I said that yesterday, unless it goes up a lot im, not gon na make another video on it, but hey. It went up a lot. It went up like 40, since i did my video last night on it and i want to be clear. I still dont hold shiba inu, but i want to talk about why its going up so much what it means for the whole crypto community, whether nows the time to get in and all the news thats covering shiba inu right now. Now, with that being said, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and the subscribe button, i really appreciate it. Also, if you guys want there, is a link underneath a video to block five, so they just came out and said that theyre raising their rates on their stable coins, so they are giving now nine percent on every stable coin, minus usdt up to forty thousand dollars. Theyre still giving eight percent above that and then on, usdt theyre, giving nine and a half percent. So if you guys want to check out the link underneath the video definitely check it out, they are a partner of the channel. So it does help me out too, because i do get an affiliate commission plus theyre, giving you up to 250 worth of crypto bonus when you fund your account with at least 100, so definitely check that out underneath the video like, i said. So what did what did she be in? Who do today? Well, they flipped dogecoin.

Now this has been been showed up on uh, pretty much every single website, except for coin market cap thats, actually the site that i use the most, but on coingecko they flipped on a lot of other cryptocurrency websites. They flipped them in market cap, so were talking about 33 billion dollars theyre in the top 10, and if you take out something like tether, which is a staple coin theyre in the top eight cryptocurrencies here today, i mean were talking about them, beating out real, like Really, quality cryptocurrencies like avalanche chain link, binance uh usd at least so thats stable coin, but polygon v chain some of the top cryptos in the space. They are worth more than them now. So why is this happening? Well, ive talked about this. Before i talked about last night, we have robin hood, which reported earnings yesterday very poor earnings, saying that they didnt make as much from crypto trading very likely, then that because of that, we see them list. Shiba inu and ive talked about this before, but most of their money comes from crypto trading and a lot of it comes from dogecoin like a significant portion last quarter, not this quarter, they just announced, but the quarter before is 30 of all. Their revenue came from trading dogecoin on their platform, and this last quarter, their cryptocurrency revenue fell down 75 percent, so its only one fourth of what it was the quarter before. We also see shiva inu, just going like crazy.

The search results are, or the people that are searching for it are going crazy right now, like so many people are wondering what it is and part of that, too, is because of the fact that it is actually going up, while the most most of the market Is down, i mean, look down nine percent down eight percent down seven percent down six percent uh and cheap anu up 42 actually hit point: zero, zero, zero, zero, six, nine nice, some of the reasons that it passes, something like dogecoin. This is a an article for it. You can see if you buy doge, you buy a non fixed supply. Ive talked about that before it continues to inflate with a poor standardization basis, an insecure crap coin that hasnt seen its hash rate. Uh hasnt seen hash rate rise, while the price has risen in orders of magnitudes, of course, do all your own research. This is just one person talking about it and you incentivize the development of new script a6 leading to environmental waste. With sheep, you buy a fixed supply coin, a lot of its burned too something elon doesnt have as much power over right. He can tweet about it, it falls down and that comes right back up something you can stake and earn yields on in the ethereum d5 ecosystem and on its purpose, built dexes and shiva, swap you can also use it on l2s. So the fact is, it is a better cryptocurrency.

The fundamentals are better than something like dogecoin, and we know we know that it can be very powerful right. Uh, a meme coin can make the top ten it can make the top five or six it can make. The top seven so its sitting at number, eight right now, if you take out usdt – and this was a joke up until recently i mean this has gone up so much lets. Look. Obviously, one year is a crazy time to look over because so much can change in one year, but its up a significant amount i mean were talking about eight hundred and ten thousand exiting in the last year. So if you put one dollar in it, you would have eight hundred and ten thousand dollars if you put a dollar in it a year ago. Now, of course, none of us can go back in time, but maybe you wan na get a interest account, get like nine percent interest. You could put a thousand dollars in it and then put like a dollar of interest in or ten dollars worth of interest in every single month and then just put in different coins. I dont know im not doing that. I im using my stablecoin to get interest but im not putting into coins like this, but hey that will teach us in the future. If you talk down about some about some meme coin or something it still can do really well now i dont have any of my portfolio in shiba inu or in dogecoin, but i definitely think it makes sense if you want to to put some of your money In these now, how much can chiba inu realistically go up from here? Well ive been saying that it cant go up much more for a while now and its pretty much doubled than tripled recently, but keep in mind right.

The whole market cap for it is about 34 billion dollars to get up to xrps level. Its gon na have to go up about another fourteen thousand dollars, which is thirty forty percent, and to really break up into this range. Its gon na have to double so. Can it go up more from here? Definitely, especially if we see more bull market right, if everything takes off, it could definitely do well or hey. If other things start moving, we might see a little bit of money flowing out of sheba into something like cardano or solana. If we start to see a bull pump, uh bullish momentum in some of these kryptos now, of course, always do your own research im not trying to spread anything besides the truth and what i think so definitely pay attention to it. Yourself, like i said, theres a lot of excitement in the space for shiba, inu and theres, also the positive catalyst about them, possibly being listed on robin hood here soon. I think robin hood would have to be dumb not to its going to make them hundreds of millions of dollars, probably in a couple months so, like i said, definitely something that they should get on soon, if they havent already done that with that being said, i Have been buying some other cryptos, i did a video earlier today and if we see more red in the market im definitely gon na buy more but ive been buying some.

I definitely see potential for a little bit more of a dip, but i think towards the end of the month and really starting next month. We will start pumping up here soon. We see some fear, uncertainty and doubt around some cryptos now, but i think that will change very soon here, because there is a lot of interest in the market. We also saw a new etf application for like shorting bitcoin. I still have to do some more research on that, but i think some people are a little bit worried about that right now, like i said always, do your own research, its gon na, be interesting to see where sheep goes from here. Its at all time highs price discovery, no way of knowing where its going its basically up and to the right. But but let me know your thoughts on all this down below. Are you someone thats owning shib? Are you someone thats? Not? Are you interested in it? I know im just sitting here with my popcorn just watching it go up and to the right and it is pretty fascinating to watch. But thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate again you can check out the link down below to block five to get interest rate on your cryptos up to nine and a half percent, now so pretty cool and they give you that bonus theyre not going to be able to pay this forever. So if you guys want to get this definitely check it out now i mean theyre paying a lot of money.