matic and you just look at where its at right now like as far as if you said like, oh, if matic it gets at a dollar, eighty okay, if matic dipped to 90 cents right now, everyone and their mama Would be buying matic because they would be on a huge dip.

You got to remember that it hasnt even been a year earlier. This year, matic was sitting at 3.4 cents, 3.4 cents earlier this year this isnt years ago, this isnt 2018.. That was this year and it has very similar tokenomics as vra does so. Yes, i am very bullish and full disclosure. This is my top holding equivalent to vector space ai vxv. It will stay that way for a long time coming and if you want more information on vra, if youre, if youre a newbie. Looking at this wondering hey, should i grab some of this? I have 14 or 15 videos that i have put a lot of time into that are all on my channel going into what happened in quarter three. What was whats supposed to happen in quarter four um, and hopefully you know thats enough for you to make your decision, but me personally, i am sticking with this and i cannot wait to see where we are headed. I am not changing my prediction: 30 days after binance, somewhere between 52 cents and 62 cents is where i expect vra to be sitting. That is not financial advice. That is my own personal opinion. That is what im basing my portfolio off of so go check out. Vra on twitter, if youre not on twitter and youre in crypto, youre missing out, not for all the bullish and the bearish stuff, but to see what the ceos of companies this is: the ceo okay to see what they are releasing and what they are saying.

So you can stay in the know, go check that out check out my past videos on this, and i cannot wait to see where all of us get to go here in the next couple months. If you are a vra holder drop a comment, shout it from the rooftop. Let me know each and every one of you are so supportive. Thank you for helping grow. My channel, it has been just its been overwhelming. You guys are amazing. Dont forget to like subscribe, set the notification bell: im jr. This is juniors crypto.